Fight the “Fat-Talk”

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Special K, however all statements and opinions are my own.

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you some thoughts I had about how we women sometimes participate in damaging self “fat-talk”.  I love this campaign and feel like it is so important to be kind to ourselves.  As Women and Mothers, we wouldn’t let our children or others talk meanly to each other…like the way we can sometimes “fat-talk” ourselves.


I was so happy with the response from many of you.  I actually was pulled aside by several of my readers, who I personally know after posting the original article.  We could all relate on some level to feeling like we struggled sometimes with have a positive voice within our heads.

One of my friends, a beautiful and creatively talented artist, shared with me this beautiful piece of artwork (above) that she created right before reading about Special K’s “fat-talk” campaign on my site.  I love that it fit in so perfectly with this beautiful and empowering campaign.  She graciously let me share it with you.

Women can have such a powerful influence for good on others.  Whether it is through their children, their families, and over future generations.  We need to be the change we desire to see in ourselves and in the women and girls around us.

As the mother of three young impressionable girls, I realize how vital it is to not pass negative tendencies down  to them.  I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable in their own skin.  I want them to be proud of their uniqueness and to embrace who they are.  And I need to be the one who sets the example.

I have realized that sometimes we can let the negative talk interfere with how we interact with our families and it may keep us from being involved in fun activities with our children and friends.  I have made it my New Year’s Resolution this year to focus on getting healthier in mind, body and spirit and focusing on the positive in my life.

So I am saying SHHHH! to the “fat talk.”  I hope you will join me in supporting Special K®  in their fight against “fat talk.”


As a partner to women along their weight management journey, Special K offers many delicious, guilt-free products, including snack and breakfast options that provide protein and fiber. Women can also visit to help SHHHHut down Fat Talk (#FightFatTalk).


  1. Naomi J says

    So I like the idea and the goal in mind, but I feel it’s a little condescending coming from Special K. It just sounds like, “Don’t call yourself fat, but here is our extensive line of products that will help you loose all that extra weight, because you really need to.” It’s too difficult to see past that they’re obviously trying to dive into the marketing campaign that Dove started with their love yourself kind of thing. It doesn’t even seem like they are doing as well at hiding that this is just a big ol’ cash cow for them.

    I definitely think the message is right, and I can get behind it 100%, but I don’t think it has the same impact coming from a company who has been pushing the “thin is beautiful” concept for so long. Just my two cents.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Naomi! I also agree with a lot of what you share. I do think that obesity is a very serious problem for our society and the underlying issue shouldn’t be about being model thin and judging our beauty based on whether or not we have a model body…but rather placing the emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle AND loving who we are. I think this is all a right step in the right direction and the real issue is teaching our young people (girls AND boys) about living more healthy and making more healthy choices… I do think that they do try to provide a healthier food product, which I why I chose to share this with my readers. Thank you for feeling like you could share your thoughts! I always appreciate hearing from my readers! I think in a sense we both are coming from the same view point. Hope you have a great New Year’s Day!

  2. Kristyn says

    This is great, Amy! It’s so important to make sure our children (and each other) are more positive when discussing ourselves and weight and goals and everything else!!

  3. says

    As a mom of a little girl, I so appreciate this. I know I need help in parenting through all that comes our way and I appreciate this support! I want to be a positive role model for her and shutting off the fat talk is so important! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. says

    I don’t have any girls, but I wonder about this with my boys too. One has a stalky 3 year old build and one is a tiny 6 year old. They are probably the same size around. We sometimes joke about it, but I would never want them to be self concious about their size, big or small.

  5. says

    Such a great campaign! I always hated it {and still do!} when my mom talks/ed about being fat. I try really hard to not mention it to anyone but my hubby. Its hard to do, but I think its important.

  6. says

    I’m going to work on using the words purpose and passion and thankfully that is keeping some of the negative thoughts and talk to stay away. Thank you for this post.

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