Top 10 Uses for Baking Soda & a review

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of ARM & HAMMER™ however all statements and opinions are mine.

Recently, I was asked to review some products from ARM & HAMMER™ .  I have shared a couple of these reviews with you over the last few months and today I will be sharing with you my review of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda and ARM & HAMMER™ Ultra Power 4X Liquid Laundry Detergent.


I feel like I am always finding new uses for Baking Soda.  Baking Soda is so versatile and can be used in so many different ways.  I thought I would share MY top ten uses of Baking Soda in the home.


1. Refrigerator deodorizer

Place an open box in the back of the fridge or other area that may need freshening. It will absorb odors, keeping the area smelling nice and fresh.

2. Keeps your teeth healthy

Combine half a teaspoon of baking soda with peroxide until it forms a paste, then brush away!  Or use Arm and Hammer’s Toothpaste with Baking Soda.  I love it!

3. Removing Urine/Odors

Potty training can be difficult and you might find you need to clean up wet mattresses and/or carpet.  You can apply baking soda and white distilled vinegar for stronger smelling messes if the surface needs extra cleaning. For dog odors and urine sprinkle with baking soda and let it stand for a few hours before vacuuming up.

4. Drain cleaner

Pour one cup down the drain and let it sit for several minutes followed by three cups of boiling water.

5. Relieves skin irritations

Add baking soda to your bath water or create a paste and add to rashes and insect bites to alleviate inflammations.

6. Polishing silver

Create a paste of baking soda and water. Buff your silver with the mixture using a clean, soft rag. Rinse, then polish dry.

7. Cleaning your bathroom

Create a solution by adding about 1/2 cup of baking soda with liquid soap or detergent. This is perfect for cleaning the bathtub, countertop, or tiles. Rinse after application.

8. Floral Preservation

Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water in the vase of your freshly cut flowers.  This will prolong their life and keep them fresher longer.

9. Removes strong odors from your hands

Rubbing baking soda and water on your hands can remove unpleasant smells left behind after handling or cutting stronger smelling foods such as garlic and onions.

10. Cutting board deodorizer

Sprinkle baking soda on the cutting board, scrub and rinse to remove the smell of stronger items such as garlic and onions.


Just the other day we spent some time with extended family over Christmas Vacation.  We went tubing for a couple of hours and then headed over to a crater to go swimming in the warm mineral waters.  We had so much fun, but since we didn’t head home until the next afternoon, our wet and dirty swimsuits and snow clothes didn’t get washed out immediately.


They were damp, dirty and had that mildew-y smell that comes with clothes that aren’t allowed to dry properly.  So I washed them with ARM & HAMMER™ Ultra Power 4X Liquid Laundry Detergent.  They came out smelling so fresh and clean!


Designed to give you ultimate cleaning strength in a smaller size, new ARM & HAMMER™ Ultra Power 4X Liquid Laundry Detergent is ultra concentrated and packed with two scoops of baking soda. This little bottle offers loads of power, getting your clothes 50% whiter and 50% fresher compared to the leading value detergent per load. It’s the little bottle with the big value.

Visit ARM & HAMMER’s website to explore ARM & HAMMER products and find out WHERE TO BUY IT.

And…because I know many of you have favorite uses for Baking Soda, I would love to know what they are.  Please feel free to share your favorite uses for it in the comment section below!



  1. Melanie says

    Baking soda is also an excellent facial exfoliator. Mix a tiny bit with a creamy face wash (like Cetaphil or Garnier Moisture Rescue) or even make a simple mixture with honey, baking soda, and a few drops of olive oil for a great facial scrub.

  2. stacey hansen says

    great post! I was wondering where the crater you went swimming in is? I would love to take my family there! thanks!

  3. Jen Smith says

    I also use it as an exfoliator and it works great. I use Ivory soap, rinse my face then pour a little baking soda in my hand and rub away. It’s awesome, gentle and chemical free which is what I always look for.

  4. Andrea says

    I love baking soda! I buy the gigantic bag at Costco for liberal cleaning in pretty much everything. When we moved to an apartment temporarily I cleaned everything with baking soda. I just feel like everything was freshened and cleaner when I clean using baking soda. I also use it when it feels like my shampoo has built up. I already use the Arm&Hammer toothpaste as well as detergent. But I use it and Dawn to clean my sink and scrub pretty much anything in the kitchen clean. I also add it to laundry like my towels when they start losing their fluff and just need to be freshened up.

    • says

      Great tips! Love the idea for fluffing up your towels! I am going to do that for my next towel load! Thanks!

  5. says

    These tips are awesome Amy. I didn’t think about adding baking soda to flowers or a cutting board. I’ll have to try it!

  6. Linda says

    Don’t forget that baking soda puts out grease fires on your stove! Even that box in your fridge – and that one might be handiest, as well as open already.. It worked really well when my boyfriend cooked at my house and set the pan scarily aflame. :/ Good thing I was a Girl Scout.

  7. Sara p says

    I also use it on my face, but as a mask to clean out my pores. Some of us get more gunk in them than others! After I shower – or you can steam your face, just simply mix with water into a paste, let dry, than take off with a washcloth and water.

  8. Kerry Ann Smith says

    Most verstile thing in my house! Removing odours. Works like a charm for heartburn. Hubby battles with heartburn so I put 1tsp baking soda into food like spaghetti bolognaise and hubby doesn’t even get a twinge after eating

  9. Loriann says

    I put about a cup full in every load of laundry as well as using it as a soft scrub /gentle cleanser throughout the home. But noow i. Want to try it as a base in a facial cleanser!
    Thank you!

  10. Tiffany says

    Thank you for the wonderful review of Baking Soda! I knew there were many uses for the the stuff but some I had never heard of before such as putting in flowers! I don’t know how well that works I have always just put a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of vinegar in my flowers and that has always kept them fresh for me usually a bouquet of flowers last me 4-6 weeks with fresh water once a week and a small trim of the stem! But I will have to try it with just baking soda to see how well that works! One thing I do with baking Soda is if my drain gets clogged because of grease I drain as much water out as I can poor a whole box into my sink drain and then pour vinegar into it! I foams up cutting the grease and cleaning the drain then I poor boiling water down it to flush it out! I also use it when cleaning out my fridge and freezer I just add a little bit of soap and warm water then go to town cleaning out all the stinky yuck that some how is always in the fridge! Plus when the baking soda needs to be replaced in the fridge I don’t put it in the trash like a lot of people do I use that to clean around my house with like in the bathroom around the toilet and in the toilet so good for that I usually put some in the tank before I scrub it and let it absorb into the water then I flush letting that water go into the toilet then I add more and go to town scrubbing aways makes a big difference in the smell! Much better than the chemical cleaners that are out there today and you know you are not going to get sick from it and it wont have a bad smell either!

  11. says

    After wetting your stainless steal sink, sprinkle all over with baking soda use a scrubby or brush to scrub scrub the sink. Spray with vinegar, rinse and then polish the sink dry. Works like a wonder.


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