Olaf Finger Puppet Pattern

Thanks so much for all your kind comments on the Olaf Valentine’s Day Printables I shared with you the other day.  I am so glad you guys loved them.  I have gone on a little work trip to a conference that I will share a little bit about with you a bit later on, so I was unable to answer emails and questions, but I am catching up as soon as I can.


While I am catching up, I wanted to share with you the Olaf Finger Puppet Pattern that I promised you.  You can use these in place of the paper Olaf I shared in the Olaf Valentine Printable…or you can just make one for you kids (or yourself) to play with.

I have one more Olaf Valentine idea coming…so be sure to stick around and see what that one is like!  I couldn’t stop myself because Olaf is just too cute…right?!


Materials needed:

white felt

black felt

brown felt

orange felt

2 google eyes

3 black mini pom poms (optional)

Hot Glue Gun

Black Sharpie Fine

1.  Cut out the pattern pieces according to the directions on the printable pattern.

2.  Cut out the left and right arm.  Glue to the front of the back body piece on the middle section.  Do this so that the arms will go inside the finger puppet and the front body piece will go over the top of them.

3.  Place glue around the sides and the top of the front piece and the back piece of the body and glue them together.  Be sure to only glue around the edges and NOT glue along the bottom.   This is so you make a hole for the finger puppet.

4.  Glue the cheeks, mouth and teeth to the Olaf.

5.  Take the nose and put a thin line hot glue down one side of the long part of the triangle nose.  Roll the nose into a cone shape and hold while the glue sets.  Be super careful not to burn yourself with the HOT glue gun.

6.  Glue the google eyes onto the top of the cheeks and glue the nose right below them in the middle of the cheeks.

7.  Glue the black mini pom poms on for the buttons or cut the buttons out of black felt and glue in place.

8.  Draw the lines to separate the body (head, middle, bottom and the feet and to draw on his eye brows.


Pretty easy right?!  Your kids will LOVE it!

If you would like to download the Olaf Finger Puppet Patterns, click on the link below.

{Olaf Finger Puppet Patterns}

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Be sure to stop by again when I share these pencil tags later.  You can put Olaf on the top of a Valentine pencil or a Dum Dum sucker and give it away to your Valentine!

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  1. Lindsey says

    I don’t have Facebook, is there a way to get the finger puppet instructions without having an account?


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    This is great!!! Only thing is, Facebook users can’t use it. Wish there were another way!

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  1. […] Olaf is the man of all seasons from Christmas now into Valentine’s Day and I and sure when St Patrick’s Day is near you can adorn him with a green tam.  Amy is the author of The Idea Room.  A mother of five, who enjoys sharing her love of all things creative in hopes of inspirers others.  She created this darling “Olaf Finger Puppet” for us with a pattern.  The pattern is HERE; for Olaf! If you are not a fan of The Idea Room on Facebook, you will need to click “LIKE” first and become a fan. After you become a fan you will need to click on of the Idea Room FB page and then click on “Click here to gain access to The Idea Room’s downloads.”!  You and your kids will love this darling Olaf if you have seen Frozen you are a fan of this fun little guy.  Thanks Amy for sharing your project.  TUTORAL HERE!  […]

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