Olaf Valentine–I’ve Been Impaled

Earlier this week I shared with you my first version of our Olaf Valentines.  I couldn’t help but come up with another version based off of something Olaf says in the movie that my kids keep quoting around the house, “Oh! Look at that, I’ve been impaled.”


For these Valentine’s you simply print the Olaf Printable that I shared on the first version.  Poke a hole in the top button and then stick some sort of sucker, pencil or pixie stick through the hole…there are a lot of different options out there you could use!


Then you can print the stick Valentine tags that I have made available in either white or red.  I added some google eyes, black mini pom-poms and an orange tinfoil nose to Olaf to give him some extra character…but you can use him just the way he comes on the printable too.


My girls absolutely LOVE Olaf and they are so excited to give them to their friends this year!  They also love that the Valentine’s are not “lovey-dovey”!  There will be enough time for that when they are older right?!

Interested in making an Olaf Finger puppet? Check out the printable pattern I shared earlier here:

Olaf Finger Puppet


If you would like to download Olaf’s “I’ve Been Impaled” Valentines, click on the link below.

{Olaf’s “I’ve Been Impaled” Valentines}

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And…I think my camera is dying a slow and painful death…I can’t get any of my pictures in focus lately…so I apologize for the low quality of these pictures…but…on the bright side…it looks like I get to go shopping :)!!

Olaf’s I Like Warm Hugs Valentine



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  1. 1

    So cute… Pinning!

  2. 2
    Meg Merkley says:

    Thanks for creating! Pinned! LOVE THE PENCIL!

  3. 3

    This cracks me up :) Great idea!

  4. 4

    I like your page on Facebook, but can’t find where to download the free gift for the Olaf printable. Can you help me? Thank you!

  5. 6

    Super cute!! Love it!!

  6. 7

    Ha! My kids would love this. xo

  7. 8

    very very cute;)

  8. 9

    This is amazing! Love love it!

  9. 10

    My fav. line in the whole movie-LOVE IT! I see my teens doing this!

  10. 11

    Love them! Using ours with glow stick bracelets since there’s a no candy rule at our school. (Boo!). Anyway, where can I find orange tin foil? Thanks!

    • 12

      That is a great idea for the glow sticks! I just had some that I had saved from some packaging. You could cut some card stock or even some felt into a triangle shape and roll up into a nose if you want a nose that sticks out.

  11. 13

    3 of my kids wanted these so I had over 70 to make! I ended up making them smaller by printing 2 pages on 1 sheet. I used glitter glue for the nose because it dries a little puffy and saved time. They love them. Thanks so much for creating and sharing!

  12. 15
    lemondedis says:

    thank you !

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