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In the past, I have shared with you some of my current obsessions (here and here).  It has been a while, so I thought it would be fun to give you an updated version.  Now…just so you know…this is NOT a sponsored post.  I am sharing these with you because I genuinely love these products and spend my hard earned money on them because I really do love them!

And after I share with you…I would LOVE to know what some of your current obsessions are…so please share them in the comments below!




It is soooo good right now…So good in fact that I have been peeling and eating it like an orange!  I also LOVE the smell of Grapefruit, and well…anything Citrus! I love anything that has a clean, fresh smell.  Doesn’t it make you feel happy?  And right now, with the weariness of winter still lingering…I could use a little induced happiness!



Curling Wands

CHI Air Texture Ceramic 1-inch Curling Wand

I love curling my hair with these curling wands.  Have you tried them?  I love the soft waves they give your hair.  If I curl my hair with one of these, I can go two more days without curling my hair.  I shower daily, but don’t have to wash my hair…just brush it and go!  I LOVE that!  I use a tourmaline 1 inch wand that I bought at Sally Beauty Supply.



doTERRA Hydrating Cream


I LOVE this face cream! Like…LOVE!! I use it both morning and night and LOVE the way my skins feels.  I swear my face looks brighter and my skin is clearer.  I have even stopped wearing a base most days because I feel like my skin tone is more even toned.  Coincidence?  I am not really sure honestly…but I LOVE it and recommend it to everyone I talk to!  I even started my teenage son and husband on it!

You can order it from Julie Crowell.  Contact here at:

 [email protected]

DoTerra’s Essential Oils



Honey Crisp Apples



Enough said!


Tufted Furniture




In LOVE with tufted furniture! Do you like it?  I have loved this trend for a long time and feel like it will always be something I LOVE!  And…the blank picture frames in my family room are not a creative statement…just an unfinished project! Sigh…add it to a long list!





I love me some fresh pita bread and homemade Hummus.  My favorite lunch consists of pita bread & hummus with a fruit or a vegetable.  So, so tasty!



Chili’s Chips & Salsa

I love Chili’s thin tortilla chips and their salsa!  After much deliberation…I feel like these have come out on top as my favorite Chips and Salsa…edging out my former favorite of Los Hermanos (during our early years of college and marriage).



Vintage Milk Bottles & Glass Jars



All of you, if you have been following along for a while know how much I love glass jars.  I am kind of obsessed with them and use them a lot for different holiday projects.  We also love to drink out of them at home to make things a little more fun.  I have a couple of vintage milk bottles too that I have displayed in my kitchen hutch that are fun for me to use in photo shoots.  They make me happy…is that weird?



Pebble Ice

image source

I LOVE  me some pebble ice.  LOTS of pebble ice or regular ice, but pebble ice is my favorite.  I like to fill my drink glass 3/4 full of ice.  I also like to drink through a skinny straw…even when I drink my water, it always tastes better through a skinny straw…but it has to be skinny.  I do not enjoy fat straws.  If a fat straw is the only option…I would prefer to drink it without a straw.  What about you?



Polka Dots


I love anything with Polka Dots…especially cozy pajama pants.  But really…if it has polka dots on it…I will automatically be drawn to it.  They also remind me of my sweet Grandma! She always wore polka dots too.


So what about you? What are some of the things you are crushing on right now?  Do we have some of the same?  I would love to hear about them!


  1. Annette Taylor says

    I am crushing on Yoplaits Rasberry Cheesecake light yogurt!! Love Love and Love it!! In fact, I cleared the shelf at Krogers!!

  2. says

    Great idea for a post! I’m right there with you on the grapefruit and citrus. I’m obsessed with the JR Watkins line of natural products that have amazing grapefruit and lemon scents. I have the grapefruit soap in my bathrooms, and I use the lemon spray cleaner in the kitchen. I also use the little linen spray bottles to freshen up the house!

  3. says

    Great post – we get our grapefruit right off a truck that comes from Florida and it is so good! I am wondering about your spice bottles – where did you get them? I need to re-organize me spices and I love the idea of having them all in glass jars!

    • says

      Wow! Lucky! I bet they taste so delicious! The spice bottles are just the Target brand Archer Farms spices! I love the bottles and add my own labels to the tops. I will be sharing the post here soon!! I have been slowly buying my new spices when others run out at Target!

      • Crystal says

        If a you don’t mind me asking how much were the spices? Our Target doesn’t stock them, so trying to see about using something else instead. But I wanted to see what they cost first…May can get a friend get them at another store, but would like to know the price first! Thank you!

  4. Denise says

    Right now I am loving clementines. I can’t get enoughof them! I am also loving scarves and boots. We have had snow forever here so the boots look cute and keep my feet warm. I am also loving me some Body shop peppermint foot cream. My feet are ready for flip flop weather

  5. Marty Larson says

    Pebble ice -excellent!
    I’m crushing over chocolate pudding – served warm; my little St. Patrick’s tree; green glass -we’re in a long term relationship , and Hot Tamales.

  6. says

    Fun post! I have many things that I enjoy indulging in as well.

    I have a cup (or two) of hot tea every morning. I drink a variety of flavors but, I favor Mint, Green, Raspberry and Earl Grey.

    Cuties and Cranberry Juice. I like my cuties cold and my juice warm. Weird?

    Raw Almonds. I love to eat them by themselves, in dishes, in cereal or in a cup of warm applesauce.

    Warm applesauce is another treat that makes me happy especially, homemade – right out of the warm pot.

    Olive Oil. I use it in place of butter for most things and it works as a moisturizer too. Just don’t use too much.

    Yes! Hummus!

    I love spices/herbs! I have an expanding collection and grow some of my own. I love to cook w/ them all.

    Glass jars and reusable containers is another favorite. I recycle spice/herb jars to refill w/ my own or herbs that I have ground. I scrape the labels off of jars/containers to use for supplies ect. If I can reuse it- I’ll find something to put in it.

    Socks! I don’t like my feet to be cold. I roam around the house and sleep w/ socks on (in colder months). My favorite are the sock, thick ones that aren’t slippery.

    Lots of pillows! I sleep w/ 3 pillows: A long one at my head w/ a softer one on top and a firmer one at my side.

    Throws/blankets. I have them all over the house. There must be a sign there. :)

    Yes! Moisturizer! I’m always trying new products but, still haven’t found one that rocks. I may have to give yours a try.

  7. Crystal says

    I’m crushing on BelVita Breakfast cookies (the hard or soft ones), Chai Latte’s (made in my Keurig), Chevron patterns, hummus (so yummy), my gel nail kit that I got for Christmas, Kellogg’s Nutri Grain – Fruit and Oat Harvest Bar- Strawberry (delicious), and washi tape :) Love your list!!

    • says

      I need to try those breakfast cookies. Who doesn’t want a cookie for breakfast? I have been wanting to try those Gel nail kits!!

  8. says

    What a fun post!
    Let’s see I’m obsessed with so much….
    ~Ooh washi tape… So much fun!
    ~Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla!!!! I drink it anytime, the chamomile isn’t my kind of sleep aid, I figure calm & spring is more like it! LOVE!!!
    ~gold anything… spray paint anyone?
    ~my Yes To Blueberries overnight cream, first time I knew what dewy skin meant, and no grease is not dewy.
    ~Veil Vanilla… divine! And yes I mean the vodka!
    ~Orchids, growing in my pots… I’m absolutely protective when they finally bloom!
    ~Ginger martinis…. Yes more drinks.
    ~my faux fur blanket that I got from Costco…. I swear it feels real.
    ~twine, preferably in natural & gold!
    ~my new ginger clove candle….ahhh heaven…
    ~Etsy… all day.
    ~Serengeti photochromatic polarized drivers sunglasses, with flex frames!
    ~Moleskin notebooks!
    ~minimalist Ily wallets
    … I’ll quit before I start listing Android apps lol

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