The New Cricut Explore™

You guys…

I have a secret I have been keeping…

for a long time.

And I am finally able to share part of that secret with you today!

As you know, I love a great crafting tool.  I LOVE anything that allows me to actually create something beautiful that starts as a thought and idea in my crowded little brain.  If you LOVE the creativity process as much as I do, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

cricut-a_thumb.jpg  cricut-t_edited-1_thumb.jpg

Before I get ahead of myself, let me back up…so I can tell you a bit about my journey over the last several months.

Over a year ago I was contacted by my friends from Cricut.  They wanted to talk to me about a new “top secret” machine that was in the works.  I was intrigued…but I had only used a Cricut machine a couple of times before in my life.  I had other means of doing things but was interested in what they had to say.  So I went, and learned, and signed all sorts of Non-Disclosure contracts ;).


cricut-e_thumb.jpg  cricut-f_thumb.jpg

Cricut’s new machine sounded promising, but without actually having the machine at my fingertips, I was reluctant…and told them so and that was that.  Some time passed and in April, some more discussions took place,  yet I was still reluctant.  I am a visual learner so I needed something concrete, but the new machine was still in production and beta testing.

cricut-d_thumb.jpg  cricut-c_thumb.jpg

Finally, this fall, I connected with Cricut again and made arrangements to go out to their headquarters and actually see and use the new Cricut Explore for myself.


You guys!  I was not prepared for how much I would love the Cricut Explore Cutting Machine.  Like so much so, that I actually gasped…outloud…twice!  Once when I saw the Cricut Explore open and once when I saw how beautifully it could script out calligraphy.  And if you know me…calm and collected Amy…that is saying a lot.  I got a little bit out of control with excitement.  But no worries…I regained my composure again quickly.  haha!


I was given a machine in early December to start playing with and have been working with the Cricut team behind the scenes on some really fun things.  In fact, I have about 10 projects right now that will be featured in the Cricut Marketplace (in just a few weeks) that others (like YOU) will be able to click a button and reproduce EXACTLY on their end…

I KNOW!! Right?!

 cricut-q_edited-1_thumb.jpg  cricut-x_edited-1_thumb.jpg

I have told you before how very careful and deliberate I am about the things I share with you here.  I actually am very picky and turn down several opportunities that come my way,  if I don’t think it is a product or a company I can stand behind completely.  I think it is a reflection on me and I don’t want to abuse your trust in any way.  So, with that being said,  I want you to know that I will ALWAYS be completely honest in what I share here with you.

cricut-u_edited-1_thumb.jpg  cricut-r_edited-1_thumb.jpg

And just so you know…I am loving this new machine and it’s capability.  I have a feeling it is going to take my creating to a new level…and that is exciting for me.  I have so many ideas floating around in my head that involved new mediums…and that my friends…

makes me giddy…giddy like a little school girl…


Ashish Arora | Cricut CEO

In the meantime, I will continue to be working closely with Cricut behind the scenes and will keep you updated.  I will also be sharing an in-depth look into the new Cricut | Explore™ Machine so you can see what I am so excited about.

The Cricut Explore™ system blends an electronic cutting machine with Cricut Design Space™, the free online design software, to help you make polished DIY projects. Create by using the hundreds of ready-to-make projects, the 50,000+ images from the Cricut® library or by uploading your own images. You can even use the Cricut® cartridges you already own by simply uploading them into the machine (which can only be done once and to one machine).

The Cricut | Explore™  will be available February 12th on HSN and in stores March 15!

Want a sneak peek of one of my projects?  Coming soon…

Feel free to ask any questions you have…I will try to answer all of them to the best of my ability or ask one of my contacts at Cricut for you.


The pictures in this post are from a Cricut Event that was on January 20 and 21st, just a couple of weeks ago.  Cricut invited several bloggers to an amazing event to release their new machine, Cricut Explore, so you may have already heard some rumblings about it.  All of the items shown in the pictures were created with the Cricut Explore.

click on the image above to see the latest Cricut products…

And…by the way this is not a sponsored post.


  1. Eve says

    WOW! I am excited! Just curious what the lettering and other graphics on the pillow are made of?

    • says

      It is exciting Eve! I printed out the stencil on the Cricut Explore and then used the vinyl as a stencil. I stenciled the lettering with a fabric paint in black and in red for the heart. I did this rather than the iron on vinyl because I wanted it to have a more “distressed look” rather than looking polished! The pattern will be available soon.

      • says

        I am so excited to learn how to make stencils with my new Cricut Explore Air. I am 100% new at this. I can create my wording for the stencil under word on my pc but cannot upload it to my Cricut becaues word saves it as a .docx. If I could only learn to save it as a compatible file type I would have most of my stencils made already. I may have to take a class or something. I pray I am able to catch on because this new project I am starting is a a real passion of mine…a lot of people are waiting on me to get it going because of their interests in the stencils, too. I wish I could find how to make a stencil with the Cricut but so far all I can do it type my words in a straight line which is not what I want to do at all. I want to be very creative with my stencils…I want to use them as traditional stencils hanging on the wall…framed on fabric, maybe put them on pillows fronts…do permanent chalkboards stencils. I have so many ideas floating around in my head. Apply the stencils on fabric, clothing. I just have to learn how to arrange them and know what thickness of mylar I need to purchase to make stencils that can be used over and over again. Please say a prayer I will be able to figure this all out. I really want to add this dimension of work to my website. It is like nothing I have ever done before but means the world to me. Any information anyone can share with me would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Becky McBride Wierzbicki

  2. Jeanette says

    I have a cutter very much like that, I have had it for 8, maybe 10 years, now. It is from Graphtec, and I love it! I can cut anything, am not restricted to using expensive cartridges. I I can get it into a graphics programme, I can cut it!

  3. Terri C says

    Congrats! This sounds like a lot of fun! And how neat is it to be trained by the company. Sounds like a fun thing to have.

    • says

      Thank you Terri! It is an honor to be selected and working with them. They have been an amazing company to work with. They are really listening to their consumers of which I am. Good things are happening!

  4. Dianne D says

    I have a Cricut and currently use their Cricut Craft Room, I have several ” digital cartridges” will I be able to transfer those to the new Design Space?

    • says

      Yes! From what I understand you will be able to upload each cartridge into the machine so that you will have all of your “digital cartridge” images in your account. You will then not need to use the cartridges again as they will be in your system. They can only be loaded onto one account though.

    • says

      Dianne, Amy I called Cricut Customer Service and I had some great news. “If you already have an account i.e. where you have bought digital files in craft room, those files will be pre-populated in your Cricut Design Space Account (the web software that comes with Cricut Explore)”

  5. Amanda says

    Was that event the Alt Summit? My cousin-in-law (Anna Rose Johnson) works for Cricut, so she was there. I’m definitely interested to learn more about this machine. I have one of the very old 6 in. Cricuts and have been thinking about switching to a Silhouette. I’m glad I haven’t, as I’ve loved my Cricut!

    • says

      The main Cricut event was the day before Alt but Cricut was at Alt also. I didn’t go to Alt but they unveiled the machine there too. I don’t know Anna Rose. I will have to keep an eye out for her when I am there next. Good to hear that!!

  6. Mer says

    It appears to now be more competitive with the Silhouette Cameo which already does all that without having to use cartridges and you can create your own designs and cut fabric, use pens, etc.. Is there something else I am missing here?

    • says

      Mer I am a cameo user and had retired my cricut. But am now thinking of buying Cricut explore. Here are the differences:
      Cameo Designer Software – $50: Cricut Explore SVG Cutting – FREE
      I do a lot of stuff for parties and kids. In order to do a project that involves writing and cutting (for invitations, cards, cupcake toppers etc), it will take me 2-3 times the amount of steps and hence time to do “writing and cutting” on my cameo. Explore can do this without having to change pens or blades. And one other thing that I liked was the number of materials that the Explore can cut with one simple turn of their dial ring. On my cameo, even after year of using, I find the whole – Speed, depth, pressure etc to be overwhelming. I am going to continue using my Cameo for a bit more and after I get my Explore, will give it to someone like my mother in law.

  7. Cindy says

    I have had multiple problems with Cricut Craft Room going brain dead: it waits & waits for a cartridge & mat to be loaded when they are already loaded! Will the Design Space correct this problem?

    • Holly Hudspeth says

      That is my question too. Does this work. Craft Room was a nightmare for me and still is. I have Windows 7.0 (64bit) and the Craft Room had lost of issues on that platform. I have wasted a ton of paper trying to make it work. One card could take me 4 hours. Has anyone had connectivity issue?

  8. Crystal says

    That’s awesome! Congrats on being a part of it. I can’t wait to see how it compares to the Silhouette.

  9. Lis says

    I’m quite excited about this new cricut, having started w/ them from the get go…you said cartridges can only be downloaded to one machine….I have the gypsy with all cartridges download to it would I still be able to download the same cartridges to the new cricut explore ?

  10. says

    Did I understand this right….Can you use online fonts/images like you can with Sure Cuts a Lot, or Silhouette? Or is it still only compatible with the cartridges or stuff you buy from them?

    • says

      Haley – Cricut Explore’s offering is even better. You can use the images and fonts / SVG files and other JPGs for FREE unlike paying $50 for Silhouette’s premium software. I am like the girl who dated Cameo but am getting married to Explore.

  11. says

    One other thing that I researched and really liked. I an use the Cricut Design Space from ANY computer in the world. My husband and I travel a lot so can now design projects from ANY computer. I have had two crashes with my computer that had the Silhouette images and lost all files. The Design Space has functionality similar to Dropbox where all my files can be stored on their cloud. LOVE IT! Welcome to 2014 – Goodbye hard drives that crash and lose my images and projects. Let’s Explore!

  12. Pam D says

    Hi. I also have all my cartridges on my Gypsy. Can we plug our Gypsy in the explore & use it?
    Thanks, Pam

    • Cynthia says

      Hi! No, the Gypsy will not connect to the Explore machine.

      What you can do is link your Gypsy to CCR, which is basically your Cricut Account. In CCR, which is a free program, click on the option tab, sync/link Gypsy. This is a two step process. One step will link all cartridges on your Gypsy to CCR. The other step will download all digital purchases that are on CCR to your Gypsy. I have done both successfully. It gives me peace of mind if my Gypsy should fail, then all my cartridges are on CCR.

      It has been stated numerous times that all cartridges link to your Cricut Account (which show up under my cartridges in CCR), will automatically be part of Design Space.

      Hope this helps

      • Cynthia says

        Oops, I left out

        stated numerous times by Cricut Representatives, that cartridges linked to CCR will automatically go do Design Space.


  13. Colette S says

    I am so excited about this new product!! I have a few questions…

    I have a lot of problems getting my expression work with the craft room on my MAC. Will the explore be more compatible with the MAC (easier to download firmware updates etc)?

    Can you clarify that it WILL cut any jpeg file (not just cricut cartridge images)?

    I read something about a subscription program that you can access all image cartridges for $9.99 a month. Can you confirm?

    Thanks so much for your review!!

    • Linda M says

      I just received my new Explore Monday night. I have a MAC, and I could not believe how simple the installation was! I wasn’t even sure it had been done; unfortunately, there are no ‘success’ messages after each step. There were only 2 or 3 steps as I recall. My first Cricut was a mini, and that setup with the MAC was more difficult; I needed tech support’s help. I had used only Cricut Craft Room before I got the Explore, so all I know is computer-based cutting.

      I spent all day yesterday playing with it. I LOVE that I can write and cut.

      One thing I don’t love: In CCR, I might have copied/pasted 10 teddy bear noses on one mat even though another mat might have had only 6 bears. I liked having extras of some things. With the explore, you have to outfox the software to do something like that. With the ‘apply’ button in Design Space (for the Explore), if you want to make 5 copies of what’s on one mat, it will create 5 copies for each mat. So, on your canvas, you could have 1 bear and 2 noses. When you ‘apply’ 5 before cutting, you’ll end up with a mat of 5 bears and 10 noses.

  14. says

    Hey this is kind of of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.

    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding expertise so I wanted to
    get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

  15. Karin says

    Hello, my question is about the printing. I have a cricut expression and when I replace the cutter for pens or markers to print I have yet to get a smooth looking print. Does this new machine draw smoothly is it jagged?

  16. Clare says

    If i have already loaded the cartridges on to the gypsy can i still loads them on the explore.

    • Cynthia says

      Hi! No, the Gypsy will not connect to the Explore machine.

      What you can do is link your Gypsy to CCR, which is basically your Cricut Account. In CCR, which is a free program, click on the option tab, sync/link Gypsy. This is a two step process. One step will link all cartridges on your Gypsy to CCR. The other step will download all digital purchases that are on CCR to your Gypsy. I have done both successfully. It gives me peace of mind if my Gypsy should fail, then all my cartridges are on CCR.

      It has been stated numerous times that all cartridges link to your Cricut Account (which show up under my cartridges in CCR), will automatically be part of Design Space.

      Hope this helps

  17. says

    Lots of great questions you guys! I have asked a Cricut Representative to answer all your questions since I want them to be answered completely and accurately. I am sure she will answer them when she gets into work tomorrow! Thanks for your patience!

  18. says

    I am looking forward to the new Cricut, but I am very disappointed that I can not link my cartridges to the project room. They are already linked to the Craft Room. Is Cricut expecting us to buy all new cartridges???

    • Cynthia says


      It has been stated numerous times by Cricut Reps that all cartridges link to your Cricut Account (which show up under my cartridges in CCR), will automatically be part of Design Space. All my cartridges are linked to my Gypsy and CCR, so I am looking forward to checking out Design Space.

      Hope this helps

  19. Mindy says

    Will the Explorer allow you to use images from cartridges that are not linked to CCR? Also to cut your own images do you need to pay the $9.99 monthly subscription fee?

  20. Lis says

    So is there any reason to keep my gypsy? I have all of my cartridges linked to it, I have Cricut Design Studio etc.. will my gypsy still be necessary to have? Should I sell my cartridges? Or would it be good to hang on to them? Advice please!!

  21. Deme treys Frye says

    Is there a need for a cameo and explore? Just got a cameo but haven’t used yet. I’m a cricut 2 owner

  22. Susan Herrera says

    Will the new Design Space be compatible with Cricut Expression for those of us unable to afford an upgrade to the new Explore? If not, will Cricut continue to support Cricut Craft Room?

  23. JonettaC says

    My Explore is on pre-order, and supposed to ship at the end of the month! I can’t wait! I have the original Cricut Expression, and I’ve had so much fun with it, but this…..this is next level. So excited!

  24. colleen says

    I have a cricut expressions, I never really used it until I finally downloaded cricut craft room omg now I am doing soooo much more, but you really have to pay attention. My biggest gripe/disappointment is the fonts they are so limited I want a craftsman font this does not seem to be available? This new machine seems to be a better option. also I am working with lots of iron on stuff flipping the letters is trickie but I am getting on to it . I am NOT a scapbooker but I do lots of craft things for gifts ect this machine is really exciting ;)

  25. Solitaire says

    What if you have a non-working Gypsy and a lot of linked cartridges. Can those cartridges be placed in the Explore machine and saved as digital images?

  26. jane thomas says

    If we want extra blades, can the ones for the other machines work on the Explore? Also, where online can extra pens be bought? I am presuming you have to use a special pen and the pens already made by Cricut won’t work in the Explore.

  27. Pat Rhoads says

    I was told the Silhoueete will cut out something you printed on a printer if you hook it up,to the printer. Will the Explore do that?

    • says

      -Print-then-Cut– Yes, this technology is coming soon. It will be a simple software plugin update to Cricut Design Space, as your machine will come with the hardware needed. Allow me to take a few moments to explain. We could have rushed and created the functionality for launch. We didn’t. The functionality that currently is available on other machines is not to the level of preciseness that other features of Cricut Explore are at. I can tell you that it will be worth the wait.

  28. Tamara says

    I am curious why so many of these questions are not getting answered, and wonder if it is the machine won’t do the work and no one wants to say that? I ca n afford the machine no problem, but I don’t need something to duplicate what I already own. I guess I am not sold yet and can’t find enough information about the machine and the capabilities.

    • says

      Not at all Tamara. I don’t have all the answers and have asked my contact at Cricut to answer these questions for you. They are just returning from the HSN launch of the Cricut Explore and have not had a chance to answer them yet. I don’t know all the ins and outs yet of the older machines since I have not used those…so I can not answer them. Waiting for the EXPERTS from Cricut themselves. I am sure they will be answered here soon. We are not hiding anything.

      • Stephanie Lipinski says

        HI I have gone out to Cricut Design Space and when I bring in a jpeg it only gives the outline. why is that? They advertised that the Explore can cut .jpegs and now I only see shadow piece.

        very unhappy

  29. Monica V says

    I want to clear up some misinformation concerning the Silhouette.

    1. retail price is of the silhouette designer software is $50…but you can but the software for $30 or less when there are sells(which I have seen quite often)

    2. Yes, you buy the software if you want to do perform advanced work(basic software is FREE)….but the difference is you OWN the software and don’t have to be online to use it(unlike Cricut’s Design space); Also, any image you buy from the silhouette store is yours to keep… with Cricut’s design space you are basically renting($9.99 a month). If you want to buy an image to “keep” they will have images that start at 99 cents(this is separate from a subscription), and will be stored “in a cloud”…. you will not be able to store them on your PC.

    3. Silhouette software updates are free.

    4.You can buy a Subscription to the silhouette online store several times a year for a discount price….for example I pay $16 a month(reg. price is $19.99) for $150 worth of images(there are other sub. amounts available depending on what your needs are). Many of the images are on sale and there are images on the site as low as 50 cents. They have weekly clearance shapes and every Tuesday a free shape to download. basically, they have sales quite often.

    5.You can cancel your Silhouette Sub. after 3 months with no penalties.

    6.You can backup your Silhouette files to a flash drive, SD card, an external hard drive. You can even re-Download images from silhouette’s online store(you don’t pay for them again) if you need to. can use your Silhouette as a stand alone machine by downloading your images to a SD card and plugging it into your machine if you don’t want to take a laptop to a crop etc.(sound familiar to a cricut cart?)

    8. Your Internet connection is down(or your somewhere without a connection) you can’t cut anything with the explore(not even from a cart… WILL NOT FUNCTION AS A STAND ALONE MACHINE. PERIOD.

    9. The cricut can hold a pen and a blade at the same time…..The silhouette can only hold one at a time

    10.Silhouette can print then cut out of the box….cricut promises this feature as a “Coming soon” feature….IT DOES NOT do so “out of the box”

    11. Silhouette can cuts svgs …cricut explore is said to, but I haven’t seen it do that in a video or in person so no experience on that.

    No matter what machine you buy, know the FACTS first.

    I would never buy an explore just for the fact you have to be online to use it. I use my cutting machines(cricut expression and silhouette cameo) in places where there is no internet connection half the time, so for me the explore would just be an over priced paper weight.

    Do yourselves a favor and RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH! Then buy the right machine for you.

    • R. C. says

      I agree with you Monica V, I love my Cricut Expression, and Cricut Create and my Gypsy I can take it to crops
      and craft away to my heart content, without internet, that’s the way to go, it is a nice machine but, to me its not worth it. I’m keeping my money in my pocket. The only time I use the internet is checking for deals, youtube and use the cricut craft room sometime.

  30. says

    First off– just wanted to thank all of you for your interest in Cricut Explore. We are truly a new company with a new vision for how easy it should be to go from seeing something and wanting to make it yourself to having the tools to do so with incredible success.

    I apologize for the delay in response. Our team is quite limited in time with all of the excitement of the launch and I wanted to personally be able to answer these questions for Amy.

    I’ll go in somewhat order- since many of the above have been responded to (THANK YOU Aly and Cynthia– your responses warmed my heart that messaging is out there and people are hearing) and will do my best to answer any additional questions BECAUSE of my answers ;)

    -Cartridges: You still own your Cricut cartridge content. If it is connected to your Gypsy, you need to connect your Gypsy content to Cricut Craft Room. Simple and easy instructions to do so can be found here:

    If you content is connect to your Cricut Craft Room, all you need to do is login to Cricut Design Space. It couldn’t be easier. YES- we will continue to support Cricut Craft Room. At this time, Cricut Design Space is NOT backwards compatible, meaning you will only be able to use Cricut Explore with Cricut Design Space.

    -Cricut Design Space connectivity: Cricut Design Space IS a cloud-based design and storage system. Think of this like a combined iTunes/Spotify functionality. You will only need to login and download this FREE internet-based plugin and then you go! All of your images and projects and saved for you, on our servers. That means is something happens to your cartridges or your computer– which will be traumatic enough– you can rest easier knowing that your information is backed up on our cloud.

    Cricut Design Space works based on the minimum system requirements required for the more popular operating systems and web browsers. As long as your system requirements meet those minimums, you will be off and designing very quickly. Our CEO is an Apple product fanatic. It will work with MAC and PC.

    -Subscription: You will not be able to access ALL of the Cricut content for $9.99– but you will be able to access a very signifigant portion of it. How about 25,000 images and fonts for less than $10 a month? Think of this like the Netflix of cutting files. You’ll be able to use all of the content you own (like popping in a DVD or watching a movie you’ve downloaded to your DVR) and then able to access on-demand the files you are searching for that you get to use (watch) for free. Hope that helps clear up how the subscription will work for you.

    -Best of ALL– You can cut ANY IMAGE and ANY FONT for free. Buy the Cricut Explore– cut ANY image and ANY font you own the copyright to (so if you designed it, you own it) for FREE. Free, free, free, free, FREEEE.

    -New Pens and Blades– I’m so happy you guys are already thinking of how to get the MOST out Cricut Explore. Yes- you CAN use your blades from your current Cricut machines. The new Cricut Explore blades were created and tested to last much longer and cut much more precisely– but your current blades will still work beautifully. You CANNOT use your current Cricut pens/markers. Our new CutSmart technology allows for the most precise cut we have seen in many comparison testing– even compared to the Cricut Expression. We even had to slightly tweak some of our cutting files where we had to compensate for the slight variances in the past– just so they cut amazingly precise with Cricut Explore (don’t worry!! If you own, you get those files automatically when you login). With this change in performance, we needed a way to get a better hold on the pens, so we spent agonizing hours completely re-desiging the way the new Cricut pens are held. You’re going to LOVE it when you see it all come together.

    -Print-then-Cut– Yes, this technology is coming soon. It will be a simple software plugin update to Cricut Design Space, as your machine will come with the hardware needed. Allow me to take a few moments to explain. We could have rushed and created the functionality for launch. We didn’t. The functionality that currently is available on other machines is not to the level of preciseness that other features of Cricut Explore are at. I can tell you that it will be worth the wait.

    -Us vs them- I will add that I also agree that it is VERY important to thoroughly research your purchase before any large buying decision. You decide what is right for you and your needs, absolutely. I will add a comment about the previous comment. Our software is free– free forever. You don’t buy an iPhone and then have to pay for iOS– you get it because will your purchase because it was designed beautifully for it. Cricut Design Space will only become more feature-rich, with additional design capabilities added. Think of those capabilities like apps for your Cricut Explore device. As far as the subscription, you can cancel and then sign back up at anytime. Have a big party coming up and not sure what all you will need– access 25,000 images and fonts, all incredibly easy to search, for just $9.99 that month. Get Christmas content when you need it. And– a feature that any true designer will love– you can try before you buy. You can create and recreate with as MANY of our Cricut designs as you would like. If you don’t love the design, you can try again. When you’re ready to cut after you’ve created the PERFECT file- then you buy. That’s not something other design-and-cut platforms offer you.

    Thank you, again, for your enthusiasm. I will try my very best to get back over here and answer anything additional. And I hope to hear from many of you about your new Cricut Explore!

    • Jennifer says

      Will the images available rotate? What I mean is, is there a possibility that we will find and use an image from the ones available with subscription then go back a month or two later and it is no longer available? Also, will you be adding new images as you go along? 25,000 does seem like a lot, but if you are looking for something specific, that number can get smaller very quickly.

      I love my Expression 2 and use it often. This machine sounds great, but I am a person who never buys right out of the gate. I always wait to see what the reaction/bugs are and buy a few months later.


  31. says

    Mine will arrive the 18th from HSN. Thrilled but have only used my cricut personal perhaps 15-20 times. Never worked on it much like you nor utilized the craft room or linked my handful of cartridges. I read so much good and bad about linking so is that what happens with the explore and any cartridges you have. I do get a free 3 month subscription with the hsn purchase so I want to jump in right away. Any ideas on a list of first to do’s. Thanks for your blog.

  32. Monica V says

    forgot to add…with the silhouette you can cut any SVG or font on your computer for FREE FREE FREE.

    ….and i am not a rep. for any company and I don’t believe in(nor am I part of) an “Us vs them” mentality. I feel there is room in a craft room for many different tools and that one should know all the pluses and minus before buying ANY TOOL. I obviously am NOT against cricut; I do own an expression along with a gypsy, and numerous carts. in addition to my Cameo.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again….


    Don’t just listen to PAID REPS or bloggers/vloggers…..go to the web site(s) directly and read up on each machine . Follow discussions from reg. everyday users (who don’t get a free machine, paid, or compensated by a cutting machine’s company in any way) who are more likely to have a neutral view, and tell it like it is; and no, I’m not saying everyone who is compensated is dishonest, but some people either get so excited or feel that they may owe it to the compensating company to give a glowing review, that they may not be as neutral as they think they are.

    I Like my Expression and my Cameo…..they fill MY NEEDS

    If you like the Explore, Cameo, Eclips, Knk, etc .(and have all the facts of what each machine is and isn’t) GO FOR IT. These are tools….not people your going to have a relationship with. Heck, you can own every machine(if you have the funds for them). Just know what your buying….no “loyalty” required.

    • says

      I totally agree that you should do your research just as I have. I totally agree with most of what you have stated in your comment. I do think that everyone should do their research from a lot of different resources. However, I am a little disappointed in your statement that may give others the impression that I am being coerced into believing a certain way. I have spent a long 7 months RESEARCHING MY OWN DECISION and this is the choice I have made based on my experience of using BOTH the Silhouette and the Cricut Explore. I had to also make a choice with “no loyalty” required.

      I absolutely agree with you that everyone should do as much research as possible, but the facts are that most people will never be able to test out both machines before making a decision and have to rely on others “opinions” skewed or not by one company or the other.

      I personally take this very seriously and will be sharing my own side by side comparisons of the two machines here soon so that you can see how and why I came up with my decision. I am guessing you haven’t had the opportunity yet to test out the Cricut Explore. This may help some of you understand why I am loving this machine.

      Since everyone is different and has different things they want from a cutting tool machine, everyone’s choice of machine is going to be a unique and personal one. You just need to look at the facts and make a decision for yourself. It sounds like you have chosen the Silhouette and that is great. I have used the Silhouette for several years and found it to be a great machine. I have no complaints about the Silhouette and have shared with you several projects I have been able to make with it.

      But, I am personally loving the new things that I will be able to share in the upcoming months with the Cricut Explore. I think it is an important discussion for everyone to have. I would really hate to have someone mislead into buying a machine that was not the best one out there for them and their needs. This is a difficult economy for almost everyone, me included.

  33. Solitaire says

    You didn’t answer my question. Will a linked cartridge work if you don’t have a working Gypsy?

    • says

      Mallie from Cricut answered several questions above in one comment. She didn’t reply directly to each individual question. Here is an answer I have copied and pasted from above. Let me know if it answers your question completely as I want everyone to feel like they are being heard and the questions and answers are being addressed. Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question and I will be happy to get the answer for you. I LOVE that you guys are having these questions and discussion. Here is the answer from Mallie…

      -Cricut Design Space connectivity: Cricut Design Space IS a cloud-based design and storage system. Think of this like a combined iTunes/Spotify functionality. You will only need to login and download this FREE internet-based plugin and then you go! All of your images and projects and saved for you, on our servers. That means is something happens to your cartridges or your computer– which will be traumatic enough– you can rest easier knowing that your information is backed up on our cloud.

  34. Solitaire says

    You still didn’t answer my question. I’m referring to cartridges that were previously linked to a now-unavailable Gypsy, but had never been placed in your “cloud.”

    If they won’t work, is there any way to unlink such cartridges so that they can now be used?

    I have a couple of linked cartridges I don’t have any use for and would like to pass them on. Are they now worthless?

    This is a rhetorical question. I happen to have a working Gypsy with nearly 200 linked cartridges, none of which I’ve placed in an on-line account. I have no use for a machine that won’t work without a computer, for several reasons. First, I have absolutely no room for both a computer and a cricut in the same room, much less next to each other. Also, I work on the computer for hours every day and prefer NOT to use the computer for papercrafting.

    I do have several cartridges which I will never use and would like to unlink them in order to pass them on to someone else. How can this be done, or those cartridges now worthless?

    • Jennifer says

      I could be wrong, but I’m almost positive that once you have linked a cartridge that you cannot ‘un-link’ it. It could technically still be used with most machines, but not with CCR or the new Explore.

  35. Betty says

    I’m very disappointed!
    I got the Hsn deal on the Cricut Explore

    Comes with 3 mo subscription that you won’t be able to use!!! Yes you won’t because the design space they show isn’t ready!!! There is no app for IPAD. So by the time they get the design space out the subscription will be off!!!! I’m upset!

  36. Betty says

    Contacted cricut. starts when you receive your cricut… the app is not available but you can. Use design space via computer/laptop only….

  37. says

    Hi Solitaire- were you aware that your Gypsy can be repaired?

    When cartridges are linked to your account, they cannot be unlinked. Since they are linked to your Gypsy, our customer support team would be more than happy to help you add those cartridges to your account.

    We cannot unlink those cartridges for you, however.
    In short, we can get your Gypsy working, and get your cartridge content to where you can use it in Design Space. Hope this helps answer your question.

    • redsla says

      Technically that is not true. PC has told lots and lots of people that the only way to fix their gypsy is to buy a new one. Through no fault of my own, my gypsy wasn’t used for 8 mos because of illness and of course, lack of use caused the BSD. It is way out of warranty so I was told I could buy a new one. This is ridiculous since there is a battery in the gypsy that can be replaced as has been shown on other sites. Gypsy just won’t sell us the battery and won’t tell us where to get them. This makes me sad.

    • Sherry says

      This is NOT true. I bought a gypsy at launch at HSN. Linked my cartridges and then did not like the Gypsy because of the small screen and sent it back to HSN. A few years later the Anniversary E was on launch and I bought it. The E2 did not let you manipulate stuff on the screen without adding a bunch of stupid spaces and so I bought the Gypsy over again to get better use out of the E2. I now love the Gypsy… I guess I needed a more open mind and a use for it to appreciate it.

      Anyway, I sent all of my carts in a box to PC and they were reserialized and sent back to me. All unlinked and ready to be relinked to my new Gypsy. I just had to send them proof of my first gypsy being sent back to hsn. The whole process from day sent out to day sent back was 10 days.

  38. Julie says

    I have only one concern about the new Cricut Explorer. I attend a lot of Scrapbook Retreats and some of the places I go does not have internet access. How will I be able to use the Cricut Explorer at scrapbook retreats?

    • redsla says

      You won’t. You will need an internet connection to use the Explore. I have had mine for a couple days now, and it does leave some things to be desired. I am not saying that they won’t fix them, but right now it only appears that Cricut wants you to use their content and you have to figure out how to use your own. I have 4 cutting machines so I know how to use them but there is a learning curve on this Explore and you have to go on line to find out anything that you need to know. No Manuals with it. Also, it does not cut small items as well as they are saying it does and I have tried it at all settings. It does not connect to the Craft Room where all my designs are, and right now it is not reading cartridges. Some of us don’t want the designs that they are “giving” with the new machines and just want real honest to goodness designs that we can use. With this said, once a few more of these machines get out here, we will all get it figured out so everyone please keep talking. I love this idearoom, and I truly love all the input.

    • Stephanie Lipinski says

      I have hooked my laptop to my phone’s internet and it works just fine I think it may be the Bluetooth feature, just make sure you bring your phone cord since it will use batter a lot.

      Have fun

  39. lilly says

    Quisiera saber si se pueden colocar cualquier tipo de lapices son algunos en especial, por otro lado en vez de colocar el lapiz se podra colocar el blade holder con la cuchilla de signado y marcado? esto para cortar y signar al mismo tiempo.

  40. says

    Question #1 – if the cartridges are now linked to your “account” what’s to keep you from sharing an account? Before you had to have the cartridge or the gypsy to prove ownership. How is that now covered?

    Question #2 – If I had cartridges and sold them AFTER linking my gypsy and they beat me to loading it in the Cricut account am I out the use of that cartridge unless I buy another?

    Question #3 – If I can print anywhere in the world, do I have to use MY cricut or can I use someone elses if a group of us go to a crop?

  41. Kelly Hall says

    How do I find and print my silhouette purchases on the cricut explore. I have imported purchased svg files but can not find or import the silhouette files from the silhouette store in the cricut explore.
    Thank you for your help

    • redsla says

      You need to have a separate file on your computer called SVG. Don’t have it listed with the Silhouette or any other machine. On the explore you tell it to import an image and it will give you the option of SVG. Use the browse option to go to your SVG file and get your image. I have been cutting my svg images from other machines this afternoon and it is working great.

  42. Michelle says

    I own the Cricut Expresion but want to add my own imAges and designs for an even more personal touch..I have been waiting to here about the new explorer as I am deciding between that and A KNK model.
    Does anyone know if Ican cut rhinestone blotters with the explorer?
    For the Design Space you can not access your cartridges you download if you do not pay the 9.99 a month?
    Also for Design Space are you downloading it to your computer or is it only based online forcing you to pay to cut basically?
    Yes the feature silouette & robo has print the auto trace and cut your design would be wonderful ….Still on the fence help answer my questions.

  43. says

    Can you tell me if you purchase a SVG image from Cricut are you able to cut multiple times(meaning do you own it) or do buy it each time you cut? XOXO, Julie. :0)

  44. Tammy says

    What is the difference between the Design space and the cricut craftroom, I’m not understanding?

  45. Tammy says

    and do you have to link your cartridges to the explorer or can you just plug them in like on all the other machines?

  46. Monica V says

    Your statement…

    ” However, I am a little disappointed in your statement that may give others the impression that I am being coerced into believing a certain way”

    I’m sorry you feel this way. A REP from Provo Craft came on boost to about the machine….my post was mostly in response to them, BUT also ACKNOWLEDGES those who are also compensated by the company as well(who may be dishonest or unable to be neutral); doesn’t make it personal, I just acknowledge it happens.

    Upon the statement that you own a Silhouette, what DISAPPOINTS ME is that YOU DID NOT correct, incorrect statements from posters concerning the cameo. This SHOULD have been done way before my initial post (#48). If you read though the comments again and then read mine, you will see I address comments that were incorrect. I think people should have been given true factual information so they can decide what they should buy. Not correcting misinformation is not only a huge disservice to your readers,but also leaves you open to the possibility of your neutrality being questioned.

    I bought both a cricut expression(along with a gypsy and carts.) and a cameo(which I previously stated),…so to say I only chose a silhouette is incorrect.

    I have NOTHING against people buying a crciut explore(or any other cutting machine for that matter), I just think people need to know what they are buying before they slap their hard earned money down. The only thing that killed the explore for me, was the online software. I wouldn’t be able to be online in the places I use my machines…hence, why(for ME) it be an expensive paperweight.

  47. bevegrif says

    If I have cartridges and a Cricut Explore, can I use the physical cartridges without being connected to the internet? I realize that I cannot use the Cricut Design Space which is internet based, but I just want to use the cartridge without being connected to the computer or the internet.

  48. Brittany says

    where can i get the cricut explore now? or do I have to wait till the 15th at this point?

  49. Monica V says

    @bevegrif….with the explore you have to link your carts to Design Space(the online program); you can’t use explore as a stand alone machine at all….The explore must be connected to Design Space to cut or draw anything.

  50. Ya Ya says

    You stated that the cricket explorer can cut fabric. Can it now cut fleece fabric? It never worked for me before with the expression 2 machine. TKS.

  51. Sue Dormann says

    If I link a Cricut Cartridge on Design Space, can I still use that same stand alone cartridge in my Cricut Expression (for when I don’t have access to internet connection)?

  52. says

    I just bought/received my machine. I’ve never owned a cutting machine before, my biggest interest in this machine was the ability to cut using my own designs. I was able to use the Cricut Design Space no problem, it was pretty easy and straightforward, it also cut my design on cardstock beautifully. However, my main purpose is to cut my designs on felt with an iron-on adhesive backing.
    I bought the deep cut blade and set my setting to felt as the material, but it just doesn’t seem to cut as intricately as I was hoping. I am cutting letters, and in some cases, like O’s, the letter curled up from the mat when the blade started cutting the center o rendering the letter basically useless. In other cases like corners of an H or A it didn’t keep a nice sharp corner, instead it felt like the blade tugged the felt too much.
    I have tried cutting a simple 2 inch circle in the felt and it did cut that well.

    I was wondering if a. My expectation are just too high with what it can do with felt (as in my designs are too intricate), b. Do you have any additional tips for getting sharper/crisper cuts?

    The felt I’m using is a premium wool/blend felt and I’m using the standard grip mat.

    I would appreciate any guidance! Thank you!

  53. Amy Le says

    Hi all, I just bought my Explore two days ago and must say I am very disappointed with its performance. My main purpose for acquiring this machine is to cut fabric for my applique. I must have wasted a yard of fabric test cutting my my simple design. I tried it with just the fabric, and with the adhesive backing. The blade kept on tugging at the fabric and pulled it off the mat, created a hot mess. What am I doing wrong? Any help you guys can provide is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • Sherry says

      I cut fabric on my cricuts all the time. The material is first bound with thermabond before cutting.

      Some people put it in the freezer between wax paper before cutting also.

  54. Heather Townley says

    I just received my explore 2 days ago. Although I haven’t been able to use it like I love to because every time I go into Design Studio and choose to add text, the page crashes and then Internet explorer pops up a window saying it had to refresh the webpage to be compatible. Please contact your friends at Cricut, unless you know what im doing wrong. Thanks :)

  55. Tammy says

    I am cricut explore virgin so this might be a silly question. What does it mean when you go to create a project and it says it takes 13 mates? Do I literally need that many or can I load the one I have several times…OK, You can stop laughing at me now :)

  56. Debbie says

    I was ready to purchase a new Cricut Explore but was told that I had to have a direct internet connection in my craft room. I have a laptop and wireless internet in there now so am I out of luck on getting the Explore to connect to the internet?

    • says

      No. You should be fine. I use wireless internet. You will have to be connected to the internet to use it. But wireless works fine.

      • Debbie says

        So as long as my laptop has an internet connection whether wireless or direct, the Explore will work and I don’t have to have any type of adapter for it?

        • says

          Yes…you go online to to access their design space. You will need to connect your computer to the cricut explore machine with a cord, but it all comes with the cricut machine.

  57. Leanne says

    WHY can’t you use the new software on the expression 2 for example. Seriously it’s just a joke. :( Do you think this will be possible in the furture??

  58. Sheryl Real says

    After my gypsy is linked to CCR will I still be able to use it with my expression at crops where the is no internet connection?

  59. Heather says

    I was wondering how you go about getting a job creating things with a company like Cricut?

  60. says

    Hi Amy,

    I’m from France and I’m amazed with all the positive info that I got online about Cricut Explore. Unfortunately, Cricut Europe supplies only the mini personal cutter and expressions 2. So, I bought from (US version coz the French version also mails direct from the US, but woukd take loooong time to arrive). And I can’t wait anymore! LoL! My order, says Amazon, will be arriving on Friday.

    I’m a big creative fan and I’m co-founder of our makers-space association here in France called Pangloss Labs. And I plan to promote the arts&crafts labs besides edulab in our creative space. My other colleagues are into robotics and the Raspberry Pi. We hope to make this open co-working space really fun for both the French and Swiss and International folks living in our community.

    So, thank you for your post. I haven’t got my hand on my Cricut Explore yet but I’m as giddy as you are with the prospect of doing so many projects with Cricut.


    • says

      I am so happy to hear that. Hope it gets there soon so you can get your hands on it and start creating! You will love it! Thanks so much for the fun comment!

  61. says

    Hi. I apologize if this was previously answered.
    Does the speed of the internet affect the cutting speed on the Explorer? Such as if I have 3 mbps will it cut much slower than having 18mpbs?
    Thank you so much!!


  62. says

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    money online. You will never make a dime using a system that claims overnight success.
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  63. Amy Jo says

    I have never owned a die cutting machine. To be honest, I’ve dreamt of creating beautiful home decor, fashionable accessories and garden goodies, but not with a Cricut. I was Anti-Cricut, I had no desire to keep buying cartridges. As expected I was team Silhouette before I ever even touched one. I almost bought my dream machine when the unthinkable happened, my husband of 18 years suffered a massive stroke. My crafty dreams faded along along with my families future.

    It’s been a little over a year and my husband is still very ill. But stroke recovery is very slow. Being a career homemaker I find myself now having to bring home the bacon. Well thats not an easy challenge when your husband needs 100% 24/7 care. So to make ends meet, Im going to take my crafty artistic side and put it to work. Again, my Silhouette dream was about to be a reality when I discovered the Explore. Hello, no more cartridges, I can use my own images and artwork. Well this everything I could ever need in one machine. All the materials this machine can utilize gives me alot of versatility and creative freedom. Then I discovered Cricut is having an incredible sale, in lue of the Air release I suspect, that has made possible for me to make the purchase. I should have my beautiful new Explore in about days. I can hardly wait!!

    • says

      I am happy to hear that you are finally able to get one. I am sorry to hear about your husband. My father has suffered multiple strokes and he also requires quite a bit of care. I help my mother and siblings care for him twice a week so I can only imagine how difficult your burden is! I wish you all the best in your creating!! xo

  64. Stefanie Glasscock says

    I would like to know if there is a way to make rhinestone templates with the cricut explorer or there is a software I can buy or download to create and load to my cricut for cutting. I love my cricut, but have been unable to figure his one out.

    • Christine says

      Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) has a rhinestone feature. You can then export your SCAL file into Cricut Design space as an svg file.

  65. Deb says

    Didn’t know if you were still suggesting designs with cricut but there would be a great demand for the rhinestone templates to use with the holographic vinyl

  66. Kelly Hall says

    yes the new cricut explore. i dont have it, however i am researching to make sure i can do or use most of what i already have. thanks


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