Better Life Bags Giveaway

You guys! I am so excited about today’s giveaway!  Have you heard of Better Life Bags?  If not, I am excited to introduce them to you today.

Better-Life-bags 2

Here are a few words from Rebecca’s site, Better Life Bags about their mission:

“The mission of Better Life Bags is simple:  make lives better!

My family and I moved on purpose to a low income area of Detroit  in 2010.  Because the unemployment rate here is 20%, we have an awesome opportunity for BLB to give back to the community that we operate out of!

We hire women, who otherwise cannot get jobs, to work for BLB.  We rent them a sewing machine and tools while teaching them a skill set that allows them to become a primary or secondary provider in their families.  Most of these women are first generation immigrants from countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, and Bangladesh, so we are also able to provide them with much needed fellowship and friendship as we visit their homes to deliver fabric and pick up orders”.


I just LOVE that Rebecca is giving back to so many with her company and her mission.  I LOVE my Better Life Brynnda Bag!  It is the perfect size for traveling and with the strap over the body, it makes it easier to carry for long day trips across the city and keeps your stuff close by.  I can’t wait to take it on my next trip or conference!  I love all the fun details!

Better Life Bags are fully customizable and you can mix and match any fabrics to make your bag perfectly unique and suited to your own personality and style.

Cover Photo with bowon modelon model_2

I get to give one lucky Idea Room Reader their own custom bag from Better Life Bags.

How awesome is that?

Better-Life-Bags 1

If you would like to be entered for a chance to win a Better Life Bag, be sure to follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter Box below.

*You may need to enter from a computer instead of a mobile device.  Sometimes it takes a minute for the Rafflecopter widget to load, so please be patient.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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*Fine Print: Giveaway ends at 11:59pm (MST) on April 10, 2014. One winner will receive a gift certificate as specified above.  Must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the U.S.A. to enter. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Facebook or Pinterest. Facebook and Pinterest will be completely released by each entrant. One entry per person. Entry includes filling out the Rafflecopter form above. Winner will be chosen using and will be notified via email within 24 hours of the giveaway closing time. Winners will be announced on the post, not on Facebook. The winners must respond within 24 hours of receiving the email or a new winner will be chosen. No purchase necessary.

Amy Huntley is the owner/author of The Idea Room. A mother of five, who enjoys sharing her love of all things creative in hopes of inspiring other women and families. Connect with her on Google+, or read more of her posts.


  1. 1

    Awesome give away for such a wonderful cause! Count me in!

  2. 2

    Great cause and great bag! Thanks for introducing me to them.

  3. 3

    Oh my goodness … I have been lusting after the Brynnda Bag … so that is totally the one I would pick if I’m lucky enough to win!

    Great giveaway!

  4. 4
    Jamie Baker says:

    Love it all, the bags and the mission behind them. LOVE IT!!!

  5. 5
    Lori Fortini says:

    I love the fun inside prints!

  6. 6
    Cyndie Dunn says:

    I have never heard of these until now…LOVE them!

  7. 7

    I have a brynnda, which I love. my next one will be the carrie!

  8. 8
    Kari Collis says:

    I just love these bags! So stylish and pretty!

  9. 9
    Suzanne Laird says:

    Brynnda Bag

  10. 10
    Lisa Dozeman says:

    Such cute bags, so cute!

  11. 11

    I like the laptop bags!

  12. 12

    Beautiful, super cute bags!! Thanks for introducing me to them:)

  13. 13

    Wow, I love your bag but after reading the story behind this company I’m even more in love with it!!! Amazing!!!!

  14. 14

    I love these bags! I would get the Nicole!

  15. 15
    shannon macklam says:

    Love these!

  16. 16
    Christine T. says:

    Your bags are beautiful and what an amazing company!!

  17. 17
    Kellie Morgan says:

    I have been crushing on these for a while. I love them all. Thanks for offering them up!

  18. 18

    I think I would choose the Cyndi as my favorite!

  19. 19

    Beautiful Bags… Count me in.

  20. 20

    What a great cause! I think I the Nicole bag is my favorite.

  21. 21

    These look great-wonderful story also!

  22. 22

    What a great company! And, those bags. Oh, I have a thing for bags!

  23. 23

    Love the bags and Better Life Bag’s mission.

  24. 24

    Thanks so much!!

  25. 25
    Danielle says:

    Love the Cyndi, molly and Nicole bag!!!!!

  26. 26
    Debra Schramm says:

    Brynnda bag is my favorite!

  27. 27

    Oh, the Brynnda is my fave!

  28. 28

    I love how these bags were invented! What a beautiful bag!

  29. 29

    Love better life bags!!!

  30. 30
    Sherri Sloat says:

    Absolutely love the Nicole bag! What an awesome giveaway!

  31. 31

    I love the Molly and the Ashley! Would be so excited to have either.

  32. 32

    hard choice! either the beverly or the brynnda or the molly….i think

  33. 33

    Pick me, so cute!

  34. 34

    Love these cute bags!

  35. 35
    Cristina Perez says:

    I love the Nicole bag.

  36. 36

    I love these bags!!! The Nicole bag and Chloe bags are awesome!!!

  37. 37

    Love these bags!!

  38. 38

    Love this! I am obsessed!

  39. 39
    Juli Fish says:

    Love what this company is doing and wow, that is one awesome bag!!!

  40. 40

    Great giveaway. Cute bag. Amazing company!

  41. 41

    I love all the bags! Love the prints and the size

  42. 42
    Annette Cook says:

    What a wonderful company and your bags are beautiful! The Nicole and Brynnda are faves.

  43. 43

    Beautiful bags…I love the Molly!

  44. 44

    My favorite bag is the Chloe!

  45. 45
    Danielle says:

    Brynnda or Beverly?! I like so many! Thanks for the chance :)

  46. 46
    Kristen M. says:

    I have to pick just one! There is no way – they are all awesome.

  47. 47
    Rachelle McCann says:

    Its between Beverly and Brynnda. These are gorgeous

  48. 48

    So cute and fun!!!!

  49. 49
    Jordan Karnemaat says:

    I love the Chloe bag!!

  50. 50
    Amanda Stoll says:

    I love the design your own laptop bag! Always looking for good functional (key word!) bags.. I’m always on the go and I need a bag that can keep up! love the color options too :D

  51. 51

    I love the emily!

  52. 52

    Love the Emily diaper bag!

  53. 53

    I love the Ashley bag!

  54. 54
    Lacey R. says:

    The Chloe is super cute!

  55. 55
    Lauren G says:

    I love the chloe bag, and I actually just got the diaper bag for my sister!

  56. 56
    Kelly shafer says:

    Beautiful bags

  57. 57

    I love the Molly and clhoe!!

  58. 58
    Jennifer S says:

    The chloe bag is cute!

  59. 59
    Sandi Allen says:

    I like the Nicole and the I Pad cases.

  60. 60

    What a cute bag! Would love to win!

  61. 61
    Kayla Williams says:

    I love the design your own Chloe!

  62. 62
    Anees Hasnain says:

    I love the laptop bag! It’s beautiful.

  63. 63

    What a wonderful concept! And the bags are gorgeous – I love the Nicole.

  64. 64
    Andrea S. says:

    Love the Chloe!

  65. 65
    Nicki Davis says:

    What a great company… I would love to win one of these bags!

  66. 66

    I’ve been wanting a Cyndi for a long time! Awesome giveaway!

  67. 67

    Love the idea of this company and these bags!

  68. 68
    Ivy Taylor says:

    These bags are so fun and what a great cause!

  69. 69
    Elizabeth says:

    Cute cute bags!

  70. 70
    Kelli Biesbrock says:

    I am torn between Brynnda and Nicole. Love this whole concept, so many choices, had fun playing around with the different designs!

  71. 71
    Julie Kraft says:

    Lovin the Molly!

  72. 72

    I adore these bags and the entire mission. It’s hard to choose one style but Emily would most likely be the one I’d get. Awesome work and thanks for the chance to win!

  73. 73

    I love the Beverly

  74. 74
    ElizabethInTN says:

    What a brilliant idea, BLB! I think they’re all adorable, but if I had to choose one bag as my favorite, it would be the Cyndi. Thank you for the entry!

  75. 75

    I first fell in love with these bag when I saw Heather’s of Whipperberry. Have coveted it ever since. Would love to have one of my own!

  76. 76

    I love the Chloe bag, but I love them all!

  77. 77

    That Chloe bag is stunning!

  78. 78

    I LOVE exactly the one being shown- do tell which one it is!- thank you!

  79. 79

    I love the Cyndi and the Clara Lynn (sp?) Very cool business/outreach program.

  80. 80
    Jennie woodard says:

    Whoooo I can’t decide , they are all so great!

  81. 81

    Love this giveaway & blog!

  82. 82

    Love the Beverly

  83. 83

    These are beautiful and love what they’re doing!

  84. 84

    I like the design your own Nicole bag

  85. 85

    Love the mixes of leather and fabrics! Definitely one-of-a-kind. Can’t wait till everyone asks where I got mine…

  86. 86

    I adore these bags!

  87. 87

    Love the bags!

  88. 88

    I like the Carrie

  89. 89

    cute bags!

  90. 90

    Wow how inspiring. what a lovely thing Better Bags mission is doing. Beautiful bags love the colors mixed together Very Happy Bags : ) Thanks for the chance.

  91. 91
    Jennifer says:

    I LOVE the Nicole bag! So awesome how the company is helping & supporting women!

  92. 92

    I love the Nicole and the Brynnda!!!!

  93. 93
    Heather W. says:

    I love your bag! The first bag pictured.

  94. 94

    Cool bags! Love the Nicole! :)

  95. 95

    I love them all! But the Nicole bag is my favorite.

  96. 96
    BobbiJo Richardson says:

    Been dreaming of a Brynnda for a loooong time! Would love to win one!!!

  97. 97

    love them all

  98. 98

    I love that you can make it your own personality!

  99. 99

    I love the Emily diaper bag!!!

  100. 100

    Love the Nicole bag!

  101. 101

    I love the option to mix so many fabrics on the Cyndi, but that latch on the Brynnda is so great too!

  102. 102

    Love these cute bags! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  103. 103
    Amy bricker says:

    I love the stripes

  104. 104

    They are gorgeous! I lived in a third world country overseas and there are similar programs in place there like you are doing here in the D. What a wonderful thing. I love the Nicole, Nicole with bow and Brynna bags. The splash of pink on the Nicole and Brynna is perfect and the Nicole with bow is so feminine. Wow!

  105. 105

    I have the Molly bag and love it! I’ve wanted another one for so long….love the Brynnda bag!

  106. 106

    Love them all… Molly, Chloe and Cyndi with a bow :)

  107. 107
    Geri-Lynn says:

    Wow what a great company!!! We need more like them. Thanks for the giveaway. I would be the Emily diaper bag. I have not be able to find such a stylish bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag.

  108. 108

    Totally love those bags.

  109. 109

    Love them all! What a great idea :)

  110. 110

    I like the Ashley all leather bag. It is very “smart” looking!

  111. 111

    I love the Design Your Own Brynnda Bag!

  112. 112
    jodi glass says:

    Nicole bag ! Wow!

  113. 113

    I love the Chloe!

  114. 114
    Brooke Romriell says:

    Beautiful bags! Would love to win!

  115. 115
    Anna Colley says:

    I had never heard of these bags so thank you for introducing me! They look really cool. I love that the business is a ministry to an area in desperate need.

  116. 116

    I love the Emily Diaper Bag.

  117. 117

    I like the Brynda and Emily bags… I’ve been looking for a cute new diaper bag for my new little one coming in two months. These bags would be perfect!

  118. 118

    Such cute bags and for a good cause!

  119. 119
    Marina Redding says:

    While I like them all I have to say I love the Brynnda bag.

  120. 120

    I love the Brynda and Ashley bag!

  121. 121
    Kassie Brock says:

    What an amazing company!! Beautiful bags as well

  122. 122

    My sister has been eyeing the blue and white striped bag for a while now. If I win, it’s going to her as a birthday present! Thanks for the opportunity!

  123. 123

    Love that chloe bag!

  124. 124
    Kathie Young says:

    Cutest bags! I must have one.

  125. 125
    Priscilla says:

    I like the Brynnda Bag!

  126. 126

    Great bags! I love the Nicole bag with bow.

  127. 127

    Love the Brynnda bag.

  128. 128

    I can’t decide between the Emily and the Chloe bags. They’re all adorable, but those two take the cake!

  129. 129

    Oh my goodness! AMAZING!!! Love them all, but if I have to pick just one, it would have to be the Chloe :)

  130. 130
    Tonya butler says:

    Love the Nicole with bow but would really like to have a custom one made, like Chiari fighters. To help raise awareness for Chairi since my husband and daughter both have it and had to have brain surgery. We travel a lot so the bag would be perfect:)

  131. 131

    I love this company’s story and the very cute bag!

  132. 132
    Jill Peterson says:

    Pick me!!! I love it!

  133. 133

    The Chloe bag id my favorite.

  134. 134

    Love all the bags…such a cool giveaway…fingers crossed :)

  135. 135

    Love the Nicole bag!

  136. 136

    I love the Brynnda Bag! Oh and the Nicole, Cyndi and Chloe :) The Tracey is cute too, I love the name it is super cute! also

  137. 137

    These bags are awesome! I love the Emily bag!

  138. 138

    My favorite bag is the laptop bag 15″.

  139. 139

    Wow this is an amazing company!

  140. 140
    Kari Dufner says:

    The Brenda and the Chole! I think she is just amazing giving back to the community like she does!

  141. 141
    Kari Dufner says:

    The Brenda and the Chloe! I think she is just amazing giving back to the community like she does!

  142. 142

    Simply gorg!

  143. 143

    Love the brynnda

  144. 144

    I would LOVE the Emily bag, but the Molly or Brynnda would be great too.

  145. 145

    Love the Cyndi!

  146. 146

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love the Brynnda or the Beverly.

  147. 147

    Love these!

  148. 148
    Ashley Calaway says:

    I just had my 3rd baby and would love a new diaper bag! I’ve been drooling over these bags for years, I would love to win one!

  149. 149

    This bag is gorgeous, and what an inspiring idea. If every company could give back in some way, the world would be such a better place.

  150. 150

    I love the Nicole bag. Great bag for a mom!

  151. 151

    Gonna win! Very happy to find out about this nice company.

  152. 152
    Yvette West says:

    Design your own Nicole! ADORABLENESS!!

  153. 153

    Love them all! But if I had to pick one it would be Chloe!

  154. 154

    I like the Emily diaper bag and the Chloe bag. What a great company!

  155. 155
    Vanessa c says:

    I love these beautifully crafted bags so much!

  156. 156

    I can’t decide between Chloe, Nicole or Cyndi! What a great company! Will be ordering one soon! Thanks for sharing about a great cause and hosting the giveaway!

  157. 157

    Love it. Good cause

  158. 158
    Jenny Viloria says:

    Cute bag! Thanks for a chance to win!

  159. 159

    Great cause, and I love the Nicole bag!

  160. 160

    The Brynnda is my favorite!!

  161. 161
    Amanda A. says:

    I love the Nicole with a bow!

  162. 162
    Samantha says:

    Love what your doing, and love the bags!

  163. 163
    Ana Sereijo says:

    It’s really difficult to choose my favorite bag… But if i could only choose one, it will be Chloe… hm, no! Emily…! oh I can only choose two :)

  164. 164
    Ana Sereijo says:

    I tried to follow The Idea Room on instagram but it was not allowed… :(

  165. 165

    My favorite is the Nicole with fabric bow!

  166. 166

    After visiting the page, the bag in the picture above is still my favorite. Great colours, beautiful design.

  167. 167

    What a great bag! Would love to have one.

  168. 168
    Shasta P. says:

    I love the “Emily.” All the bags are super cute, I love them all! :)

  169. 169
    Marcie M says:

    Love this bag. Very unique.

  170. 170
    Amanda R. says:

    Great company. Great purse. :)

  171. 171
    Lacy Watkins says:

    Decisions decisions…I can’t decide if I like the Molly or the Ashley more!!!!

  172. 172

    Cute bags! Nice to see people give back. Thank you for the chance to win.

  173. 173
    Alicia G. says:

    I love these bags!! They are so pretty and I love a good cause!

  174. 174
    Lauren M says:

    These bags are beautiful!

  175. 175
    Jennifer says:

    LOVE these bags! I would love to have one as a diaper bag! :)

  176. 176

    Beautiful bag and great cause!

  177. 177

    I love the Nicole and the DSLR bags!

  178. 178

    I love the Nicole bag with bow

  179. 179
    jennifer barbour says:

    These are awesome! My style for sure!

  180. 180

    Love them all but can only pick one then it’s the Chloe bag :)

  181. 181
    Suzanne G says:

    Nicole with a bow/Molly…can I love them all?

  182. 182

    I love the Carrie!

  183. 183
    Lisa Cooper says:

    Great cause! Love the Chloe!

  184. 184

    Love, love, love those bags!

  185. 185
    eva scott says:

    I love the ashley or Brynnda bag!

  186. 186

    I am really impressed! What a great story & a great bag. I would love to have one.

  187. 187

    Fantastic idea and giveaway!

  188. 188

    These bags look amazing! I would love to win a Cyndi with a bow!!! I also grew up near Detroit so this is an awesome mission!

  189. 189

    Cute bags and great mission

  190. 190
    F. Stimac says:

    LOVE these bags!

  191. 191

    Thanks so much for sharing. What a great way to spread awareness about this mission! The bags are gorgeous. I think the Chloe bag is my favourite but it really is hard to choose!

  192. 192
    Nicki Wilson says:

    Such a great cause! Love the bags!

  193. 193

    Great bag. I think I would love one.

  194. 194

    I’d like the Lydia camera bag, but they are all great!

  195. 195

    What an awesome concept – I’d love to swing a bag like this over my shoulder! Its for such a great cause! It would be perfect for my honeymoon in May!

  196. 196

    What a great company! Love the bags.

  197. 197
    Darcy Juneau says:

    I love the chloe in navy stripe and the Nicole with a bow in the floral print gorgeous!

  198. 198
    Ruby Perren says:

    I am totally in love with that bag, what a great cause too.

  199. 199
    Alycia Wilson says:

    I love the Design Your Own Nicole bag with the hot pink. So cute!

  200. 200

    Emily diaper bag

  201. 201
    Julie Little says:

    Great bag!

  202. 202
    Sandra Sather says:

    They look great. awesome idea for helping others.

  203. 203
    Jenny V. says:

    Wow! Love these !!! My fave is the Cyndi with bow!

  204. 204

    I love the Lydia camera bag. I frequently run into the problem of wanting to bring a DSLR camera along to events, but hate dragging the ugly camera bag with it. This bag is so cute, I wouldn’t think twice about grabbing the camera next time!

  205. 205
    Joanna S. says:

    I had never heard of them before. Love the patterns and prints and the heart to help others!

  206. 206

    What lovely bags and even more, what a great mission and vision! I am tempted by the cute laptop bags, but I need a new purse so I would probably go for the Brynnda or Cyndi.

  207. 207

    Fantastic bags!! What a great mission.

  208. 208
    Debbie G says:

    Wonderful mission and LoVe your bags!

  209. 209
    Sharon B says:

    What a great story! Wonderful Give-away!! Thank you!!!

  210. 210

    I like the Chloe bag,

  211. 211

    Love the bags….great cause!

  212. 212

    I love the Brynnda!

  213. 213

    Love the Cloe bag! What a great company!

  214. 214

    Great cause! Great looking bag!

  215. 215

    I’ve been coveting the diaper bag. Thanks for the give away.

  216. 216
    Athena R says:

    Love the Emily and Brynnda bags.

  217. 217
    Patty Dick says:

    Love these bags!

  218. 218

    love the nicole bag!

  219. 219

    I love the, design your own iphone wallet.

  220. 220

    I love the Molly with Leather Flap bag! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  221. 221

    Beautiful Bags! Thanks for sharing.

  222. 222

    Your blog is fantastic and I am amazed how often you update it without overkill. Every post is inspiring!

  223. 223
    Jennifer Schrieber says:

    I bought one of these for a friend as a gift and would love the Brynnda for myself. I love Rebecca and what she is doing for God and the community.

  224. 224
    Courtney says:

    I’ve never heard of this company before, but now I’m so excited to check them out. Not just because of this giveaway, which would be awesome to win, but because of their purpose and helping other women. So many wonderful looking bags, like the Chloe, but the Nicole is nice too and I also like the Brynnda!

  225. 225
    Michelle Thayer says:

    I like the Cyndi!

  226. 226

    The Chole bag is so cute! And would work perfectly for a diaper bag.

  227. 227

    Love the bags and the ideas the company embraces. The Molly is my favorite, I think!

  228. 228
    Lisa Stover says:

    I am torn between the Brynnda and the Chloe! They are all so cute… I guess if I had to pick just one, the Brynnda it is :)

  229. 229

    So cute and would love. I need this bag! Brynnda it is.

  230. 230

    I have never heard of these bags…but am in love with them. I have the Brynnda on my list and a laptop carrier.

  231. 231
    Melissa h says:

    I love the Nicole bag but really need a dslr bag. Such fun being able to design them on the site!

  232. 232
    Stephanie says:

    Cute bags!!

  233. 233

    I really like the Chloe, though I’d probably take a while to decide if I actually won. :) What an awesome company!

  234. 234

    I’ve been wanting one of these! :)

  235. 235

    What a great company! Hard to choose, but I like the Nicole and the Molly.

  236. 236

    Love the Cindi bag! Or the Nicole bag =)

  237. 237

    What a great cause, great idea and great products! I’d be thrilled to carry cuteness with a cause :)

  238. 238

    Love these bags! Chloe is my favorite!

  239. 239
    elizabeth normandin says:

    Nice!!! Looks like the perfect bag!

  240. 240

    Such cute stuff!! I love the Nicole bag!

  241. 241

    Awesome bag and what a great idea for a company!!

  242. 242
    Nina Elkins says:

    I love these bags!! But even more than that, I love the opportunity this company give to others!

  243. 243

    I love the Brynnda bag!

  244. 244

    LOVE Nicole & Cyndi!!

  245. 245
    mary schuler says:

    I’ve never heard of this company but what an awesome idea!!! Love the bags and love the business! I’d pick a Nicole bag or the Cyndi.

  246. 246
    Nicole U. says:

    Had my eye on one of these bags for so long!

  247. 247

    Beautiful. We watched program about Detroit so good to see people getting help! I love the Nicole bag !

  248. 248

    Beautiful bags and I love the purpose behind them!

  249. 249

    What a cute bag!

  250. 250

    Love the Nicole bag! They are all so pretty!

  251. 251

    Love it!!! :-)

  252. 252

    I love the nesting clutches and the Cyndi bags! What a great company!

  253. 253
    Rachel Crisman says:

    The Cloe bag is my favorite and I want it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wand the body in Lavender and flaps in brown leather.

  254. 254

    So many options; love them all!

  255. 255
    Jessica Hardesty says:

    These bags are adorable! :)

  256. 256

    I like the make your own Nicole bag with the blue, white and pink stripes.

  257. 257
    Carrie Eastman says:

    I really love the Chloe bag! What a great company!

  258. 258
    Jessica H says:

    Love it!

  259. 260

    Awesome bags, even better cause

  260. 261

    Absolutely adore the Cindy bag. Such a great looking and fashionable piece of art sewn by a group of amazing women working for a company with tremendous heart! Just heard of Better Life Bags in the past week if you can believe that. And now I’m so happy that my birthday and Mother’s Day are coming up…wish list!!

  261. 262

    I think the Nicole bag is awesome of course! However, I give my official vote to the Fishley Bag (Black and Brown Leather) I Love the strong and long strap for when I am out with my Kids, and I dont have to look like a “Diaper Bag Mom”. With a 2 boys my bag is always filled with toys and tablets. This bag would be perfect to accomadate my boys and MY FASHION NEEDS!
    : )

  262. 263

    oooo Chloe or Emily I think.

  263. 264

    I like the leather i phone case – I’ve been looking for a wallet like that. All the patterns are so much fun!

  264. 265

    Easy entry for a wonderful mission…the bags are beautiful!

  265. 266

    I’m digging the Emily bag….I think. Hard to choose!

  266. 267

    Gotta love a bag with a mission:) And sweet style!

  267. 268
    Darla Bunyan says:

    I love the Brynnda too!!!

  268. 269
    Carol Boardway says:

    The Chloe bag looks like fun!!

  269. 270

    I pinned this bag about a week ago! Love everything about it and the back story! I hope I win!!

  270. 271
    kendra burton says:

    I would love to have one – they are judst too high of a price point for me. How fun it would be to win one!

  271. 272

    Love the story behind the bag. I’m addicted to purses/bags so would thoroughly enjoy showing this bag off in Iowa.

  272. 273

    I love the Brynnda bag!

  273. 274

    I love the Chloe bag, and I LOVE the concept of giving jobs to women who otherwise wouldn’t be able to work.

  274. 275

    Thank you for the chance to win a lovely purse.

  275. 276

    I really like the Brynnda bag

  276. 277

    Love, love, Love the CHLOE bag. It’s gorgeous!

  277. 278

    I’d choose the Nicole bag. It’s so very pretty.

  278. 279

    Would love this as a diaper bag!

  279. 280

    Gorgeous bags and bags that give back?? Major bonus!!

  280. 281
    Sharity Wade says:

    I love the Cyndi bag!

  281. 282
    Gretchen says:

    Would love-love-love to diy a Brynnda :)

  282. 283

    The Cyndi is so cute!

  283. 284

    I love these bags! I hope I win, but I’ll also be ordering from their site. It’s so fun to customize your own bag!

  284. 285

    I’m mostly sure I would go with the Chloe bag ;)

  285. 286
    Giselle~ says:

    Lovely bags!

  286. 287

    These bags look really great! Love the striped pattern. :)

  287. 288

    Love everything about this!

  288. 289

    What a great thing to do. I love the bags as well!

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    The one you have pictured, the blue and white striped. It’s sooo pretty.

  290. 291

    There are so many cute ones, but I really like the Cyndi style. What a great idea and mission!

  291. 292
    Alicia Lindsay says:

    Beautiful bags, even better business model. I’d love a diaper bag for my baby due this July!

  292. 293
    Rebecca S says:

    Great website! I would love to customize the Brynnda bag!

  293. 294

    These are awesome!!! I love the Ashley bag! Sending blessings to this company for being so unselfish to others!

  294. 295

    The bags look amazing. I would love one!

  295. 296

    Love the Chole bag!!

  296. 297

    I like many of them, but I think I like the Molly bag the best.

  297. 298
    Sta strittmatter says:

    I love these 1st time ive heard of them very nice

  298. 299

    Love the Brynnda bag!

  299. 300
    Marnie H says:

    I love the Brynnda bag. It even says that Brynnda is a bookworm just like me!

  300. 301

    I love the emily bag. I need one that has a cross body strap as well as short shoulder straps for my busy life!

  301. 302

    I would love this bag! It is beautiful!

  302. 303

    Lovin’ that Beverly bag!

  303. 304

    So many cute ones to choose from but I think I would have to pick the Brynnda Bag.

  304. 305

    I am seriously in love with the exact bag you chose and customized! I love the Brynnda and the Emily but I think I might just copy yours exactly. Thanks for introducing us to this company!

  305. 306
    Lisa hall says:

    I’m with you, I’m loving the Brynnda!!!

  306. 307
    Jennifer Bergamini says:

    I’ve never heard of this company before but I love what she is doing. Such a great cause! They bags are darling too! Maybe I will have the privilege of winning one.

  307. 308

    Cute bag!

  308. 309

    The Brynnda bag is adorable. Oh my gosh they all are!

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    I love their bags and have been dying to get one!

  310. 311
    Demitria Raynor says:

    Definitely love the Brynnda bag! I am on the hunt for a nice sized bag that I can wear cross-body. This one looks to be perfect!!

  311. 312

    I love their hearts behind this bag! It is an awesome mission to reach out to others! I love the bags! Super cute!

  312. 313
    Lindsay Fekitoa says:

    I love the Lydia or the Brynda!! Such awesome bags, saving my coins for sure :)

  313. 314
    Jean James says:

    Bags are great, but the concept is fantastic…

  314. 315

    My favorite is the Chloe bag. So adorable!

  315. 316
    Corinna Bennett says:

    I would love to win and if I did I would pick the Design Your Own Chloe bag. I love the look!! Thanks for the chance.

  316. 317
    Nikki best says:

    Love this bag! Pick me!

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    What great bags! What a great mission, too!

  318. 319

    What a GREAT mission!

  319. 320
    Alesha Griffiths says:

    I’ve been dreaming of one of their bags for ages! They are gorgeous especially with the mission and people behind the scenes.

  320. 321
    Chris Baker Cox says:

    I love the Brynnda bag. Totally my style! I really like the fabric choices too!

  321. 322
    Beth Torrey says:

    Great idea! LOVE the bags!

  322. 323
    Jill Harvell says:

    Love this bag! And I’d love to win it.

  323. 324
    Jess Presley says:

    The nicole bag is my favorite! It looks comfortable to carry and i could put all my planners in it to carry with me :)

  324. 325

    These are adorable. Would love to have one!

  325. 326

    What a great mission. I love the Nicole bag. I will be bookmarking this page for gift time!

  326. 327
    Julianne B says:

    Brynnda bag!!

  327. 328

    love the Nicole!

  328. 329

    Such a great concept! I love the Chloe bag. I really like their design but it would be so much fun to design my own!

  329. 330
    Sarah Thomas says:

    I love the idea of a company that gives out of work women a chance to provide for their families. Great!

  330. 331
    Rozlind Anderson-Pringle says:

    I love the Lydia DSLR Camera Bag, especially since it has the across body strap!

  331. 332
    Mary-Margaret says:

    I love the nicole!

  332. 333

    I love the Chloe – all these bags are beautiful and what a great site. I wasn’t aware of it before reading this post.

  333. 334
    Alaina Christensen says:

    I love the Brynnda bag! So cute, and I love their company’s goal- it’s so inspiring!

  334. 335

    This makes me want to buy one, no matter what! I am very impressed and glad that there are people who look out for others more than themselves. Great company.

  335. 336
    Claudia Barragan says:

    Beautiful bags, I’ll be happy with one of those!

  336. 337

    These are beautiful! The story is so uplifiting.

  337. 338

    Oops…I should finish my comment! I really like the Emily diaper bag and the Cyndi bag.

  338. 339
    Leslie Staggs says:

    Gorgeous bags! I’d love to be a walking billboard for Better Life Bags!

  339. 340

    thank you for taking the time to make another woman’s life better! And the bags are beautiful!

  340. 341

    i love so many. The Emily, Cyndi(with a bow), oh and the chloe…

  341. 342

    Love your bags and mission!

  342. 343

    I would love a new bag :)

  343. 344
    cathy claus says:

    fab giveaway…..fave bag is nicole! :)

  344. 345

    I like to read about people who think outside the box and employ women. Great looking bag.

  345. 346

    I love the Emily (classic mustard 064}!

  346. 347

    I love the Emily!

  347. 348
    Mackenzie says:

    I would love to win one of these adorable bags! Love stripes! :)

  348. 349

    Nicole and Chloe are cute

  349. 350

    I love the Carrie bag! The colored leather is gorgeous!! I love ALL of them, they are all so unique!

  350. 351

    I love these bags!

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    I like the Emily (classic mustard 064}

  352. 353
    Kathy Kreget says:

    Thank you for all you do!

  353. 354
    Teagon potter says:

    Love the business idea, how awesome. Bags are so cute!

  354. 355

    Love them!

  355. 356

    I seriously drool over all of their bags! So hard to choose. Thanks for hosting this giveaway

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  357. 358

    LOVE this bag! Will definitely have to save up to buy one. Such a great cause too:-)

  358. 360
    Katie Grow says:

    Wow, what a great company!! Count me in!

  359. 361

    Oh I have been lusting after these bags for quite some time!

  360. 362
    Jessica Ann says:

    Ah!! Love these bags! I’ve been wanting one of these !

  361. 363

    Loooooooove this. Thank you!

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    Gorgeous bag, and love everything about this company!

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  364. 366
    2wellsmade5 says:

    These bags are beautiful….. hope to win one of these!

  365. 367

    I cannot believe these are custom made. They are all gorgeous!

  366. 368
    Meghan Van Cleave says:

    My favorite bag is the Molly.

  367. 369
    Niki Snow says:

    I love the Emily Diaper Bag, they are so cute!

  368. 370
    Katie Grow says:

    LOVE the Brynnda! Emily would be a fun diaper bag too.

  369. 371

    In love with the chole bag!!

  370. 372
    kellee reilly says:

    Such beautiful bags, and a great company!

  371. 373
    christina says:

    brynnda bag looks awesome

  372. 374
    Kate Schwerzler says:

    This is such a great mission and such a great bag!!! I am due with a child April 21st so I TOTALLY want the Emily diaper bag :) Thank you so much for this contest.

  373. 375
    Mandy Jo says:

    Chloe!! :)

  374. 376
    Terri Patton says:

    Great cause, and love the bags

  375. 377

    Great giveaway!! I’m loving the Beverly.

  376. 378

    I love the Nicole bag!

  377. 379
    Becki Brallier says:

    What an amazing opportunity for these women! It really warms the heart :)

  378. 380

    Gotta go with my namesake–the Emily!

  379. 381
    Gabby Turner says:

    Beautiful bags! And what a great cause!

  380. 382

    I have never heard of this company before but these bags are so cute! I love the Chloe design or the Brynnda design bags with the nautical print.

  381. 383

    As a pregnant mommy, I’m dying over the Emily diaper bag!! How can a diaper bag be THAT cute?! Love, love, love it!

  382. 384

    Love the brynnda bag!

  383. 385
    Kim Olson says:

    Love the mission and heart of BLB! And what cute bags they are!

  384. 386

    lots of cute ones but my ♥ pittered a bit faster over the Brynnda!!

  385. 387

    The Emily bag is darling!

  386. 388
    Sheryl Ding says:

    I’m in love with the Emily bag! Gorgeous

  387. 389

    I <3 the Chloe bag… or the diaper bags. Even though I don't have a baby, I can just imagine all of the room I'd have when traveling for work!

  388. 390

    I love the design-your-own nicole bag. There are so many options but the combo in the photo is my favorite!

  389. 391
    Annie H. says:

    I LOVE these bags! The Brynnda is my favorite!

  390. 392
    Anastasia says:

    lydia or chloe :)

  391. 393

    I love the Cindy bag!!

  392. 394
    Nicole D says:

    So cute! I love the design your own Brynnda. Great design and such fun materials!

  393. 395

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  394. 396
    Gaydra Robins says:

    I LOVE these bags…….no way could I just choose ONE……!!

  395. 397

    I’m thinking the Emily diaper bag would be the most practical… but they’re all beautiful!

  396. 398

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  398. 400

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  399. 401
    Tracy Scharf says:

    Oh My! I don’t know if I could pick just one!

  400. 402
    R Caldwell says:

    I just LOVE that you’re giving away a Better Life Bag! I’ve always wanted one :)

  401. 403
    R Caldwell says:

    Also I love the Chloe and Brynnda bags!

  402. 404
    Jessica Kolbaba says:

    I love the way that you designed your bag,!!!
    The Alecia w/leather corners is also darling

  403. 405
    Becky N. says:

    What a great company! I love the Nicole bag… and that you can design your own!

  404. 406
    Jennifer Ciniello says:

    I love the laptop bag!

  405. 407

    STUNNING BAGS and such a valuable cause! Thank you for giving back so that the lives of these women can change for the better. Everyone deserves a chance and you’re an inspiration.

  406. 408
    Melissa R. says:

    So awesome!!!

  407. 409

    Love the Lydia DSLR Camera Bag!

  408. 410
    Alexandria says:

    What an incredible woman! How wonderful that she is empowering women with skills which can make themselves marketable.

  409. 411

    I could always use a new bag!!

  410. 412

    I Love what these bags stand for and the Chloe bag is my fave!

  411. 413

    Awesome bag. Awesome idea!

  412. 414
    Erinn K. says:

    Pick me :) I love them all!

  413. 415


  414. 416
    Jacalyn Williamson says:

    Love these bags thinks for introducing them to me. I would love the Brynnada bag.

  415. 417

    Love the Ashley!

  416. 418

    I Love Love Love the Nicole bag! Such a fun design :)

  417. 419
    Jennifer R. says:

    I love the Carrie, but they are all so nice.

  418. 420

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  419. 421

    the chloe bag is cute~

  420. 422

    i like the chloe

  421. 423
    Stephanie says:

    They are all great, but I love the Ashley the most!

  422. 424
    Heather Ogburn says:

    I like all of them but I would probably choose the Nicole.

  423. 425
    Rachael Werth says:

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  424. 426

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  425. 427
    cynthia harvey says:

    I liked the Nicole bag even if there is a Cyndi bag. I’ve never seen a bag by my name and spelled the same! Thank you for highlighting such a good company.

  426. 428

    I want the Emily Diaper Bag. I love the new spring colors!

  427. 429

    I really like the Chloe bag with the brown bottom and the navy stripe pattern. It is just perfect!

  428. 430
    beth bailey says:

    I LOVE the Nicole bag. It looks like the perfect size to carry everything I need for work, or crochet, or church activities.

  429. 431

    My 19 year old daughter would love one of these but so would I!

  430. 432
    Kimberley says:

    The Brynnda bag is great! Classy and casual.

  431. 433
    Stacey Lehwald says:

    I would love the Emily or Lydia! I have loved these bags for awhile, and I respect what they stand for!!!

  432. 434

    I love the Nicole bag!

  433. 435

    I love Ashley or Emily. They are all great.

  434. 436
    Sherri Wheeler says:

    I love the bags and the mission!

  435. 437
    Kathy Kreger says:

    Thanks for all you do! Love Brynnda!

  436. 438

    What a wonderful way to give back. I am now following them and excited to spread the word!

  437. 439

    These bags are gorgeous!

  438. 440

    Oops! Just read specifics and I love the Nicole with a bow!

  439. 441

    Love the bags and your company helping women

  440. 442
    Pamela H says:

    I love the Nicole!

  441. 443
    Chelsea H says:

    I’m a soon-t0-be first time mommy looking for a diaper bag and can’t imagine a better bag with a better cause! These are totally fantastic.

  442. 444

    I absolutely love this bag!!! I am always looking for “the” bag. This one makes my heart flutter. Thank you for the chance to win!

  443. 445
    susie king says:

    Chloe is my favorite bag.

  444. 446

    The chloe bag is awesome, though I’d probably go for the laptop bag since it’s cheaper and still nice.

  445. 447
    Erica Breitenbeker says:

    Those are beautiful! I would absolutely love one!

  446. 448

    Way cute bag, awesome way to hear about it!

  447. 449
    Teresa Eskew says:

    Great company, cool bags

  448. 450

    Beautiful bags from a great company! I absolutely love the style and quality!

  449. 451

    I love the Chloe bag. All are so cute.

  450. 452
    Angela in AR says:

    I really like the Emily bag. I also love the idea behind the company.

  451. 453

    Brynnda is the one that caught my eye! So cute!

  452. 454

    Love the site…liked the Chloe bag.

  453. 455
    Christine says:

    Would love to get the Lydia DSLR camera bag. =)

  454. 456

    Awesome bag, even more awesome mission

  455. 457
    tammy d. says:

    I like a lot of them! But I think, if I had to pick one it would be the Brynnda.

  456. 458
    Kim Henrichs says:

    I love the Cyndi design your own!

  457. 459
    Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous bags!

  458. 460

    The Brynnda bag if it has a cross strap. 13″ Laptop bag. or the Fishfly bag. Would be wonderful for my likes. Connie

  459. 461

    Love the designs and especially the cause!

  460. 462

    Super cute bags! Great idea.

  461. 463

    So cute!

  462. 464

    I am in LOVE with the Chloe bag!

  463. 465
    larissa Terry says:

    Love the Brynda bag :D

  464. 466

    I love the Brynnda Bag. It’s very cute!!

  465. 467

    Such a cute bag!!!

  466. 468
    Breanne Barger says:

    Great give away. I like the Chloe and Molly bags.

  467. 469

    I absolutely love these bags and this company! SO glad you shared this!
    Good luck, everyone!

  468. 470


  469. 471

    I love the Nicole and Cyndi bags!!! They are AWESOME!

  470. 472

    I love the Chloe bag.

  471. 473

    I absolutely love those bags! It’s so hard to pick – I think the Brynnda would be my top choice.

  472. 474

    I really like the Emily Diaper bag.

  473. 475

    I love the Nicole-no-bow with brown leather and some sort of flowery green print. Gorgeous bags!

  474. 476
    michele cyr says:

    I love the Nicole bag! I have two contacts that run shops in the Detroit area that I sent a link to the video & blog to. They will support this idea!

  475. 477

    This is the first time I’ve seen these bags — they’re awesome! I would love to have one of these for my trip to NY! Great giveaway!

  476. 478
    Laura Cochran says:

    These are beautiful!

  477. 479

    LOVE these bags!

  478. 480

    I love the Lydia or Nicole!

  479. 481
    Carmel C says:

    There are so many amazing bags to choose from, but I really like the Nicole (with a bow) bag. Thanks for the amazing giveaway opportunity!

  480. 482

    What a gorgeous bag and a fabulous company! Thank you Idea Room for putting a spotlight on this company!

  481. 483

    I need the Emily bag or the Brynda bag. Awesome company background.

  482. 484

    Love this idea. And love all the bags. My favorite is the Brynnda Bag. SOOO cute with the fabric and leather.

  483. 485

    I love the Nicole bag!!

  484. 486
    Alix hart says:

    The Brynnda and Nicole bags, but everything is wonderful. Great cause!

  485. 487

    These bags are beautiful.

  486. 488

    I like the Carrie Bag.

  487. 489

    I like the Brynnda bag

  488. 490
    Melanie C says:

    Love the Chloe bag

  489. 491

    The Brynnda would be PERFECT for me but love them all!

  490. 492

    I love the Nicole bag. In navy and white stripe of course!

  491. 493
    Allison Weger says:

    I love the Nicole bag…it would be perfect for all of my teaching materials that go back and forth from school to home.

  492. 494

    I like the Cyndi bag. They are all so cute!

  493. 495

    I have looked at Better Life Bags for a while. I would love a teacher work bag. :)

  494. 496

    It’s hard to decide, I think I like the Molly with leather flap the best.

  495. 497

    The bags are so amazing it’s hard to choose a favorite but i really like the Brynnda Bag and the lydia bag

  496. 498
    Robyn Alexander says:

    Oh my goodness, I love the Brynnda bag :)

  497. 499
    Amy Jones says:

    My favorite is the one you have shown here on your blog. I believe it is the Brynnda bag. I also love the molly bag and the Ashley.

  498. 500
    Nancy Clark says:

    Can you possibly find a bag that is better than the Brynnda bag???

  499. 501

    Great bags. Love the CIndy bag. And love the story of the compnay!

  500. 502

    The Nicole bag in navy and white!

  501. 503

    As a mommy of two young boys I would love to be able to win and create my own Emily diaper bag! They are gorgeous!

  502. 504

    These bags are very pretty. I love the Chloe bag the most. I could seriously get into trouble on this site :)

  503. 505

    I love them all!

  504. 506

    Awesome. Love the bags

  505. 507

    I love the Chloe bag. All are super cute!

  506. 508
    Kristi woldstad says:

    These bags are gorgeous! What a great giveaway :)

  507. 509

    I’m so excited to learn more about your bags. They are very stylish & for a good cause. I envy you!

  508. 510

    This is an awesome giveaway!!

  509. 511

    What a great story

  510. 513
    Kristin P. says:

    The Cyndi with a bow looks like fun! What a great idea to give back to the community and help women!

  511. 514

    So many bags and patterns to choose from.

  512. 515
    Megan Whitsett says:

    Love her mission and supporting small businesses that change lives!

  513. 516
    Victoria says:

    Love love love these bags! I like all the styles.

  514. 517
    Rebecca Van Horn says:

    What a great way to empower women and encourage small business! Love it!

  515. 518
    susan steele says:

    Love the bags!

  516. 519
    Ruth Kubier says:

    So in love the the bags! Which one? I want them all! I especially am in love with the Brynnda bag! I could so use that like you would not believe!

  517. 520
    Marnie Peck says:

    Would LOVE to win one of ther great bags. Thanks for introducing them to me, I had never heard of the company and think they are great!

  518. 521

    Wonderful company! Oh the bags are sooooo yummy how do you pick just one?

  519. 522

    I like the Nesting Pouches.

  520. 523

    These bags are amazing and what a great mission!

  521. 524

    I Love all but I love Cyndi with bow the best!!

  522. 525
    Natalie Jordan says:

    I love so many of them I cant pick a favorite. What a great company!

  523. 526

    What cute bags! Love them!!!

  524. 527

    You’re doing a great thing here! Best of luck!

  525. 528

    Oops, forgot to say… I like the Nichole with a bow bag!

  526. 529

    I love the Nicole bag with a bow!!!

  527. 530

    Such a hard choice…but probably the Nicole bag :)

  528. 531

    I love these bags and so many choices! I really like the Nicole.

  529. 532

    Love the Emily and Brynnda!

  530. 533

    Cute Bag!!

  531. 534
    Carrie Phelps says:

    What great bags! I really love the Molly with Leather Flap bag.

  532. 535

    The Cyndi bag is so cute!

  533. 536

    I am in love with these bags! I love the Nicole with a bow!

  534. 537
  535. 538

    I love the design your own Cyndi with Bow bag! With a crossbody strap!

  536. 539

    Lydia DsLR camera bag!

  537. 540

    Love the giveaway bag…the styling is awesome!

  538. 541

    I can’t decide between the Brenda and the Cyndi bags! Love them!!

  539. 542
    Kathie Craig says:

    I like the Cyndi or Emily bag.

  540. 543
    Brenda Leon says:

    My favorite is the Molly with Leather Flap.

  541. 544
    barbara n says:

    I love the Nicole {a walk in the park 851} the description fits me to a T!

  542. 545

    I really like the Ashley bag, it looks like the perfect bag for my upcoming trip to Turkey. I also, really love the story behind these bags.

  543. 546

    I’ve been looking for a new American made bag and am in love with these. Thank you for introducing such a great company!

  544. 548
    Melissa Larson says:

    All the bags are so wonderful I don’t think I can choose just one favorite. The Chloe, Cyndi, and Nicole are my top three.

  545. 549

    I’ve been drooling over those diaper bags for a while now. So gorgeous and a great cause!

  546. 550

    I love these bags! I will buy even if I don’t win the giveaway! :-D

  547. 551

    I love the one in the photos above… I’d love to have a Chloe or Brynnda!

  548. 552
    amy williams says:

    i love the Molly purse with the leather flap!!

  549. 553

    I would love a brynnda bag- same print/color combo as pictured!

  550. 554

    LOVE the Emily bag! It would be great for hauling around that important baby gear. :)

  551. 555

    I think the Brynnda or the Chloe would be just right for me. I love giant bags (except when I’m looking for my keys or a writing utensil at the grocery store).

  552. 556
    Tiffany Shotsberger says:


  553. 557

    The laptop bags are very clean and cute. Perfect for summer but I absolutely love the chloe and molly bags!

  554. 558
    Melanie F says:

    OMGoodness gracious… I am in LOVE with the Lulu slr camera bag!! (& every single other item!!) Ob but LOVE her so much! I had to pin it to my wish list) thank you ladies for the sweet chance!

  555. 560

    I love the Nicole with a bow bag! Thanks!?

  556. 561

    Very cute bag. Nice size

  557. 562

    I love the Emily bag – which you can customize!!!

  558. 563

    They are all so nice but I really love your brynnda bag!

  559. 564

    LOVE these bags and the cause!! Obsessed with the laptop bags in the black and white stripes :)

  560. 565
    Michele H says:

    So hard to decide which I like best but if I have to pick just one it would be the Lydia camera bag!

  561. 566
    Melissa says:

    Love this bag!

  562. 567

    I have been wanted a Better Life Bag for at least 6 months now, thanks for spreading the word about an awesome bag and a good cause!

  563. 568

    I love BLB and their message! Would love to have an Emily

  564. 569
    Amanda Thompson says:

    I love the Emily bag!! It would be so awesome to get the grey & white stripes on the outside and a really fun print on the inside!

  565. 570

    This bag is absolutely gorgeous! Love it! Thanks for sharing about it!

  566. 571

    I should like the “Alicia” the best, but I think it’s the Cyndi

  567. 572

    Love the Cyndi with a cross body strap! So cutee!!!)

  568. 573

    i like the niclole bag, but also the one in the pics you posted w the pink stripe! so cute!

  569. 574

    Love the Emily bag. Thank you!

  570. 575

    I love the Nicole bag

  571. 576
    Jennifer says:

    I love the Design Your Own Nicole bag. I LOVE the picture of the bag shown.

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