1. Last time I checked those bunny crackers are NOT gluten free. I used to buy those crackers for my kids before we went gluten free, but not anymore :( Annie’s does make some gluten free vanilla and chocolate bunny snacks, but they aren’t available at Costco as far as I know. They do make some gluten free bunny snacks that would work equally as well for this project, though.

    • Good to know! I know the ones in the box are gluten free and so I just assumed these would be too. Thanks for clarifying that. Don’t want anyone to eat them that can’t have gluten. Yes! The fruit snacks are a great alternative.

  2. These are SO SO cute and, best of all, EASY!!!!! EASY and CUTE is the best!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  3. What a cute printable! I love these because it’s so simple. Will probably use as a snack in my kiddos lunchboxes leading up to Easter. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How can I get some of your cute bunny gift bags. Love the bunny tails with cotton candy💞


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