DIY Polka Dot Shoes

I recently shared this post as a guest poster over at The Polka Dot Chair and am excited to share it with you here today.  If you know me, you know that I LOVE me some polka dots.  Polka dots remind me of my grandmother because she loved to wear polka dots.


I have had my eye on some polka dot converse shoes for a while now but didn’t want to pay what they were asking for them.  This challenge was the perfect excuse, so I did what any DIY’er would do…I made some polka dot shoes.

gray-and-polka-dotsI picked up some shoes at my favorite store Target for a great price and they happened to be on sale…buy one get one half off!  Once you have your shoe of choice, you simply need a few other items to create them.

Materials needed to make DIY Polka Dot Shoes:


Fabric Paint in the color of your choice

an un-used pencil eraser (on a pencil)

a polka dot stencil or a ruler

polka-dot-shoes 4_edited-1

Take your stencil and trace where you will be placing the polka dots.  Make sure your pencil eraser is slightly larger than the polka dots you have drawn.  If it is not bigger, don’t draw a full circle but just place a dot so you don’t see the pencil on the shoe when you are finished.

Polka-dot-shoes_edited-1Dip the pencil eraser into your paint and then place it on the marked dots on the shoes.  Repeat over and over until the shoe is covered in polka dots. Let them fully dry and then you are ready to wear them!

Aren’t they so fun? My daughter has claimed this pair for herself…it’s a good thing the shoes were buy one get one half off!



  1. says

    I know I said it before, but I’ll say it again… thank you so much for being a part of Project Polka Dot this year. I appreciate you sharing your talents with me and others!!

  2. Heather Navarro says

    I used to wear this style of shoe. I turned them into slip-on’s by putting the laces in upside down so the bow was by the toes. :D

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