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This room has been a LONG time in coming and no one could be happier that it is finished than I.


We moved into our home 11 years ago and it needed some serious work.  We LOVED the home but it had sat empty for about 5 years and then in the last year it was occupied by several teenagers/young adults.  It was pretty torn up inside…but with some work we knew it could be nice again.

The home has been a work in progress continually in small phases and I am happy to say we are getting so close to getting it finished.


The picture above is from the first year we lived in the home.  The room the office is in is actually the one in the back of the photo connected to the living room.  We added the French Doors about 2 years ago the same time we had the wood floors laid.  To see the pictures of that process you can go here:

Office Makeover Progress

dining room collage

The picture above is how the Dining Room was before we turned it into the office.  We hardly ever ate in the dining room and it was a prime space in the home that was not being utilized.  My craft room was upstairs and we TEENY.  It was busting at the seams and all my projects ended up on the kitchen table due to the cramped conditions of the room. To see the images of that room, you can check it out here:

Old Craft Office


You can enter the room from the Kitchen and the Living Room.  We added some French Doors to separate the Office from the Living Room so that we could shut the doors if we needed too, without blocking any of the natural light.


We had some cabinets built so that I could fill them full of all my craft and work supplies.  I LOVE having everything in one room.  It makes working on everything so much easier instead of having to go from room to room to gather my work supplies.


We also added a spot for me to work on the computer at a desk.  It has been adopted by several of the kids as their favorite homework spot as well.



I LOVE my Charlie Brown Lemon tree! It looks pretty sad, but I am so excited for the lemons.  There are 4 tiny green lemons growing on it right now!! Hopefully I can keep it alive.  I have had it since September…so far so good (knock on wood).


I will be sharing the tutorial and pattern for the pillow on my yellow chair in an upcoming future post for any of you who might be interested!  I kinda love it!



We made the yellow Apothecary Cabinet, which some of you may remember from a past post.  If you are interested in how we built it, you can find the tutorial for that here:

Apothecary Cabinet Tutorial


The cabinet is filled with all of my Cricut and Silhouette supplies.  To see how I made the bulletin board, check out this post:

Office Bulletin Board



office-reveal 14

We picked up this light from Lowe’s and I love the vintage look it has.  It also comes with the vintage light bulbs, which of course, I had to get…cause you know…The IDEA Room!  It is one of my favorite features of the room.


I am loving having the extra work space and love that it is on the main floor.  Although, it can tend to get pretty messy when I am working…  Having it on the main floor, I am more motivated to keep it clean so that it is not a total wreck when company is over.  But if you know me, you have most likely seen it in a disastrous state!  But creativity is messy right?!

What do you think?



  1. says

    Beautiful! Such a wonderful space to be creative in. I love the built-in cabinets, the touches of yellow and primarily white color. So clean and sleek. It makes so much sense to use the old dining room for this purpose. Perfect location and lots of room to spread out.

    • says

      Thank you Victoria! You are so sweet! I love how clean it feels too…even when it is not so clean…which is often ;)

    • says

      Not at all. It is Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore reduced by 50%. It is almost a greige color…but I LOVE it!

  2. says

    I love love love your room. How do you keep it so tidy? Mines a wreck most of the time ;). I love that it’s a space the whole family can use.

    • says

      haha! I wish it were always so tidy. It is not. But having it on the main floor and by the living room…which guests come in helps keep me motivated to keep it somewhat clean…but there are days when it is a complete disaster.

    • tina s says

      I call the “mess” in my craft/ sewing room “creative clutter” ! Then I don’t feel too bad walking out and closing the door at the end of the day :~)

  3. Apryl says

    Great space! Love everything about this room! Would you mind sharing the paint color and brand? It’s a perfect color!

    • says

      Thank you Tara! Good Luck with your space. It has been one of my favorites to work on because I could personalize it for me!

    • Katherine says

      Me, too! How do you organize all the stuff?! I love how much cabinet space you have.

      We converted our dining room to the KIDS’ craft room as soon as we moved in. It’s always a disaster. Not nearly as pretty even if it were clean. Unfortunately storage space wise, there are windows, sliding glass doors, or entrances on every side.

      • says

        Well…my cabinets were somewhat organized. They need to be cleaned out again! I will share with you the inside of the cabinets when I get them straightened out again :) That is hard to have doors and windows on all your wall space. That is how my master bedroom is and it drives me batty!

  4. says

    There is so much I love about this room, the detail on the ceiling, the ceiling light above the table, the colors, the doors you used. Beautiful and functional, my favorite kind of space!

    • says

      It has been so nice to have it be functional. So much more so than the previous space I was using. My family appreciates not having the kitchen counter covered with my “projects”!

  5. Marnie H says

    I love all the light in that room. I would definitely be inspired to be creative there. All the little touches make it your space.

    • says

      Thanks Marnie! The light is very nice and it makes it nice to take photos in there or right on the back porch!

  6. Crystal says

    Absolutely gorgeous!! I love it all! Love the colors you chose! It’s everything I would want in an office. Gorgeous!!!

  7. Tracy says

    I’m in love. I have no skills or talent so watching someone create such a beautiful space makes me envious. I know exactly what you mean about having a room upstairs, I really don’t like being up there so like right now I have stuff on the counter!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Awww! Thanks Tracy! I am sure you could teach me several things. We all have different talents. I can’t sing, do math, or tell my right from my left (sad but true ;)

    • says

      Thanks Angie!! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your fun series! I am loving it and it “inspired” me to finally get it all finished!! LOL!

  8. says

    Beautiful!! I love the pops of yellow – my favorite color. Do you remember where the rug came from? Sorry if you mentioned it above. I looked for it, but didn’t see.

    • says

      I love yellow too! The rug is from Home Depot and I ordered it online about 1.5 years ago. I think the color was gold but I do not remember the name of the rug.

  9. Doris says

    I love your all your home. You decorate so pretty. Do you mind telling me where you got the sign behind the computer?
    Thanks, Doris

  10. says

    Such a beautiful space! I am so jealous of all that light, that is something we totally miss in our little place! I think having glass french doors would be perfect for me too, so I can spy on my kids getting into trouble while I’m working on my projects ;) They’ll have to stop blaming each other! ha ha.

  11. Adrienne says

    Beautiful! I would love to know about that sign behind your computer. Thanks for all the good inspiration!

    • says

      Thank you Adrienne! I actually made that sign. Just painted a board and then stenciled the words on there.

  12. says

    Holy cow, the light in your space is amazing. I’d have to take over the main family living space to get that kind of natural light, and I don’t think they’d appreciate that at all. Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Thanks Carla! Luckily it is in the southwest corner of my house so it definitely has some of the best light in the house. ha! Of course they wouldn’t mind :)

    • says

      Thanks Jennifer! I am so glad you found it too! Thanks for letting me know! Hope you continue to enjoy what you see here!

  13. debi korfker says

    love it! please tell me where you got that yellow chair! I! it is EXACTLY what I have been searching for to put in my master bedroom!

  14. Heidi says

    Sorry if you’ve already mentioned, but I’m curious where your curtains are from or if you made them? Love everything about this space!

    • says

      No! I didn’t mention it. The curtains are from Kohl’s. They were on the clearance rack about 2 years ago. They are just a thin sheer white curtain with a little bit of pattern on them.

  15. says

    Oh how I love your office…. The grey and yellow makes this space so earth in loving and cozy, I fell like I could be at honehome, so inviting. Exactly my style, sorry not trying to be crepper… You did a wonderful job there isn’t one thing I don’t love about it, I hope I’m not sounding too weird.

  16. Sheila S. says

    Beautiful and I love the subtle hints of yellow. What I like the most though is the fact it could still be used as a dining room. A great multi purpose room in my opinion!

  17. Kris Plummer says

    Oh WOW! This is just awesome. I LOVE your posts and am always so impressed with your wonderful creative talents!

  18. says

    Love love love your craft room. What a great idea, I think every house needs a craft room. Wish I could have built ins in every room. Love the addition of the doors, I want to do this for our playroom, I had not thought of glass doors.


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