1. Thanks for sharing the printable tags. I downloaded the blank one – just in case – for the future. At this time in my life I’m well beyond needing teacher gifts but the tags are the best and surely there’ll be a gift to be given that the tag would cutely embellish. Enjoy your blog SO MUCH. One of my mainstays for reading.

    • Whoa! What a sweet comment! That made my day! I really appreciate the kind words. I also appreciate knowing that you are enjoying what I share here. It really makes me happy to know that. Hope you can find a use for it! xo

  2. Very cute! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.

    • I just happened to get some for buying some Gift Cards. If I bought a certain amount they gave them to me. I bought the gift cards at my local Cafe Rio.

  3. Hi there! LOVE your site! I also wondered how you get a Cafe Rio “free Meal” card? Is this different than a gift card? Can you just buy a card that is good for any “meal” that would be awesome! Thanks in advance for letting know!

  4. Love this! I am not on FB though. Is there any other way I can have access to this printable? Thank you!

  5. Hi-I used these for my daughters preschool teachers and want to use them again for her kindergarten teachers, but I cannot find where to download them this time. I already had your FB page liked, but cannot find the download section. Thanks!

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