1. Great idea on the “you are one smart cookie” for fathers day. You had said that you had blank ones and ones that had other names on it like papa grandpa etc…I didn’t see them with the download only the Dad one. Could you please help me. thank you so very much!

  2. Amy – could you give more info on the Stain Paint you used? I looked on the Lowes website and didn’t see it. Can you make it any color (like interior paint), or is it fairly limited? I’m tinkering around with some kind of outdoor buffet table and would love to stain it a shade of purple.

  3. My sister in-law and I were sitting in the park the other day watching our kids play. She said, “is that gazebo new or has it always been there?” I was pretty sure it had always been there, but I think the new paint job made it look new and beautiful! Great job!

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