Get ready for an awesome giveaway! We are excited to let you pick your prize with this giveaway.

►3 winners ◄ ►3 prizes ◄

♥Canon Camera
♥IPad Mini
♥Kitchen Aid Mixer…are all up for grabs!


Enter away my friend(s).
It’s going to be a great day!

how to enter

Pick a prize giveaway!


  1. says

    It’s really disappointing that I cannot enter the giveaway given that I don’t have a Facebook. I deleted mine for personal reasons, and now I am ineligible to enter giveaways on many blogs, including yours. Maybe you should consider using a system that doesn’t require a Facebook account, but just a valid email address.

  2. Kelli says

    As always, thank you for the creative ideas and inspiration! I check in at least once every few days just to see what’s happening in “The Idea Room”. I haven’t had any luck with previous giveaways, but I will keep trying. I just entered this one and hope I am doing it correctly, I got a message that siad id completed the entry. I would be able to put any of the three items in this give away to frequent and good use. I am hoping the close proximity to my birthday which was this past weekend gives me a better chance, and if I were to win one of the prizes, well Happy Birthday to me! I’m an obsessed shutter bug and the camera would be perfect for me, I am a baker and what self respecting baker doesn’t dream of a shiny new Kitchen Aid on their counter? I am getting ready to relaunch my craft business in todays world with an online store and my own blog so either the camera or the Ipad mini would be perfect timing. I’ve just never had the luck of the draw to win anything in my 45 years and someday that will have to change, I am really really really hoping this is the win something game changer!

    • says

      So happy to have you following along! Happy Birthday! I hope you get lucky!! I wish I could give away lots and lots of fun prizes!

  3. Dannie Ann says

    Awesome giveaway! This mama is extremely wanting/almost needing a KitchenAid Mixer! Thank you!

  4. says

    Love this competition! I’ve been running my own blog for four months now and I love it! Your blog was the first I subscribed too and I love that you have frequent posts too! I can’t believe how many blogs are out there left to discover ^^ though I do have a list the size of my arm now of things I want to do after following your blog! :D keep it coming! X

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