Rose Ring & Rose Necklace Tutorial

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I have been playing around with my Cricut Explore and made some fun Rose Jewelry for the girls and their Back To School wardrobe.  I thought it would be fun to made them some accessories to match their school clothes.  Today I am going to share with you how to make your own Rose Ring and/or Rose Necklace in any color you need.  You could also make up the roses and add them to virtually anything you can think of…barrettes, headband, belts, shirt, notebooks, etc.  These are a fun way to add some color to pretty much anything.
Here is what you will need…
  • Cardstock
  • cutting mat
  • hot glue
  • white pearl
  • ring form or a round bail plate (3/4 inch) for the necklace (Michael’s)
  • laquer spray or varnish spray to give it a nice “waterproof” finish (optional)

rose necklace 12 rose necklace 11

rose-necklace 10 rose-necklace 8


  1. Cut out the 5 flowers on card stock.
  2. Line up flowers from smallest to largest.
  3. Fold up the petals of each flower and bend them so that they look like a 3D flower.
  4. Glue the pearl onto the middle of the smallest petal.
  5. Glue the smallest petal to the one just bigger so that the petals are overlapping.
  6. Continue to do this with each petal so that the largest petal is on the bottom and you have 5 layers of the flower.
  7. Glue the flower onto the round necklace bail or the ring form.


So go ahead and make some for yourself.  They are super easy and can be made to suit anyone’s taste.


If you would like to make it right now, simply click on the green “Make It Now” button below.  This will take you directly to the Cricut Design Space where you can cut the project out now for only $.99.


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*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Cricut.  I may have received product and or compensation, however all opinions and statements are mine and mine alone.


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Leather Bracelets

With all the crafting and projects I have done in my lifetime, I have never really worked with Leather…but I have a feeling that things could be changing.  I was recently asked by Rebecca from Better Life Bags if I would be interested in using some of her leather scraps to create with.  Her bags are amazing and she uses high quality leather, so I was really excited to be able to create with her scraps.


I have always loved leather bracelets, so that was one of the first things I attempted.  I was surprised at just how easy it could be to make a custom leather bracelet.  As you can see, my daughter snagged this and claimed it for her own.


Isn’t this leather gorgeous?  You can pick up some high quality leather scraps from Better Life Bags if you would like to use them in your creating too.  Simply follow this link:

Leather Scraps

And…I thought I took how to pictures for this bracelet and for the life of me can not find them.  I will do my best to explain how to make this without the help of pictures.


You will need:



silver brads (scrapbook paper aisle)

E6000 glue

snap and snap tool (heavy duty plier kit from JoAnn’s)

sharp tool to poke a hole in the leather


1.  Print the Leather Bracelet Pattern that I have provided (link is near the bottom of the post).

2.  Cut your leather with the pattern pieces.  Measure your arm and adjust the snap to be where it will fit you most comfortably.  (You may need to lengthen the original leather band if you have a larger wrist or cut some length is you have a smaller wrist or are making it for a child).

3.  Layer the the flowers on top of each other.  You will need 3 larger flowers, 3 medium flowers and 3 smaller flowers.  Layer them so that you have three sets with them layered from big to small with the small one on top.

4.  Attach the flower sets together by poking a hole in each of the middle flower and then attaching them together with a silver brad.

5.  Take the smaller band of leather and poke three holes in it where the x’s are.  Place the flowers here and attach to the other side of the band with the brad.

6.  Then glue the smaller band with the three flowers on them onto the middle of the larger band with your E6000 glue.  Let it dry fully and place some books on top of it so that it dries nice and flat.

7.  After it has dried, take you leather bracelet and add a snap on the end of it so that it fits your arm comfortably.  Follow the directions on the package of the snaps and snap tool.

leather-braceletThat is all there is too it! I LOVE it and my head is spinning with all sorts of fun ideas to create with the rest of my leather scraps!

If you would like to download the pattern for the Flower Leather Bracelet, click on the link below and follow the directions carefully.

{Flower Leather Bracelet Pattern}

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Have you worked with leather before? What are your favorite leather projects?  I would love to know!

Valentine’s Day Necklace

I saw the CUTEST gumball necklace a couple of years ago from One Charming Party and LOVED it.  I always wanted to make one.  This year I decided to make a wooden bead necklace that was similar.  I love the idea of giving a necklace that someone could really wear instead of candy.  These Valentine necklaces would be perfect to give to your daughter(s), granddaughter(s) and nieces…or even your girlfriends!


To make the necklaces all you need to do is paint the wooden beads (in the size or mixed sizes that you want).  I put them on a wooden skewer to paint them easier.  When you have two coats (allow to dry between each coat) you can add a shiny urethane gloss.  I use one that can be found right by the craft paints.


When the shiny coating has dried you can string them onto a thin ribbon.  Tie a knot at the end of the beads and then tie in a bow.  I burn the edges of the cut ribbon to prevent it from fraying.  The ribbon just melts and seals so it won’t fray.

Valentines-day Add this cute little Valentine’s Day “I LOVE to hang around you” tag to your Valentine’s Day Necklace!

If you would like to download the Necklace Valentine’s Day Tag, click on the link below.

{Necklace Valentine’s Day Tag}

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Flower Headband—Scribble Challenge

I was recently involved in The Scribble Challenge with a group of other creative bloggers.  We were sent a VERY RANDOM box of crafting supplies and were challenged to use them all to make something fun and creative.

flower headband scribble 3wm

When I first opened the box, I was stumped. I don’t normally craft with feathers or glitter, so I knew this was really going to take some creative thinking on my part.  I was also given some fabric squares, wool roving, chalkboard paint, and some glittery brads.

scribble challenge supplies wm

When I looked at this picture above I realized that the chalkboard paint I had also received was missing…sorry about that.  Here is a picture of what it looks like…


I debated doing a few different things but ultimately decided upon the one that I felt most reflected my own style of crafting…and since I have three girls…it couldn’t have been more fitting.  I made a flowered headband.

I took 5 different pieces of the fabric squares (I have only 4 pictured below as I decided to add one more at the last minute) and cut two into flower shapes. One larger flower and one the same shape but just a bit smaller.  Then I cut the third piece into a circle that was smaller still.  I took a white feather and cut it at the top and the bottom so that it was about the same size as the circle.  Then finally I cut a very small flower for the top of the barrette.

flower headband scribble 7wm

I layered the flowers, and the circles, on top of one another in the order shown in the above picture.  (The extra largest flower I added to the bottom of the flower).  I used the glittered brad to hold them all together by sticking the pointed end through all the layers.  I used the glue gun and added some small drops of glue in the fabric of the flower to pucker it up and give it a 3-dimensional look.

Then I made a little ball out of the wool roving.  To do that I simply gathered up a good amount of the wool and scrunched it up into a ball.  Then I added a little bit of soap to my hands and rubbed the wool into a ball in between the palms of my hands.  While standing at my sink I let the hot water run.  Then I kept running the hot water over the wool while continuing to roll it between my hands. 

When the wool is in the shape that you want it to be, turn the water to cold and rinse it a few times to tighten up the wool so that it will keep its shape.

flower headband scribble 6wm

Then I glued the felted ball onto the brad to make the center of the flower. 

flower headband 2wm

Glue a barrette or clip onto the back of your flower so that you can attach it to a headband (that I blinged up a bit with the glue and glitter) like I did below…

flower headband wm

Or wear the flower without the headband!  

flower headband scribble 8awm

And…to use the chalkboard paint, I thought you could make some of these same flowers and then clip them to a little chalkboard sign (which I made out of the box the supplies came in).  Then you can have some fun little table place settings for your spring parties, birthdays or Easter Dinner!  Then your guest can take home their new hair barrette as a party favor!

flower headband scribble 9wm

Ultimately, I was happy to have been able to create something that my daughter’s actually were fighting over.  I think I will have to make some various versions of these for the other two girls.  What do you think?  What would you have made if you were given these supplies?  I would love to know!

I am also able to offer my own Scribble Shop code: IDEAROOM. This code is valid from March 1st until April 30th and my readers will receive 15% off their entire order at The Scribble Shop.


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Valentines Day Crafts – Candy Rings

I have actually had these pictures taken for several days and totally forgot to share them with you…womp…womp! So I realize this may be too late for you to make some Valentine’s Day Candy rings this year unless you want to make a fun Valentine Craft with your kiddos and have the supplies on hand or have time to run out and get some quickly.


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They literally just take seconds to make but can be worn to provide a little extra festivity to your day. Or you can whip some up really quickly and give them to someone special. valentines day candy rings 2wm Of course we had some empty ring forms laying around which I found after cleaning up my craft room recently *ahem*!! We simply took some Sweet Tart Conversation Heart Candy and glued them right onto the ring forms with some hot glue. They held up really well and then when my little one wanted to eat her ring, we simply broke the candy off. Part of the candy broke off and left a perfectly good piece of candy for her to eat…sans glue. valentines-day-crafts Now, I personally would not eat the candy after wearing it…but this particular child has no qualms about that sort of a thing… Valentines-Day We also tried our hand at making some jelly candy rings. We just simply stuck the candy right onto a ring pop form like we used on these past Candy Rings. valentines-day-gifts Such a simple idea that your kids can help you create. And would be a fun little gift idea or a party favor for a little ones birthday. Change up the candy and make them fit other holidays too for greater flexibility! Valentines-Day I hope all of you have a Great Valentine’s Day!! Pin It

Chalk Board Tees and More

I have been wanting to make one of these fun Chalk Board T-shirts and finally had a chance to get around to making one now that the kids are back in school.   The chalk board cloth may or may not have been sitting in the JoAnn’s bag on my craft room floor for almost 4 months now….   I had wanted to make some for the kids for their last day of school with a big chalk board square on the back of the shirt so all of their friends could sign it like a yearbook.  Then I thought it would be fun to get a picture of it!  But…alas…it never happened.  I just never found the time.  But I totally plan on doing it this year!

And I am really glad I finally made them.  They are a lot of fun and my kids LOVE them.  And I like that they are a fun and unique way to let your child’s personality show.  The possibilities are endless.

chalkboard tees 4 wm

And you are never going to guess just how easy it is to apply.  I found my chalk board cloth at JoAnn’s in their specialty fabric section.  I believe is was $4.99 a yard…but I bought it a while ago and my memory is not what it used to be! 

chalkboard tees 5 wm

I simply made a simple pattern of the shape I wanted to make the chalk board cloth into and cut it out.  It cut so easily and smoothly.  As you can see, I used chalk to make an outline of the pattern and then just simply erased it.

chalkboard tees 6 wm

Then I just glued it onto the shirts with this Fabri-Tac.  So EASY!!!  I was going to sew it, but figured I would give this a try as I was too lazy to pull out the sewing machine which has been in storage since school got out in early June.  Some day, maybe I will get the energy to pull that baby out again!  And so far, with some use and a couple of washes, it seems to be holding up really well.  Bonus!

chalkboard tees 7 wm

Before you can write on the cloth with the chalk, you will need to “prime” it by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk all over the surface of the cloth.  Then simply wipe it off and it is ready to go.  I did this after each washing too.

chalk board tees wm

I also made my son this tie t-shirt!  He loves it and thinks it is a great option for wearing to church.  Not really what I had in mind, but fun to wear around the house.  How fun would this be on a little baby onesie?  I think I will make one for the next baby boy gift I need.  Or how about a chalk board in the shape of a  little guitar?  Or flowers?  Or Mickey Mouse?  Or for pictures on the first day of school with their grade written on the shirt!  Gah!

chalkboard tees 8 wm

So many fun ways to dress up a simple t-shirt and make it a lot more fun and unique.  And…I am planning on using the left over chalk board cloth for another fun and unique project.  Stay tuned for that one!

chalkboard tees wm

If you were to make one…what would you use it for?

Make Bead Necklaces

ribbon necklace 3 wm

I am so excited about this latest project…how to make bead necklaces!  Ever since I saw those adorable gumball necklaces over at One Charming Party (whose site I LOVE)…I have been wanting to make them for my girls…and if I am being completely honest…MYSELF!!  So cute right?  Well, I have kept my eye out for gumballs and just never came across any colors that I loved without having to order them online.  Well, one day while perusing the craft store (which happens more often than I would like to admit) I spied some wooden beads!  BINGO!  I had my “gumballs” and I could make them exactly the colors I wanted.

DIY ribbon and bead necklace 1wm  DIY ribbon necklace wm

And they are so EASY!  I simply took the wooden beads and painted them with acrylic paint.

DIY ribbon and bead necklace 8wm

I put each bead onto the end of some skewers that we had left over from some summer BBQ’s so that I could paint them easily.  Then I carefully pushed them off the skewer and onto a paper and left them to dry completely.  Then I painted them with a high gloss finish.  I just used a bottle that can be found right next to all the acrylic paints.  I forgot to take a picture of it…but any glossy varnish will work.  I wanted them to have a glossy finish much like the gumballs do.

DIY ribbon and bead necklace 7 wm

I painted several in some fun and bright colors and added some polka-dots to some since I seem to be loving polka-dots lately!

DIY ribbon and bead necklace 5 wm

After the beads are completely dry, cut about 3.5 – 4 feet of ribbon (depending on the finished length you would like the necklaces to be).  I used 3.5 feet and that seemed to be a great size so that all three of my girls could share and wear these necklaces. 

DIY ribbon and bead necklace 4 wm

Line up your beads to determine the pattern you would like them to be strung on the ribbon.  Take your middle bead and thread it onto the ribbon so that it is in the exact middle.  Tie a knot on each end of the bead to hold it into place.  Then leave about an inch of space (or more depending on your preference) and tie another knot.  Thread your next bead on the ribbon and tie a knot directly on the other side.  Now do the same on the other side of the middle bead.  Continue with the process so that you thread one side and then the other.  This will ensure that you have the same amount of ribbon at the end of each end bead on the necklace.  I put seven beads on each necklace and feel that an odd number looked better than an even number of beads.

ribbon necklace 2 wm

The possibilities are endless!  You can also find other great beads at your local craft store if you don’t feel like painting them yourself!

I love that these are so fun and cute and so INEXPENSIVE!!  I also think these would be a great classy gift for a little girl for her birthday from a friend.  Or a fun activity to do for a little girl’s birthday party so the guests could each take one home.  Or Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers…Or make them to give to a mom/grandma for Mother’s Day!

We have been wearing these around town for the past few days and have already had several compliments on them! 

Now I am looking for some classier beads to make one for myself!


Moustache and Lip Suckers

Mustache Lip Suckers 3wm

Mustache and Lip Photo Props are all the rage right now!   They are a fun way to get some creative shots of your friends and family members.  They would also be a fun activity for your guests at a birthday party, shower or wedding.  I had been wanting to get some pictures of my kids with these fun props ever since I had so much fun posing with them at a couple of different Blog Conferences this summer. 

Mustache shelley jen kim  Mustache vintage brassy

The first photo was taken in the Kodak Suite at EVO and include me, Shelley, Jen, and Kim.  The second photo was from the Utah Bloggers Summit.  The photo booth was set up and provided by a cute little company called ‘Stache In a Box.  Pictured are Megan, Mandi and I.

I was going to make some out of paper but then thought it would be fun to be able to send your guests home with them as a delicious party favor! So I found some molds to actually make Mustache and Lip Suckers.

Lip Sticks 2 wm

I found my molds on Amazon and have provided you with the links to the ones that I actually purchased.  I bought the large lips mold and didn’t realize how LARGE they actually were.  If I were to buy them again I would go for the small lips mold.  In fact…I think I may actually go back and order it.

Large Lip Sucker Molds

Small Lip Sucker Molds

Moustache Suckers wm

Moustache Sucker Molds

Moustache Suckers 2wm

I simply filled the molds with melted chocolate onto the sucker sticks for the Mustaches and then let them harden in the freezer.

Lip Sticks 5wm

For the lips I used the last little bit of my red Candy Melts that I had used for these Apple Pops and some leftover pink Candy Melts from Valentine’s Day.

Moustach Lip Suckers wm

See how big those lips are?…haha!  My kids had a great time helping me with this photo shoot.  And as a little bonus they got to eat their props when we had finished!  At least my models will work for little compensation…or I would be broke!  Oh…and make sure if it is hot outside that you work fast.  Just after this last picture was taken, my oldest girl pulled her lips away from her face and it was smeared with melted “lipstick”.  We had a good laugh about that!

Mustache Sucker 1wm


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Make Your Own Candy Rings

candy rings 5 wm

Need a fun idea for a girls night out or a little girls birthday party?  Make candy jewelry…in the form of red rose rings!  My kids love Ring Pops and have collected a few of the empty ring forms hidden away in their “special collection boxes”.  I found a few of them when cleaning out and organizing the kids closets this summer and was tempted to throw them away much to my kids complaints.

ring pops

(image source)

And because my mind is always thinking of ways to create and reuse (a curse late at night), I saved them.  Well, it is a good thing that I did because a few days later I remembered a rose candy mold that I had laying around.

back to school treat wm

I melted some red and pink Candy Melts  (Wilton) that I had leftover from Valentine’s Day and poured them into the candy mold.  Then I placed the now sterilized (through my dishwasher) plastic ring forms into each one of the rose candies.  I popped them immediately into the freezer to help them set up faster.

candy ring molds wm

Within 15 minutes they were ready to go.  My kids immediately asked if they could have one.

candy rings 1 wm

Even the boys wanted one…but would not let me take their pictures wearing one…imagine that!  HeHe!  Boys!

candy rings 3 wm

The girls LOVED them!  And guess what?  They tasted even better than the real ring pops in my opinion.  And just imagine if I had made them with some real chocolate?  Wouldn’t they be fun for a bridal shower or a girls night out?  Or a little girl’s birthday party?  I know!  Well, since my now 7 year old just had a birthday and it is her year for a friends party…I made some more for her friends.  Look for that post soon!

candy rings 4 wm

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Water Marble Nail Polish

I just got back from a little vacation with my mom, two sisters and our children and we had a chance to try these water marble nails.  Every year (sometimes 2-3 times) we go on a vacation together  without our husbands and take the kids to play and hang out with their cousins.  It can get a bit crazy, but we always have a great time hanging out, hiking and swimming together.  We just got back this past Sunday.  So that might explain my lengthy absence around here.  While we were there my sister taught us how water marble nails with nail polish using this really fun and unique marbling pattern.  My girls and I really enjoyed it and all the girls were able to get it done.

water marbled nails

The process is actually pretty amazing and easy, but there are a few steps involved.  Since there were already some great video tutorials out there, I won’t bother writing up a tutorial and will show you the video we used to learn how to marble our nails. 

nail polish

We followed the tutorial pretty closely, not only did we put scotch tape at the base of our fingernail and around the finger…we also rubbed some Vaseline around our fingertips and fingernails to make the clean up process a bit easier and faster as it can get pretty messy.

water marbeled nails 2

Make sure to have some nail polish remover on hand and to do this in a well ventilated room.  The possibilities are endless!  Have fun and get creative.  Wouldn’t this be fun for a girls birthday, slumber party or Girls Night Out?  Have you ever seen this or had this done for yourself?

water marbled nails 1

Video from My Simple Little Pleasures


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