Oreo Snowman Treats


I tell ya…I am obsessed with Snowmen…so I apologize in advance for yet another snowman related post. This time I wanted to make some Oreo Snowman treats that were similar to these Reindeer Pops.


Simply take some Double Stuff Oreos (or Oreo Cakesters) and insert a popsicle or sucker stick into the frosting in the middle of the Oreo. Melt some white chocolate. I used white CandiQuik which can be found in the baking supply area of your grocery store. It melts very quickly and covers very nicely.

Then set them to dry on some wax paper. Add mini chocolate chips for the eyes and the mouth. Add a candy corn for the nose. That’s it. If needed, you can trim the edges of the chocolate with some kitchen scissors to make a nice smooth edge.


Then, since I had some leftover melted CandiQuik, I made some fun melted snowmen. Pretty much using the same process. Just pour a puddle of CandiQuik onto the wax paper and then place a dipped oreo on the puddle. Make the eyes, mouth and nose with the mini chocolate chips and a candy corn. This time you can add a scarf using a piece of licorice, some buttons (more mini chocolate chips) and some arms using a pretzel stick broken in half.


These would be a fun little gift or a fun party treat! They taste pretty darn good too! Hope you enjoy them!

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Powdered Donut Snowmen Treats


I have to tell ya…I LOVE this post! Donuts AND snowmen! These pictures make me happy! I really like snowmen! Do you remember these other posts I did with snowmen?

1. Snow Man Tutorial
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Snowmen just make me happy!

(January 2010)

Anyways…Today I would like to share with you how to make these adorable powdered donut snowmen. Now I realize that making snowmen out of donuts is nothing new, but I wanted to make them something that you could actually give to someone as a small gift for the kids’ friends, or for an elementary classroom activity, scout treats, etc. Here is what I did.

First I took a piece of cardboard measuring 2.5 inches square. Then I cut a piece of scrapbook paper the same size and glued it onto the cardboard. Then I took the tip of my scissors and put a small hole in the center of the cardboard.


Then I took a sucker stick and cut one end of the stick off so that it measured about 3.25 inches. I dipped one end of the stick into glue and then stuck it into the hole I made in the center of the cardboard.


Then I simply placed three Hostess powdered “donettes” (the small ones) so that the stick is in the middle of each donut.


Then I took a piece of thick yarn measuring about 10 inches in length and wrapped it between the top and middle donut for the scarf.


I used a piece of candy corn for the nose (which I had leftover from some oreo turkeys we made for Thanksgiving. (I also just noticed some in the candy bins at Target in case you have trouble finding them). For the eyes and buttons I used mini chocolate chips. But, I didn’t like how dull the eyes and buttons were, so to each mini chocolate chip, I added a tiny drop of some black decorating icing in a tube that I had on hand. Much better!


Then for his arms I simply took a single pretzel stick and broke it in half using one half for each arm.


To make his hat, I cut a 2 inch circle for the brim of the hat and a 1 inch circle for the top of the hat. The hat itself was made by taking a strip of black paper that measured 4.5 inches by 1.25 inches and rolling it into a tube.


Roll it so that the 1 inch circle will fit nicely onto the top. Glue it into a roll. Glue the top of the hat on. Then take your scissors and make a hole in the 2 inch circle for the sucker stick to go through and then glue it onto the base of the hat. Now simply slip the hat onto the stick. It should stay in place nicely.


Pretty easy…and so cute! We ate them :)! But wouldn’t they be fun to share with a friend?

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Reindeer Treats


Today I want to share these Reindeer Treats with you…

These will make some yummy Christmas treats that would be fun for a family party, classroom treat, or small gift.  They would also be a fun Christmas cookie to take to a Christmas cookie exchange.

Reindeer-treats theidearoom.net

These were pretty easy to make. We tooks some Nutter Butter Cookies and separated the top and bottom cookies to reveal the peanut butter filling inside. Then we added a little more creamy peanut butter and stuck a new popsicle stick in the peanut butter.


Then we put the tops back on. We did this to several and then lined a cookie sheet with some wax paper to placed the reindeer pops on after we dip them in chocolate.


After dipping the cookies in chocolate we laid them onto the wax paper. Then before the chocolate hardens add your reindeer faces. We used white chocolate chips for the eyes and a dot of black icing for the pupil (if you want the eyes to sit flat, cut the pointy tip off the chocolate chip with kitchen scissors or a knife). We used red M&M’s for the nose and added some sprinkles to the cheeks. Then we used broken pretzels for the antlers.


The antlers can be a bit tricky to get to stick. We found the easiest way to get them to stay put was to place the end of one of the antlers (pretzel) on top of the head and then cover the end with melted chocolate. Repeat this for the other antler. Then we placed the reindeer into the freezer so they would harden. Make sure to lay your cookie sheet flat.

Easy-Christmas-Treats | theidearoom.net

Once they have hardened, you will be able to wrap them up cute and give them away…or eat them! And since I love Peanut Butter and Chocolate…these were pretty tasty!

Peppermint Cake

Had a craving for some peppermint marshmallow chocolate cake…YUMMMMMMM! I found this recipe here, at Culinary Concoctions by Peabody.

I made this quite a while ago. After working on this post, I am suddenly craving it again. Too bad I am still on a dessert sabbatical (except for that one moment of weakness…or two).

I pretty much followed her recipe, but instead of adding her 2 teaspoons of peppermint, I only added about 1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract. I only wanted a nice subtle hint of peppermint.

**New–For a printable version of the recipe go here.

Valentine Cookie Pops


Do you remember the “play dough” cookies we made? Well, we took some of the dough, before we colored it and set it aside in the freezer. Then a week or so later we took out the dough at let it thaw out.


We added food coloring to make some red, purple and pink. Using the same concept as the play dough cookies, we made some Valentine cookie pops. We had used up all of the lollipop sticks, so made them smaller and just used some regular sucker sticks.

This is another fun gift idea for Valentine’s Day!

Chocolate Cinnamon Bears

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Have you ever had Chocolate Cinnamon Bears? If you haven’t had one, they are so yummy. My SIL introduced me to them a couple of years ago. Every once in a while I will pick some up (usually in the candy bins from my local grocery store) and try to make them last as long as possible. If the kids find them, they don’t last very long!

Then I thought…why not make my own! So I did! And they were twice as nice! I even shared them with the kids!


I made some thin dipping chocolate and dipped some regular cinnamon bears in it. Then I placed the dipped bears on a sheet of parchment paper (or wax paper) and let them cool and harden.

These would be really fun to make and package up pretty and give to someone special for Valentine’s Day!


Giveaway Winner and Marshmallow Snowmen

We have a winner for the Greenridge Organics Giveaway!

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Congratulations Beth! Send me your address and information and I will get it to Colleen. She will be mailing you your gift set the Monday after Christmas! Thanks to the rest of you for entering!

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and Holiday season! I want to leave you with one last idea before taking a small break to celebrate the Holidays with family and friends…Marshmallow Snowmen!

My sister made these with her in-laws recently at a Christmas get together. They simply dipped three stacked jumbo marshmallows stacked on a stick into some melted white chocolate. Then the kids each decorated their own snowmen. For the scarves they tore up a fruit roll-up. You could get really creative with these.

Or you could just make snowmen heads. We had some extra melted chocolate from making some Oreo and Peppermint Bark, so the kids each dipped a marshmallow in the left-over chocolate and then decorated them with mini chocolate chips and round sprinkles.

A fun way to entertain the kids or use up your leftover chocolate!

Candy Cane Coffee Cake & More!

Here are a few Christmas treats for your holiday parties. I made this Candy Cane Coffee Cake for a family Christmas Eve party last year. It was so yummy and was an instant crowd favorite. I loved the flavor and the raspberry filling. I found and used this recipe here from Recipe Girl.

My sister made these yummy Santa Hat pops by following the amazingly talented Bakerella. The tutorial can be found here along with tutorials for christmas tree pops and reindeer pops.

And last but not least, we whipped up these Chocolate Crinkle Kiss Cookies Sunday afternoon for a little get together we had. We used up the Candy Cane kisses we had left over from the Candy Cane Kiss Brownies and added some of the Mint Truffle Hershey Kisses. YUM!

I had planned on making chocolate kiss cookies for Christmas, and I was happy to see that Recipe Girl was thinking along the same lines. So I whipped up a batch of my own using her recipe which can be found here. I should have read through all of her directions and did NOT place my cookies immediately in the freezer. Hence my melty kisses. I like the finished look of Recipe Girls kisses and will remember her little secret for next time! These were so good, I plan on whipping up another batch for the family Christmas party this year!

Now the kids and I are going to spend some time playing in the snow to work off some of those calories!

Christmas Kiss Centered Brownies


I bought some of these Christmas Peppermint Kisses from Hershey’s thinking I would try to find a creative way to use them this Christmas. Imagine my happiness when I found the idea for these AMAZING brownies via Be Different Act Normal. The original post is here on Picky Palate.

You know that I LOVE chocolate and peppermint, and these did NOT dissapoint. I contemplated hiding these from the kiddos, but knew my waistline would not appreciate it :)!

These would make a fun gift or a treat for an upcoming Christmas Party. Eat them when they are warm to get the full ooey gooey effects and don’t forget the milk!

I just whipped up some brownies from a box and put the batter in a greased muffin tin. Then simply placed the Christmas kisses in the center of the tin cups. That’s it folks! I baked mine for 14 minutes on 350 and they came out perfect!

**Don’t push the kiss all the way to the bottom. It made them harder to get out of the muffin tin.

Hot Chocolate On a Stick!

The snow keeps coming down here and it is a whopping 9 degrees! We are freezing! My kids survive on hot chocolate this time of year.

I recently found a fun idea for making Hot Chocolate on a Stick from Giverslog. Click here for the full directions.

We followed their simple directions and within a couple of hours, the kids and I were enjoying our own Hot Chocolate on a Stick. It was fun and yummy at the same time. Perfect treat when you’re living in a freezer!

These would be so fun to package up and give to your friends or neighbors as a small little Christmas treat.

We used Hershey’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Squares and then dipped them in white chocolate after the original chocolate had cooled and added some fun sprinkles. My favorite were the peppermint flavored sprinkles cause you know how I like peppermint and chocolate!



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