Hair Tool Storage Cabinet

I FINALLY got a second to sit down and write up this post.  Sorry to leave you hanging about what exactly was hidden behind this Bathroom Towel Rack Cabinet door.  Many of you guessed there was a laundry chute inside.  Oh how awesome that would be…I had one growing up in my parents house and though we DID use it for laundry, it was also used by us kids for many other devious purposes…hehe!  But, unfortunately my laundry room is on the opposite end of the house so it would have to be quite the chute to get the laundry to the laundry room and I am sure that more than just a sock might get lost in there.


So, the next best option for me was to create my very own personal Hair tool Storage Cabinet.  I do love my curling iron…when I actually don’t have my hair in a pony tail *ahem*!  And…I have three girls…enough said!

towel rack cabinet 9wm

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So that means I spend a little bit of time doing hair on Sunday mornings and before school (when they cooperate). And even though my girls have THEIR OWN bathroom, they tend to gather in our Master Bathroom. Can any of you relate?

towel rack cabinet 10wm

We simply made a “box” that contained three sides.  We left one side off the back so that we could tuck all the cords behind it to keep them from being seen all strewn about in the cabinet.  We also left a small gap in the back so that the cords could fall down behind the box shelf.

towel rack cabinet 11towel rack cabinet 12

Then we placed the box into the bottom of the cabinet.  This becomes the base that we screwed the hair tool station onto.

towel rack cabinet 1wm

We ordered this hair organizing station online.

towel rack cabinet 2wm

Directly behind our customized towel rack, was an electrical outlet.  We wanted to be able to utilize this without having the electrical cords showing so we did what any normal person would do…

towel rack cabinet 3wm

We took (and by we…I mean “the hunky Mr. Idea Room”) drilled some holes in the back of the cabinet so that we could cut out the cabinet directly where the electrical outlet was.

towel rack cabinet 4wm

towel rack cabinet 5wm

After the 4 “pilot” holes were drilled Mr. Idea Room took his jigsaw and cut out a small rectangle to expose the outlet to the inside of the cabinet.  Then we placed our electrical strip inside so we had plenty of spots for all of our hair appliances.

towel rack cabinet 7wm

I LOVE it!  I love being able to turn on the curling iron or flat iron and let them heat up and not be cluttering up the counter top.  They are hidden AND out of the way.  Just the way this momma likes to have things that she uses on a daily basis. 

towel rack cabinet wm

Maybe it will help with the clutter…Haha…Here’s to hoping!

And…to answer your questions…you can find all of the following here:

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Painting Bathroom cabinets white tutorial.

The yellow rug was painted by me…Painted Rug tutorial!

DIY Trumeau Mirror (not pictured)

Framed in Builder’s Grade Mirror

Original Customized Towel Rack post.

Towels are from Anhropologie.

Hair Appliance Tool Holder purchased here.


What do you think? If you had a cabinet like this what would you like to store in there?

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customized towel rack

I am so excited to finally have this customized towel rack finished! This towel rack has been brewing in my head for several months…long before we had repainted and done some updates to our Master Bathroom. 

towel rack 10wm

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The previous owners of our home had updated this Master Bedroom from its original 1980’s state.  They covered almost every wall space in this space with white tile (that has a slight gray undertone to it).  It is not my first choice but hey…at least it wasn’t pink or some other outdated color right?! 

We do not have the time, funds or desire to pull all that tile down and fix it up so we are trying to do our best to work with what we have.  And…in all honesty…there really is nothing wrong with it…and with my new towel rack, I actually don’t mind all the white tile.

towel rack 13wm

The towel rack was drilled right through the tile and was an ugly combo of gold and silver…which I was not a huge fan of.  I wanted to be able to add some color to the walls too.  So we drew up a design and planned out something that would fit perfectly in our space.

rack wm

I was asked to participate in Lowe’s Creative Ideas challenge for the month of February and the challenge was bathrooms.  I was excited to be able to finally be able to get this project started…AND FINISHED!! And since I practically do most of my home improvement shopping at Lowe’s anyways…it was perfect.

towel rack 9wm

We spent some time browsing the aisles of molding at Lowes and decided to go with a more simple design to fit the overall look of our existing bathroom vanity.  I happened to already have an old cabinet door that I had picked up from Habitat Restore back in the summer with two of my friends Becca and Char.  I used this for the main cabinet in the base of the rack.

towel rack 7wm

We also made it so that the cabinet door actually swings open.  And I have a fun little surprise inside that I can’t wait to share with you in a later post.

towel rack 11wm

I am thinking of adding a little bit of a subtle gray pattern to the inside of of the towel rack (the flat area where the towels hang) to give it a little more personality and color but still have not quite decided about that.  For now I will leave it white while I think about that.

towel rack 8wm

We did not have a lot of room in that spot since the vanity was there and we still needed to be able to allow for two people to stand there and get ready in the mornings.  So we made the towel rack tall and skinny to fit our available space and to still be able to provide some functionality.

towel rack 3wm

I will be sharing with you soon a tutorial so that if you are interested in building something similar in your home you will be able too.  I am really happy with how it turned out…but am most excited about the little secret it is hiding inside…Smile!! (Good things come to those who wait). 

Thanks to Lowe’s for helping us get motivated to get this project done! You can find Lowe’s Creative Ideas on FB for more great ideas.  They also have a Lowe’s Creative Ideas blog…and you might recognize one or more faces there now…Smile


Be sure to come back and I will share with you exactly what was used and how we built it.  Want to know how we updated other areas of this bathroom?

Update Builder Grade Cabinets

Painted Rug

DIY Trumeau Mirror

Framed in Builder’s Grade Mirror


*Disclosure—Lowes provided me with a gift card to purchase supplies for this towel rack.

However all opinions are mine.

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paint your cabinets

finial feet cabinets 4 cover wm

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I have had several people email me and ask me about my painted cabinets.  So today I thought I would share with your how we painted ours so that YOU can paint your cabinets.  But, I must first start off with a disclaimer.  We are by NO means professionals.  We asked our local Lowe’s stores and their helpful employees several questions and did some research before deciding to paint them. 

bathroom cabinets paint 1a

The cabinets in our home were 30+ years old and had a bit of wear and tear to them.  A lot of the finish had been worn off and some had some big knicks and dents in them.  So for us this was a good choice to give them new life and to update our home to our own personal style.  Not to mention a lot cheaper alternative than buying new cabinets.

Here are the steps we took:

1.  Tape off any areas that might get paint on them that you don’t want paint on.  For example a wall right next to the cabinets or the floor along the bottom and even inside the cabinet doors if you are not painting the insides.  We LOVE frog tape at our house.  It has worked a lot better at getting crisp lines as opposed to the blue painters tape.


2.  Remove cupboard doors.  This is probably not necessary.  But since we wanted them to come out nice and smooth without any drips, we removed them. 

2. Lightly sand the doors to remove any rough spots.  If there are any nicks or dents you can fill them with wood filler or plastic wood.  Just something that is paintable. 

image  image

Then wipe them down with a damp cloth and some denatured alcohol and be sure you have removed all of the excess dust.

3.  Paint all areas you want covered with paint first with a primer/sealer.  Painting with a primer will make it so that the paint will stick to the cupboards and will cover up any areas that you may have needed to add some putty or wood filler.  We like Glidden’s Gripper Grey.  But there are a lot of different options available.


We paint in the creases and the smaller areas and around the edges with a paint brush.  My personal favorite paint brushes are the Purdy XL Glide.  I usually use a 2 inch brush for cabinets.  I really believe having a good brush is the key to having a smooth paint finish.


For the flat, larger areas of the cabinets I like to use a small foam roller.  This leaves a nice and smooth finish as well.  This is KEY too!!  We like Quali-Tech Ultra Smooth High Density Foam.


bathroom cabinets paint 2a

4.  Paint your cabinets with your favorite semi gloss enamel paint like Valspar’s.  Some people like to use a high gloss paint and that is fine too.  We just prefer the finished look of the semi gloss.  I feel it to be a bit richer.

bathroom cabinets paint 4a

You will need at least two coats.  Be sure to allow proper drying time between each coat.  I wait at least 4 hours between coats.  Check on your paint can for specific drying times.  I always check and double check for any drips as I am painting.  Nothing worse than having to go back and sand a drip off.  Sometimes in the creases of your cabinet door you will have to go back and do a touch up third coat.

I like to paint on top of paint cans.  {Please disregard the lack of painting tarp…Ha.  Always a good idea to use one}.  I paint one side first and let it dry completely before turning it over to paint the other side.  After paint is still wet you will also want to check the other side of the cabinet door so there are not drips on the other side as well.


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video tutorial—tissue paper rosettes

I have gotten a lot of emails and comments from several of you who were having a little bit of difficulty making their tissue paper rosettes.  The word “twist” was a bit confusing and it is hard for me to explain how I was twisting mine.  So I went ahead and made quick video tutorial for Tissue Paper Rosettes.


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Now I must warn you…this is not a high quality production. I simply propped up my cell phone between some cracker boxes and had my son push record and stop when I gave him a cue. He he! But hopefully you will be able to see how I am twisting the paper. I tried to get in as close as possible so you could see the tissue rosette in as much detail as possible. Hope this helps you.



For the original tutorial you can go here: Tissue Paper Rosette Kissing Balls

I also made some of these and hung them in my daughter’s room which you can see here: Crepe Paper Flower Balls

These are the perfect decoration for Valentine’s Day and they are really inexpensive to make.  They just take time.  I would suggest making these when you sit down to relax and watch television or a movie! 
It’s Valentine’s Week! Every day this week we are sharing some great ideas for Valentine’s Day. We kicked off the fun filled week yesterday with the Pink Lemonade Pie! And a GREAT giveaway from The Paper Cupcake Etsy Shop! Today, Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage helps you decorate for the holiday. She will also have a giveaway, you won’t want to miss it!! Be sure to head on over and check it out.

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updating builder grade bathroom cabinets

We recently updated our Master Bathroom by making a few simple changes.  I have shared a few of the changes in some past posts as it is a work in progress.  We are almost to the point where we can officially add it to the “finished project list”.  But still have a few little things to work on.  And if any of you have ever done a little remodeling, you know how long it can take to get to some of them.  Today I want to share with you how we went about updating builder grade cabinets.

finial feet cabinets 4 wm

This is was a really easy addition that really made a the regular old cabinets feel a bit more upscale.  We simply added a couple of finial feet to the base of the cabinets.  That is it.

finial feet cabinets 2wm

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I love how they instantly give the cabinet a much more expensive look. 

finial feet cabinets 3 wm

We simply purchased a couple of the finial wood accents at Lowe’s who had a pretty good selection with different styles and sizes.  They cost $5.98 each.  A lot cheaper than those expensive custom cabinets.

finials 2 wm

We removed the screws because we did not want to screw them in.  These finial pieces were a little bit too short…so we simply took a couple of pieces of scrap wood and cut them into squares so that they fit perfectly on top of the base of the circle and then under the cabinet.  Then we glued them to the big circle with Gorilla Wood Glue.

finials wm

After the glue was completely dry, we painted it the same color as the cabinets (which we painted as well…I will share how we did that later this week as I have had several questions from some of you).

We had to paint two coats to cover it completely.  Then we simply glued them into place.  Then we added a touch of white painter’s caulk to fill any cracks.  You can also touch up any paint if needed where the new finial foot attaches to the base of your cabinet.

finial feet cabinets wm a

Here is the cabinet BEFORE we added the finial feet…

finial feet cabinets 1wm

And here is the cabinet AFTER adding the finial pieces.

finial feet cabinets 5wm

A pretty simple addition that can dress up and update your older cabinets.  They look and feel like new cabinets.

If you are interested in seeing some of the past posts for some of the other changes we made to this bathroom you might want to check out the following posts.

Painted Rug

DIY Trumeau Mirror

Framed in Builder’s Grade Mirror

(We framed in the mirrors  in our Master Bedroom and also our Girls Bathroom…the tutorial is for the Girls Bathroom but it is the same process.)

And for those who may be interested, the paint color on the walls is Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray.

What do you think?


Oh…and one more thing!  I am participating in a fun Valentines’ Week Long Party with some other bloggers:

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and the…

Nest of Posies


Today is the first day of a week long of fun Valentine’s Day Posts, food, gift ideas and some great giveaways.  Be sure to head on over to Hoosier Homemade today.  Liz is sharing her amazing recipe for Pink Lemonade Pie!  Stay tuned for all the other fun!

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organizational boards

So…still on the laundry room theme here…sorry about that. I promise I will change it up here soon so as not to bore you to tears! We updated our family organizational boards here recently.  I shared with you earlier this family work station that has really worked well to keep me on top (ha…ya right!) of all that comes with raising five kids. You can see that post here:

Kids Organizing Bulletin Boards

bulletin board 4wm

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I wanted to style it up a bit and make it look like an actual piece of “furniture.” But I could not have it stick out from the wall as the outside door opens right into it.  (see the black door mat?) So we added a few more changes to it.  I tried to show on the picture below what pieces we used to create this bulletin board.  It is really pretty easy and you can make it to your own tastes as well.  Here is what we used:

bulletin board 1 words wm

I will not share the lengths we used unless some of you would like the exact specifics.  Just leave a comment and I would be happy to add some edits to this post.  I figured since every one will have different wall dimensions and kids, etc, you would have to come up with something that will work for you.  This picture should be able to help you visualize it better.

After we added all of our molding and MDF pieces with nails (we always use nails rather than glue…just in case we ever want to take it down), we caulked all the seams with painters caulk.  After it had time to dry properly we sanded any areas that needed it.  Then we painted it with our white trim paint in a semi-gloss finish.

bulletin board 6wm

I also wanted to add some magnetic days of the week for each child to help us to organize their individual schedules.

bulletin board 3wm

I printed up some 1 inch circles with the days of the week on them and printed them onto some magnetic paper using my Xyron machine. ( You can always save those restaurant magnets and Mod Podge them onto there too).

bulletin board 7wm

Then printed up some of the kids activities on strips of magnet paper too.  Such as piano lessons, soccer, ballet, basketball and so on.  We also are including things at school like PE days (so we wear the right shoes), library and computer days so we don’t forget to turn in our keyboarding homework or library books *ahem*!

bulletin board 8wm

This wall is right at the front of my laundry/mud room as you walk in a side door of our home.  So this is the door my kids use when they get home.  It also happens to be the door all of my friends and family enter my home as well.  So this room NEEDS to stay clean…ha…whatever.

bulletin board 10wm

In theory…the kids are supposed to come home and put up papers and assignments on their boards (which each have been labeled with their names) and then hang up their coats and backpacks…MOST of the time they are pretty good and only need “gentle” reminders here and there.

bulletin board 9wm

But for me it has really cut down on a lot of the searching and chaos of the early morning rush or the evening homework routine.  It was really pretty easy to make and wasn’t that expensive.  We were able to use a lot of scraps we had on hand, but my estimates for this project would be about $50 depending on the hardware (hooks) you bought.

If you were to ask me which DIY project has been the most useful to me as a mom…hands down…this would be it.

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build washer and dryer platform

Back in October my husband and I decided to finally build a washer and dryer platform (pedestal) for our front loading washer and dryer.  When we initially go them we decided against purchasing the matching pedestals that came with them because they didn’t quite fit into the space we had and we didn’t want to move the cabinets above them up.  So we decided we would plan to build our own.  A year later, we finally got around to it.

washer pedestal 1 cover wm

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And then I decided to finally repaint the laundry room with a cleaner feeling, fresh coat of paint.  Want to see what the laundry room looked like before? You can see the before pictures on this older Laundry Room post.  We made a few more changes in here that I will share with you later.




washer pedestal wm

Here is how we made our pedestal.  You can make one similar to ours but remember to make sure to get your measurements and adjust them for your particular washer and dryer and room constraints. We used the following items:

Three 8 foot long 2 x 10’s

One 4 foot x 8 foot piece of 3/4 inch plywood

Decorative molding

1/4 inch MDF board cut into 2 inch strips 

2 pieces of decorative corner molding (located in the molding aisle at Lowe’s)

laundry stand 3wm

First we measured the width and depth of our washer and dryer and then added two inches to each length so the completed pedestal would have one inch of excess on the front and each side of the machines.

laundry stand 7awm

We wanted our pedestal to be a height of 12 inches so we used 2×10’s as our main construction. We made a rectangle with the 2×10’s and then added two more cross beams close to middle to support the middle of the pedestal.  We tried to place these so that they sat under the feet of our washer and dryer to add additional support.

laundry stand 4wm

We drilled pilot holes for the screws so that the wood would not split at the ends.  We used screws to make the rectangle and then to attach the two middle supports.

laundry stand 6awm

To attach the plywood top which you will have cut to fit your rectangle exactly, take some wood glue (we love Gorilla Wood Glue) and add it to all the tops of your base.

laundry stand 9awm

We used some finishing nails around the top edges of the frame where the cross support beams were and along the sides and front to provide a tight fit and seal for the glue to hold it all together.

laundry stand 8awm

Then we cut and attached some 2 inch strips of MDF board around the front and sides to add a little bit of interest and style to the platform.

laundry stand 10awm

I forgot to take a picture of it in the building process,  but you can see where we added it in the pictures below.  We also added some decorative corner molding to the two front sides and a 2 inch strip of MDF down the front center of the pedestal too.

dryer pedestal 1wm  dryer pedestal 2wm

Use wood putty and painter’s caulk to fill any and all seams and nail holes.  Let the putty dry and then completely sand all edges and surfaces until smooth. We primed it with Kilz Primer and then finally painted it with two coats of our favorite white semi-gloss paint.

washer pedestal 3wm

The hard part was maneuvering it into place because it was such a beast.  But we managed.  Then to get the washer and dryer onto it without damaging it, we placed the washer and dryer onto a towel on top of the pedestal.  This allowed us to push them back without scratching the top.  Then we simply tilted the machines and pulled the towel out from under it. We decided against adding some storage space in our pedestal simply because we are fortunate enough to have a room with plenty of storage.  So adding drawers or cubby holes could be an option if you need more storage space.  Phew! I hope I explained that well enough for you to understand.  Please leave a comment if you need further clarification and I will be happy to try and answer your questions.

laundry stand wmlaundry stand 1wmlaundry stand 2wm

(*Hubs looking good in his painting/work clothes…same reason I am NOT pictured…ha ha!) It turned out pretty nicely don’t you think? And…it is a solid piece of furniture. I have to admit…I was a bit worried about the amount of weight it would be required to hold and withstand….but it is completely solid. And the machines don’t move at all when they are both running.

washer pedestal 1wm

I can’t wait to share the other small changes we made to this room and will share the full reveal here soon! Okay…Now I have a question for you…we are debating whether or not to keep the cabinets black or to paint them white? What do you think?

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Vinyl Wall Decals

I am so excited to share with you this fun addition I recently added to my girls bathroom.  My husband and I recently updated this bathroom but still had several little projects within the bathroom we wanted to complete.  One of which was to add some fun decorative vinyl wall decals in boxes of our picture frame wainscoting wall boxes.  I really love how it turned out and how it adds just a little bit of femininity, interest and color to the room.

Girls-Bathroom 6wm

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It is a white vinyl decorative decal that I got from my friend Shelley from House of Smith’s, who also has a fun shop, House of Smith’s Designs, in which she sells a lot of her great home décor items.  We were able to take the measurements of my wall boxes and was able to design them to fit into my space.  We came up with a fun design that I knew would be perfect for my room. 


I took this picture of me with my cell phone the day I went to her house to work on it with her.  Can you tell which room of hers I am standing in front of?  Haha!  I couldn’t resist getting a picture of me in front of her “famous landmark”.  And by the way, her house is just as fabulous in real life!  Some of you already saw this picture when I shared it with you on Facebook!

Girls-Bathroom 8

I simply painted inside of the picture frame wainscoting the same color of paint we used on the bathroom walls.  The paint color is Upward by Sherwin Williams in a semi-gloss finish.  If you are interested in seeing how we made the picture frame wainscoting for these walls you can find the tutorial here:

Picture Frame Wainscoting Tutorial

Girls-Bathroom 7wm

Then I simply peeled the vinyl off of the backing and had my husband help me line it up just right so that it fit perfectly into the box.  This was the hardest part.  We did not take any pictures since it took both of us and I did not want to get it on there crooked.  It did take the two of us too to make sure that we got it on there smoothly as well.

Girls-Bathroom 1wm

We started smoothing it on in the middle and then pushed outwards and up with a little flat scraper so that any air bubbles would be pushed up and out to the top, bottom and sides.  Then after it was firmly attached, we peeled the backing off very carefully!

I am so happy with how it turned out.  The bathroom is so fresh and clean feeling.  Unfortunately right before I took this picture…I had to clean the big globs of toothpaste my girls had left in the sick this morning after brushing their teeth…*sigh*!  Please tell me I am not the only one whose kids do that!

Girls-Bathroom 4wm

This large mirror was just a regular builder’s grade mirror that we framed in using some base boards.  Isn’t that one of the longest bathroom mirrors? Good thing I guess since three teenage girls will be “sharing” it here in a few years…{pray for me}!!! If you are interested in seeing how we did that you can find the tutorial I shared here:

Framing in a Builder’s Grade Mirror

Girls-Bathroom wm

My husband and I also built the shelf that have hooks on it for the girl’s towels.  We had a towel bar in there….but with three girls…that was not working out well.  There was only room for 2 towels and for some reason the girls could never seem to hang the towels back up on the rack.  So this new system is working out pretty well for us!  For the Shelf Tutorial you can go here:

DIY Bathroom Shelf With Towel Hooks

We also painted the cabinets white.  I am so happy that we did.  It made such a difference in the overall appearance of the room.  The 35 year old cabinets were pretty beat up.  I will share some more on that at a later time.  There are a few more little updates I plan to make in there shortly before this room officially gets the “finished” approval.  And of course I will share them with you when I get to them.  Baby steps….right? Oh…and since I am sure SOMEONE is going to ask…the shower curtain was from Target online…and I LOVE it!

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Paint A Rug

I recently painted our Master Bathroom a really fun Gray color {Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray} and was looking for a rug that I could put in there to add some color and match some towels I had purchased.  I did a lot of shopping around online and found a lot of great rugs that I would have loved to have…but the price tags were a bit too much for me to justify.  So I decided to make my own and paint a rug.  I have seen several of these DIY tutorials floating around, but the very first one to inspire me was this painted rug that Jen and Shelley made.  They have great step by step instructions so I won’t take the time to give you a step by step process, but will share with you a couple of things I did to make mine.

painted rug 4wm

I am REALLY happy with how it turned out.  I have to tell you, that I was really nervous about how well it was going to work.  The rug I used was a lot more “plush” than the rug that Jen and Shelley used and I was worried that the carpet fibers would move quite a bit in the stenciling process which would then prevent me from getting really crisp and clean paint lines.  But I am so happy with how it turned out.  So happy in fact that I turned around and made me a second one the very next day!!  I have been known to do crazy things like that once in a while!

painted rug 1wm

When I first finished the rug, my bathroom cabinets were an old outdated oak color that we never loved.  I loved the rug, but next to the cabinets it didn’t have the “pop” I had hoped for…so….I knew I had another project on my hands.  Really…it never ends.  We had been wanting to paint them forever, but they had been at the bottom of the “to do” list.  Suddenly they found themselves at the top of the list.  I will share more about that process in a later post.  Painting them totally changed the entire look of our Master Bathroom.  It is so light and fresh looking now.  I feel happy spending time in there!  It is amazing how your surroundings can make you feel.

painted rug 8wm

The rug I used was simply a Memory Foam Runner that I found at COSTCO for $22 and some change.  A huge price difference from the $400 dollar rugs I had been eyeing on line.  COSTCO still has these rugs in stock people!  And the rug is really soft, perfect for cold bathroom tiles on freshly showered feet.

painted rug 9wm

I used the same stencil that I used for this Antique Acid Mirror that I shared with you back in the spring.  The stencil is from Cutting Edge Stencils and is their Anna Damask stencil.  Then I used some leftover wall paint from our Master Bathroom.

painted rug 11wm 

I simply placed the stencil on the rug after planning out how I wanted the pattern to be on the rug, so that it would be even, and then used a sponge paint tool to sponge the paint onto the rug.  It worked really well for me and even though the carpet fibers moved a little bit in the process, I just made sure to hold the stencil firmly in place and check the alignment of it often to make sure it had not accidently slid to one side.  Then I let it dry for about 20 minutes between each process so that the paint did not smudge.  Be sure to check the bottom of the stencil for any leaked paint so as not to get it on your rug as you lay down the stencil each time.

painted rug 7wm

What do you think?

painted rug 5wm

I am loving it in the yellow color as well. 

painted rug wm

I ended up placing the yellow rug in my bathroom since it made it feel so fresh and happy!  The gray rug I placed in our Master Bedroom which we also recently painted Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray.

master bedroom wm

And if you are wondering about how the rug feels with the paint?  Truthfully, it is a little stiff…but not as much as I thought it would be.  It feels just fine on your bare feet.  It also softened up a bit with use and even more so when I threw it in the washer for a test.  Now I am trying to think of other places to put a rug!  What do you think?  Do you have a spot in your home that you could use one of these?

master bedroom 1wm

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Gift Games—Tic Tac Toe

Want a really easy gift game idea for your kids friends or for your neighbors this Holiday season? How about this simple but fun Tic Tac Toe game? This portable, magnetic game is perfect for taking on road trips, restaurants or appointments to help pass the time for your restless little ones…or let’s face it…yourself.  Want to know how I made it so you can make one to?  I thought so…

gift games hwm

As part of the Martha Stewart Holiday Paint Campaign sponsored by Plaid, I was sent an amazing collection of paints, stencils and brushes from Martha’s new paint line! It was like Christmas morning! So many great products for creating so much creative goodness.

Thanksgiving game MS suppliesgift games awm

For this project, I used a couple of the paint products—Martha Stewart’s White Satin Paint and Martha Stewart’s Magnetic Paint. I used many of the various sized paint brushes they sent me and some fun Letter Stencils.  You will also need some magnets, a wooden plaque and some round wooden 1 inch buttons which I was able to pick up at Lowe’s.

Gift games wmgift games bwm

Take your wooden plaque and paint three coats of the magnetic paint onto the front of it.  I painted just up to the edge of the plaque.  I followed the directions on the back of the magnetic paint label and painted one coat at a time and let it dry for an hour before painting each additional coat.  You will want to add at least two layers of the paint so that your magnets will hold well.  Then I let it dry for 24 hours.

gift games cwmgift games dwm

While the magnetic paint was drying, I painted the wooden buttons using Martha Stewart’s satin white paint.  I loved this paint.  It was so thick and smooth.  It only took a two coats and the finish was so smooth and pretty.  After they had dried completely, I stenciled the letters x and o with the Martha Stewart Letter Stencils onto the white buttons.  I made a total of 10 buttons and made 5 o’s and 5 x’s.  When they are dry glue some magnets to the bottoms using some E6000 glue.

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Then I painted the edges of the plaque with a coat of black paint.  This will show up under the white when I sand and rough up the edges for a nice distressed look.  When the black paint is dry, use the white satin paint again to cover up the black and to give your plaque a nice finished look.  I only painted around the sides and edges of the black as I added some fun patterned paper on the top.

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Attach the paper with some Mod Podge with a layer underneath and a layer on the top to adhere and protect the paper. I prefer the matte finish Mod Podge.

When it has dried completely you can take a piece of sand paper and rough up the edges to give it a fun, distressed look.

Pretty simple and makes for a fun, homemade inexpensive gift idea.

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And…that is not all…if you want you can change it up and turn it into a fun little photo display or recipe holder…

recipe holder wmphoto holder wm


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