DIY Hot Pads

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Hello Everyone!

I am Desirée visiting from The 36th AVENUE.

The 36th AVENUE

I am sharing today with you a quick tutorial of how to give an

ordinary set of Dollar Store Hot Pads a little Fall makeover.

Isn’t it fun?

Before I share the tutorial let me thank Amy for having me.

I love The Idea Room and I feel honored to be part of her fantastic blog for a day.

I am a lucky girl!

OK, are we ready for the tutorial?

Let’s do it!


You don’t need much.

1 Hot Pad Glove

Square Hot Pads

{ You can find them at the Dollar Store. The squares hot pads comes in a set of two }

1/4 Yard of Fabric of your choice.

{ I found mine at Jo-Anns, but you can use a fabric scrap if you have some around }


{ My buttons came from Wal-Mart }


This was so easy and quick to make.

FIRST cut a strip of fabric long enough to cover the width of your glove.

I cut mine 4 inches wide.

Fold the fabric in half and then fold the unfinished top again about half an inch.

Just like the picture.

I like to use my iron to make every fold perfect and crisp.


Use one of the square hot pad as a mold to cut another piece of fabric.

You are going to use this fabric to make a pocket.

After you cut the fabric fold the ends of it.

Iron it.

Turn it around and sew it to the hot pad.

THIRD do the same thing with the strip sewing it around the top of the glove and

attach the buttons in place…They are so cute!

And you are done!

These would make a great gift for neighbors or the lucky one hosting Thanksgiving this year.

I am giving mine as a gift to a good friend of mine

with our favorite delicious Pumpkin Bread.


I hope you stop by The 36th AVENUE and say hi.

Make sure to check out our Pumpkin Bread Recipe here.

You are going to love it!

Thank you again Amy for having me today.

I love it here!


Desiree Campbell


The 36th AVENUE

Don’t you just LOVE Desirée? So is so talented and one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  I LOVE this project too.  Such a fun and simple gift idea.  Be sure to head on over to Desirée’s site, The 36th AVENUE and check out her other amazing ideas.  She is full of them!  Thanks Desirée!–Amy

Fall Leaves Decor

Hey Idea Roomers! I am McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam and I am thrilled to be participating in the Fall Festival! The Idea Room has always been a source of inspiration for me. Amy is as sweet in person as she is on her blog too.
I am excited to share the newest addition to my Fall decor with you today, my door hanger. Not only is it so easy, but it is inexpensive too! You can’t go wrong with that.

You will need…
8 felt leaf place mats (I found mine at the dollar store!)
Burlap garland or ribbon
Ribbon (this will be hidden)
Hot glue or Tacky Glue
Spray starch
Flat iron
You are probably thinking, a flat iron?! Yes! I didn’t want the leaves to be totally flat against the door, so I decided to give them a little dimension. Just spray some starch on each of the leaves. Curl the edges of the leaves with your flat iron, by clamping down and curving the flat iron as you pull towards the edges.
Lay out your leaves how you want them to be and glue them together. I used hot glue because my door hanger isn’t actually outside. If it is going to be outside, I recommend using something like Tacky Glue.
Put a ribbon through the top of the leaves. I poked a hole in one, and laced the ribbon through the center slit on another leaf. Tie the ribbon in the back. This is how it will hang up on your door.
Make a giant bow out of your burlap ribbon or garland and glue it to the top of your leaves.
Hang it up and enjoy! I need to give a big thanks to Amy for inviting me to join you today! Come see what else I am up to at Girl Loves Glam, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.
Here are a few of my favorite Fall projects so far…
Thanks so much McKenzie! So happy to have you join us! I Just love how fun and cute McKenzie is.  She exudes happiness.  Don’t you just love being around people like that.  Her blog is the same way.  Be sure to stop on over and check out all her other great projects!

Halloween Party Napkins

Hi Idea Room readers! My name is Tauni and I blog at SNAP! – a site where I can share social media tips, DIY and entertainingideas. I also host a fun social media conference with Amy and a few other fun ladies in the spring.

I am simply thrilled to be guest posting today. I found Amy’s site when she first started blogging and have followed her ever since. She’s taught me so much about being a mom, a woman and a positive person and I am truly grateful to call her my friend…

Halloween has become one of my favorite holidays. It’s fun to decorate AND fun to celebrate. Each year, we mark the week of Halloween with a spooky dinner.

This year, bats have dominated conversation so we’re having a bat themed dinner. I couldn’t find any fun party napkins with bats, so we made our own!  Today I am sharing with you how to make your own DIY Halloween Napkins.

Simple DIY Party Napkins

This is a really simple project that takes minutes and you can even have your kids join in on the fun…

Simple Halloween Party Napkin Supplies

DIY Party Napkins

Variety of stamps (letters, bats, etc.)
Stamp pads
Paper napkins

How to Make Simple Halloween Party Napkins

These napkins are great for instances where you need something really specific. The best part is they are super inexpensive too!

I had some fun, sort of rough letter/number stamps (sort of creepy, right?) on hand that I decided to mix in with the little bat stamp I found at Hobby Lobby. I think I paid about $2 for the bat stamp.

Simple DIY Party Napkins

I love the clear plexi stamps. It makes it so easy to line things up and get them where you want them…If I would have thought of it in advance, I probably would have tried to find a bat I could have used on the plexi block as well.

I prefer the pigment ink stamps that run about $2-3. The don’t seem to bleed as much as some of the other inks I tried on the paper napkins.

All you have to do is ink up, stamp lightly and let dry. Bam! You’re all done!!!

They’d also be perfect for a fun classroom party…

I love simple party projects with high impact, don’t you?!

Of course, the napkins are just part of our decor. We’ve got this spooky skeleton wreath on the front door…

And this fun bat wreath hanging inside…

(to go with the bat theme of course)

I’d love to get to know YOU better. I hope you will stop by the blog, or join me on Facebook and Pinterest.

Thanks so much for sharing these fun Halloween napkins Tauni.  They are so perfect for a Halloween party!  I have enjoyed working with Tauni on a lot of different projects and am always asking her for advice.  She has become a good friend and I am so grateful for the blessings I have been able to enjoy because of this blog.  Thanks Tauni!  –Amy

Halloween Kids Printable Book

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Hi! We’re Nat & Holly from My Sister’s Suitcase and we are so excited to be a part of Amy’s Fall Festival! The Idea Room is one of the first blogs we ever read years ago, so we feel pretty lucky to be here! We are two sisters that share a love of creating. We love up-cycling furniture, planning parties, decorating our homes, and doing fun projects with our kids.
Now that it’s finally October, the kids are getting excited about Halloween and of course, their costumes. It seems that every day brings a different idea of what they want to dress up as. (Can anyone relate?) So today we’re sharing a fun printable just for them!

This little book is as simple as you can get. It’s all ready to go in PDF form. Download here. Print it out, fold it in half (twice) and let your child’s imagination run wild!
Here are the pages included:
{digital art via}
Our kids thought this was really fun. Here’s how Holly’s son used his book.
The book has prompts for writing/or drawing and is good practice for following written directions! I love this Harry Potter!
For younger kids, you can read the directions to them and help them to narrow down the list to just one. This is a HUGE decision, you know.
We hope your kiddos have fun getting all ready to dress up for Halloween! I guess now we just have to figure out what Mom & Dad get to be…
Thanks for having us, Amy! We love the Idea Room and hope you lovely readers will come see what we’re up to at My Sister’s Suitcase. You can also find us on
Here are a few of our favorite Halloween & Fall projects:

Thanks so much Nat and Holly!  What a fun idea! I can’t believe it is that time of year already!  I am so happy to have these ladies sharing over at The Idea Room today.  Some of the sweetest and nicest women I know.  Be sure to head on over to their site and check out some of their other fun creativity!


Fall craft sign

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Hi there Idea Room fans! We’re simply thrilled to be a part of Amy’s new Fall Festival series and share our latest DIY Fall decor with you today:



To introduce ourselves, we are Kelli & Kristi of Lolly Jane, an eclectic DIY blog chalk full of home decor tutorials, home improvement projects, crafts, free printables and even a tasty recipe or two. We would love for you to pop by sometime and say hi! Today we’re going to show you how to create a simple piece of art from an unused cabinet door in just a few steps. After designing a few autumn phrases, we cut in out in vinyl to use as a stencil, applied the paint in fall hues and distressed the heck out of the cabinet door, in true Lolly Jane style! Fall-Sign If you don’t have a cabinet door lying around in your decor closet collecting dust available, feel free to simply print our design and place in an 8×10 frame to spruce up your fall space! Fall-Decor Click HERE to download your own :) Free-Fall-Downloads We have learned it can be easy to make something from nothing. (Stay tuned next week to see our upcycled grapevine wreath Kristi pulled from the trash!) A big thanks to Amy for letting us be her guesties today! We hope we have inspired you to start decorating for fall in an inexpensive way. Take a peek at a few of our other fall projects:

Patterned pumpkins | Pumpkin Trio Blocks | Framed Pumpkin Wreath

For more holiday ideas be sure to visit our tutorials page, stop by our FB, Twitter or Pinterest boards. Happy Fall, ya’ll!

Thanks so much ladies. I just love this sign as it has all the things on there that I love about fall. So happy to have Kelli and Kristi here today sharing with us some of their great talents.  I wish I had an awesome twin to craft with :)!!  Be sure to stop on over to Lolly Jane and say hello!  –Amy

Halloween Pop Box Gift

So excited to welcome Kristyn today as part of our Fall Festival!  Kristyn is sharing an awesome tutorial for these DIY Halloween Candy Bottles and gift box.

Hi there Idea Room readers!! It’s Kristyn from Lil’ Luna! I’m so thrilled to be here today. I admire Amy so much, and look up to her not only as a blogger, but also as a friend and mother. The girl is amazing and so talented, so was I ecstatic when she asked for me to guest post today.

As I think about cooler weather and Fall, I can’t help but think of Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays, and our family has made some super fun traditions for that holiday. Although gift giving is associated more with Christmas, our family has actually tried serving and doing nice things for others all year round, and even around Halloween. People can always use a pick me up, right? So, this year I decided to come up with a super cute Halloween Pop Box Gift. I’ve made them in the past for Valentines, Christmas and Birthday, and they’ve alwas been a hit. Why not a Halloween version?! It can be given to your child’s teacher or just to a family who needs some extra cheer. It’s even great for the hubby!! This gift is easy and perfect for anyone.


Here is what you’ll need to make one too:


IBC Cream Soda or Crush Pop Bottles Set

Candies to fill your bottles

Scrapbook Paper Ribbon/Ric Rac/Twine

Tape or Glue Spray Paint or Craft Paint

Halloween Pop Box Printables


1. Begin by emptying your pop bottles and washing them out and letting them dry completely. From there you will paint your Pop Box. I spray painted mine black. Let dry.

Best-Halloween-Candy2. From there you will fill your pop bottles with candy. I did Candy Corn, Indian Corn, Black & Orange Sixlets, Fall M&Ms, Black Licorice and Reeses Pieces.


3. From there you will print out your Halloween Pop Box Printables. To get the PDF click on the image above or go HERE.


4. Cut out all your printables.

5. From there you will cut out 6 pieces of scrapbook paper. I made mine about 3 inches by 9 inches. Wrap and tape around pop bottles. Add your pop bottles circles to the front of your bottles with tape or glue.

6. From there I added some ric rac and ribbon around the tops of the bottles. I also added the pumpkin heads to the tops of the bottles. Add your bottles back to the box and be sure to add your front printable to the box that says “No Tricks, Just Treats”. Now you have super cute and easy Halloween Gift to give to anyone.



Super cute and super easy – which is how I like things!! ;D

Be sure to come on over to Lil’ Luna for more fun and cute tutorials on crafts, DIY projects, recipes and more. I’d love to have you!!


Thank you so much Kristyn! Isn’t she the cutest?  I just instantly knew I liked Kristyn when I met her.  She is so nice and sweet and FUN!  I feel so grateful for all the amazing people I have been able to meet through this blog and Kristyn is definitely one of those people.  Be sure to head on over to Lil’ Luna and see all the great things she shares!  –Amy

Pumpkin Muffins—with Craisins and chocolate Chips

Fall is my very favorite season and I have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to share some of their fall favorites here with you.  I am so excited to have Kristen from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke sharing some Pumpkin Muffins with some yummy additions as part of The Idea Room Fall Festival!

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Hi, I’m Kristen, and I’m so happy to be back here at The Idea Room! I used to contribute weekly photography tips , then got overwhelmed with life and needed to pare down. Amy’s blog introduced me to the exciting online world, and I continue to LOVE her and what she shares with all of us. I’ve been blessed to get to know her and her family on a personal level, and am very impressed with the love they have for each other. Someone to look up to, indeed. I blog at Capturing Joy all about life, the things I make, and the pictures I take. Come on over and visit sometime! Today I am sharing with you a recipe that I look forward to making every Fall, Moist Pumpkin Muffins, and I added some extra yumminess for the first time to share with all of you.

Let me start by saying these moist pumpkin muffins are delicious without anything inside. I just wanted to get creative and add 2 of my favorite cookie ingredients: craisins and chocolate chips. Strangely, I don’t like raisins a lot, but I LOVE craisins! When I first was introduced to these muffins 5 years ago, I couldn’t believe the deliciousness.

I just love a picture of orange batter…

I decided to make a batch of mini muffins (24) as well as standard size muffins (12) and then had enough for a mini loaf, too!

My girls helped me, and I had them place craisins on top so they would show through the cooked muffin nicely.

I like to be able to see the texture.

Oh my goodness, they turned out so delicious! I didn’t realize the most delectable pumpkin muffin could get any better!

pumpkin recipes Can you see the shiny moistness oozing out of these pictures? Heaven, I tell ya.

Moist Pumpkin Muffins with Craisins & Chocolate Chips


5 eggs

1 1/4 cup oil

Mix in:

1 can pumpkin

2 cups flour

2 cups sugar

2 small pkg. vanilla pudding powder


1 Tsp. soda

1 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. nutmeg

Fold in 1/2 cup chocolate chips (or more)

1/2 cup craisins (or more)

Bake at 325 degrees, muffins for 20 minutes, full loaf 1 hour. Oven temperatures may vary, stick a toothpick in the center to check for gooey-ness.

They were fantastic right out of the oven, but I prefer my baked goods chilled, so I pop them in the fridge and fully enjoy the texture of the craisins and chocolate chips. I promise, you can’t go wrong with these babies, definitely a crowd pleaser! I’d love to hear if you make them;)

Thanks so much Kristen!  I am so lucky to consider her a friend.  I have enjoyed having her in my home a few times and have her take our family pictures!  Love learning from her and being inspired by her as a friend!  Be sure to head on over to her site for some amazing photos and fun ideas!  –Amy


In other news…Remember when I shared a fun craft night with Poppy Seed Crafts?  Well neither one of us realized at the time that we had scheduled the craft night on the same night as women’s meeting where we meet and listen to some of the leaders in our church.  So…we debated back and forth about what to do and have received some questions about whether we would change it. 

Ultimately, we decided to change it so that more of you could come and join us and we could attend the meeting.  So sorry about that big snafu!  A huge oversight on our end.  The new date is pending but should be sometime in the later half of October.  We will do another post and update you on the new time.  We are also honoring the giveaway.  The winner is Megan Buhler.  Send me an email Megan and we will get you hooked up! [email protected]



So if you registered and are unable to make the October night, we will refund you your fees completely.  So sorry for all the craziness.  I hope some of you will be able to join us.


12 uses for old book pages

Fall is my very favorite season and I have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to share some of their fall favorites here with you.  I am so excited to have Michael Wurm, Jr. from Inspired by Charm here sharing 12 FABULOUS Halloween Crafts using pages from old books as part of The Idea Room Fall Festival!

fall festival banner
Hello, Everyone! Michael here from Inspired by Charm.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be here today. I’m a huge fan of Amy and The Idea Room. Her Fall Festival is the bomb, and I’m thrilled to be one of the festival bloggers.

Today I have twelve mini-projects to share with you. Yep, twelve! Old books and old book pages are popping up everywhere in blogland and the craft world. So I decided to take this idea and give it a festive twist.

To get started, I picked up a couple old books at a local thrift shop. (Book lovers, cover your eyes.) I tore out a few pages from the books and then grabbed my laptop. I hit up one of my favorite clip art galleries, The Graphics Fairy, and downloaded all the Halloween-related images.

Using two small pieces of double stick tape, I attached one book page to the center of a piece of standard card stock.

Using the word processing program on my computer, I selected one of the clip art images and printed it on the book page taped to the card stock.

Simple as that! I repeated those steps for all my images. With a stack of embellished book pages in hand, I started to get crafty. Let’s get going!

No. 1: Place Cards
Just add a name in your word processor before printing your page (or write it in later) and then cut to fit. I guess this means Amy is officially invited for dinner!


No. 2: Vase Update
I have this great rectangular vase that was begging to be jazzed up. I just cut around the printed image and attached it to the vase with double stick tape.

No. 3: Wall Décor Accent
I have a display of plates and mirrors in my dinning room. I simply tucked in a few of the book pages for a spooky new look! This could be done to anything hanging, be it a frame, mirror, or other wall decoration.


No. 4: Decorative Jar Candle
Have a simple looking candle? Wrap it with an embellished book page. After cutting out the image, I attached it with double stick tape.


No. 5: Vintage Wreath
This one is a piece of cake. Just tuck a printed page into your favorite wreath for an instant vintage touch.

No. 6: Put a Cloche on It!
Slide a mini-pumpkin and one of the pages under a cloche. Anything under a cloche always looks special and important.



 No. 7: Candlestick Wrap

Trim the page so there is just enough to wrap around the candle. I used double stick tape to affix the page. Being tall and skinny, the skeleton key graphic worked perfectly. Use caution if you do decide to light these as old paper and flames don’t really go well together.



No. 8. Jazz up Your Jam
I thought the paper would rip on this one, but it couldn’t have worked better! Cut a square out of your paper with your image centered. Place it on top of your jar lid and screw on the top. I then added a fun label to make the presentation even more special. In case you were wondering, that’s peach jam.


No. 9: Art Swap
This is another easy one. Swap out a piece of artwork for one of the pages, or add it on top of a piece of artwork that may be a little larger than the printed page.


No. 10: Specimen Jars
These vintage mason jars are always coming in handy for me. After I printed the orange and black butterflies, I trimmed the pages to size and tucked them into the jars. These would look great all year long!


No. 11: Boring to Bold
It’s all in the details! Take a boring glass of striped drinking straws over-the-top by sliding in a page printed with skeletons. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

No. 12: Goodie Bags
Last but not least, turn an old book page into a fun label for treats. I folded my page in half at the top of the label and cut it out, making sure not to cut the fold. Again, using double stick tape on both sides of the interior of my label, I attached it to a bag full of yummy pumpkin kisses.


That’s it! Simple, but totally fabulous and unexpected. It really is all about the details. I hope you can use some of these ideas for your Halloween and fall decorating. What other ideas do you have for embellished book pages?

Thanks again to Amy for having me here! It was an absolute joy sharing my ideas in The Idea Room!

Thank you so much Michael!  You can bet I am coming to your party.  Thanks for setting a place for me at the table!  If you have not stopped over to Michael’s site you really need to.  He has some amazing recipes and all sorts of fun things he shares.  You will not be sorry!  –Amy

front porch pumpkin plantar

Fall is my very favorite season and I have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to share some of their fall favorites here with you.  I am so excited to have Ashley and Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic sharing their classy Fall Front Porch Pumpkin Plantar as part of The Idea Room Fall Festival!


Hey there! We are the Shanty Sisters (Ashley and Whitney) from Shanty2chic and we are so thrilled that Amy asked us to share a fun, fall project with you all!


Our latest shopping trip included an Ikea clearance item that we “shantied up” and repurposed for a front porch fall display!


It is some sort of bath stool/storage but we thought it would make the perfect “planter style box” for a front porchSmile


Assembled without the top. It only took 3 minutes to put together! Score!!

lowes finials

We added four wooden finials, that you can purchase at Lowe’s, to each corner. These finials are a favorite of oursWinking smile

ryobi drill

To attach them to the corners, we pre-drilled a small hole for each finial to screw into.


another quick 3-4 minutesWinking smile

rust-oleum espresso

We finished it with 1 coat of Rust-oleum Espresso spray paint in satin and filled it with cute pumpkinsSmile


fall decor


white pumpkin

decorating with pumpkins

halloween decor

how to decorate with pumpkins

We spent $20 on this project, completed it in 20 minutes and we now have a versatile piece for our front porch displays, year-round! Thank you so much to Amy for asking us to share with you all today! We hope you enjoyed our fall project and hope that you join us on our blog!

fall wreath

Fall is my very favorite season and I have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to share some of their fall favorites here with you.  I am so excited to have Jamielyn from I {Heart} Naptime sharing her adorable Fall Wreath as part of The Idea Room Fall Festival!

fall festival banner

Hi there The Idea Room friends! I’m Jamielyn from and I’m SO excited to be here today. I absolutely adore Amy and her blog. She is one of my favorite bloggers out there and I’m sure you can agree. :)

Today I’m going to share with you this simple and cute fall wreath. I absolutely LOVE decorating for fall! I was so excited to pull out all my fall decor this year.


Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


  1. Wreath (found at any craft store)
  2. Glitter leaves (found at Hobby Lobby)
  3. One square of felt
  4. Scissors
  5. Hot glue

The first thing you’ll want to do is make the felt flowers. These are really simple to make and can be used for many different crafts.

  1. Start by cutting out a 2 in circle. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfect. ;)
  2. Start on one edge of the circle and cut a swirl until you reach the middle.
  3. Once your circle is cut, grab the edge from the middle and start rolling the piece in like a rose, hot gluing as you go.
  4. Then make about 10 more flowers. You can use different colors and make the circles bigger as well to get a unique look.

Next I glued my leaves around the center of the wreath.

Once the leaves were glued on, I glued felt roses to the center of the leaves and on some of the branches. Add a piece of lace and hang up your new wreath. :)


I love how it turned out. Everything looks better with glitter, right? Especially during the holidays. ;) Thanks so much for having me today! Come see what else I’m up to at or catch me on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

Paper Pumpkins

Green Chile enchiladas

Chalk paint and distressing tutorial

Have a happy day!



Thanks so much Jamielyn for sharing this fun wreath with us!  Such a simple and easy way to get a great fall wreath in your home.  I just love Jamielyn and have enjoyed my friendship with her.  Her is a beautiful person on the inside and outside!  If you have not checked out her site…you really need too.


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