Family Game


What a wonderful time of year! Now that the presents have all been opened, What is next? Playing with our family and friends of course. Here is a great game for you and all of your holiday guests.  This would be perfect for your New Year’s Celebrations. 


You Will Need…

Bowls for each player
Cotton Balls
A way to keep time

Setting Up…

Have everyone sit in a circle around a table or on the floor. Place a dab of vaseline on the tip of each player’s nose. Put a bowl in front of each player and a pile of cotton balls next to the bowl or scattered loosely in front of them on the table.

How to Play…

The object of the game is to place the cotton balls into the bowl using only your nose. Hands should be down or behind your back when you play. After 1 minute, the player with the most cotton balls in their bowl wins the prize. So, you are essentially “shoveling snow”, or cotton balls with your nose. 

We like to play by taking turns one at a time so that we can watch each other. We use one bowl, each player takes a turn and then counts how many cotton balls they got. We dump the cotton balls out and the next person takes their turn. 

You could easily play in teams also. Depending on how many people were involved. 

Don’t forget to TAKE PICTURES. These are memories you don’t want to miss. 

Happy Holidays to you and your family. Enjoy spending time with one another!

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Playdough Pictionary Game

While buying school supplies for our older kids this last week, play dough made it into the cart too. Most of us have play dough around the house somewhere. Instead of making pancakes and snakes, put it to use with this fun family game. This is perfect for kids and adults of all ages. In fact, my husband and I love to play after the kids have gone to bed.

 You Will Need…


Different colors is really fun, but one color will work just fine also. 


I have included a list of words for you at the end of the post to get you started. Add other words you think would be fun, or that would work for your family. 


How to Play 

Divide into teams.

Give each team play-dough. We like to give each team a few different colors.

Print off one copy of the words (listed below) for each team.

Cut the words into strips and put them in a bowl or baggie.

When you say “GO”, one person from each team will choose a word out of the bowl. They will attempt to “SCULPT” that word for their team using the play-dough. They cannot talk, make noises, use actions, or anything else. They can only use the play-dough. The rest of their team is trying to guess what they are making.

Once someone on their team has guessed, the next team member pulls another word out of the bowl and begins to sculpt.

This continues, everyone taking turns sculpting, until all the words in their bowl have been guessed. The team to do this first, wins.


Instead of going through the whole bowl of words to win, you can set a timer. When time is up, the team with the most words guessed, wins.

Small teams, such as teams of two will work just fine.

If you are playing with just two or three people, take turns sculpting for the whole group, and keep score as individuals. (Set a timer, sculpt, and if your word is guessed in the time frame, you get a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game, wins.)

If your children are small and can’t read yet, instead of words, draw pictures and put those on the different slips of paper. Or even create a separate bowl that holds the picture clues. When it is an adults turn, they pick from the words. A child’s turn, they pick from the picture clues.

If you have a really big group. Put one person in charge of the list of words. Send one “sculpter” up from each team to get their first word. They have to run back and sculpt. As soon as their teammates correctly guess the words, a new person from their group runs up to the person with the list and they given their next word. This lets teams run and move around and adds even more fun to the game. The team who successfully gets through the whole list first, wins.

List of Words (print off one copy for each team. Cut the words into slips of paper and put in a bowl or baggie)























Bow and Arrow






Light Bulb




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Football Game–Boys Room Decor and Game

A couple of weeks ago I shared a sneak peak of this subway art dresser as part of a Silhouette Giveaway and Project.  The dresser is part of my second oldest son’s room redo after his older brother (who used to share this room) moved into his own room which I share here: Boys Room Makeover

For a Lowes challenge, recently we were challenged to use Pantone’s Color of the Year in a project.  Now I have spent the last year and a half transitioning green out of my home décor.  My house was full of green and now it is not.  So this was particularly challenging for me simply because I had no where to use it in my home, and I am not a fan of making something that I was not going to really use.


So I racked my brain about something that I could feel authentic about for my home’s style right now.  I was right in the middle of working on my son’s room, who LOVES sports, especially Football, Lacrosse and Baseball and he wanted a sports themed room.  This kid loves to play the paper football game.  You know the one where you make a triangle football out of a piece of folded paper and then shoot it through your opponents fingers that are shaped like a field goal?  So I decided to make him a football field to play it on and to also double as room decoration. 

Here is how I made it.  I took a piece of plywood and cut it down to measure 38 inches x 20 inches.

My husband is such a perfectionist and insisted that this small field be the exact proportions of a standard football field.  He played football in college and also is a huge fan of the sport, so I had to let him get his way on it, but let him do all the math to figure it out.  I will just tell you the measurements so you can copy them if you want.

football-game 3

Then I painted it with Valspar Signature paint with Pantone’s Color of the Year: Emerald Green.  It took two coats.  After the paint had dried I used a ruler to mark out the yard lines and goal lines on the field.

Football-game 2

Then took my silhouette and cut out the yardage lines and numbers and laid them every 2 inches apart.  I painted the end zones blue.  Then painted a varnish over the entire field to protect the vinyl and to keep it from peeling off.

football-game measurements

I added some side pieces to make it into a box and simply used some flat door moldings that I had painted white.    We cut two side pieces on the length 38 and the end pieces 20 and the extra width of the wood to make them match up. 

football-game 4

We glued them in place and held them together with clamps to dry.

football-game 6

The field goals we made out of cutting a small wooden dowel for the base and then a square wooden dowel.  We glued them together with wood glue and then drilled hole in the end zone for them to sit in.  You can glue them in place or just make it so they can be removed if needed. 

football-game 5

We opted for the latter since my son likes to use this for his little football and soccer guys to play on as well.  He puts a little soccer net on the field sometimes.

Now this sits in his room as décor when he is not using it. 

Football-game 1

I am pretty happy with how it turned out…especially because he actually uses it.  That is always a bonus.

football-game 7

Looking for more creative ideas for your home?  Sign up for Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine.  It actually has a lot of really great and creative ideas that you can and would want to do.  Go ahead and check it out!


Connect with Lowes Creative Ideas:

lowes creative ideas blogger

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  Lowe’s provided me with a gift card to showcase a project this month as part of their Lowe’s Creative ideas Bloggers team.  However all opinions and statements are mine.

PVC Sprinkler: Lowe’s outdoor challenge

The last week here has been H.O.T…HOT!!  With temps in the high 90’s and low 100’s we have been feeling the heat.  So when Lowe’s challenged their Creative Network to create something to make the outdoors more fun and memorable, I knew this PVC sprinkler would be a perfect fit and would cool us off.

pvc sprinkler 2

I have seen a few of these around, but the first one I saw was in the Family Fun magazine a couple of years ago.  I have always wanted to make one.

pvc sprinkler 6

I decided to come up with my own design and drew it out before we even got started. My husband and I made a few changes to the design when we actually put it together.

pvc sprinkler 4

I was really happy with how it turned out.  The kids LOVE it.  We even had the neighborhood kids and some cousins over to play in it with us.  The kids rode their scooters through it and we have plans to put it over the slip and slide.  Doesn’t that sound like a ton of fun?!

pvc sprinkler 3

PVC is really inexpensive and we were able to put this whole thing together for $25.  That is a pretty great price for something that entertained the kids for a couple hours every day and cooled them off during the hottest part of the day.

pvc sprinkler 5

I will be back to share with you the specific details for how we build this in case you would like to make something similar at your house.

pvc sprinkler

What are some fun ways you are making memories outside this summer? We could always use some fun ideas around here!

Next month I will be back with another outside idea, courtesy of Lowes and I’ll be giving away another Lowes Gift Card!  So be sure to keep checking back!

block puzzle

Hey guys…things are still crazy around here.  We are finally starting to get things put back together in our home. Yeah! But we still have a LOT of work ahead of us.  I hope to share an update later in the week if you are interested.  But, in the meantime, I wanted to share with you a fun idea for making a fun Photo Block Puzzle.

photo puzzle 3wm

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These have been around for a while but I was reminded of them when my mom made one of these with a group of her church friends.  Hers was much larger and the blocks are about 3 inches (I think) each. I thought it would be fun to make one on a much smaller scale and  make one of them for my kids or to give as a gift to someone.

photo puzzle 2wm

So I found some 1 inch craft blocks at my local craft store.  They came in a large package of several of them for just a couple of dollars. 

photo puzzle 6wm

Then I found a box that measured 2 inches x 3 inches. So that six 1 inch blocks fit almost perfectly into the box.

photo puzzle 8wm  photo puzzle 5wm

Then I found 6 pictures that I wanted to include on my block puzzle.  One photo for each side of the block.  So you have essentially 6 different photo puzzles.  I loaded the photos into my photo program and cropped them so that they measured 2 x 3 inches each.

photo puzzle 9wm

I tried to make sure that the lines I would be cutting on would not cut through any important details of the picture.  This will help it so that the final picture will not be distorted.  Then I glued the pieces on the puzzle with Matte finish Mod Podge.

photo puzzle 10wm

Then I simply rotated the blocks all in the same direction and then added another photo.  I continued that process and tried to make it so that the photos were on the same plane…if that makes sense.  Either way it will work out.

photo puzzle 12wm


When you are finished, every block will have one piece of each puzzle on it.  And you literally have six fun photo puzzles to play with in a nice little box.

photo puzzle wm

These would be a great activity for your little ones in church with faces of the people they love.  Or a fun way to ask someone to a dance…do they still do that in high school?  Or to give to someone as a small gift idea.  There are so many fun ways these could be used.

photo puzzle 1wm

What would you make one for and for who?

*And I would like to thank Kristen Duke for our fun family photo.  It is from 2010 but is still one of my favorites!

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Thanksgiving Game—Turkey Feathers

Entertaining the kids on Thanksgiving morning while preparing for your feast can be challenging.  Why not let them entertain themselves with this fun Thanksgiving Game? 

Thanksgiving Game e wm

The premise of the game is fairly simple.  Simple enough that even the youngest kids can play.  Each player takes a turkey card and gets 6 clothes pins or…Turkey Feathers.  Each player takes turns rolling once dice.   Then you simply put a feather on the number that you rolled.  If you roll a number you already have a feather on, then your turn is over.  First person to get all the feathers on their turkey wins.  Pretty simple right?  As I am typing this, I realized it might be fun to actually write some of the things you are thankful for on the turkey feathers themselves to help your little ones to be thinking of them while they are playing the game.  It would add a little more meaning to the game as well.

Thanksgiving Game c wm

As far as making the game all you will need to do is paint some clothes pins in some fun colors.  Each player will need 6 clothes pins, so depending on how many players you have (this game can have lots so it is perfect for big family get togethers).  Then since I had some fun Martha Stewart Glitter Paint (which is sold exclusively at Michael’s), I painted a layer of glitter over the regular paint colors to give the Turkey Feathers some pizazz!

Thanksgiving Game wm

You will also need to print a card for each player.  You can find the free download for the game board here:

Thanksgiving Game Turkey Feathers Printable

thanksgiving game f wm

Then to make them sturdy, I glued them onto some thin cardboard (or you could use some chipboard) with some Mod Podge on the front and back.  This will help them to last through multiple games with little hands and allow them to be strong enough to hold up the turkey feathers.

Thanksgiving game d wm

Hope you enjoy them.  I would love to hear from you if you download the games and plan on using them for Thanksgiving this year.  This helps me to gage the kind of projects I share with you and the things that you would maybe like to see more of!

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Gift Games—Tic Tac Toe

Want a really easy gift game idea for your kids friends or for your neighbors this Holiday season? How about this simple but fun Tic Tac Toe game? This portable, magnetic game is perfect for taking on road trips, restaurants or appointments to help pass the time for your restless little ones…or let’s face it…yourself.  Want to know how I made it so you can make one to?  I thought so…

gift games hwm

As part of the Martha Stewart Holiday Paint Campaign sponsored by Plaid, I was sent an amazing collection of paints, stencils and brushes from Martha’s new paint line! It was like Christmas morning! So many great products for creating so much creative goodness.

Thanksgiving game MS suppliesgift games awm

For this project, I used a couple of the paint products—Martha Stewart’s White Satin Paint and Martha Stewart’s Magnetic Paint. I used many of the various sized paint brushes they sent me and some fun Letter Stencils.  You will also need some magnets, a wooden plaque and some round wooden 1 inch buttons which I was able to pick up at Lowe’s.

Gift games wmgift games bwm

Take your wooden plaque and paint three coats of the magnetic paint onto the front of it.  I painted just up to the edge of the plaque.  I followed the directions on the back of the magnetic paint label and painted one coat at a time and let it dry for an hour before painting each additional coat.  You will want to add at least two layers of the paint so that your magnets will hold well.  Then I let it dry for 24 hours.

gift games cwmgift games dwm

While the magnetic paint was drying, I painted the wooden buttons using Martha Stewart’s satin white paint.  I loved this paint.  It was so thick and smooth.  It only took a two coats and the finish was so smooth and pretty.  After they had dried completely, I stenciled the letters x and o with the Martha Stewart Letter Stencils onto the white buttons.  I made a total of 10 buttons and made 5 o’s and 5 x’s.  When they are dry glue some magnets to the bottoms using some E6000 glue.

gift games ewmgift games fwm

Then I painted the edges of the plaque with a coat of black paint.  This will show up under the white when I sand and rough up the edges for a nice distressed look.  When the black paint is dry, use the white satin paint again to cover up the black and to give your plaque a nice finished look.  I only painted around the sides and edges of the black as I added some fun patterned paper on the top.

gift games gwm

Attach the paper with some Mod Podge with a layer underneath and a layer on the top to adhere and protect the paper. I prefer the matte finish Mod Podge.

When it has dried completely you can take a piece of sand paper and rough up the edges to give it a fun, distressed look.

Pretty simple and makes for a fun, homemade inexpensive gift idea.

gift games iwm

And…that is not all…if you want you can change it up and turn it into a fun little photo display or recipe holder…

recipe holder wmphoto holder wm

Star Wars Finger Puppets

Star Wars Finger Puppets 4 wm

I have been so excited to share with you my latest creation…Star Wars Finger Puppets!!  I had so much fun making these and my two boys were eager to fill my head with all sorts of Star Wars Trivia.  They helped me to come up with the outfit choices for each character to make sure I had them just right.    Part of the reason I am so excited about them is that they are for BOYS…and of course girls too!  But most of the time the projects I share are geared toward little girls since my youngest three are…well…girls!

Star Wars Finger Puppet Patterns 5 wm

Star Wars is STILL as popular as it was when I was growing up.  And my husband is a huge Star Wars fan…me?  Well, I have seen almost all of the movies…but can’t remember much about them after the original Star Wars.  So my boys and husband were a big help with this project.

Anyone else have any big  Star Wars fans?

Well, these Star Wars Finger Puppet Patterns are now available for sale in The Idea Room Store.

The patterns are colored and have step by step instructions so that you can make your own to look just like the ones in the pictures.

Star Wars Finger Puppets J wm

{my friend let me borrow her son to help model some of the puppets…isn’t he cute?}

All 12  Star Wars Characters are included in this tutorial for one great price!

Darth Vader

Luke Skywalker

Han Solo

Princess Leia


Obi-Wan Kenobi




Storm Trooper



The Star Wars Patterns and Tutorials are now available for $4.00!

*The pattern can be purchased through PayPal and will be sent to you via email within 48 hours from the time of purchase.  I am a busy mama…I try to check my email fairly often though when I can so most likely you will see it sooner.  Make sure your email address in your PayPal account is current.  If you do not receive your email check your spam folder as sometimes they end up in there.

To purchase the patterns follow this link:

Star Wars Finger Puppet Patterns



DIY Magnetic Silly Faces

silly faces 5

I recently shared this fun tutorial for Silly Magnetic Faces over on I {heart} Nap Time last week as part of a fun week of Silhouette inspired projects.  I know not many of you are able to have a Silhouette machine, but the fun thing about this tutorial, is that you don’t need to have one to be able to make these for your little ones.  All you would have to do is simply cut them out the old fashioned way.  To learn exactly how I made them you can follow along with the tutorial below.

I just recently was able to try out Silhouette’s Printable Magnet Paper for the first time.  I thought about making something more practical like cute labels for my family’s organization board, but I went for something a little more fun and creative…Magnetic Silly Faces!

magnet paper[1]

They were an instant hit at our house.  My daughter loved laughing at herself and the various ways she could make herself silly.  The best part is how easy it was to make and put together.


silly faces final 3

I simply started by taking a close up picture of my daughter and then downloaded it into my Photoshop program.  I was sure to take the picture with a white background behind her (a wall) to provide minimal distraction in the finished product.  Make sure to have the person looking at you straight on.


Crop your picture so that it is measures 8 x 10 and print it out onto a non-glossy photo paper.  Set it aside.

*You could make this smaller depending on what you would like, I wanted mine to fit in an 8×10 inch frame without a matte.  Do what works best for your needs.  You could also print it out so that it fits into a fun tin carrying case like they sell at scrapbook store for a more portable version.

In the Silhouette program I was able to download all of these fun shapes to use to make the silly faces.  With my daughters picture still up in the edit window of Photoshop, I measured how big I needed each object using the ruler grid.  For example, to determine how big the glasses needed to be, I measured where I wanted the end of the glasses to come on each side of her face and determined that the glasses needed to be 7 inches across.  Then I measured the height to be 3 inches from above the eyes to where I wanted them to sit below the eyes. 



After determining the measurements needed for each item, I adjusted the sizes of each object accordingly.  It seems like a long process, but was actually pretty easy with this new Silhouette program. 

*One thing I learned is to make them a little bit bigger than the actual measurements.  I wish I made mine each a bit bigger.  I will make the adjustments when I make these for the rest of my kids {because apparently it wasn’t fair that I only made one for someone else…imagine that!?!}

When you have everything ready, print them from the Silhouette program onto the Magnet paper in your regular printer.  Make sure that you load the magnet paper properly so that it will print on the white side.  Then place it onto your cutting mat feed that into your Silhouette SD machine and line it up according to your registration marks.  Cut the paper.  I set machine to a cutting speed of 4, a thickness of 22 and used the yellow cutting blade and it worked perfectly.

silly faces cutting

Now that the silly face pieces are cut you can take your photo and cut it so that it fits into a picture frame.  Then I took some sheet metal, that I had leftover from the same organization board I mentioned and linked to in the first paragraph, and traced the picture on it to know exactly where to cut it.


silly faces 2

Cut the sheet metal out with some tin snips.  Be very careful with this as the metal can be pretty sharp on the edges.

silly face 3

Place the metal sheet into the frame and place the picture on top of it.  This makes it so you can store the silly face pieces on the back when they are not in use and keeps them nicely hidden away.

silly face storage

Pretty fun and simple right??  I thought so!  There are so many different ways you could use these to entertain your kids depending on the different sizes you made them and whether you wanted them to be portable or not!


silly faces final 2


This one was my daughter’s favorite.  She thought it looked just like me!  I am hoping the jury is still out on that one!

         silly faces final 4 

And when the picture is not being used to make silly faces, you can use it as a regular photo to add some fun to your child’s room.  Pretty versatile right?  Thanks Silhouette for providing us with another fun media to play and create with!!


silly faces in room 

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Hopscotch Play Mat by A Girl and a Glue Gun

so it was spring break! whoopie. I thought I would send the kids outside and get some freaking peace some cleaning done. it snowed. and it was cold and windy. Idaho really stinks sometimes. so I thought I had better think fast and come up with some outside games that could be done inside. hopscotch.


classic. I went to joanns (shoutout!) and bought me some white canvas stuff. (it was 6.99 a yard…but I had my 50% off coupon) I actually went to home depot first to find a drop cloth but the smallest I could find was a 5 ft by 5 ft (for about the same price) so if anyone is a mad 4 square player you could buy that and do it up right.


I was on the fence about whether to hot glue stuff to it or paint….. but I finally went with hot glue…I mean I’ve got to live up to the name right? but for the record…paint would be easy to do (as long as your canvas is thick enough) or you could even sew fabric…but those methods require a bit more work. I bought two yards and cut it in half….but that makes two mats….so you could just buy one yard and sew the ends together to make one long mat (does that make any sense at all? want one long piece of fabric…by any means necessary)

the easy peasy way is to get those felt sheets….(I think about 25cents a piece)
I have quite a collection of felt….so I cut whatever colors I needed to size
(sidenote: when working with felt…sharp scissors are your friend)
I had a “helper” lay them out (and try them out)
if you notice..she is on a different color for each picture…
Then I had another “helper” take off the stickers on the felt sheets
and then try it out
and then ANOTHER helper laid it out exactly how she wanted the colors to be…
see how desperate we are for some entertainment!!!!
back to the task at hand
I folded the mat in half and rounded the edges of the top part of the mat
then I “hemmed” the edges using my hot glue gun
I  took my felt pieces and traced the numbers
and cut it out (you could use a stencil if needs be)

Then I just hot glued the pieces right onto the canvas (make sure all the edges are glued down nice and tight seeing how there is going to be a lot of jumping on it)

(see the vacuum cord? that is what I SHOULD have been doing!)


this is where you could STOP..
BUT..I had all these leftover scraps…and I hate letting things go to waste…so I started cutting circles..
and then I added them around my mat as a border
I dug some rocks out of the frozen tundra and had my little helpers paint them

and go to town

the best part (other than getting your kids to leave you alone so you can blog)
it folds up nice and small..
now of course..I had a whole other blank side…
so I added a few more games on the back.
and a little bag to hold all the pieces:
the tic tac toe was just some strips of felt:
the tic tac toe pieces are just x and o’s on some squares
and the target is just some “pieces of pie” cut out and then I cut out some numbers
for the “bombs” (that is what my son calls them) I just cut out some asterisk shapes
fill with some beans
then I just hot glued the sides up

and wrapped a rubber band around it

and hot glued some felt around the rubber band
then I just snipped the pieces to make it poofy.
they just stand at the top of the mat and chuck them and if they land on a number…they can add them up and the one with the biggest number wins (did you see what I did there….I added some math…and the kids will have so much fun playing that they will NEVER KNOW…{insert evil laugh} it’s like when you grate carrots and put them in brownies! little things that make us feel like we are winning the parents vs kids game.
Then I made a hot glue felt bag to hold all the stuff in it ( I should have made it bigger to hold the mat too….you live and learn)
decorated the front
hot glued the sides together
and folded down the top edge
and added a string
all wrapped up…stored in a closet. ready for another cold blustery day!
thanks for having me AMY! Don’t you love the idea room? it’s one of my most favoritest blogs!
and you  come check me out at my blog anytime (this is your formal invitation)
A girl and a glue gun


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