GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure: The House Reveal

A couple of weeks ago, I was had the experience of a lifetime.  I was invited by my friends from GMC to participate in their 3rd GMC Hidden Treasures Adventure.  This amazing adventure was sponsored by GMC and The Cincinnati and Atlanta Habitat For Humanity ReStore.  We spent several days shopping the World’s Longest Yard Sale for items to put together TWO homes for deserving families working along with Habitat for Humanity.

If you missed my earlier posts, you might be interested in reading them to see the overall process.  You can find them here:

GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure:  The Part 1

GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure: Part 2

I ended up drawing the Living Room.  Here is a picture of one part of the Living Room.  Too see the other pictures, you can check out the reveal of that room here:  GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure: The Living Room Reveal

Today I want to share with you the rest of the home, which was put together by the other DIY Bloggers who I participated with.  Seriously, one of the best parts of this whole experience was working with and getting to know these amazing people.  So. Much. Fun!!

GMC Reveal 28

Kitchen & Dining Room

Nick and Beth from Sawdust & Embryos

Nick and Beth from Sawdust and Embryos worked on the Kitchen/Dining Room and the litle Boy’s Room.  We were all given $250 for each room, which doesn’t go very far!  They did an amazing job working with what they had to create such a beautiful space in the Kitchen and Dining area.

GMC Reveal 33

I love that they had the table set and ready for the family to begin spending time and making memories in their new home.  Isn’t that buffet amazing?  They turned an old dresser into this beautiful accent piece.  Then Beth took this outdated painting and threw in some blue colors to freshen it up and to turn it into the perfect piece!

GMC Reveal 31

They painted a small section of the side kitchen cupboard with some Chalkboard Paint and then placed this frame around it to finish it off so nicely.  It will make a nice little command center for the family.

GMC Reveal 35

Then…for the icing on the cake, they PAINTED…yes….painted this lovely kitchen “tile” backsplash!  I just love how it turned out.  It brings some color and fun texture into the kitchen.

GMC Reveal 37

Master Bedroom

Danielle from Finding Silver Pennies

The Master Bedroom was done by Danielle from Finding Silver Pennies.  She found an amazing old barn door that she hung on the wall as the headboard for the bed.  Her and I struggled to get that thing on the wall.  We used to D Hooks and managed to get that thing securely hung…in the right spot (haha)!  I just LOVE it!!  She covered it with some varnish to keep the chippy paint from falling off and to protect it for long wear.

GMC Reveal 8

GMC Reveal 10

I love the blue chair and the fun Antiques sign that was donated to her from an awesome reader! (Hi!!)  We met so many generous people who helped us fill this home with beautiful items along the yard sale!

GMC Reveal 9

The room feels so light and airy and makes you want to just relax and read a good book!

GMC Reveal 11

Study & Bathroom

Taryn from Design, Dining & Diapers

My car buddy Taryn, worked on the Study and the Upstairs Bathroom.  She found some amazing items in an Antique Shop in Seven Mile, Ohio for her study.  If you are in the area, be sure to check it out! She found this amazing door and chair and turned them into a great desk.  She used a couple of old saw horses as the table legs (after chopping off 4 inches).

GMC Reveal 15

GMC Reveal 16

GMC Reveal Study 2

She also found the perfect little desk for the homeowners 4 year old son.  It happened to match almost perfectly to the door.  She simply recovered the chair cushion with a pillow cover from IKEA! Genius!!

GMC Reveal Study


Allison from Two Thirty Five Designs

Ahhh…the Playroom! What kid wouldn’t love his own playroom!  Allison did an awesome job stocking the playroom with some amazing yard sale finds.  I love the wall that she covered with these old vinyl records!  We got a kick out of some of the old record covers!!  Ah…the 70′s and 80′s were some good times!

GMC Reveal 4

And then, because Allison is super talented, she whipped up this awesome tent out of some wood and some fabric from IKEA!

GMC Reveal  5

I think it is safe to say that Ishmael was super excited about it!!


GMC Reveal 7

Kids Bedroom

Nick and Beth from Sawdust & Embryos

Beth and Nick also worked on Ishmael’s room.  I love the headboard they made for his room out of some old wood.  I love the different colors!

GMC Reveal 12

I also love the dipped dresser they made to add some great color to the room.

GMC Reveal 13

GMC Reveal 14

I think he’s loving his room…don’t you?! Beth caught this great photo of Ishmael’s excitment! haha!


I just want to publicly thank GMC for this amazing experience and for giving back to those in need… and for choosing me to participate! I also want to thank the Habitat for Humanity for all their work towards helping others and for allowing me to take a small part in what they do everyday. This has been THE most amazing experience that I feel extremely grateful to have been a part of!  And finally…I have decided I need to be driving a brand new Denali Yukon…don’t you think?!

Hoping and praying for TYC and Ishmael for creating great memories in their new home!!


GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure: Living Room Reveal

Today I am so excited to share with you the reveal of the room I put together as part of the GMC Hidden Treasures Adventure sponsored by GMC and The Cincinnati and Atlanta Habitat For Humanity ReStore.  I will share the full home reveal in a later post.  If you missed the first part of the adventure, be sure to check that out here:

GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure: The Journey


12 Bloggers joined in the adventure to furnish and decorate TWO homes for two Habitat for Humanity families.  I will share with you the home that I was assigned to work on with the following amazing bloggers…who I now consider good friends!  You develop great friendships when you sweat, laugh, and work together for a week of adventure filled days!

Danielle from Finding Silver Pennies

Taryn from Design, Dining and Diapers

Beth and Nick from Sawdust and Embryos

Allison from Two Thirty Five Designs

GMC Reveal 39

I finally got to bed at 3:00 am on the morning of the home reveal.  I was up late spray painting a dresser in the hotel parking lot and hand painting a wooden sign in my hotel room.  We were up at 5:00 so we could get ready, eat breakfast and make it to the home in Cincinnati by 6:30 am.  Now, just so you can understand how this all works, this would be the first time we would actually see the house in person.  We had initially been given some blueprints of the floor layout in the home and some dark, small photos of some of the rooms, but that was the extent of our knowledge of the home.  I am a very visual person, so it was difficult for me to spatially visualize the finished room in my head.

GMC Reveal 38

This was what the Living Room looked like when we arrived.  We got to unloading the trucks and helped each other carry in all of our furniture and furnishings.  Then we all got to work on our individual rooms.  We had some rushed and harried moments but we all were able to get the home put together and furnished by the time our family showed up at 2:30 pm.  Phew!

GMC Reveal 20

We were so excited and anxiously awaiting TYC and her 3 year old son Ishmael’s arrival.  Did you know that TYC didn’t know that her house was being furnished?  It was a total surprise for her and her son and they were a bit overwhelmed at first as you can imagine.  They were also very grateful and super excited!

GMC Reveal

We were only given a few insights in what our families likes and interests were.  I knew that TYC loved the color red and purple and that she loved bowling.  So I tried to keep that in mind while hunting the yard sale for the Living Room.

GMC Reveal 30

Her last name starts with a “B” so I thought it would be nice to use this letter in the decor.  I intially thought to just use the “b” on the dresser as the decor because I thought TYC could place a TV on this dresser, and then as a group we decided we like the letter b on the wall in the frame.

GMC Reveal 29

A couple of the other bloggers scouted out some bowling pins for me at my request and they found these for the decor.  I didn’t see one and was so glad the others looked out for them for me.  The dresser was a dark brown before and I gave it a fresh coat of gray paint (Rustoleum Granite Spray Paint) and love how it totally gave it a new look.  It also covered up a few deep scratches and worn spots on the dresser.

GMC Reveal 28

I spray painted the large frame that I picked up from the Atlanta Restore gold.  I debated about what color to spray paint it, but because I was unsure of the wall color in the room, I decided to go with the gold to pick up the other yellow tones in the room with the chair and this blanket that was donated.

GMC Reveal 27

I found some great wood pieces that were actually the leaves to a dining room table.  I took them and hooked them together with some wood strips and then free handed a map of the state of Ohio.  I added a little red heart where Cincinnati is located and then hung it up on the wall with Nick (from Sawdust and Embryo’s) help.

GMC Reveal 26

The couch came from the Eaton Restore and I paid $70 for it.  I was able to run to IKEA and picked up this rug for $15 and the pillows for $3 each.  The yellow coffee table books and the books in the Coca Cola crate came from the Cincinnati Restore.

GMC Reveal 25

The Coffee table was donated to us by a lovely gentleman who heard about what we were doing and was selling items in Kentucky along Highway 127.  He so generously handed it over to help us fill TYC’s home.  It ended up working perfectly in the room.

GMC Reveal 24

GMC Reveal 23

I decided to create a little reading nook in the corner of the Living Room as soon as I saw the space in person.  It was the perfect spot for the Yellow Chair I had fallen in love with.  I added the stool which I picked up for $12, threw some more books on it and then added a small plant I picked up at Home Depot in an IKEA pot.

GMC Reveal 22

Since TYC loved bowling, I added this bowling bag, complete with a bowling ball that I picked up along the way for $4.  I also spray painted the smaller frame gold.

GMC Reveal 21

Here is a breakdown of the items in the room, where I found them and how much I spent on them.  Keep in mind that we were given $250 cash, a $50 Home Depot Gift Card donated by Rustoleum and shopped the World’s Longest Yard Sale, Restores, a Goodwill Store, and a couple of other retail stores.

Couch $70 (Eaton, OH Restore)

Yellow Chair $15 (Yardsale in Kentucky)

Dresser $65 (Yardsale in Kentucky)

White stool $12 (Yardsale in Kentucky)

Gray Metal Side Table $10 (Yardsale in Ohio)

Coffee Table $0 (Yardsale in Kentucky)

Bowling Pins $3 (Yardsale in Ohio)

Coke Crate $5 (Yardsale in Ohio)

Fan $10 (Yardsale in Ohio)

Wood Map $10 (wood from Yardsale in Ohio)

Books $3 (Restore in Cincinnati and Goodwill)

Bowling Bag $4 (Goodwill in Tennesse)

Flour Sack Pillow $1 (Yardsale in Ohio)

Lamp $0 (Cincinnati Restore)

Frames $0 (Atlanta Restore)

Yellow and Gray Pillows $15 (IKEA)

Gray Curtains $25  (Wal-Mart)


I spent $248 out of our allotted $250 on the above and then pulled a little bit of money out of my lunch money to buy the rug since I thought it would be a great addition to the room ;)!

Gray Rug $15 (IKEA)

Curtain Rods $15 (Home Depot)

Spray Paint $12 (Home Depot)

Plant $4 (Home Depot)

a few supplies for painting and making the wood sign



This was such an amazing, exhausting and emotional experience! It is not often that you get to spend a whole week thinking about someone else (that you don’t know) and putting your heart, sweat and self into creating something special just for them.  I made some great friendships and am hoping and praying for TYC and Ishmael from miles away…wishing them well.

Be sure to check in later for the full home reveal.  I worked with some seriously talented people and their rooms turned out amazing!

My trip to attend the #GMCHTA was provided for but I was not compensated to participate or to share my experience with you.

GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure: The Adventure

I just got back from an amazing “work trip” which ended up being one of my favorite experiences to date.  I was contacted by GMC to be a part of the their GMC Hidden Treasures Adventure.  I had heard about the trip the year before when I was invited but unable to attend due to a conflicting schedule, so I was super excited to have been invited back this year.  GMC’s and the Habitat for Humanity worked together to create the Hidden Treasure Adventure.



They flew several of us (12 bloggers) in to furnish and decorate 2 homes for the Habitat for Humanity in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Each blogger was given a budget of $250 cash and The Cincinnati and Atlanta Habitat For Humanity ReStore locations also generously donated a few more items to help us complete our rooms and Rustoleum for providing us with $50 to Home Depot to help with supplies.

Then we drove over 700 miles along the World’s Longest Yard Sale where we were to find items to decorate and furnish the entire home.  Each blogger was given a room(s) to decorate on that budget.  I ended up with the Living Room.


I was partnered with Taryn from Design, Dining and Diapers (who had the Study and the Bathroom to decorate).  We were partnered up and given a brand new s 2015 Yukon XL Denali to drive, and we loved every second of it!  I had such a great time driving and working with Taryn.  You can imagine we were able to get to know each other pretty well with that much driving together in the car!  Loved it!!


We flew into Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday and started on our adventure early Wednesday morning after learning about the families moving into our homes and getting acquainted with the vehicles.  We drove to Chattanooga, Tennesse and ended up staying in a Haunted Hotel, The Read House.  Supposedly, room 311 is haunted by a woman…good thing I stayed in room 501….  I am happy to report that nothing scary happened except for this bad photo of me by the haunted room.


We headed out North along Hwy 127 and immediately began hitting up some of the amazing sales.  They were everywhere on both sides of the road.  Taryn and I were like giddy school girls.  It was actually a little bit overwhelming.  I knew I had to save up for the larger items that the Living Room would need…like a sofa, chair and a buffet (dresser) for a T.V.  So I knew I had to seek out these items first.  I knew that once I found them, I could plan the rest of the room around them.


There were so many things that I wish I could have shipped home.  And the prices on most of the items were pretty amazing compared to what I had seen things for out in my neck of the woods.  I couldn’t resist these metal letters, so I ended up getting an “h” for my own home (and smuggled it back in my suitcase with no problems) and a letter “b” for the family.

GMC 10

Then in Kentucky somewhere, I fell in love with this yellow wingback chair.  I was super excited about the color of the chair and the condition it was in.  It looked really good and get this…was price at $20…when we told the owner what we were doing, he dropped the price to $15!!  I was so happy!


GMC 13

Just a few feet away, at the same sale, I found the perfect dresser with great lines for a T.V. stand and spent $65 dollars on it.  It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but it was in great condition and was really well built out of real wood.  I knew it would make a great statement piece in the Living Room!

GMC 11

What Taryn and I didn’t know was that there were two little field mice living in the dresser.  After loading the dresser into the GMC Yukon, they got out and were running around in the car.  It wasn’t until the next day that one was spotted by Kelly from GMC when she went to gas up the vehicles at night and saw one of them sitting on the front seat.  The other one was found an entire day later…  We are just so thankful that they didn’t decide to run across our sight while we were driving.  We might have FREAKED out!

GMC 30

GMC 12

The next day we drove into Ohio and found some amazing items in an antique shop owned by the Mayor of a little town named Seven Mile.  Taryn found some great items that totally pulled her study together!  And we were so excited about our good luck!  The mayor was super sweet and gave us some great deals on our purchases!!

GMC 31

I was getting VERY nervous about what to do for the couch.  The couches we had seen were in TERRIBLE shape (one that I LOVED was covered in black mold under the cushions (the owner wouldn’t have sold it to us anyways in good faith) but I was starting to feel worried that I wouldn’t find something suitable to go in the home.

GMC 16

On a whim, while trying to find a Goodwill store (thinking we might find a couch there in better shape) we passed a Habitat Restore in Eaton, Ohio and decided to check in there!  And there she was!!  We took her for $70 and I finally felt like I would be able to pull this room together into something half way decent.

GMC 14

While in Ohio, we ran into some of our blog readers!  It was so much fun to chat with them after running into them at a couple of different sales…the first one being the Antique Store in Seven Mile, Ohio and then later up the road (not exactly sure what city).  They were super sweet and it was fun to chat with them about what we were doing.  They were on a girls trip traveling the Yard Sale together…how fun is that?!GMC 15
You guys…I seriously could have come home with some great pieces for my own house…

GMC 17

GMC 18

I found these Coca Cola crates and decided to pick up one of them for the Living Room to hold some decor items on the T.V. stand.  I paid $5 for it.

GMC 19

GMC 20

On Saturday night, we finally had some time to work on any items that needed work done.  I spray painted the dresser a nice gray color in the hotel parking lot at 10:30 pm.  Haha!  There is always a first for everything I guess.  Don’t tell anyone…but I snuck a wooden sign into my hotel room (that I made out of the leaves of a dining room table) and painted the state of Ohio on it.

GMC 21

I finally got into bed at 3:00 am only to wake up at 5:00 am to get ready in time for breakfast and to be at the house in Cincinnati at 6:30 am.  We were not able to see inside the house at all until Sunday morning.  We were then able to put our rooms and the entire house together and get it completely ready for the family to show up at the reveal at 2:30 pm that same day!

GMC 23

We were able to help each other out and get everything ready to go on time.  It ended up being one of my all time favorite experiences…ever!  Can’t wait to share with you the reveal of the home and the family tomorrow!!  So be sure to stay tuned for that!

GMC 24


My trip to attend the GMCHTA was provided for
but I was not compensated to participate or to share my experience with you


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