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*Update 12.28.2013–Download the 2014 version of the New Years Eve Countdown Activity Bags here:  New Years Eve Countdown Activity Bags 2014

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*Update 12/27/2012–Download the 2013 version of the New Years Eve Countdown Activity Bags here:  New Years Eve Countdown Activity Bags 2013

Last year I saw a bunch of people posting about these fun New Year’s Eve Countdown Activity bags.  I didn’t have time to implement them into our New Year’s Eve Party for 2011 but wanted to make sure that I made some for this year’s party.

new years eve countdown bags 4wm

I loved the whole concept behind the activity bags and thought it would be a great way to keep the evening fun.  We usually have a low key party with the family and their cousins.  We play games all night and just enjoy ringing in the New Year in each other’s company.


The concept behind these Countdown Activity Bags is fairly simple.  I took some mini party sacks that I picked up from Hobby Lobby and glued some tags with clock faces on them.  I have provided them for you as a free download if you are interested.  Click here:

New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags


For the scalloped “Happy New Year Tag” you can download them on this post I where I shared some…

New Year’s Eve 2012 Printables


Then you simply draw the clock hands on each bag to represent each hour of the evening you want to have an activity for the family and kids to do together.  I started the countdown bags with the year 2011 at 5:00 pm and made one for every hour till 12:00 am 2012.

In each bag I added some fun activities to do on the hour.  For example:

5:00 pm—Make/Eat Chinese Food

6:00 pmPlay a New Year’s Eve Game {I will be sharing one here soon}!

7:00 pm—Watch a movie with the family

8:00 pm—Intermission: Make some Ice Cream Sundaes & finish movie

9:00 pm—Make a New Year’s Craft—confetti, noise makers, hats, etc.

10:00—Play another game

11:00 pm—Turn on some music and dance

12:00 am 2012—Watch fireworks out the window, bang noise makers, toast the New Year!

New-years-2014 |

The above list is just an example of what can be done.  I am not posting our “true” list as my kids have been known to read my blog from time to time…! There are so many idea that you could add into the bag that would make your party lots of fun and ensure that you keep the party guests guessing.  I know my kids and their cousins are going to be excited seeing what is in each bag.

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What activities would you place in your Countdown Bags?


New Years Eve 2012

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone.  We had a fun, relaxing Christmas at home and then spent the rest of the afternoon at Grandma’s house with the cousins.  The perfect holiday.  I hope all of you had a fun and enjoyable Christmas holiday as well.  Getting ready now for your New Years Eve parties?  I made up some New Years Eve 2012 printables that I would love to share with you. 

New Years Eve wmb

We like to spend the holiday with the family playing games, eating great food and enjoy one another’s company.  So I thought it would be fun to spruce up one of our favorite party drinks…Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, by making a festive label! Haha! 

New-Years-E ve-2012 wm

This stuff is as strong as it gets for us. But this label should work for most other bottles if you prefer something else with your celebrations.  You can download the free label here:

New Years Eve 2012 Bottle Labels {grey}

New Years Eve 2012 Bottle Labels {red}

New Years Eve 2012 ewm

I also made some simple drink tags so that you can label everyone’s drinks so everyone knows whose drink is whose.  These are easily attachable to stemmed glasses or paper cups depending on how your prefer to celebrate.  I simply took some key tag rings and attached them to some printables I printed out on some cardstock paper.

new years eve 2012 gwm

I have made some blank labels that include the 2012 with a space above it so that you can add your own names with your computer program after downloading them or by simply writing each guests names on them with a permanent marker as they arrive.

You can print the free downloadable drink tags here:

New Years Eve 2012 Drink Name Tags

New Years Eve 2012 dwm

Hopefully some of you will  be able to use these at your upcoming New Years Eve Parties this weekend.  Be sure to come back tomorrow when I am sharing some more New Years Eve fun!

What do you usually do to celebrate the New Year?

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