Kitchen Tour

We remodeled our 30 year old kitchen in 2012. We were planning on just repainting our cabinets since they still looked pretty good on the outside. But as we began to take them apart for sanding and painting, we realized we had a few that were actually falling apart. The one under the kitchen sink was rotted out underneath. So we made the decision to pull them out and replace them entirely and I am so glad that we did. We found a lot of structural damage to them as we began taking them out.


We also had the floors replaced. When we moved in this house 10 years ago we completely sanded down the floors and refinished them. They had been refinished a couple of other times an it was time for a fresh start.


We did the entire tear out process ourselves, which was a lot of work, but saved us a good amount of money.  We had someone install the wood flooring, countertops and the kitchen cabinets but did all the other finish work in the kitchen as a family.  We were without a kitchen sink and stove for about 3 weeks and the fridge and kitchen table were in our family room.  But we were able to use the microwave and crockpot for some quick and easy meals so we didn’t have to eat out a lot.  I am so happy to have the mess and the dust…the crazy tons of dust…gone!



I am sharing/have shared the different tutorials for how we went about each task. Some of the tutorials have already been shared and some are waiting to be shared. I will add the new links in as I get them finished.  This kitchen still has some things that we are working on and I need to get some decor up.  But we are getting close!!

I am happy to answer any questions any of you may have. Just leave a comment and I will try to answer them as quickly as I can.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Kitchen Wall Color:  Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore

Countertops are a Greige Quartz (I absolutely LOVE them)


Click on the link below for the full tutorial:

DIY Wood Plank Ceiling


Kitchen Pantry


 The Tearing out Process