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DIY Kid’s Grocery Stand

grocery-store 13

Last year (2012)for Christmas, Santa brought our youngest her very own Grocery Stand.  With 4 older siblings, we just didn’t need! We already had a bunch of “groceries” that the kids were playing with in their playroom, but didn’t have a fun way to store or display it.  So, Santa thought it would be […]

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Free Spice Labels Printables

spice 2

If you are following along with me on Instagram, you got to see a sneak peek of this project I was working on while watching me some Olympics.  This is one project that I have been super excited to get completed.  I LOVE anything that involves organization, labels and jars.  Don’t you? It makes my […]

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The Party Bunch–Linky Party


Are you ready to show us what you have? It’s up! Thanks for always linking up!! xo Amy from The Idea Room, Mique from 30 Handmade Days, Heather from Whipperberry and Desiree from The 36th Avenue want to thank you for partying with us… You guys are the best! Here are some of our favorites! […]

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March Photo-a-Day Challenge


Are you ready for the next Instagram photo challenge?  I was hoping to have this up a little bit sooner today but had a little problem with my laptop.  If you follow me on Instagram (@theidearoom), you might have seen where I showed you a picture of my laptop that had a piece break off […]

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Family Game Night

Traffic Jam for The Idea Room

The sun in shining here in Utah and the warmth has given me new energy to get moving and have some family fun. Whether you are enjoying sunshine, or still battling the cold, here is a great game for you and your family. It’s a little more of a problem solving game and is perfect […]

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Best Chocolate Chip Cookies…for reals


So…you can tell what kind of a week I have been having by the posts I share.  This week has been a tough one for a few different reasons.  Like I mentioned before, I fell off the food allergy wagon…but I picked myself up off the ground, dusted myself off, and am working on climbing […]

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Chocolate Donuts


Chocolate Doughnuts…or if you prefer…Chocolate Donuts…are one of my all time favorites. Like if I could have only one dessert ever for the rest of my life…I would choose devil’s food chocolate cake donuts.  The richer and denser, the better.  You know, like those chocolate donuts behind the glass case in the gas station?  Yeah…those.  […]

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Closet Organization and Printable Labels


A month ago, I shared with you how I was tackling my daughter’s closet and clothing mess.  I promised you I would share with you the labels I had made.  Well, I had planned on sharing them sooner, but when I went to write the post and find the labels…they were gone…like I had forgotten […]

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The Party Bunch | Linky Party


It’s Friday!!!  Hallelujah! This has been a really long and tiring week at my house and I couldn’t be happier that another weekend has rolled around! We are so close to finishing up our house renovations that I can taste it!  Just a few more things to finish up, but I am so ready!  What […]

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DIY Growth Chart Tutorial


I have been wanting to build a Growth Chart for a couple of years now.  Growing up, we had a wall dedicated to tracking my siblings and my growth over the years and it has been so fun to look back and see how tall we were compared to each other and to my own […]

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