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Hello! Heather here from I am sitting at the computer, with a calendar in eye sight, wondering where in the world this summer has gone. How can it already be the middle of August? Anyone else feeling like the last two months have gone by way too fast?

If you are like our family, you are trying to get in every last bit of summer fun you can. Maybe you are taking a last minute vacation, camping trip with friends or family, or just trying to cross the last few items off your bucket list.

Regardless of your plans for the next few weeks, I have the perfect game for you and your family to play before you go back to school, and before the heat of the summer gives way to the crisp air of Fall.

It is called Raindrop Relay and will quickly become your family’s very favorite game.

Here is what you need.

Two empty Buckets (per team). One of the two buckets needs to have a “fill line” marked on it.

A Heavy Duty Plastic Bag (think Ziploc) for each team.


How to play.

Take a plastic baggie and put small holes in it, all over.

Have players sit in a line behind one another.

Place an empty bucket at the front of the line (with the “fill line” marked) and another bucket at the back of the line, filled with water.

The person at the front of the line starts with the empty baggie and runs to the bucket at the back of the line.

They fill their bag with water and run it to the front bucket. BUT… the CATCH is they HAVE TO CARRY IT OVER THE HEADS OF EVERYONE SITTING IN LINE, DROPPING RAIN, or sprinkling them with the water that is coming out of the holes in the baggie as they go.

The player dumps what water is left in their baggie into the front bucket, passes the empty baggie, and sits at the back of the line.

The next person runs to the back to fill the baggie and take a turn. Dropping rain on everyone in their line and emptying what water is left into the bucket to try and reach the “fill line.”

The first team to fill their front bucket to the marked “fill line”, WINS!

Be sure you have your camera, because this game is picture worthy. Remember, one of the best ways to come closer together as a family, is to play together. The benefits are endless and the memories are priceless.

Have fun playing, and getting ready for school. For some of you, the school bells are ringing already.

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Light Sabers/PVC Swords

PVC Lightsaber

Do your kids (boys in particular) love swords and/or light sabers? Mine do. In fact everything at our house can be turned into a sword with a little imagination. We saw some of these swords at a craft fair a few years ago and decided to make some on our own. They are super easy.

Here is what you will need to make one:

swim noodle
26 inch length of 1/2 inch PVC pipe
1/2 inch PVC end cap
electrical tape
knife or hacksaw for cutting pipe and swim noodle

Take your PVC pipe and cut a length that measures 26 inches (or adjust according to what will fit your child best). Take one end of the PVC and wrap about 6-7 inches up the pipe with electrical tape. This is optional, but my boys really like the extra grip and the feel it provides. Place the end cap on the end of the pipe with the electrical tape. This is where your kid will hold the sword.

Take your noodle and cut off a 19 inch length. **You will need to use a swim noodle that has a hole down the inside of it. Then simply slide the noodle onto the length of PVC pipe. And there you have it…a sword or light saber.

We have a outdoor use only policy and strict rules about not hitting one another with them. The swords can only touch swords. They are only to be used in pretend combat as they could do some serious damage. My boys have also used them as baseball bats to hit tennis balls around our backyard.

Gift Games—Tic Tac Toe

Want a really easy gift game idea for your kids friends or for your neighbors this Holiday season? How about this simple but fun Tic Tac Toe game? This portable, magnetic game is perfect for taking on road trips, restaurants or appointments to help pass the time for your restless little ones…or let’s face it…yourself.  Want to know how I made it so you can make one to?  I thought so…

gift games hwm

As part of the Martha Stewart Holiday Paint Campaign sponsored by Plaid, I was sent an amazing collection of paints, stencils and brushes from Martha’s new paint line! It was like Christmas morning! So many great products for creating so much creative goodness.

Thanksgiving game MS suppliesgift games awm

For this project, I used a couple of the paint products—Martha Stewart’s White Satin Paint and Martha Stewart’s Magnetic Paint. I used many of the various sized paint brushes they sent me and some fun Letter Stencils.  You will also need some magnets, a wooden plaque and some round wooden 1 inch buttons which I was able to pick up at Lowe’s.

Gift games wmgift games bwm

Take your wooden plaque and paint three coats of the magnetic paint onto the front of it.  I painted just up to the edge of the plaque.  I followed the directions on the back of the magnetic paint label and painted one coat at a time and let it dry for an hour before painting each additional coat.  You will want to add at least two layers of the paint so that your magnets will hold well.  Then I let it dry for 24 hours.

gift games cwmgift games dwm

While the magnetic paint was drying, I painted the wooden buttons using Martha Stewart’s satin white paint.  I loved this paint.  It was so thick and smooth.  It only took a two coats and the finish was so smooth and pretty.  After they had dried completely, I stenciled the letters x and o with the Martha Stewart Letter Stencils onto the white buttons.  I made a total of 10 buttons and made 5 o’s and 5 x’s.  When they are dry glue some magnets to the bottoms using some E6000 glue.

gift games ewmgift games fwm

Then I painted the edges of the plaque with a coat of black paint.  This will show up under the white when I sand and rough up the edges for a nice distressed look.  When the black paint is dry, use the white satin paint again to cover up the black and to give your plaque a nice finished look.  I only painted around the sides and edges of the black as I added some fun patterned paper on the top.

gift games gwm

Attach the paper with some Mod Podge with a layer underneath and a layer on the top to adhere and protect the paper. I prefer the matte finish Mod Podge.

When it has dried completely you can take a piece of sand paper and rough up the edges to give it a fun, distressed look.

Pretty simple and makes for a fun, homemade inexpensive gift idea.

gift games iwm

And…that is not all…if you want you can change it up and turn it into a fun little photo display or recipe holder…

recipe holder wmphoto holder wm

Family Olympic Games

Have you been enjoying the Olympics at your house? We have been. They are keeping us up too late at night!

This weekend we took the kids out and competed in our own Family Olympic Games. It was so much fun. We went to a local trail and had some different competions planned for the kids.

They each raced their scooters around the trail and we timed each of them individually.

They also ran around the track as fast as they could. Then we set up an obstacle course on the playground that they each ran through. I did not get pictures of that because I was off chasing the baby who decided to go exploring on her own.

If it is still snowy where you are you could set up a “luge” run or a bobsled run for your sled down the hill. Really…you could do anything and turn it into an “olympic sport.” We tried not to make it so that the kids were competing against one another (especially since they are all at different stages), but just encouraging them to see how fast they could do it themselves. I know a lot of you a from different countries. So of course you wouldn’t use an American flag, but you could taylor the games to your specific areas and help your kids celebrate their nation!

We had so much fun. But the best part was when they each earned their gold medals. You can learn how we made the Olympic gold medals and torch here.

Felt Play Food



I realize all of my latest posts have been sugary treats! This cooler weather makes me want to bake. Even this post is food related, but at least these are calorie free.

Shhh! Don’t tell my daughter, but here is a sneak peek at what my girls are getting for Christmas this year. I have seen felt food all over the internet and as soon as I began to see them, I knew I had to make some for the girls.

To make this stackable ham sandwich, I used this tutorial here. Then after I got the hang of it, I kind of winged it and came up with some of my own designs for the lettuce, pickles and tomatoes. They really are very easy and require minimal sewing skills. If you don’t have a machine, you can hand stitch them as well.


I found a tutorial for the fried egg here and just made the bacon without any pattern. I also stumbled upon this site with a lot of different ideas for making felt food.


The strawberry pattern I used can be found here and the fruit slices were made using the patterns here. Then, after making the fruit slices, I used the same process and mad a slice of watermelon by cutting my felt in the same shape, but just larger.

And since I know some of you are going to ask, I got this fun wooden food play set from

I am so excited for the girls to see them on Christmas morning! If you know of any other free felt food patterns, I would love to know where to find some more. But beware…making felt food is very addicting.



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