Valentines Day Crafts – Candy Rings

I have actually had these pictures taken for several days and totally forgot to share them with you…womp…womp! So I realize this may be too late for you to make some Valentine’s Day Candy rings this year unless you want to make a fun Valentine Craft with your kiddos and have the supplies on hand or have time to run out and get some quickly.


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They literally just take seconds to make but can be worn to provide a little extra festivity to your day. Or you can whip some up really quickly and give them to someone special. valentines day candy rings 2wm Of course we had some empty ring forms laying around which I found after cleaning up my craft room recently *ahem*!! We simply took some Sweet Tart Conversation Heart Candy and glued them right onto the ring forms with some hot glue. They held up really well and then when my little one wanted to eat her ring, we simply broke the candy off. Part of the candy broke off and left a perfectly good piece of candy for her to eat…sans glue. valentines-day-crafts Now, I personally would not eat the candy after wearing it…but this particular child has no qualms about that sort of a thing… Valentines-Day We also tried our hand at making some jelly candy rings. We just simply stuck the candy right onto a ring pop form like we used on these past Candy Rings. valentines-day-gifts Such a simple idea that your kids can help you create. And would be a fun little gift idea or a party favor for a little ones birthday. Change up the candy and make them fit other holidays too for greater flexibility! Valentines-Day I hope all of you have a Great Valentine’s Day!! Pin It

Make Your Own Candy Rings

candy rings 5 wm

Need a fun idea for a girls night out or a little girls birthday party?  Make candy jewelry…in the form of red rose rings!  My kids love Ring Pops and have collected a few of the empty ring forms hidden away in their “special collection boxes”.  I found a few of them when cleaning out and organizing the kids closets this summer and was tempted to throw them away much to my kids complaints.

ring pops

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And because my mind is always thinking of ways to create and reuse (a curse late at night), I saved them.  Well, it is a good thing that I did because a few days later I remembered a rose candy mold that I had laying around.

back to school treat wm

I melted some red and pink Candy Melts  (Wilton) that I had leftover from Valentine’s Day and poured them into the candy mold.  Then I placed the now sterilized (through my dishwasher) plastic ring forms into each one of the rose candies.  I popped them immediately into the freezer to help them set up faster.

candy ring molds wm

Within 15 minutes they were ready to go.  My kids immediately asked if they could have one.

candy rings 1 wm

Even the boys wanted one…but would not let me take their pictures wearing one…imagine that!  HeHe!  Boys!

candy rings 3 wm

The girls LOVED them!  And guess what?  They tasted even better than the real ring pops in my opinion.  And just imagine if I had made them with some real chocolate?  Wouldn’t they be fun for a bridal shower or a girls night out?  Or a little girl’s birthday party?  I know!  Well, since my now 7 year old just had a birthday and it is her year for a friends party…I made some more for her friends.  Look for that post soon!

candy rings 4 wm

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