Olaf Finger Puppet Pattern

Thanks so much for all your kind comments on the Olaf Valentine’s Day Printables I shared with you the other day.  I am so glad you guys loved them.  I have gone on a little work trip to a conference that I will share a little bit about with you a bit later on, so I was unable to answer emails and questions, but I am catching up as soon as I can.


While I am catching up, I wanted to share with you the Olaf Finger Puppet Pattern that I promised you.  You can use these in place of the paper Olaf I shared in the Olaf Valentine Printable…or you can just make one for you kids (or yourself) to play with.

I have one more Olaf Valentine idea coming…so be sure to stick around and see what that one is like!  I couldn’t stop myself because Olaf is just too cute…right?!


Materials needed:

white felt

black felt

brown felt

orange felt

2 google eyes

3 black mini pom poms (optional)

Hot Glue Gun

Black Sharpie Fine

1.  Cut out the pattern pieces according to the directions on the printable pattern.

2.  Cut out the left and right arm.  Glue to the front of the back body piece on the middle section.  Do this so that the arms will go inside the finger puppet and the front body piece will go over the top of them.

3.  Place glue around the sides and the top of the front piece and the back piece of the body and glue them together.  Be sure to only glue around the edges and NOT glue along the bottom.   This is so you make a hole for the finger puppet.

4.  Glue the cheeks, mouth and teeth to the Olaf.

5.  Take the nose and put a thin line hot glue down one side of the long part of the triangle nose.  Roll the nose into a cone shape and hold while the glue sets.  Be super careful not to burn yourself with the HOT glue gun.

6.  Glue the google eyes onto the top of the cheeks and glue the nose right below them in the middle of the cheeks.

7.  Glue the black mini pom poms on for the buttons or cut the buttons out of black felt and glue in place.

8.  Draw the lines to separate the body (head, middle, bottom and the feet and to draw on his eye brows.


Pretty easy right?!  Your kids will LOVE it!

If you would like to download the Olaf Finger Puppet Patterns, click on the link below.

{Olaf Finger Puppet Patterns}

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Be sure to stop by again when I share these pencil tags later.  You can put Olaf on the top of a Valentine pencil or a Dum Dum sucker and give it away to your Valentine!

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Halloween Party Game

Last Halloween, I signed up to volunteer at my Daughter’s Classroom Halloween Party.  My cute friend was also helping out and brought a fun little game to add a bit of creepy Halloween fun.


The kids LOVED it.  She had taken an old white sheet and added some “stains” to it by pouring items on it that would leave a dark stain.


She also brought some different food items that were supposed to feel like the creepy Halloween items she had listed.

For example:

Eerie Goblin Ears

Bloody Bat Guts

Wicked Witch Eyeballs

Frankenstein Fingers

Vampire Vomit

Werewolf Fangs


Then she placed the different food items in bowls behind the sheet.  She had cut holes in the sheet so that the kids could stick their hands through them and touch the food items and try to guess which of the items they were touching.


As you can imagine…most of the boys thought it was awesome and several of the girls were a bit creeped out.  But most of them played along.


She set it up right next to the classroom sink so that the kids could wash their hands immediately after touching the items.


Now…I thought I would never forget what each of the items were…so I am going to give it my best shot.  Of course I am typing this up late at night so it is too late to text my friend and ask her.  I am sure she will correct me when she sees this ;)!


Eerie Goblin Ears—Dried Apricots

Bloody Bat Guts—Spaghetti & Sauce

Wicked Witch Eyeballs—Grapes

Frankenstein Fingers—small pickles

Vampire Vomit—Salsa

Werewolf Fangs—gum


Now, of course you could come up with your own creepy things and find food items to match them to.  This is a fun way to add a little bit of Halloween fun to your Halloween Party or your child’s Halloween Classroom Party.

Valentine Bingo Cards

Do you need a game to play at your child’s classroom Valentine’s Day party?  How about playing some Valentine Bingo with these free printable Valentine Bingo Cards?


Bingo is always a fun one that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to plan or carry out, and the kids seem to enjoy it.  So I made up some Bingo cards and simply printed them out and laminated them.  This way we will be able to use them over and over again.


The cards are numbered from 1 to 24.  To play, you will need some game pieces.  We usually use small candies.  The ones pictured are heart Gobstoppers.  But we have used M&M’s or wrapped mini tootsie rolls.  But you could also use small pieces of paper or pennies. I realize many of you know how to play Bingo…but just in case here are some simple instructions. Simply give each child a card and a handful of game pieces.  Then the heart in the middle of the card is a free space.  To play you just call out a number from 1 to 24. Or you can have them do math problems to come up with the correct number answer.   Write down each number as you call it so you know which ones have been called {or write out the numbers at first and then cross them off as you go}. As the kids have a number on their card, they cover it with the candy.  The first with five in a row call out Bingo and win.


Then the kids can either eat their game pieces, or you can just throw them away.   Do you want to make some of your own?  I have made it so that you can download these Bingo cards for yourself.  Just make sure to shuffle them around so no two cards are the same for each child.  Or you can print out the blank cards, laminate them and then write on your own numbers, or words {with dry erase pens and markers}…so that you can change them up to suit your needs. I have also provided 3 pre-numbered cards.    

To download the Valentine Bingo Cards click here:

{Valentine Bingo Cards}

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These should print out to be 5 x 7’s.  I hope you enjoy them!

Bendable Halloween Mummies

I recently volunteered to help in my daughter’s classroom for her Halloween party. I was asked to come up with the Halloween Crafts the kids could make in about 10 minutes. After seeing a bunch of well used ideas on the internet, we came across an idea to make “bendable mummy dolls.”


You will need (per mummy):
2 pipe cleaners
1 cotton ball
3 12 inch strips of white cloth
2 google eyes


First take two pipe cleaners (any color will do since they will be covered). We picked white to represent the bones of the skeleton. We twisted two together to come up with the basic shape of a stick figure. We started with the head and then worked our way around. Stick the cottonball into a circle made out of the pipe cleaners. (Sorry about the red food coloring stained fingers…that was from some other project).


Then we took strips of an old sheet and tore it into a LOT of tiny strips. Then we just started wrapping the mummy up. I started on the neck and went up around the head and then around each body part. It takes a little practice to figure out how to wrap it for the best look. We then tied knots and tucked the ends of the strips into the cloth to start the next strip. Each mummy took about three 12 inch strips of material.


Then I helped each of the kids hot glue some “google eyes” on their mummies.

They were a hit. Some kids had a hard time with the wrapping. But most really enjoyed coming up with their individual creations. I did it by myself with about 7-8 kids in each station. A helper would have been nice. But all in all it worked out pretty well. I premade all the skeletons because I didn’t think all the kids would be able to do that part. I would not recommend this for classes younger than 2nd grade.


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