Graduation Party Drinks

The graduation season is upon us, and chances are you know someone who is graduating from college, high school, middle school and even kindergarten. If you plan on throwing a graduation party or celebrating a graduate this year, why not add some fun graduation decor and drinks to your graduation party.

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These graduation straws are so easy to make and they add some fun pizzaz to your party.  I love how sometimes even the simplest of crafts can add a big impact to the overlook of a table setting or party decor.

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All you need are some straws and cute serving glasses…even with a plastic cup these straws would be really adorable.  To make the graduation caps all you need is some black card stock.  Cut out a 2 inch square and then poke a hole in the exact middle of the square using the point of a sharp pencil…this is where you will put the straw through.  Then cut a rectangle that measures 5 x 2 inches.  Roll the rectangle into a circle and glue the two ends together with hot glue.  Then glue the circle on the square.  Slide the graduation cap onto the  straw.  Add a little dab of glue if needed to hold the graduation cap in place on the straw.

graduation-party 6

I also added a little black band around the bottles and added a graduation date of 2014.  You could also add your favorite graduates name, or other words that fit your party like congratulations!

graduation-party 3

Happy Graduation!

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Graduation Gift

Graduation season is in full swing.  Chances are you know someone who is graduating from High School or College…or in my case…both.


Usually I tend to revert to the old card and money gift because let’s face it…it’s easy and May is a crazy busy month at my house.  This year I wanted to come up with a similar “easy” gift, but one that was a lot more fun to give and get!


I made a simple cover for a Rolo candy bar to cover up the regular Rolo label.  Then before I placed the cover on the Rolo’s I folded a $20 bill and taped it carefully onto the gold foil wrapper so that it could roll up into the cover with a little end sticking out.


I thought it might be really important that the money is obviously showing so that someone eager to eat the Rolos notices the $20 before crumpling it up and throwing it out as trash.  That would not be good.


Then I simply put the Graduation label over the Rolos.  Then I made a simple little Graduation Cap and added it onto the top of the Rolos.  Tie a little ribbon around the Rolos in the color of the Graduates school.


To download a copy of the Rolo labels click on the link below:

{Graduation Rolo Gift Labels}

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To make the Graduation cap all you need to do is simply cut a rectangle strip of black cardstock 3.5 inches x 3/4 inches and a square 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches.  Roll the rectangle up and glue it so that it fits onto the top of the Rolo.  Then I added a silver brad on the top and then glued the top of the cap onto it.


That’s it.  Pretty simple right?!  Happy Graduations!

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