DIY Blogger House–Parade of Homes Ticket giveaway

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Hey guys!  Any of you locals interested in winning TWO tickets to the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes?  I have a couple to give to my readers!  The Parade of Homes runs through August 18th and I would love to be able to send one of you and a friend out to see the DIY Blogger house, aptly named “The Annabella” which is the #12 house of the tour.  Not sure what I am talking about because you are new here?  See here for more details…The DIY Blogger House.


This giveaway is going to be a quick one.  I will run it only for a couple of days so the winner will have a couple of weekends to be able to find a time to head out to the Parade of homes.

To enter simply leave a comment here telling us why you would love to go to the Parade of Homes…specifically the DIY Blogger House ;)!!  That is it.  One entry per person please.

diy house main collage

Disclosure: I was provided tickets to the Parade of Homes as part of my compensation for participation in the DIY Blogger House.  However all opinions and statements are mine.  Giveaway will close on August 8, 2012 at 9:00 pm MT and a winner will be selected via  The winner will have 24 hours to claim the tickets or a new winner will be selected.

DIY blogger House—Revealed


I am so excited to finally be able to reveal my rooms for the Parade of Home DIY Blogger House that I have busily been planning and creating since early May.  I think most of you are aware of this project that I have been working on the last three months.  If you are new here or missed my earlier posts, you can go here, here, and here for the earlier updates.

DIY House

We worked very closely with the Interior Designer and we all had agreed on a color scheme right at the very beginning of the project.  Then we were given instructions to build an inspiration board for our rooms.  We shared many of these inspiration pics on our DIY Blogger House Pinterest Board.

I was able to lay out the mud room to include most of the items I wanted to incorporate.  The house is on the smaller side so there were definitely limitations about what we could and could not do.

Mud Room

house collage laundry room

One item I was really happy about getting approval for was this fun and unique barn door!  I have loved these doors ever since I saw on for the first time.  And I LOVE the fun color we painted it!

The other item I really pushed for was this mud room sink.  Isn’t it so unique?  I think that every mud room needs to have some area where you can clean off your kids dirty feet, shoes, clothes or even bathe the pet dog…as long as it is small!

We were able to create our own with a faucet Brian (the Interior Designer) found off of e-bay, some nesting tables and a wash basin tub.

house collage mud room

And of course, Lockers add the perfect touch for storing all those school, sports items, and outerwear the kids are sure to leave scattered everywhere!

I wanted to add some fun photos to this room to make it a bit more personalized and to show case some of the families favorite activities to do together.  My kids were super excited to have their pictures in this house on display.  They think that it means we are going to be moving in…haha!  I wish!!


Laundry Room

The other room I was in charge of was the Laundry Room.  Since I spend a great deal of time in my Laundry Room, I thought the room should have a more glamorous feeling to it.  Who likes laundry? Other than my weird friend…um hmmm!  If you spend a lot of time somewhere wouldn’t you want the area to be bright and make you feel happy when you are in there?

house collage laundry

I added a colorful chandelier which I found online (details coming) and then took apart and painted a bright, fresh yellow color.

I also made the quirky yellow wall art (tutorial coming) and the Laundry sign along with the Laundry Basket.

This room also has the potential to be an area where you could do some sewing and work on any creative home and craft projects.  So we included some storage area and a stool at the work area.  This room was a lot smaller than we had anticipated but I feel like we tried to get as much use out of the area as possible.  Which is pretty realistic to most people’s laundry and crafting spaces.


I am planning on sharing the main areas of the home, which Brian was in charge of in a later post.  So look forward to that…He did an amazing job people!

The rooms were done by Lara from Less Cake {More Frosting} and Char from Crap I’ve Made.  I have shared a little sneak peek of their rooms below.  They are sharing all the details on their sites.  So be sure to hop on over and check it out.

Make a Wish Room, Boy’s Room, Nursery

House rooms collage

Jen from Tatertots and Jell-O was in charge of the office which you can get a glimpse of in the top two photos below.  Shelley from the House of Smith’s was in charge of the Pantry and the Dining built in shelf.  Be sure to head on over to their sites for their project details.

house office pantry collage

We are at a fun VIP Launch Party tonight for the Parade of Homes that starts in a couple of days.  We would love to have you come out and see this house and the other great houses that are in the Parade of Homes.

I will for sure be coming back with more details and tutorials and will be able to answer (hopefully) any questions that you may have about the house.  But most of all, I just feel so blessed and lucky to have been a part of this fun event.  I never would have imagined this would be an opportunity I would have been able to be a part of!


Thanks to Bangerter Homes for the amazing opportunity.  So grateful to have gotten to work with you.


And a huge thanks to Brian Clark, the designer!  He is immensely talented, a bit quirky, and so great to work with!

And a HUGE thank you to the folks at Daybreak —  Cameron, Aly.  Love the Daybreak Community.

If you are local to Salt Lake, be sure to come see it, as well as the other amazing homes, in person at the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes.  I will have a giveaway here shortly for two tickets to the Parade of Homes, so be sure to stay tuned!!

The Parade begins on Friday!!

*Disclaimer–I am receiving compensation to participate in the DIY Blogger House.  However all opinions, thoughts and statements are my own.

DIY blogger house update


I shared with you earlier about a fun, new project that I am working on along with Daybreak Utah, Bangerter Homes and Brian Clark, from Brian Clark Designs (an award winning interior designer).  We are working together to build and design a home that will then be a part of the Utah Parade of Homes in August.  I also have the opportunity to work with some of my favorite blogger friends: Char, Jen, Lara and Shelley.

DIY blogger house

{Ali, Char, Jen, Shelley, Lara, Me, Cameron, and Kathy}

Things are really moving along fast. We have less than 90 days to go from an empty dirt lot to a full blown, fully decorated home.

image{image taken exactly one month ago today on May 5, 2012} 

I am responsible mainly for the Laundry Room and the Mud Room in the home.  I have been working with Brian Clark, the interior designer, and am getting really excited about the direction we are heading with our plans for these two rooms.  We are on a tight budget and the home is not huge, but I am really happy with things as we get closer to finalizing our plans.



I actually picked these two rooms.  Does that surprise any of you? Ha Ha!  Here’s my thoughts on why I specifically picked these two rooms out of the other rooms in the home.  Most people spend their time and money fixing up and beautifying the more “public” areas of their homes, the rooms that their guests are more likely to see.  Which is great!  But…in my own home, as a home maker I spend quite a bit of time in my Laundry Room doing some fairly unglamorous household chores.  Why not make it an area that you LOVE to be in?

diy mudroom collage

Here are some inspiration pictures that Brian and I are using to create our Mudroom space.

 Laundry Room


So I am on a quest to make these two areas as inviting yet functional as some of the other main areas in the home.

diy laundry collage

These are some of the inspiration pictures that we are using to create the Laundry Room space.  Want to see more of our inspiration pictures?  You can follow along or check them out on our DIY House Pinterest Board.

diy house collage

Things are moving along so quickly.  Pretty soon we will be able to actually get inside the DIY Blogger House and get to work!  I love the overall look and charm the home has on the outside, don’t you?  Can’t wait to start working on the inside!


{Side Note—Can I tell you how much I love that this video is frozen on such an excited facial expression of my sweet friend Lara? She makes me happy!}

So…if you could design the perfect Mudroom or Laundry Room for your home…what features would you include?

diy house

DIY blogger house

I have some fun news! Woot Woot!  I am pretty excited and humbled at some of the fun opportunities this blog has opened up for me and am super happy about this latest one.

I am lucky to be teaming up with Daybreak Utah, Bangerter Homes and Brian Clark, from Brian Clark Designs (an award winning interior designer) to build and design a home that will then be a part of the Utah Parade of Homes in August.  Pretty fun right?!  I know!

DIY blogger house 3

image credit: Crap I’ve Made

I will also be working with some of my blogging friends who have become amazing and supportive friends in real life. 

Shelley Smith- The House of Smiths .com

Jen Hadfield- Tatertots and Jello .com

Lara Garner- Less Cake {More Frosting} .com

Char Coester- Crap I’ve Made .com

I just LOVE these ladies.  It is crazy to think that I would have never met them had it not been for blogging. 


Aly, Char, Jen, Shelley, Lara, Me, Cameron, and Kathy

image credit: Daybreak

On Friday, we headed down to Daybreak to be a small part of the Breathing Space Blogger Conference that was being held there. 


We joined them for a fun Stepford Wives themed dinner, where we were able to make the announcement about this fun DIY Blogger House. 


image credit: Daybreak

The dinner was lovely and I was able to meet up with some old blogging friends while also meeting and connecting with new ones!

breathing space  breathing space 1

image credit: Daybreak

And some of you may know my love for the show Survivor.  It is the only television show my husband and I watch faithfully.  So imagine how excited I was to be able to listen to Dawn from the last season share with us some inspirational stories!!

image  Dawn survivor and I

image credit: Daybreak


Char, Megan, Me, Jen

image credit: Daybreak

We are jumping right in and I for sure will keep you update on our status as the building and design of the home progresses. 

I am so excited to be able to work on building this home from the ground up.  This is the first home building project I have ever worked on.  The home we are in now is 35 years old.  So it will be nice to have all the fun and NEW details to work on and not have to pay for it! haha!

We will have less than 90 days to work with the home builder to develop and implement a concept in time for the Parade of Homes judging on August 1st. The home will be revealed to the general public during the Parade of Homes which begins on August 3rd and runs through August 18th. The home will be available for sale once the Parade of Homes has ended.

image  image

image credit: Crap I’ve Made

Here is the freshly broken ground where the home will eventually stand!


I would love for you to follow along with us on the new little adventure…The House that Bloggers Built!

*Disclaimer–I am receiving compensation to participate in the DIY Blogger House.  However all opinions, thoughts and statements are my own.


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