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Last month I shared with you a Fall Sign that I made for Thanksgiving and my fall décor.  I love it so much, and love that it makes me sing and think about one of my all time favorite hyms…”Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.”  I had one small wall in my office/craft room that was still empty and I was having a hard time deciding what to put there…till now.


I wanted to have a permanent reminder of my favorite song YEAR ROUND rather than just around Thanksgiving.  I like the way it helps to remind me and put things into perspective.


I simply took a left-over piece of wood from one of our past projects and sanded it to a nice smooth finish.  I spray painted it white.  When it was dry I cut out a stencil on my Silhouette that I designed and then placed it onto the board.


Then I simply made sure to cover the entire board except for the letters that I wanted yellow.  I wanted the sign to be really simple, clean and fresh looking.


My board is 24 inches in length but as you can see you could shorten yours a bit if you don’t like the length.  I personally like it this long with the quote only taking up a small portion of the board.

And…of course I want to share it with you.  So I am sharing the stencil with you so that you can make your own Thanksgiving Sign.  I also quickly turned the stencil into a Thanksgiving Printable for those of you who might just want to print something out and stick it in a picture frame.

come thou fount pic
Come Thou Fount pic a  

You can download the free printable|stencil here:

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{Thanksgiving Sign}


P.S.  Did you see the mistake I made? :)  Had to fix that one!  Oopsie!


Fall Sign

For those of you who follow along with The Idea Room on Facebook and Instagram, you might have noticed that I have been on a little adventure this past week.  I was invited by a group of Israeli students (who are part of the Stand With Us organization) and the Israel Tourism of Ministry, to spend 5 days with them on an amazing foodie tour,  Taste of Israel.

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Israel and so you can imagine my excitement when I received the invitation.  Truth be told, I was not sure it was legitimate due to the amount of spam mail I receive on a daily basis.  But it was real…and it happened!  I had an amazing time in so many expected and unexpected ways, and I can’t wait to share more about it with you here in later posts!


But…today, I am going to be sharing with you a Fall Sign that I wanted to share with you while I was in Israel, but I just simply ran out of time and energy to get it ready before I left, and there were more pressing things to attend to…like snuggling with my sweet little girl and watching Despicable Me for the 27th time.


Fall is absolutely one of my favorite seasons of the year.  I am so grateful to be able to live in an area where we have four seasons because each one brings new things to look forward too.  One of my VERY favorite songs is “Come Thou Font of Every Blessing” and I knew that I wanted to be reminded of this in this season of Thanks and Gratitude.

 Fall-Sign 1

The sign itself was really easy to make.  And the best part was that I made it with scraps of wood I had laying around from older projects…which means it was pretty much FREE!! Who doesn’t love that?!

I just took some pine tongue and groove boards (which I had left over from the kitchen plank ceiling) and cut them down to 24 inches in length.  The sign is 3 boards high and measured 11 inches in height.

I glued them onto a thin piece of plywood with the same measurements of 11 (h) x 24 (w) inches.  I then stained the wood with one of my favorite stains, Minwax’s Red Mahagony.  After it had dried, I used some thin wood strips of wood (1/4 inch by 1 inch) to make a small frame around the edges of the sign.  I stained it as well and then secured it to the edge of the sign with a couple of really small nails and some wood glue.

Fall-sign 3

Then, I cut out a stencil for the words with my Silhouette and used the vinyl as a stencil by laying it right where I wanted the words to be on the sign.  Then I covered the rest of the sign with some painters tape and paper so that the sign would not get any spray paint any place other than the words.

 fall-sign 4

Then I lightly sprayed the words with white spray paint.  This way the words have a really soft quality to them.  Then when the paint was dry, I removed the stencil and paper and ran a light sandpaper over them to give it a distressed look.


I really like how the words are offset to one side as well.  I also love how every time I see this sign, I start singing that song.  I feel like it has been a great reminder to me for the real reason of the upcoming Holiday Season.


And, if you are interested in the Fabric Pumpkins I also have displayed, I shared how I made them a couple of years ago here: Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial.


fall wreath

Fall is my very favorite season and I have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to share some of their fall favorites here with you.  I am so excited to have Jamielyn from I {Heart} Naptime sharing her adorable Fall Wreath as part of The Idea Room Fall Festival!

fall festival banner

Hi there The Idea Room friends! I’m Jamielyn from and I’m SO excited to be here today. I absolutely adore Amy and her blog. She is one of my favorite bloggers out there and I’m sure you can agree. :)

Today I’m going to share with you this simple and cute fall wreath. I absolutely LOVE decorating for fall! I was so excited to pull out all my fall decor this year.


Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


  1. Wreath (found at any craft store)
  2. Glitter leaves (found at Hobby Lobby)
  3. One square of felt
  4. Scissors
  5. Hot glue

The first thing you’ll want to do is make the felt flowers. These are really simple to make and can be used for many different crafts.

  1. Start by cutting out a 2 in circle. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfect. ;)
  2. Start on one edge of the circle and cut a swirl until you reach the middle.
  3. Once your circle is cut, grab the edge from the middle and start rolling the piece in like a rose, hot gluing as you go.
  4. Then make about 10 more flowers. You can use different colors and make the circles bigger as well to get a unique look.

Next I glued my leaves around the center of the wreath.

Once the leaves were glued on, I glued felt roses to the center of the leaves and on some of the branches. Add a piece of lace and hang up your new wreath. :)


I love how it turned out. Everything looks better with glitter, right? Especially during the holidays. ;) Thanks so much for having me today! Come see what else I’m up to at or catch me on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

Paper Pumpkins

Green Chile enchiladas

Chalk paint and distressing tutorial

Have a happy day!



Thanks so much Jamielyn for sharing this fun wreath with us!  Such a simple and easy way to get a great fall wreath in your home.  I just love Jamielyn and have enjoyed my friendship with her.  Her is a beautiful person on the inside and outside!  If you have not checked out her site…you really need too.

How To Make A Wreath using corn tassels

Fall is my very favorite season and I have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to share some of their fall favorites here with you.  I am so excited to have Brooke from All Things Thrifty sharing her tutorial for How to Make a Wreath with Corn Tassels today.  Brooke officially kicks off The Idea Room Fall Festival!

Hello to The Idea Room readers! I LOVE THIS BLOG. Amy rocks. The end.

corn wreath 4

My name is Brooke  and I normally blog over at All Things Thrifty where I post about my thrifty decorating addiction! Let me tell you a little about myself before we get going! In a nutshell, I grew up on a farm in Central Utah. I’m a mom of four little kiddos, and I love to decorate. My sisters, my mom, and I love to craft together, and the project I’m sharing with you today happens to be a wreath that my Sister Natalie made. I’m a super thrifty gal and I love to teach my tips and tricks. I’m telling ya peeps, sometimes the cheapest projects turn out the very best around my house. My favorite way to decorate my home is with ultra unique items that can’t be bought in any store. Come check out some of my furniture transformations, and you will see what I mean! I am thrilled to be part of Amy’s Fall Festival today, and I was super excited that she asked me to participate! Let’s get started!

This project most likely won’t cost you a dime to make.
You can’t beat FREE right!?!?

You will need:

A corn field {HA! yep, I said a corn field}


A plastic bag

A pool noodle {Summer is over so just use an old one you have laying around or go buy one for $1 or less}

Some duct tape.

*Before you to stalking through the corn field off in the boonies, please ask permission. :)

Step 1: Gather 4 bags full of corn tassels.   Scissors work great for this. The tassel is the very top of the corn stalk in case you didn’t know.

  019scissors 023

Try your darndest to get tassels that are straight instead of tassels that spray all over the place.

corn wreath

Step 2: After you have a bag full of tassels, you need to make a pool noodle wreath by cutting it and duct taping it together. You can spray paint it if you want, but really no one will see the pool noodle once you are done.

corn tassel wreath  spray paint

Step 3: Divide your tassels into separate piles depending on their lengths. You can cut down your tassels if you need to.

corn tassel wreath

Step 4: Make a small hole in the noodle with the end of your scissors and slide in your tassel one at a time. Start at the back with your longest {and straightest} corn tassels.

Step 5: Continue layering your tassels into your pool noodle until it is full.

Corn wreath 1

The only thing that would make this wreath better is if it were MINE instead of my Sister’s. Don’t you think she should make me one? I think so.

corn wreath 2

I think a trio of corn tassel wreaths would be darling on my front door to celebrate FALL. I hope that you have enjoyed this fun {and more importantly basically FREE} idea, come visit me over at my blog! I would love to have you!

Brooke from All Things Thrifty

Brooke from All Things Thrifty

I LOVE this wreath! Thanks so much for sharing it with us today Brooke!  Maybe your sister wants to make a couple of extra ;)!  I am so excited to have Brooke here today.  I first met Brooke last October when I traveled to the Scentsy Headquarters with her.  I felt an instant connection with her!  I have always admired her amazing site where she shares her creative talent and genius.  Some of my favorite projects of hers are the following:


DIY Unique Turquoise Mirror


Re-Upholstered Chair


Etched Glass Table

She has so many great ideas and tutorials!  Be sure to head on over to her site and check out many of her other inspiring ideas!

All Things Thrifty Logo

Fabric Pumpkins

I love to decorate for fall and one of my favorite items to pull out every year are my Fabric Pumpkins.  Want to know how you can make a pumpkin too?


I saw a tutorial to make these on another blog last year and absolutely fell in love with them, but the link for Holly’s tutorial is no longer working. I have had a few people ask how to make these so here is my version of her original tutorial as I remember it.

I went to JoAnn’s and looked through the Red Tag and Home Decor fabrics and found a lot of cute fabrics in autumn colors. I bought about a 1/4 yard of each. You don’t need much.

Then I just experimented. For taller pumpkins I cut 2 peices of material that measured 12 x 14 inches, with the 14 inch length being the height. For the smaller, wider pumkins I used the same 12 x 14 rectangles but made the 12 inch side the height. Does that make sense. I even added a third size of 11 x 13. It is really up to you.

Then with what ever length you want at the top, fold each peice of material in half with the right sides together (or the side you want showing on the outside). Then sew a crescent shape on the folded edge like the picture. Do this for both peices of material.

Cut off the excess material near your seam.

Now take some coordinating material (I used material that I had made other pumpkins with) and make a stem. I did not sew this as a perfect square, since stems are sometimes curved. Mine measured roughly 2 1/2 w x 4 inches.

Turn your stem inside out and stuff with batting.

Take one of your pumpkin panels and lay it flat with the right side facing up and your sewn crescent up top. Pin your stuffed stem at the top middle with a little stem material poking above the pumpkin material like in the picture above.

Now sew around the entire pumpkin rounding the corners and leaving an opening along the bottom so you can turn it inside out and fill with batting. Trim your corners.

Turn inside out and fill with batting. Hand sew the bottom opening together.

**If your pumpkin has a difficult time standing up on its own, you may need to sew a small bean bag and place it in the bottom of your pumpkin before hand sewing it closed.

Now all you need to do is add a ribbon. I simply took a length of material and sewed the edges and made matching and coordinating ribbons. Or use some store bought ribbon.

Don’t they make you happy? I love FALL!

**update–one of my readers, Deanna, alerted me to the fact that Holly had recently reposted her tutorial which you can see here

Harvest Pumpkins


My sisters, mom and I spent one day making these fabric pumpkins. My sister found the idea here. I will link you to her tutorial so that I don’t have to type it out. They were so easy. We were able to find some fun fabrics and went in on the price together. You don’t need much material for each pumpkin. If I remember right we did a tall 14 inch, small 12 inch and then did a wider medium sized pumpkin.


After my sisters left, I ended up making several more late into the night. I gave some away as gifts and made some more for other rooms in my home. The textures and color variations did not come out well in the picture, but having a variety sure made them standout next to one another. For the ribbon I just sewed strips of material, but you can also use ribbon.

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