Succulent Planters

It’s that time again…time to share with you this month’s Lowe’s Creator project. The theme this month was “pop of color” and I thought some simple succulent planters would be a perfect touch to our back deck decor.


This project is seriously SOOO easy.  And if you love succulents like I do, this is a fun way to display them in and around your home.  All you need to do is pick up some succulents and clay pots from Lowe’s.  I spray painted the pots with Valspar’s Golden Maize in a Satin finish and then let them dry completely overnight.


Then I used my Cricut Explore machine to cut out the herb names in vinyl lettering which I used as a stencil and stenciled the letters in black paint.  I like doing the stencils rather than just using black vinyl because it gives the word an older, vintage look.  If you don’t have vinyl cutting machine you can stencil the old fashioned way and make your own stencil with an exact-o knife or stick some letter stickers on the pot BEFORE spray painting it your color desired and then peel off the stickers.  (Paint black on the pot before you place the stickers on).


That is seriously all there is to it.  I also took a light sandpaper and kind of roughed up the paint on the pots so that they aren’t totally perfect looking! I love them!  These would also make a fantastic teacher’s gift or Mother’s Day gift!


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DIY Flower Planter

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lowe’s.

Every month as a Lowes Creative Blogger, we are challenged to create something within a very broad theme.  This month the theme was Outdoor Décor.  I have a very long retaining wall in my backyard that is just down the steps from my raised deck.  I shared my recent Deck Update here if you are interested.



The wall is pretty ugly and I felt like it detracted from some of the prettier areas of our backyard.  I wanted to find a way to make it into a nice focal point rather than an eye sore.  I also wanted to be able to add some color to the wall.  So I decided to build a DIY Flower Planter out of Redwood.


We picked up some 10 foot lengths of Redwood from Lowes.  We wanted ours to be about 8 feet long (to fit on top of the wall) and about 5 feet wide.  I wanted it to have a slight angle so that the top was wider than the bottom.  So we cut the sides of the planter so that it was at a 10 degree angle and wider on the top than the bottom as you can see in the photo above.

cedar-planter 1

We created it so that it was two layers tall.  We nailed the boards together with a nail gun.  We also wanted to have an open base so that the water could drain out of the planter naturally.  We used some old wood we had laying around and just cut them into squares to fit into the base of the planter and then nailed them into place.  We spaced them apart evenly.  (Six total)


Give your stray kids a job to do to keep them entertained.  This one loves to play with the vacuum so she had the job of sucking up all of the saw dust!

cedar-planter 2

cedar-planter 6

Then we stained the Redwood this lovely color!  It is a nice dark brown with a bit of red tint to it.


After the stain dried completely, we added some corner braces to give the planter some support and to hold the weight of the dirt we would be adding.  We also cut some chicken wire netting to place into the bottom of the planter to drain the water but to hold in the rocks and gravel.

cedar-planter 8

We stapled it with a staple gun in several places to hold it securely in place.  Then we added a strip of plastic around the edges to keep the water from spilling out of the sides where the two layers of the planter are not joining.

cedar-planter 7

Fill the planter with a thin layer of gravel to cover the bottom completely.  Then fill the rest of the planter with some potting soil.  Add some plants and you have a custom built DIY Flower Planter.

As Lowe’s bloggers, we actually work 3 months AHEAD of schedule…so…I actually made this at the end of March.  So, in Utah, things are still pretty cold and snowy around here at times.  The plant selection is pretty sparse and we still can get some cold freezes.  So I just filled it with some really hardy spring plants and a few herbs.

cedar-planter 4

I have since transplanted some of the plants in my yard and traded them for some different ones that are summer hardy.  I will share the updated planter here in a later post when I share some other updates we have made to this area!

cedar-planter 9

See the big, ugly wall?  Well…stay tuned…we have plans for that too!


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