How To DIY a Wood Planked Ceiling

As one of Lowe’s Creative Bloggers on the Lowe’s Creative Ideas site, I was given the challenge to update my kitchen.  The challenge was issued back at the beginning of the year.  It just so happened that we were smack dab in the middle of a kitchen re-do.  Perfect timing right? So I decided to fulfill my dream of having a wood plank ceiling.  In this post I will share with you How to DIY a Wood Plank Ceiling.

Wood Planked Ceiling


I shared with my readers a few sneak peak photos as we moved along in the extremely SLOW process of DIY home remodeling.  And I am so excited to be able to share with you how our kitchen FINALLY turned out.  We are not completely finished.  We still have a few finishing touches, along with the wall décor to complete, but I am really happy with what we have done so far.



When school ended in June we stopped working on the house remodel completely so that we could have a “normal” summer when the kids were home and underfoot.  And now that start of school is less than a week away, we plan to FINALLY finish up all the loose ends.

kitchen 6


(I can’t believe how YELLOW my kitchen was…I am so happy with the new look!  Funny to think that I LOVED that color not too long ago!  But then again I am a person who likes to change things up…if you haven’t noticed :).

kitchen 10


So for the #LowesCreator Kitchen Project, we decided to install a Wood Plank Ceiling.  I have always loved the look of them but wanted to make it a bit “fancier” and paint it white.  Part of our motivation for the wood paneling was to cover up a horribly ugly patch job on the ceiling to cover where some wrap around cabinets had been removed by the previous owners.  It was pretty bad.  We also combined the two lights over the table and centered a new single light over our dining area.  Then we had some canned lighting to the space.  So needless to say we had a huge ceiling repair on our hands.  Planking the ceiling was a great option and actually saved us a lot of repair work.

kitchen 11  kitchen 5

We ended up using these V groove, Pine Wood Planks from Lowe’s.  They were pretty inexpensive for a pack of six, 8 foot long pine planks.  We put them up in a staggered pattern so that all the ends would not be lined up for a smoother look and finish.  We added a thin line of painters caulk to the back side of each plank and then stuck it onto the ceiling.  Then added some nails every couple of feet to secure it to the ceiling.

kitchen 3  kitchen 14

While my husband and son put the planks on the ceiling, I followed behind them with the painter’s caulk and filled some of the bigger cracks and knot holes in the wood to give it a smoother, less rustic look.  The process was pretty tedious but so worth it for the finished product!

kitchen 12

After allowing the caulk to fully cure, we primed and then painted the wood planks white.  We some crown molding in the dining area to cover up the uneven edges where the ceiling meets the walls.  Then in the main kitchen area, we added just a small flat trim molding to cover up the edges as the city scape cupboards had crown molding and it would have been difficult to match up the crown molding on the walls and cabinets.

kitchen final 2  kitchen

I can’t believe we are so close to getting things completely finished up and will for sure share with you the final touches when we get them.  We did the entire kitchen tear out by ourselves (with some help from our family and our kids).  We were originally thinking of just painting our existing cabinets white like we have done with some bathroom cabinets, but considering our home is 30+ years old we decided to replace them.  I am so glad we did because as we started to tear them out we could see just how water damaged and rotten several of them had become especially around the sink area.  A couple of them just literally fell apart.

kitchen final 3

We had the cabinets built and installed along with the dark wood flooring.  All the rest of the work was done by us.  I am planning on sharing several tutorials in some future posts if you are interested in exactly what we did.  I am not going to lie, it was really A LOT of work, but I am SO glad that we did it the way that we did!  So now you know why I might have been a bit of a crazy person these past several months.


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**Disclaimer: I was given a gift card from Lowe’s for this project.

However all opinions and text are mine.

pantry update

Summer has hit and I always feel like there is an adjustment period when the kids are home all day again for both moms and the kids.  We are trying to set up a good routine that includes chores in the morning followed by fun.  Some are more on board with this than others.  Does this happen at your house too?  Ha!

pantry 2

While we try to get that all figured out over here I thought I would finally share with you our freshly updated pantry. As you know we have been remodeling our kitchen for the last few months along with the office. We still have some projects left but are getting so close. Life and kids activities have slowed us down quite a bit but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping to start sharing more of it here soon.

pantry 3

One thing we did finish up is the pantry. We didn’t do much to it other than wallpaper it with this Allen + Roth paintable wallpaper which we bought from Lowe’s.

pantry 4

This wallpaper went up pretty easily and I had just barely enough to fill my space.

pantry 6

In fact, I had on little strip left on the inside edge of the closet.  I was able to piece the last few pieces out of the scraps without having to buy a whole new roll of paper.  Phew!

pantry 7

I was planning on painting the wallpaper a nice grey color, but after the paper was up, I loved the original color so much with my new blue kitchen walls, that I decided NOT to paint it.  That could still change in the future (if you know me and my propensity for change)!!


I have a love for pretty labels and added some more to go with the few that I already had in the pantry.  They make everything feel happy and in place for me.  Did I mention that I have some OCD issues?

pantry 9

We then put the closet doors back on, which we had removed during the kitchen renovation when the wood floor was laid.  This whole process has been really drawn out which happens when you end up doing most of the work yourself, but it has been fun to see the transformation.

pantry 1

Now I need to go and get the troops moving on their chores and finally clean up my bedroom that looks like a tornado hit!  Just trying to keep it real.  At least my pantry looks pretty :)!


Some of you may have noticed I have been a little bit absent here and on the internet the past few weeks. That is because we have been so busy tearing out and putting back together the flooring in the kitchen and our new office.

office wm

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I wanted to share a bit of our progress and where we are at right now.  My office is mostly finished.  I am just sharing a little sneak peak today but hopefully plan on getting all the small details finished up here soon so I can share the full reveal with you.  I am loving it so far.

office cabinets delivered wm 

My cabinets were finally delivered to be installed almost 3 weeks ago.  Then when the guy came to install them he discovered that they were built 3 inches TOO TALL!!!  What?!  He was the one who came out and did the measure (twice). I saw the measurements that he sent in to the cabinet shop…but somewhere the numbers were entered wrong.  So….We had to wait another week for the cabinets to be rebuilt.

office 3wma

{love the curtains but took them back for some different ones which look much better in there now…}

This was good news to the girls who got to keep their dance studio a week longer.  Why is there a fan in the room?  Well first it was out because the new toilet we installed had an invisible hairline crack in it and was slowly leaking onto our newly laid wood floor….gah! But then it became one of the girls “props” to blow their hair back whilst dancing :)….Who doesn’t need one of those while dancing? Ha Ha

I shared one of my daughters dancing in the “dance studio” here.

office cabinets empty wm

The cabinets finally got put in and I couldn’t be happier with all my storage space.  Here is my old office space.   I had a few other closets in the house where I had some of my sewing supplies and material and my office supplies…not to mention all my craft STUFF!  So it is nice to have it ALL. IN. ONE. SPOT!

office 4wm

{we threw those pants in the fire last weekend…}

Most of my stuff has now been transferred except for a few loose ends here and there…but we are making progress people!  We put all the moldings back onto the wall and repainted everything.  I have to repaint the ceiling (not my favorite) but we are getting so close!

remodel dust wm

And….did I mention the dust?  Yikes!  I knew it was going to be messy…but I never imagined it would be THIS messy…and it is EVERYWHERE!  Maybe that is why I have been sick off and on for the last 6 weeks or so.

old floor tear out 1 wm

The floors are now finished and I am in LOVE! I will be sharing those later.  I have never been more happy to be on the downhill side of such a huge undertaking.  But I am liking where we are heading.  Hoping to be able to share some more updates soon. 

old wood floor tear out

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My current reality…

I thought I would share a “real” aspect of my life right now.  We are living in the middle of a construction zone…and it is making me CRAZY!  I crave order and cleanliness…and right now things are a mess.  Have you been there?

These are some pictures of my office/craft room, which is a very small room in my home (about 10 x 11 feet and I can only access about 4 x 5 feet of that space to work in now) that has reached the point of being completely insufficient for my needs.  When I started this little blog, I had no idea it would grow into what it has.  I am enjoying every second of it…but with growth comes change and my current office was no longer cutting it.  I had “stuff” in several different places, closets and even in the garage and my organizational OCD was not dealing well with it.

craft-office collage

I tried to keep it clean and organized but was quickly losing the battle.  I had to start bringing my stuff into the kitchen to actually have room to work on things and then you know what happens when that starts…

So…we have this perfectly great room right next to the kitchen and the living room that did not get much use…at all…the dining room.  I was already planning on ditching the red walls…which I was SO over…why not turn it into an office for me?  Then I could have plenty of space to store and work on projects and work out of my home from.  Perfect!  So we sold our furniture and got to work.

dining room collage

We had also just decided to finally put in new flooring on the main floor to replace the 35 year old tile and wood floors that had seen better days.  When we moved in here almost 9 years ago, we knew we would be replacing them…we just didn’t realize how long it would take us to save up for it to finally be able to get them done.  Why not do it all at once?  So in October we began the process of floor shopping.  Due to the holidays and waiting on contractors and the wood to be delivered we finally got them put in…two weeks before Christmas!  Who does that?  Only crazy people.

entry way collage

So we ripped out the floors one weekend and then had someone put the new wood floors in for us.  When we ripped up the floors, we found a hole underneath the toilet in our main floor bathroom where a leaky toilet had been slowly causing damage…GROSS! 

The new sub floor was put in the first day by the contractors.  Later that day after he had gone home, we could not find our cat.  The kids looked everywhere.  This cat rarely meows but has a collar with a little bell on it.  We could hear the faint jingle of a bell but could not track him down.  I realized that the sound was coming from UNDER the floor.  The cat had been trapped under the new subfloor…screws and all.  AND my husband was out of town!  {of course he was…}

link in floor collage

We were able to get a hold of our neighbor who came over and unscrewed a portion of the subfloor and freed our cat.  We locked him away after that to keep him safe from another mishap!

entry way wm

This is what my living room has looked like for a couple of weeks.  We finally got it all put back together just a few days before Christmas.  There was no way I could have handled living with that during Christmas.  Plus, the girls were worried that Santa would trip on something going from the chimney to our Christmas tree in the other room.  I can’t imagine why they would worry about that in there…haha!

office 6wm

Right before Christmas we also painted some new and taller baseboards to replace the old ones we had taken out with the flooring for the entry way of our home.   Here is a picture of part of the entry way now after we put them in. 

entry way 5wm

We are still working on the entry way and  will share it when we get it finished.  We are putting the wood flooring down in two different phases.  Phase one was the entry way, hallway, main bathroom and the new office.  We are keeping the carpet in the living and family room.  Then the second phase will be putting the wood flooring into the kitchen.

office 3wm

So right now we have a lovely transition area that we keep covered up with some throw rugs and old carpet padding.  We had to do it this way so that we could keep the planks of wood running from the office into the kitchen in the same direction.  Lovely….eh? haha!  It is driving me crazy…see a theme here?

floor collage

But I really am excited.  It is going to be so worth it in the end…and it has been something we have been working for a long time to be able to do.  The office is going to be getting some cabinets put in next week!  Wahoo!  I gave it a fresh coat of primer and paint and got rid of the red!  Then in a couple of weeks they will come back out and put in our kitchen flooring.


And then…because big remodeling projects always have to have something go wrong…{am I right?} I noticed some water at the base of our BRAND NEW TOILET! And one of the new wood planks had a little bit of water damage to it…like the water had been there for a while.  GAH!

Sure enough…the new toilet had a hairline fracture inside the base of it.  And for two weeks had been slowly leaking out.  So up and out the toilet went.  The floor guys will be able to replace the damaged plank when they come out and finish the kitchen floor.  And the store is happy to replace the toilet.  So all is well!

Crazy much? Ha Ha! So that is what I have been up to!  Despite all the craziness….with more to come when we tear apart the kitchen to add the flooring…I am REALLY excited for the new changes!  We are almost there…I can feel it! 

Have any of you lived amid construction and mayhem? How did you survive?


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