Recipe Book Printables

Yesterday I shared with you these customizable Recipe Books that you can download and print to organize your recipes in a pretty way.  Today, I am sharing with you the actual downloads.

recipe-book 7

These Recipe Books would be the perfect gift for the women in your life, and with Mother’s Day coming…you might want to make one right now!  I LOVE that you can totally customize these books to how YOU like to organize your recipes.

Simply grab a 3 ring binder (in your favorite color and thickness) and some plastic sheet paper covers from your local office supply store, or order some from Amazon and have them delivered right to your front door.

Plastic Sheet Protectors
3 Ring Binder
recipe-book 6
The nice thing about the protective sheets is that you can slip any size of recipe in them and keep them organized in a pretty manner so that you can keep your recipes clean and easy to find!  You can also keep those sentimental recipes that have your grandmother or mother’s handwriting on them.

recipe-book 3

You can also add new recipes as you find them on various websites too!  I will be sharing more recipes here too in the upcoming months in order to get MY recipes organized and I will be sharing them here for you to add to your recipe binders as you wish.

recipe-book 4

I will also be continuing to add to this recipe binder.  I have some different aspects and organizational features I would like to add to keep it organized and functional.  Some of these items are some conversion pages and some tabs for easy referencing.  I will also add a link to the sidebar so that you can check on all the updates in one easy click!

On a side note…many of you have asked me about the labels I have on my Flour and Sugar Canisters.  I found them on Amazon here: Flour and Sugar Canister Labels

If you would like to download the first Recipe Book Index Printables, click on the link below:

{Recipe Book Index Printables}

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Chocolate Sugar Scrub Recipe

You know I had to try it….

a Chocolate Sugar Scrub!


It’s chocolate-y…and I like it!


I hope you are not sick of these sugar scrubs! I am having a lot of fun experimenting with some different combinations.  They make fun gifts and…well…its that time of year!


One of the best things about this gift is the potential for cute packaging…and you KNOW how much I love gifts in a jar! Jars just make everything cute.  I get asked a lot about how I attach my bottle labels.  I simply print them out on my laser printer (or you can print them at a copy shop) onto white cardstock.  Then I cut them out and paste them onto the bottle with a simple glue stick.  This works really well and is fast an easy!  You can print them on sticker paper if you want, but I find that to be a lot more expensive.


Many of you have asked in the past about where I find my jars.  So I thought I would share it here with all of you.  I find a lot of cute bottles at Hobby Lobby and they have them on sale for half price a lot of the time.  This particular jar was $1.50 on sale.  I also LOVE using Starbucks Frappuccino Bottles too!  Those are the ones I use most frequently and I am lucky to have a friend who gives me them when she is done with them.


Chocolate Sugar Scrub Recipe:

1/2 cup Raw Cane Sugar

1/2 cup white sugar

1 Tbsp. cocoa baking powder

*don’t add more cocoa unless doubling…it will turn your skin brown ;)

up to 1/4 cup Almond Oil {Olive Oil or Coconut Oil}

1/2 tsp. vanilla

chocolate shavings from bakers chocolate square (optional)

a few drops of Vitamin E oil (optional)

*If you want to spice it up you can add some orange, peppermint or cinnamon essential oils for a fun twist.  I did not do that for this recipe.

Mix together the sugars and cocoa in a bowl.  Slowly add the oil until you have your desired consistency.  I prefer mine to be drier than oily.  But of course you can make it to your likes.  Add the vanilla and Vitamin E if desired and stir all together until combined.  Store in an airtight jar or container.  Should last for up to 3 months.


If you make it…let me know what you think! I love getting feedback from you guys.  It helps me know what other projects to work on that you might be interested in!


And…I am sharing these Chocolate Sugar Scrub Labels with you all.  To download the Chocolate Sugar Scrub Labels click here:

{Chocolate Sugar Scrub Labels}

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