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Today I am so excited to FINALLY share with you my finished Office / Craft Room reveal as part of Angie, from Country Chic Cottage’s Craft Room Tours Series.  Be sure to head on over and check out the other craft rooms that are also a part of this fun series…after you check out mine!


This room has been a LONG time in coming and no one could be happier that it is finished than I.


We moved into our home 11 years ago and it needed some serious work.  We LOVED the home but it had sat empty for about 5 years and then in the last year it was occupied by several teenagers/young adults.  It was pretty torn up inside…but with some work we knew it could be nice again.

The home has been a work in progress continually in small phases and I am happy to say we are getting so close to getting it finished.


The picture above is from the first year we lived in the home.  The room the office is in is actually the one in the back of the photo connected to the living room.  We added the French Doors about 2 years ago the same time we had the wood floors laid.  To see the pictures of that process you can go here:

Office Makeover Progress

dining room collage

The picture above is how the Dining Room was before we turned it into the office.  We hardly ever ate in the dining room and it was a prime space in the home that was not being utilized.  My craft room was upstairs and we TEENY.  It was busting at the seams and all my projects ended up on the kitchen table due to the cramped conditions of the room. To see the images of that room, you can check it out here:

Old Craft Office


You can enter the room from the Kitchen and the Living Room.  We added some French Doors to separate the Office from the Living Room so that we could shut the doors if we needed too, without blocking any of the natural light.


We had some cabinets built so that I could fill them full of all my craft and work supplies.  I LOVE having everything in one room.  It makes working on everything so much easier instead of having to go from room to room to gather my work supplies.


We also added a spot for me to work on the computer at a desk.  It has been adopted by several of the kids as their favorite homework spot as well.



I LOVE my Charlie Brown Lemon tree! It looks pretty sad, but I am so excited for the lemons.  There are 4 tiny green lemons growing on it right now!! Hopefully I can keep it alive.  I have had it since September…so far so good (knock on wood).


I will be sharing the tutorial and pattern for the pillow on my yellow chair in an upcoming future post for any of you who might be interested!  I kinda love it!



We made the yellow Apothecary Cabinet, which some of you may remember from a past post.  If you are interested in how we built it, you can find the tutorial for that here:

Apothecary Cabinet Tutorial


The cabinet is filled with all of my Cricut and Silhouette supplies.  To see how I made the bulletin board, check out this post:

Office Bulletin Board



office-reveal 14

We picked up this light from Lowe’s and I love the vintage look it has.  It also comes with the vintage light bulbs, which of course, I had to get…cause you know…The IDEA Room!  It is one of my favorite features of the room.


I am loving having the extra work space and love that it is on the main floor.  Although, it can tend to get pretty messy when I am working…  Having it on the main floor, I am more motivated to keep it clean so that it is not a total wreck when company is over.  But if you know me, you have most likely seen it in a disastrous state!  But creativity is messy right?!

What do you think?


Create Bulletin board

Anyone else have a hard time adjusting to the time change this weekend? I am dragging this morning! Remind me why we are still doing this?

Anyways…despite the slow start this morning, we made some great progress on our HUGE remodeling project and we are getting so close to being FINISHED! Unfortunately all the little things take a lot of time and patience to finish up.  But we are getting so close. 

create bulletin board 10wm

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Today I wanted to share with you a little bulletin board that I got up in my new office. It has been so nice to have everything in one spot, right where I need it.  I wanted a spot to be able to display some fun memories and also tack up some inspiration.

create bulletin board wm

I simply found frame that I liked that was on sale (50% off) at Hobby Lobby and painted it white and then distressed with sand paper.  Then I found some cork board out of an old thrift store frame and cut it down to the right size. 

create bulletin board 7wm

I painted the cork board white since I didn’t want it to look like cork board.  All I did was roll the cork board with my white paint that I used to paint the frame with. It took 3 coats to get it to the whiteness that I wanted.

create bulletin board 2wm

Then I made a simple CREATE banner.  For some reason I couldn’t get the pattern correct with the squares and triangles.  Ha ha!  I must have been tired or something.  But I actually like that there is NO pattern to the banner.  I must admit that normally I would automatically go for the square-triangle-square-triangle pattern as I am a very traditional and uniform person.  When I was a kid I would ALWAYS color the barn red!  But I like that it is a bit off.  Seems to be a bit more “creative” that way. 

create bulletin board 3wm

Anyways…I am waiting to finish up a couple of more things in the office before I reveal the whole thing to you.  I have to paint the ceiling and a few other small things before it can finally get checked off of the list!

create bulletin board 4wm

create bulletin board 5wm

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