December Photo-A-Day

I am not sure why I feel compelled to come up with another Photo-A-Day Challenge for Instagram series since I failed miserably on November’s #gratefulgram.  Ha!  But in my defense, my daughter was in a local production of The Nutcracker.  We had a great time and loved being a part of it, but as a mom…well, you know how those kinds of things can be…!


We were supposed to be at the auditorium every night for dress rehearsals and performances for a 6 days straight.  So needless to say, I cut everything that was unnecessary from my life for a couple of weeks so I could take care of things here at home and be where I needed too.

And now that it is over, and life has resumed somewhat “normally” I thought it would be fun to issue another photo challenge…this time for December!  If you want to play along, you are always welcome to join us.

No pressure.  If you miss a day…or two…or 16…it really isn’t a big deal.  Just join in when you can.  The point is to get you taking pictures and recording those everyday moments in your life.  If you don’t like the photo prompt for the day, use your own!


To play along simply take a photo and post it to one of your social media sites.  I use Instagram to post mine too and then sometimes share them on Facebook and Twitter.  Please use the hashtag #idearoom to tag your photos.  This will then add your photo to the list of photos under the #idearoom hashtag.  If you click on the “#idearoom” it will pull up everyone’s photos who are playing along.  So you can see all the fun things The Idea Room readers are sharing.

If you want me to follow along with you personally, feel free to leave your Instagram name here and I am happy to follow.  I look forward to playing along with you in December…one of my favorite months of the entire year!


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