Silhouette CAMEO Rhinestones tutorial

Have any of you had a chance to use the Silhouette CAMEO Rhinestones? I had the chance to use them this last week for the very first time. Believe it or not, I was a bit nervous about the easiness of the Rhinestones.  But this was one of my easiest CAMEO Silhouette Projects to make.


It is fairly common knowledge that I don’t love really sparkly things…except for diamonds!  But my girls love them.  I am planning on making me a sparkly shirt for the Neil Diamond Concert I will be attending with some of my favorite girlfriends this summer (Woot Woot!  Any fellow Neil Diamond fans in the house?).  But the idea I have in mind for that is a bit more involved so I decided to go with a fairly easy design for my first Rhinestone Project.

Silhouette Rhinestones 2

I designed the number 8 in my Silhouette program and set it to fit the 10ss size of Rhinestones.  Then I stretched it to make it the height and width that I wanted it to be on her shirt.

Then I cut it on my Silhouette.  I made sure to choose the special Rhinestone Media setting and set my blade to a 3.  I cut it with a speed of 10 and a thickness of 33.

Then I carefully peeled off the green layer.  There were a few holes that did not come out so I simply picked them out with my Silhouette vinyl picking tool.

silhouette rhinestones 3

Then I laid the green layer with my image onto the white sheet of cardboard that comes in your kit.  I set it into the adorable yellow box and poured in some pink Rhinestones and used the Rhinestone tool to brush the Rhinestones into place.

silhouette rhinestones 4

Then I used this handy dandy Rhinestone Pick Me Up Tool…which was totally awesome, to easily pick up and place the stray Rhinestones in the right place.

silhouette rhinestones 5

Peel your clear plastic sheet off of the cover and then carefully lay it on top of your Rhinestones.  Be sure to rub over the Rhinestones carefully so that each one is attached to the plastic sheet well.  Then peel the plastic layer off.  Your Rhinestones should stick to this plastic sheet.

silhouette rhinestones 6

Transfer your Rhinestones to your shirt or the item you are adding them too.  Iron them on by placing a thin towel between the Rhinestones and the iron.

silhouette rhinestones 7

Carefully peel away the plastic sheet.  Rhinestones should be securely attached to the shirt.  I then just placed the thin towel on the stones again and ran the iron over it for good measure!  I wanted to make sure they were on there well!

silhouette rhinestones

I was really surprised with the overall ease of this project.  The hardest part was making sure you had all the Rhinestones in place…and that was pretty easy due to the fancy little Rhinestone tool I had.  You will have to purchase that separately!


What do you think?  Need some more ideas?  Check out my other CAMEO Silhouette Projects here.



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