A Day At Scentsy

I am so excited to finally be able to share with you my recent trip to visit the Scentsy Headquarters in Meridian, Idaho.  I was contacted a few months back by Melissa about the possibility of coming out to spend the day with several people within the Scentsy Headquarters and to learn some more about this amazing company. We were also told we would get some hands on design and fragrance training with some of the Scentsy experts. 

Ummmm…yes please!


I was already familiar with Scentsy and had used several of their products in my own home. So I thought I already had a pretty good idea about how great their products were…

I couldn’t have been more wrong! I walked away with a new found respect and love for all things Scentsy!

scentsy 2 

A few weeks before the event, I was happily surprised to see that I already knew several of the bloggers that would be participating in A Day at Scentsy. Several of us met up at the airport on Thursday and enjoyed waiting for our flight together even though our departure kept getting delayed later and later.  Finally we were able to fly out…2 hours later than scheduled. 

When we got to Idaho, we took a shuttle to the lovely Hotel 43 in Boise. We were each given our own private room….Hello!! How amazing is that?

We were each were welcomed to our rooms with a fun gift bag filled with some yummy goodness and a Scentsy warmer, warming some awesomely good smells.  I was welcomed with one of my favorites …Sunkissed Citrus

scentsy collage 5   

Since our flight was late, we quickly hurried down to meet our Scentsy hosts and the rest of the bloggers. We made a little small talk and then went to eat at an amazing restaurant that was right in Hotel 43 called Chandlers. Oh My Goodness.  I ate the most amazing Salmon and garlic potatoes. I was tempted to lick the plate clean…but due to present company, I restrained myself. After some chatting and getting to know each other over dinner we split up and headed out to two separate Scentsy parties that were being held in the area by some independent consultants.

I had the privilege of attending the party with a Scentsy Consultant, Danette Kroll.  She had a fun and outgoing personality.  The party was really easy going and laid back and we were able to get to see several of the products up close and personal.  We also were able to smell every scent, and I found SEVERAL new favorites.

scentsy collage 2

The next day we woke up and checked out of our hotel and headed to the Scentsy Headquarters. We were given a small tour and then had a breakfast and were able to meet several of Scentsy’s employees and management.

scentsy collage

We learned more about Scentsy and their background story about how Heidi and Orville Thompson started and grew this amazing company from their very humble beginnings…a 40-foot metal box. For several months, the Thompsons and their five kids ran Scentsy’s manufacturing and shipping operations from an old ocean shipping container that had been sitting on the family sheep farm in Meridian, Idaho.

image  scentsy 16

We met with the head design team and learned all about the amount of thought and planning that goes into each and every Scentsy warmer. I was amazed at the great care they put into each and every final detail. We also watched this, rock to warmers video where we were shown the process that it takes to make the warmers and saw the great care Scentsy takes to make sure their products are of made of the finest quality of materials and are safe for our homes and families.

scentsy collage 4

I LOVE the Scentsy motto…”Generosity, Simplicity, and Authenticity.” This is a motto that they use to make all of their decisions with regards to their company and the Scentsy name.

Almost every person we met and talked to claimed THEY had the very best jobs within the Scentsy community. Everyone was so friendly and outgoing and we felt so warm and welcomed into their amazing family. I felt like a part of the family.

scentsy collage 3

We also participated in a their fun Fragrance 101 class.  I was really fascinated with the whole process of how they formulated their final scents and the complicated process it involves.  We learned all about the layering of scents and smelled several of the base scents that their products are built with.  It was fun to see what scents I loved and which scent tones I didn’t.

scentsy animals

We were lucky enough to be able to meet Heidi and Orville Thompson, the owners of Scenty. They generously spent some time talking with us and answering our questions.  They are such an amazing couple.  So down to earth and easy to talk to.  I am just so impressed with their outlook and approach for building a family instead of a business.  But perhaps one of the biggest thought I came away from this whole experience is Orville’s motto of “Giving Back more than Take!” I love that! What kind of world would we live in if everyone tried to adopt that as their primary goal in life?

Scentsy with owners

Top row: Tenielle  Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous, Kari  Ucreate, Heidi and Orville Thompson (Owners of Scentsy), Juliet  Juicy Stuff, Shelley  House of Smiths, and me.

Bottom Row: Brooke All Things Thrifty, Kami  No Biggie, Shelley  How does She, Heather  Whipperberry, and Cindy  Skip to my Lou.


I would have to say that this Day at Scentsy has been one of my most favorite and memorable experiences thus far that has come from this little blog of mine.

Thank you Scentsy for the amazing trip.  I had an amazing time and was inspired by your company goals, products and the impact you have on the communities around you.

If you would like to learn more about Scentsy on their blog or the products they offer, you can find more information on

their FAQ’s page, Facebook page and/or follow their Twitter account.


And just for fun…here is a pic of us at the airport doing what we do best…haha! Thanks to Brooke for sharing it with me!


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