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Happy Summer! It’s Heather from, here again to share with you a fun game to play with your family and friends.

All you need for this game is a squirt bottle full of water.

To Play

Have everyone in your family sit in a circle on the floor.

One person will start in the middle of the circle with the squirt bottle. The person in the middle picks a category (for example, colors, ice cream flavors, Disney movies, Harry Potter characters, breakfast cereals, etc…), and then think of an item within that category. Without telling anyone what they have chosen, they need to go around the circle while each person takes a turn guessing what that item is.

So… if the category is colors, each person would say a different color. Trying not to say the color the person in the middle has secretly picked. When someone does guess the item in the category, they get sprayed in the face with the squirt bottle. And they become the next person in the middle. (In this game you are actually trying to not guess the exact item and become the next person in the middle.)

For example. I am in the middle, the category is colors, and I have secretly chosen the color red. I start with my husband who guesses blue (so he is safe), then our daughter guesses orange (she is safe). And then our other daughter says red (so I squirt her in the face with the squirt bottle-because she guessed the color I had chosen.) She is then in the middle with the squirt bottle. She chooses a category, and then an item in that category (keeping it to herself). And we start going around the circle again. 

Two Rules…

1. If someone repeats a guess that has already made, then they get squirted in the face, so always pay attention.

2. If you take more than 3 seconds to make your guess, you get squirted in the face. No stalling.

This game is perfect for all ages. Kids especially! We are giving them an excuse to squirt one another? What kid doesn’t like that. Our family loves to choose fun and silly categories, but we also use the game to work on our colors, numbers between 1-20, we use it to practice multiplication facts and even to work on vocabulary words for our kids school vocab tests.

Time to grab your squirt bottles and have some fun. With all the heat outside, cross your fingers the family game turns into a family water fight and start making memories together.

So, how many breakfast cereals can you name?
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Summer Can–30 Handmade Days

I am happy to have my friend Mique from Thirty Handmade Days and the Queen Bee Market here today, sharing a great idea for when you are out and about this summer.  Mique is one of my favorites and is a great example to me of Motherhood.  She is also super fun and creative.  I hope you will stop on over to her site to see some of the other great ideas she has shared.

Hi the Idea Room friends! I’m Mique from Thirty Handmade Days and the Queen Bee Market. I’m so happy to be here today to share a simple idea to help you be a little prepared for the pool, beach or lake trips – make a summer can.

What is a summer can, you ask? Let me explain… Ok. So we live in California where the sun is shining throughout the year. But summer means days at the pool or the beach. I grew up in the San Diego area (best place to grow up!) and spent a lot of time at the beach. This idea comes from time there- it’s similar to a little emergency kit, only I made it with more beach/lake related items. You could add whatever you want, but this is what I gathered:

Summer Can

A Pringles can! Grab one at the store, eat the chips and then wipe it clean with a wet wipe, damp cloth, something to get all the crumbs off. The one in the picture above is Salt & Vinegar but I don’t recommend that one just because it is hard to get rid of that vinegar smell. Ewwww. Other supplies:

  • baby wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • baby powder – helps with sandy feet/hands. Sprinkle it where the sand is before you get into the car and it will come off.
  • bandaids
  • sunglasses
  • lip balm
  • baby bulb syringe (you know one of those yucky snot suckers?) – this helps with sand too. Use it to blow off sand off of gadgets or off your body.
  • gum
  • plastic trash bag (because we always have trash from food and it’s a pain to collect or walk forever to the nearest one at the beach)

I asked on my Facebook page for things people had to have at the beach and here were a few of my favorite tips that you could add to your summer can:

  • Small bottle with white vinegar – to use on jelly fish stings. (if jelly fish are common at your beach)
  • Leave in conditioner is a life saver with little girls & salty hair
  • Take everything like wetsuits, shovels, whatever else that gets sandy in a big plastic bin…then when you are ready to to go, put everything back in. Helps with sandy things rolling around the car and then when you get home…you just fill bin with water and soak everything for a little while then rinse & hang!
  • Bring plastic bags to help get wetsuits on…put over feet and hands before you put them in the wetsuit and the arms/legs slip right on!

Obviously not everything is going to fit into a Pringles can. Here’s what mine looked like up close with the baby powder, wipes, lip balm, trash bag and nose syringe:

Summer Can close up www.thirtyhandmadedays.comToss it in your beach bag and then you’ll always be prepared!

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Thanks so much for having me Amy! Love ya.



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