Copyright Policy:

Feel free to use my ideas for your personal use only. My patterns, ideas and tutorials are NOT intended for resale or re-distribution. If you have any questions about whether you can “use” one of my ideas…feel free to E-MAIL me and ask! {email 2theidearoom(at)gmail(dot)com}

What are my Terms of Use?
If I use someone else’s idea or am inspired by someone’s else’s work, I will always link you to the place I found it.   I expect the same.  If you see something on this blog that you like, feel free to use the ideas for yourself and/or share them with others. Please do not copy any text or pictures and claim them as your own.  That is just not cool…and it’s theft. If you are inspired by my ideas or project I would appreciate a link back to the Idea Room.  I would also love to see how you were inspired and what you have made!  It makes me happy to know that others are using the things I am sharing.  I would love to see them and come and visit your sites!!

“Can I link to your blog and/or use your pictures?
I love to share my ideas and projects and do not mind if you are using them and giving me proper credit. You may use one of my images as long as you link back to my website.  Please link back using the terms The Idea Room or the name of the project.  This helps both of our SEO.  Please do not copy my text, instructions or recipes and use them on your site.  Please send your readers back to my site for that.

**If the picture is one of my children please do not use on your blog or Pinterest board without permission first.

The printables I share are for PERSONAL USE only.  Please do not resell, redistribute or reuse in any other way.

Pinterest Policy:

I do not mind if you pin an image from my site to your personal Pinterest boards. Please however correctly link back to the proper page and give credit where credit is due. Please do not pin any recipes in full or directions to my tutorials along with the pins.