Make Your Own Heart Wax Paper


I found this fun idea for making heart Wax Paper at Martha Stewart’s Living website. It can be wrapped around homemade treats that you may be giving as gifts. Since I knew I was going to be making and giving away some bread this year, I had to make some. It was so fast and EASY, my daughter helped me and could practically do the whole thing herself (with a little supervision with the ironing, of course).


All you need to do is roll out a peice of wax paper (I did the length of my ironing board). Place the wax paper on your ironing board that has been covered with paper towels to prevent wax from melting onto your cover. Cut out hearts from tissue paper. We traced a cookie cutter and cut out several layers at a time. Spread the hearts out over the wax paper.


Pull another piece of wax paper off of your roll that is as long as the bottom piece. Put this wax paper directly on top of the layer covering the hearts. Cover with paper towels to prevent wax from getting on your iron, and then iron the two sheets together!


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  1. carol says

    Very cute idea, and so easy. You could do that for all seasons. It would be cute with a leaf cut out or Christmas cut out or even balloon cut outs. Guess I better make some bread.

  2. jenheadjen says

    How clever! Thanks for sharing. What a great way to get wrapping paper in a bind too, and plus you can recycle old tissue paper without it looking nasty and wrinkled! Cool!

  3. Sarah says

    I've never seen this before, Amy. It is just darling! That's my 2011 wrapping paper right there!

  4. Maryjo says

    If you used a jumbo paper punch, you could solve all that cutting. I have a snowflake one that would be great for the winter.

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