Paper Bead Bracelets or Necklaces

I saw this idea in a magazine a few months ago (Family Fun) I think. These are super easy and they turned out so cute if I do say so myself. All you do is take an old magazine, catalog, newspaper or scrap book paper and tear or cut the pages into long triangles. (Wider base triangles will make longer beads than shorter base triangles. Longer triangles will make fatter beads than shorter triangles).

Once you have your triangles cut out, rub glue all over the triangle. Start rolling from the fatter end of your triangle all the way down to the smaller end. Be sure to put the glue on the side of the paper that you do not want showing on the outside of the bead.

Make sure to also leave a small hole in the center of the beads so that they will slide onto your string, elastic or wire. When you have all the beads you want, thread them onto a length of wire or string to make a necklace or bracelet, or both. Tie the ends of the string or wrap the wire ends together and you’re done!

These are the beads my kids made for their bracelets. They made them all shapes and colors. But my favorite are the beads we made out of scrapbook paper pictured below.

Believe it or not, my boys even made a necklace, but only used “manly” colors. I was under strict confidence to not take any pictures of them anywhere near the beads or this activity.

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  1. babyblooze says

    Sounds like a good project to keep the kids busy for awhile. I do like how the scrapbook paper beads turned out. Fun project!

  2. Michie says

    I love that your sons made "manly beads" and wouldn't let you take their picture. Too funny! The beads look great!

  3. Nettie's Blog says

    what a cute idea …great fun to do with the grandkids ..i can use that hat elastic so they are eay to get on and off all four girls…so cost effetive too…i have a few glossy mags that i can use too…I know i always say it but thank you for sharing really

  4. Laurie Jones says

    What a great summer project. They look fun! I had to tell you that is an awesome picture of L.

  5. Mzuribeads says

    Love this blog…your beads are stunning.
    Mzuribeads is an ethical business who have been individually hand rolling recycled paper beads and jewelry in Uganda since 2006. I would like everyone interested in our fair trade bead art to find out how we make our recycled paper beads by visit our website.

  6. Erin Duitsman says

    Tip: For longer lasting beads, cover the beads with clear nail polish and let dry. Makes the colors more vibrant, and the beads strong :)

  7. **Amy** says

    Erin-Thanks for the great tip. I will definetly be doing that. My daughter still wears her bracelet. Thank you!

  8. kate says

    My sister was on a mission trip in Uganda this summer and brought back necklaces that were made this way- except the women there wrap the paper around a pin or needle and the beads are so tight and tiny- it's amazing that they are all hand crafted. The necklaces are so beautiful, but what a wonderful idea to have the kids make them for craft time!

  9. Wahzat Gayle says

    really really awesome I cant wait to try it.
    Loving your site will have to visit again

  10. Dayna says

    Hey there! I found this the other day and knew my niece would love to make one. So we did and she guest blogged on my blog about it!!!! thanks for the idea. This is now one of my favorite sites.

    I linked back to your blog. Hope you don't mind!!!

  11. Trish Skillman says

    My grandmother who is no longer with us but would have been 102 years old now taught me to make these beads when I was a young child. However, I was shown to use long triangles of wallpaper (no paint involved) and I rolled them on a knitting needle – far more simple I think. I had hours of fun making bracelets and necklaces.

  12. says

    I loved these when I was younger and my daughter had a kit to make them. These would make a great craft for an Art Party. Pinning to my Pinterest board. Love your blog!

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