Laundry Tips

Just a bit of trivia about my laundry woes. For a typical household of seven, I figure that I wash and fold every week:
–98 socks (good luck keeping whose belong to whom straight, I actually use a colored dot with permanent marker on the bottom of the sock to keep them straight. Makes for easy sorting)
–49 pair of underwear
–49 pair of pants or shorts
–49 shirts
–towels and sheets for seven bodies
Did I mention that my 5 year changes no less than 3x a day? Or that my boys think it is easier to throw something clean in the laundry pile than place it in their drawer or closet?

I think this is a common theme in homes everywhere! So we need all the help we can get. Here are some things I have implemented in my home to help keep it under control, or at least manageable.

Each kid has their own laundry hamper that their dirty clothes are placed in (yeah right :)! Monday is laundry day. Before school the kids are responsible for bringing their laundry to the laundry room. Each child also has an empty laundry basket in the laundry room. I have 2 closets in my laundry room. One of my favorite perks when we bought this house. So one closet is our laundry closet. After the laundry is piled onto the floor, the kids sort them into separate piles on the floor (whites, brights, darks, jeans, towels, etc.).

Then I load the washer and dryer all day long. When a dryer load is finished, I have a handful of hangers ready to hang things so that they stay wrinkle free. Then anything that needs to folded and put in the kids drawers, is re-sorted. I simply toss each child’s clothing into their own laundry basket which is labeled with their name.

When the kids get home, or the laundry is all washed and dryed, I put the baskets back into the closet. Then each child is responsible to fold and put their laundry away in their rooms. They also then take their clothes that are on hangers and hang them in their closet. When finished they are to return their baskets to the closet and then get to take a reward card.

But sometimes if my day is really crazy and all I can manage is getting the laundry washed. I just pile all the clean wash on the floor (ever been there?). Then we get all the kids together and sit and go through the pile together. Everyone helps to sort it. Each person takes their own clothes, folds and puts them away. This goes so FAST! If we find some really wrinkled clothes, we just spray them with a water bottle and then just run them in the dryer for a few more minutes to get the wrinkles out and then hang or fold them.

I used to be very precise about how the clothing was folded, but got really frustrated with how the kids would dig through their drawers trying to find something. So I let go some of my “control issues” and taught them how to fold. They actually do a really great job most of the time! I of course have to fold the baby’s laundry. But with this system have cut down my laundry time greatly!

What about those pesky stains? I learned this from my SIL and it works great for us. I soak any stained clothes in a bucket of water and a small amount of OxiClean. I soak similar colors together so that they do not bleed on one another. I have left them for a couple of days and it really does work. Then on Wednesday or Thursday, I will do a couple of other loads of laundry again (usually towels, and sheets) and add to wash the ones I have been treating for stains.

Another stain remover that I swear by for whites can be found here. I actually buy mine at JoAnn’s, I went to take a picture of it and couldn’t find it anywhere. I guess I need to go buy another one. It really does work. But do not get it anywhere near colors! I have removed many old set in stains with this stuff.

What about you? What do you do that makes your laundry day a lot more manageable. By sharing, we might be able to help each other make this never-ending chore more manageable.


  1. cate says

    what a great way to keep things on track… I would struggle only washing once a week (I'm also lazy, and wash everything together), so I wash every other day, usually only one load for the day… but I've been thinking about the basket situation, and I think I need to implement it sooner rather than later (two baskets is an even better idea!)


  2. 2blessed2stress says

    lol what a great system! We use the oxy soak to…. and vinegar! And we found these amazing HM Dryer balls that are all wool, scented with Vanilla/lavender (My choice but she has DOZENS of scents)…. I wish my kids were old enough to do your system…. but for now, my dh does all the laundry, I sort, fold, put away the 3/4 littles…. that can take days! LOL

  3. Kara and Glen says

    Wow. You are my laundry hero. I love washing the clothes, but I HaTe folding them and putting them away. I'm the WORST at that.

  4. Grabielle says

    Love the socks idea… Where's my marker!

    I got tired of the clothes never making it from the laundry roam (downstairs) to the bedrooms (upstairs). Now, ALL the family's clothes are in the laundry room (most fit in a wallfull of cubby holes), which is adjacent to the bathroom (yes, only one bathroom for 5… argh!). Wash it, put it away, wear it, toss it…. all in one spot!

    It's a little cramped because the room was not designed for that, but one day, we'll build our dream house, and for sure, the laundry room will be big enough to efficiently store all our clothing with a sliding door through the bathroom for easy access after a shower! *sigh*

  5. Valerie says

    Your laundry room is awesome! Wish I had more closet space! Our laundry regime is pretty similar except I have one of those sweater hanger organinzers (that have like 5-6 slots) in each of my kid's closets.

    When I do the laundry, I fold all the kid's clothes in "outfits" so that they have enough clothes to last the whole week.

    It really helps when you have got a tight morning schedule and elimates the last minute panic if your kids have used all their other clothes!

  6. Heidi says

    wow! what a great system! this is why I love blogs so much! I only have one monster, and he is still too small to help with laundry, but I can't wait until he's big enough. I have a hard time getting the laundry from the dryer to the closet/dresser. I.HATE.FOLDING.LAUNDRY! (and I have that same "laundry" sign, too – still didn't help my cause!LOL)

  7. angelapea says

    Oh! We use the same system! My kids are now big enough that "laundry duty" is on a regular rotation, and they get to reboot the washer and dryer themselves. We do, however, spread the laundry out over three days. Same number of kids, but multiply the clothing by sports uniforms and other specialty clothing. Too much to do in one day.

    My someday dream house laundry room has TWO washers and dryers!

  8. Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! says

    I have 8 people, and about the same system. I marked an initial on the socks….but I think I'll do a colored dot from now on.
    I have figured out, that to stay on top of the laundry, I HAVE to do 4-5 loads a day. I'm not a fan of laundry, but someone has to do it!
    It's funny, I posted about laundry today too!

  9. southerninspiration says

    Oh you ARE the laundry princess……my goodness. I am in awe of your system. I almost have an empty nest and still don't have a very good system……but I am impressed with yours!


  10. Woman Interrupted says

    I wish I could say I have a system. I do try to get the shirts out and hang them up to avoid doubling back with the wrinkle issue. Otherwise I pile the clean clothes on a big club chair and fold while I watch TV. I try to do it about 2-3 times per week.

  11. Stacey says

    I love OxiClean and can't imagine laundry without it.

    My system now is to have my hubby do it all since we have done a temporary switcharoo with me working and him staying home.

  12. mamajessica says

    I love your system and having a laudry room with two closets is such a bonus! We don't have a seperate room yet :-( I do complete a load each day to keep up with it all. Each person has their own laundry baskets for jeans and shirts and then there is a basket for towels, one for bedding and another for whites. For the boys, I try to fold or hang their clothes in outfits to make it easier for them or dad to help with getting dressed.

  13. Jen V says

    I have that exact LAUNDRY sign! I also have those exact laundry baskets, a similar shelf – and have used this method (minus the reward cards) for a while now.
    I have used the "Oxy Soak" since I had my oldest (6) – it's funny what you think is obvious to everyone – turns out it's not! Thanks for sharing – I am sure a ton of people will be inspired:)

  14. HOPE says

    You are AMAZING!!! Now why didn't I think of this back when my FIVE were at the organized closet idea!!

    You are a great implement this into your children's lives..this will help them be organized young people in the future and do a JOB well! (though I didn't have a laundry closet like THAT!) I did do the same with chores. Today, responsible young adults! YEA!

    Love your blog and your wonderful ideas!

    HOPE~ by the way…tell the kids they are great role models for other kids!!

  15. Caroline says

    I do mine in small doses throughout the week. Monday is kids laundry, Tuesday is parent laundry & Thursday is sheets/towels.

    This way, I'm not doing laundry all day & it breaks it up for me into more manageable pieces!

    Love your system though! And am in total envy of your laundry room! Gorgeous!

  16. Christina says

    Wow! So this is how to do it? I haven't figured out a great way yet, although I've made small improvements along the way. My 6 yr. old was reading this post with me and I said "What I great idea! I like it!" She said, "I don't." Hahaha. She might just have to learn to fold her own clothes.

  17. greenridge says

    I love your post! One of my tricks is I roll all the baby clothes. It goes so much quicker!

  18. Crazymamaof6 says

    wow! i bow down.

    i have a family closet where i sort the kids clothes into their seperate bins, in a 25 cubby ikea shelf for socks underwear, shorts jeans and pj's then i hang all shirts and dresses. all of the kids stuff is in there.
    but i have yet to maximize my system. and i have to admit i covet yours! wow!

  19. Camille says

    I have a smaller version of the baskets since I don't have the room in my laundry room. However, I love that you have them fold their own laundry. I may try to incorporate that into my laundry routine because wow it can take a long time. Love the oxyclean too.

  20. Tracy says

    I have six in my family (four kids, hubby and myself). I have a nice laundry room where I can fold clothes but found the area became a "no-mans place" for clean laundry loads that were not sorted and put away. So I bought different color laundry baskets, put the kids name on each one and now everyone has a basket that is colored. I also decided for the time being it was better if I took the clean loads and put them on the living room couch and sort into the different colored laundry baskets. It's been a nice solution to our problem because now laundry is done quicker because no one wants to see clothes on the couch and everyone can get their basket to their rooms when they see them or of course "mommy" does the reminder call to them. Thanks for the additional ideas.

  21. Jill says

    You have GOT to try Folex on stains. It is amazing. It is that carpet cleaning stuff you've seen at Walmart and Target but at Home Depot and Lowes they sell it by the gallon … which I would suggest because when you start using it – you will use it for everything. ;) Try it.

  22. MOE says

    I am SO happy I saw this post! Our next house project is a remodel of my laundry room… Guess who's getting a closet now :)

    I don't know that it's really a tip, but I make my own laundry detergent & fabric softner. Far more cost effective (and better for the environment) than buying the bottles from the store.

  23. Yara says

    is it bad I'm jealous?
    I have very little laundry space. But it is upstairs and I am grateful for what I have (in my old place it was outside in the back patio)
    I've tried the different baskets thing, didn't work for too long. Currently my baby has a small hamper, and the girls share a bigger hamper. DH has a work clothes basket, and then our other stuff goes in another basket. I had more and they have disappeared.
    I may need to re-organize.
    I also do not like putting away. Maybe because the girls closet is such a mess (and once a month my husband helps me make it spic and span but 3 or so days later… well… it gets depressing to me seeing the disorder they create so quickly)
    but you have inspired me.
    Except I think I have to do laundry at least 2x a week (and we only have 5 people here)
    do you wash diapers, too?

  24. Natalie says

    I have been checking/stalking (hehe) your blog for sometime now and love all your ideas. I also have a large family and was doing laundry every Monday too! I had it organized pretty well, but just felt like my whole day was consumed with getting the laundry done. I now (for the past 2 weeks) put in a load of laundry every morning! (With a big family you know how easy it is to accumulate enough for a load) When my youngest daughter goes down for a nap I fold it. It has been so great to not have to have a whole day filled up by the laundry! The other problem now is having to remind the kids that the shirt that they wore yesterday that is now clean should not be worn the next day….the kids at school might not believe them that is actually CLEAN! hehe!

  25. {Amy} says

    Great idea on getting the kids to fold their own clothes! My girls are forever throwing clean stuff into their laundry basket too, and it drives me insane!!

  26. Andrea says

    What a super organized mommy you are! Thanks for the ideas. Your blog is awesome! Sorry you are getting bit for your religion. Jesus loves you. It tugs at my heart strings too when people attack me for my beliefs. I hope things get better and look forward to more posts. I am drooling over as many as I can fit in now. LOL

  27. HomeSpun Threads says

    I've recently started something similar. Only my kids aren't big enough yet and use I'm a control freak! I'm using plastic bins, I just stack and carry upstairs. It's made laundry just a tad bit easier.

  28. Stacey says

    This is such a great idea – i keep telling my hubby I need a basket for each family member and a storage unit – I am going to have to show him this!

  29. Whoz Your Doula says

    oxy clean is my friend. I usually wash 2 loads per day. We have a family of six with the occasional 4 extras when my cousin, who is a travel nurse, leaves her four with us for two weeks once per month. I also have a basket for everybody but, my daughter does the best job putting things away fast so it is always her job. I wish I had an extra closet for this though. I really like that system. Our laundry room is actually a closet w/shelves to high for anything but, blankets.

  30. connorandmaddiesmom says

    I love this Idea too.
    We don't have a closet but I'm going to use a shelf instead. I've used Folex also for stains especially on carpet.

  31. Erica says

    I found a great way to reduce the sock mess. I found a lengerie bag at WalMart for $1.89 it is mesh and has a zipper on top and a loop in the corner. My kids hang this bag in thier closets and then take thier socks of and put them in the bag. On laundry day the entire bag is thrown in the wash, then dryer. The kids then have thier socks sorted and they mate the pairs and we're ready for another week.

  32. GemmaBeads says

    Thanks so much! I'm always hungry for meaty tips on how to make our home (and the chores) more effecient. This is a must!

  33. Mrs. Hasselbach says

    we will be relocating to another state in the next month or so as my DH has started a new job there and the house we have a contract on has a half bath/large laundry/mud room area that needs to be framed in to separate rooms. Yeah, there's a toilet just off the basement exterior door without any privacy!! I am going to show this idea to my husband so we can start off on a good foot with organization, especially since we are planning to expand our family of 4 again…
    the oxy soak is a wonderful idea; my DH never fails to drop a bite of bbq or spaghetti sauce on his white shirts (I can't tell you how many white polos and long sleeves he's ruined and we won't even go there with the 17 month old's self-feeding disasters, lol) , i will just have to come up with a child-proof/pet-proof height to keep the oxy away from the "curious" family members.
    terrific advice and an awesome blog! God bless!

  34. Rachel says

    Just found this post and think it's awesome to have the baskets. My girls are small, but I have passed on some laundry jobs to them, but will be doing more. We use a dot system for undies and socks. I have all girls so oldest is one dot, then when I pass it to the second, she gets and extra dot. Third child has three dots and my baby will have four someday. That way I can pass things down with out changing colors or initials. "Just add the dot!" they say!

  35. Heather says

    Mind you, I only have 3 kids, 5 and under. We have one day a week(sometimes that day changes) that we do laundry. My toddlers help sort it, I stain treat it and start early. I fold as they come out and try not to get backed up. My 5 year old helps fold with me and she is really good. I don't have a reward system in place, just the time we get to spend together. I also help all 3 kids put their clothes away when we are done folding. I try to not schedule anything else to do on laundry day. It is a day for me and my kids, with the laundry keeping us busy.

  36. Heidi says

    I use a similar dot system on the clothes… I put one dot on the tags of shirts and jeans etc for the oldest and then two dots for the second… and so on. I hand clothes down from one child to the next so I add a dot to the tag. Really easy for hubby to help sort the laundry too!

  37. Anonymous says

    I love the closet you have!

    I handle laundry very similar to you…
    each kid has own dirty hamper in thier rooms..
    only I dont sort by color/type/etc.
    I just take kid #1 hamper and throw it all in one load…wash on warm… hang dry most items.. clothes from dryer go back into hamper and kid #1 folds and puts away. has saved so much time in matching socks (since they are in same load).
    move on to kid #2 hamper.
    my husband and I share one hamper, and I do sort his stuff from my stuff (2 small loads) but I dont sort by color/type..
    I just had noticed that we all wore similar colors and I was sorting more than I needed too.
    my daughter wears mostly pinks/purples where my boys wear blues/greys… so why sort to just re-sort again when folding and putting away?

  38. Suzy says

    I love your blog. My friend just showed it to me. I'll be visiting often!

    I have a very similar system, except that I keep a 3 bin laundry sorter in my closet upstairs, and another one in a downstairs bathroom. On Mondays and Thursdays, the kids sort their dirty laundry into whatever 3-bin sorter is closest to their room.
    (one bin is marked for white, one for med, and one for darks).

    I like doing it this way because then I can decide to do laundry any day I want — I just grab bins that look full and throw them into the washer. I figure when my kids are just a little older, they can take over this task too.

  39. Allison says

    Sugardoodle just posted this link on Facebook so I came over since I love your site. I love your laundry closet and am laughing because my husband just built me something just like this in the garage and I have 5 rows and baskets just like yours. I wish that I could have it in the house but it's just not big enough. I am just starting to implement it, thanks for the great ideas! I wonder when my kids can start helping (4, 2, 6 months). I bet if I let go of the 'neat folding' gimmick my four year old could fold! Wish me luck!

  40. Elizabeth says

    You can get small mesh lingerie bags and have each person put their socks into their own bag. Throw the entire bag into the washing machine. Then you don't even have to sort. I have one bag for whites & one for colors, for each person.

  41. donkey and the carrot says

    You are my hero… but what about the ironing? (i hope this is the correct expression / i am Greek!)
    How do you manage to iron all those clothes? We are three and i never finish with all the clothes…

  42. Sandra says

    I am in love with this blog. I just found it and already have 3 projects I'm going to tackle. Yahoo! So following.

  43. The Coffee Lady says

    I just found your blog too – laundry is one job I love, because I love to see the clothes all hanging on the line – hanging them out on a lovely day is like a ten minute treat.

    I don't need stain remover when I've got sunlight – such a natural bleach.

  44. Sharla says

    Just found your blog, too! It's wonderful!

    I'm a mom of six. For dirty laundry, we have a family sorter upstairs that everyone drops their dirty clothes into as soon as they come off their bod. It's WHITES, LIGHTS, DARKS, Lights that get hung up, Darks that get hung up, and FUZZIES (like pj's and sweaters). Dirty blankets and sheets go in a pack n play that sits in the garage downstairs, right next to the (very tiny) laundry room and I have a pail for dirty kitchen rags on top of the dryer (laundry room is just off the kitchen).

    For clean laundry, I do a load a day. It gets dumped into a pack n play. I have a basket for each family member, plus one for towels and sheets/blanket. Those are stacked up next to the pack n play, waiting for our Laundry Sorting Party (Saturday). On Saturday the kids put their own clothes away, but they don't fold it, lol! I have a file system for each kid where in their closet they have a shelf with four boxes: Pants, Shorts, Long Sleeve Shirts, Short Sleeve Shirts. Then they have two dresser drawers, one for socks and underwear and one for PJs. The kids just stuff their clothes in the right box or drawer and it's all good. They also help sort, fold, and put away the towels and linen.

    When I wash a hang up load, everything immediately gets hung up from the dryer (I have a clothes rod in my laundry room), then goes straight to the correct closet.

    The reason why we don't have separate dirty clothes baskets in each kids' closet is because the dirty clothes would get mixed up with the clean clothes (my kids were like someone mentioned where they'd rather stick clean clothes back through the system than put them away). So it was good-bye to the dirty clothes baskets and that fixed the situation! The reason why we don't fold the kids' clean laundry is because kids ALWAYS dig through the drawer looking for their fave shirt or what-have-you. Made me sick seeing all that tedious folding go to waste. So now we have kid-friendly boxes for them to dig through to their hearts' content. Of course, dh and my clothes get folded.

    Sorry! This should be a blog post of it's own, but I don't have a blog! God bless and I'll enjoy reading all the great ideas on your blog!

  45. NVmom says

    I think I love you. I knew I wasn't the only who gets excited about things like laundry systems. Boy can I feel you, too, sister! How is it 3 boys can go through 9 pairs of dirty pj's EACH in a 7 day week? One of the many mysteries of motherhood. Love your site…

  46. Tamara says

    I have a similar system. Because I work outside the home we do two loads of laundry daily in the evening.

    We have a weekly rotating chore schedule. The child that is assigned laundry for that week gathers the laundry when they get home from school and sorts them in a 3 basket sorter in the laundry room and starts the first load. By the time I get home from work both loads should be in the process of washing/drying.

    The assigned laundry person sorts directly from the dryer to labeled (with each person’s name) baskets that are on a shelf in the laundry. Shirts are hung up. Each child is responsible for emptying their basket and taking their hanging clothing before bed and putting them away. There are 8 of us.

    I got tired of the sock problem too, so 2x a year (spring and fall), I buy new socks for all. The girls and I use the same socks – white socks pink heels. My son uses white socks with grey heels. My husband uses Nike brand and my father uses black socks. And my preschooler has white socks with purple heels. It makes the whole sock issue a non issue. At a glance I can see whose socks are on the floor, in the dryer or in the laundry. (maybe not as fun as a bunch of bright socks but more practical).

    Each bathroom has a different color towel, so at first glance the kids know which towels go where. The kids bathroom has “coat pegs” instead of a towel bar. I have assigned a color to each child (I did this early on since I have 3 children all born within a year of each other.) I have added a colored loop to the kid’s towels, so each has two of their own towels. I liked the loop idea because I wanted all the towels to be the same color but wanted each to have their own towel. I originally thought of having them monogramed but it was expensive and the loop hooks on the the coat peg and prevents it from slipping off.

    I have all white sheets and they are all labeled by size. Each child has a basket in the linen closet with their name of it and sheets are folded and placed in their basket according to who’s basket is empty and bed size. I wash sheets on Saturday mornings while cleaning the house.

    The system isn’t perfect because it depends on each child participating and doing their part. Some days are better than others.

  47. says

    I have 4 kids, ages 2, 4, 6, 8. In my laundry room I have 4 tall, skinny hampers – each one has a kid’s name brightly colored with sharpie markers down the front. When they get dressed in the morning they are responsible for putting their jammies in their own bin (even the 2 year old!) and same thing at the end of the day – they put their dirty laundry in their bin. When your bin is full it gets washed. I DO NOT SORT! (at lest not the kids’ laundry.) Because they are all fairly close in size I would never be able to keep it straight (are these your underwear or your brothers!? LOL) so this way I know that THIS whole load gets folded & put in Nolan’s dresser/closet.

    For my husband & I I have a 3-compartment hamper. It gets sorted whites/colors/demin & towels. Again, I wash once the bin is full.

    My husband & I do all the folding & putting away. I have far too many control issues to let go of that!

  48. Doreen says

    I have a similar laundry routine. I have 4 children who all have their own laundry baskets in their room for dirty clothes. They bring down their dirty baskets to the laundry room. As I wash, dry and fold…to make life easier and to organize clean clothes. I bought 12 mesh like baskets, that are pretty large (these baskets are for clean clothes). I hung hooks on the wall of 3 rows for 12 baskets. One basket of regular clothes for each child, one basket for their sports clothes and at the bottom row….I have undies and sox for each child. These baskets are all for clean clothes and as soon as their basket is full…it’s time to put clothes away and bring baskets right back to the laundry room, so that it can hang back on the wall. This really helps alot, I don’t have a set day for laundry. So this helps when laundry piles up and I never have to put their laundry way. I just wash and fold and place in each childs clean basket. I’ll admit, as much as my laundry room is organized, which is an OCD issue of mine. It is always a struggle to get four kids to help with their laundry.

  49. says

    Love the idea! Here’s something I did with my kids when younger. Based on age, we’d separate the laundry into piles to fold: socks in one area, bath towels, hand towels, wash clothes, etc – – here’s where it got ‘fun’ – – we’d have a race to see who could finish their pile the fastest! I being a very smart Momma made sure my kids won & not me! One neat idea I want to share with everyone is something I started doing in the past year – – have 5 double hooks on a board behind the bedroom door – – height of board is based on childs height – – this is where their Mon to Fri clothes go – – pants/skirts on the bottom & the shirts on the top. Makes it much easier to get dressed in the morning & when the bedroom door is open, noone sees the clothes hanging on the wall. Plus, no folding of school clothes as everything goes on the hooks!

  50. vickie says

    I spray stains (old and new) with Spray and Wash as I put clothes in the laundry hamper and wash them when ever. Almost all of the stains have come out completely, those that didn’t I do it again and then they are gone for good. I know folks that have tried that with other sprays and it bleached out their clothes. Use only Spray and Wash!!!

  51. beatriz maria says

    Congratulations! I also had 5 children who had to use their uniform to go to school. 4 girls and 1 boy.
    They used white blouses 4 days a week and a white polo their gym day. The boy every day with white chemise and trousers dark blue. Their shokinggs w ere all of them WHITE. I,m not counting my husband,clothes and mines of course. And I did,nt have a dryer but where I live ,my country, the sun is always in
    So dear, what do you think- Of course I learned that my boy could,nt use white stockings,because never will be in their original colour. I put him in dark blue stockings. One problem with solution.
    And I did my laundry 3 times a week, in the afternoon when they where doing their school work. Then I hang the clothes in mypatio prying for no rain. Some of the clothes had to be ironing and I HATE and I DON,T know how to do it,so I paid for it.
    Too long this mail to said you that I drive my children at 7.00 their school, one the girls, another the boy, went to my work and at 1.30 pm pick all five to go home to have our lunch of 3 dishes plus dessert until 7.oopm time to the dinner ,simple and easy. P.S. I stay at home the afternoons. THIS WAS THE BEST WAY TO BE SLIM . hahahaha !

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  53. Sara says

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