Reward Points System and Home "Store"

Because we do not pay our kids for their regular chores around the house, I needed to have a system in place to help “motivate” them to do them happily and quickly. We came up with a point system. I made some point and reward cards by simply buying some home printable business cards from Office Depot. Then I downloaded the template for my Word program from the Internet. Using the template (that matched the brand of business cards I purchased) I typed in some rewards for the kids. Here are some examples of the rewards (super cards=reward cards) we came up with:

staying up an extra 5 minutes before bedtime
getting an extra bedtime story
snuggle time for 10 minutes at bed with mom or dad
playing a game with mom or dad
earn a special snack
earn 30 minutes of TV time
earn 20 minutes of computer time/video game time

I also made point cards. Each point card is worth one point and had a smiley face on the opposite side.

When the kids do their chores right away, with a good attitude and do them according to “mom’s standards” I reward them with a few points. They save these points and then at least once a week we open the family “store”. The family store is simply a collection of various items we have already around the house. It can be anything from food snacks, drinks, a bag of microwave popcorn, a package of post-its, stickers, dollar store toys, notebooks, etc.

Each item has a different colored smiley face sticker on it. On the box that holds the store inventory is a key that breaks down how many points a certain item costs.

They can also save their points to buy reward cards or “Super Cards” (they are the same thing or a super card = a reward card). I also use the reward cards to reward any good behavior I notice among the kids. For example playing nicely, using good manners, helping their sibling, sharing their toys can all earn the kids a reward card. If they receive a reward card, they can turn them in at certain times during the day and be able to redeem their reward earned.

This system has really helped us to remember to focus on all the good things our kids are doing with and for one another. It has also been a good motivator for rewarding good and positive behavior. Maybe this or something similar will be something that could work for your family.

How about you? What are some of the things you have done in your home that have helped to motivate good behavior in your children? By all sharing, we can help and encourage one another in our quest to be better parents.


  1. Catherine says

    I really like your idea to reward good behaviour. I was only saying this morning to my little miss 5 that it may be a good idea to have a reward system in out house to help with focusing on positive behaviour. I use to have a simple chart with positive words on their like fantastic work etc. and when I noticed good behaviour they could colour a circle in with my special pen. When all 8 circles were coloured in then I would let them choose something from the prize box. I'm thinking that I should get to it and start my rewards system happening soon. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Jewely says

    As far as I'm concerned this is way better than allowance. We tried the chart system this past school year with our 6, 4, and 2yr old and I found that money they would get in the future (a month down the road) just didn't impress upon them the desire to do their chores. Your idea is much more tangible.

  3. Andrea says

    Right now we are using the reward board system. Can be found at
    It is customizable and puts parents in control of how much is earned and what chores they assign for the kids. They can earn allowance and star points that can be used for special activities or things. It is working pretty well. I haven't had to nag them to get their chores done and there seems to be a lot less whining.

  4. Mandaleighta says

    I wish I had something to share, but my only child is still a toddler, so basically we're just working on teaching him not to whine right now. But I absolutely love this system! Thank you for blogging about it :)

    • JMolloy says

      My favorite things that stopped our little ones from whining were 1- crazy exaggerated whining back at them (this usually ends in LOTS of laughing). 2- just sit/stand there with a blank expression waiting for them to stop. Just be careful not to do mad face. 3- for the really bad ones or when the others aren’t working walk away, turn your back on them whatever it takes completely ignore the behavior. Tantrums are all about getting attention and taking the power. If you do any of these they will quickly realize you are the end all be all and they learn to express themselves in a better way.
      P.S. don’t let older kids or even adults whine to your kids or even in their hearing. We had this problem after our kids spent some time with one of our family members and we still have a slip up know and then but having mom whine back at them in front of their friends is very motivating to change their behavior. :-)

  5. Lerwill Mommy says

    Thats a wonderful Idea. Although I do have a chart and pointing system, and then pennies are the reward. So I have already started "paying" my oldest to do his chores. I wonder if there is an easy trasition out of the Pennies way, and go your way. That is a brilliant idea!

  6. Cindy says

    This is awesome! We made a sticker chart with various things my son could get stickers for (we varied it each week with things we thought he needed to work on a little, but without telling him that). Once he got 20 stickers, he got to pick a small treat at the store. It worked for a few weeks, but then the excitement wore off. I think this is a great idea that may last a little longer.

  7. Thelissa says

    I do not have a system that applies to all of my kids, but I do a rewards system with one of my sons. He is 4. I purchased a small clear paint can and drew lines at various intervals that represent a reward. He then earns marbles to fill the can. As he reaches each line, there is a certian reward. Once the can is full, he get a big reward. This helps him and me! I love to reward his positive behavior,but it also helps to have something to fall back on when he isn't making the best of choices. I have leverage! I can take a marble away and he doesn't like that and thus makes him "rethink". I no longer find myself shaking a finger saying, "if you don't shape up I'm gonna…(fill in the blank :)) I simply tell him I'm tkang a marble. He shapes up quick! Thanks for your idea. I may try it for my family as a whole!

    • says

      I really like your can and marbles reward system I think the visual of seeing their progress to being good and then when they do something wrong being taken away is what does it for younger children… Thanks so much :-)

  8. Krista says

    I love your blog, I am glad Laurie shared…My kids are just getting to that age where I need to try these things, rather than just think about it. I started last year making "BECK BUCKS" with the idea of letting them use them in a store similar to yours…I just never finished, this post has made me want to get them out and actually introduce it to the kids.

  9. TheMadHouse says

    I think this is a fantastic idea and am going to attempt to try it with my two boys. I adore your site and am new to blogging in the UK. Thanks for all your ideas!!

  10. Woman Interrupted says

    Hmm…does a spanking count as a motivating practice? Actually, its not all that fun, so I probably need to try something new.

  11. One Craft Girl's Corner says

    What a great idea! So fun! I used to teach, and rewards are a great motivator!

  12. amyg says

    What a fun idea!! We do Gregson Bucks for chores. When they get to 1000 we get to go to Disneyland. Yeah us!!(in October) I like the idea of smaller rewards. You are so cute!

  13. Room to Inspire says

    This is such a fabulous idea! The rewards are great and the "store" is fun and a great learning experience as well. Thanks for sharing :)


  14. Brittany says

    Thank you for sharing your great idea. I have struggled with a way to teach children about currency while not paying them money to do things around the house. I just feel like chores and such should be expected of children. This seems like a perfect compromise! I'm linking you from my blog so I can remember it when my kids are old enough. Thanks!

  15. DV- Rebecca L. says

    I have done something similar – but not nearly as organized or cool- but I love the positive reinforcement! Thanks- this shoes I need to be more organized about it :)

  16. Jen V says

    I have had a 'Behavior and Responsibility' chart for about a year now (my kids are 6, 4 and 18 mo. – the baby is obviously excluded) using happy and sad faces for each kid each day of the week. They are required to have 5 happy faces in order to get their $0.50 allowance every Sat. This has worked really well for my obedient son (6) not so much for my rebellious, push your buttons daughter (4). This may be the answer for me!! Something immediate and tangible! Thanks so much for the idea!
    Do you mind if I give you a shout out on my family blog? or just email me via my profile pic.

  17. Caskie Jill says

    Amy, Hello there…what a great idea! You are inspirational to me and I read your blog all of the time!!! We have a lot in common, our religion, wife, mother, children and you give me the inspiration to try to be crafty and creative, so thank you! My sister and I just got together and made your towel bags…super cute and a lot of fun! Her husband has just come up with an amazing job chart online and it is $5.oo a month for an entire family…I was wondering if you wouldn't mind putting a button on your side bar? go check out the video and if you wouldn't mind emailing me back to let me know! Thanks again for your inspiration!!

  18. Caskie Jill says

  19. Irene says

    someone help me…are the reward cards and super cards the same?
    when rewarded for good behavior do they just get a card that says "redeem for reward" or do they choose a card from the rewards pile? I love the whole system and want to use it badly.
    If the reward cards and super cards aren't the same then can you list examples for both? Would you mind sharing what the rewards are. I have a really hard time thinking of what could be rewarding.

    thanks a bunch!

  20. **Amy** says

    Melinda–I took this picture a few months ago when I first started this with the kids. They were supposed to be like the cards you can get in a soccer game. The kids have a spot on their bulletin board that these cards are in. When their behavior is good their awesome cards are in front. If their behavior warranted a warning that it needed to be changed, we would switch it to a warning card letting them know the consequence would be next. If they changed their behavior quickly they would not be changed to a consequence status, but would be switched back to awesome. If the behavior did not change it would switch to consequence and then I would issue the consequence whatever you have already pre-determined (time-out, no video/TV time, no friends, etc). However, I was not very good at remembering to implement it. It is nice in theory. Maybe though, this will be perfect for someone else.

  21. greenridge says

    I love this. I am confused about the Super Cards though. Are these points? How do the kids redeem these? Thanks!

  22. karla says

    I have the same question–not sure what a super card is when compare to a reward card. The kids can collect point cards to trade in for a super card…but what does a super card get them? Thanks!

  23. **Amy** says

    Reward card and supercards are the same thing. My kids wanted to name the reward cards, super cards. Sorry about the confusion.

  24. kerianne. says

    Hey Amy!
    That's a really cute idea! I love it. I don't have kids of my own yet, but I work with elementary school kids and that might be something I switch to in the future. Right now, each kid has a bug jar (our theme for the year is camping) and they can earn a total of 5 bugs per day for things like cleaning up their centers, behaving at recess, etc. At the end of the day their points are tallied on a chart and on friday, we open the camp canteen and allow them to "purchase" small things like bracelets, pencils, juice boxes, etc.It's a pretty similar system however, i love the reward card part. Maybe there's a way to include that in all of my bug jar madness! Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas!

  25. Holly says

    You are my hero!!! I am in trouble if I don't get off your site, but I am finding so many great ideas!!!! My husband and I have four children 7, 13, 14, and 15 (all adopted…I wouldn't have planned that spread ;o) and we find ourselves in the position of adopting a sibling group of seven!! So I have been stressing about organization, and you are FANTASTIC!! Thanks so much for sharing all your ideas!!!

  26. Ava Nielson says

    I see in your picture that you have "awesome, warning and consequence" cards…can you explain how you use those?

  27. Whoz Your Doula says

    We have a similar box in our house. we also have a card for computer time, and alone time which my daughter is purchasing more and more as she gets older. I am curious to know about the awesome, warning and consequence cards too. do share.

  28. Ginny Haynie says

    great idea! i just ordered 250 glossy business cards from overnight prints for $10 with one side as mommy dollars and then since the other side is blank i can write in sharpie special items! looking forward to starting a new system for the new year!

  29. connorandmaddiesmom says

    what an awesome idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. thanks for all the tips and ideas

  30. Jessica says

    This idea rocks! Thanks so much for this lovely blog. A friend just sent me the link and I'm so happy to see all of your great ideas, photos, and inspiration. I will be sure to try this reward system for my kids. Thanks!

  31. Theresa N. says

    Are these point and reward cards laminated or are they just on glossy business cards. This is a genius idea!!!

  32. **Amy** says

    They are on regular business cards and then laminated. I never thought to use glossy cards! That seems like a great idea too!

  33. Metalda says

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  34. Metalda says

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  35. Erica says

    I love the "store" idea. We use a similar idea. I purchased a roll of carnival tickets. They are each worth one point. Our trick is that the kids get to request things to go in the Prize Box. Our big ticket item is to have one on one time with Dad. He works out of town during the week and so his undivided attention is big. Another trick I have found is the website You can make job charts for free and you can put in your own jobs, or behaviors you want to work on (like not hitting your brother)then they earn points and with their points they can earn games on the same site. The charts have helped us correct some problems and encourage other good behavior.

  36. Lori says

    It's always fun to see other peoples ideas for rewarding good behavior. We use a "chip" system with our sons who are 5 and 3. I bought a box of inexpensive poker chips. You can buy sticker paper at the store and print out rewards on them. We used them to teach the oldest about money. We went to Walmart and he picked out things that he would like on all different price ranges (most expensive being a transformer) – it was everything from stickers to toys. There are 3 different color chips. White was dime, Red = Nickel, Blue = Quarter. We started when he was 4 and now that he is in Kindergarten he already knows his "money." He was able to trade in chips for dollars. It kept us from impulse buying toys, cars, etc; allowed him to learn money and how to save; and he was able to enjoy going to the store. He would run and get his "money" and would trade it in for real money. We are the same. Regular household chores are expected, but extra things earned chips. He now helps his little brother earn too.

  37. Heather says

    I just implemented this at our home and WOW! The boys (9,8, and 6 years old) just LOVE having the store and even do things without me asking just so that they can get rewarded with more points! We are first-year homeschoolers too – so this is just a really neat thing for them at home that teaches how to spend and save!

    Thanks so much for all your fabulous ideas!!!! Keep 'em coming!!!! =)

  38. Amanda says

    This is brilliant! I'm sure I had something like this in primary school but never can recall anything for my kids! My daughters are 4.5 and nearly 21 months so not sure if it would work just yet but I will tuck this away for later.

  39. misty says

    you say that your kids can trade in points for a reward or super cards — how many points do you have set to equal a reward/super card? And can they trade in any super card for the rewards you listed or is there a point system you have for the super cards?

  40. Blogger says

    I LOVE this! And the fact that it helps you focus on the right stuff such as good behaviour, etc is Godly to say the least. Thanks! Truely a blessing! Thanks! Ananda

  41. Mindy says

    Fabulous idea! We have done the point system before as well. One option was for him to cash in his points for money. I think I will have to impliment this though (once again) with a new spin.

  42. JENN says

    I love this system and want to incorporate it like yesterday. However, can you explain the different cards and how you utilize them? Thanks

  43. Ashley says

    My daughter is 10, and I have a reward/chore chart newly implemented, starting with the basics.. daily routines.. but am struggling with how many stars or points items or priveleges should be worth. She earns 1 star per grouped activity, i.e. "morning routine"- if done right and on time, earns one star. she can earn up to 4 normal stars per day with opportunities for bonus stars. Stars can also be removed for misbehavior, also clearly outlined. Rewards are things like TV and computer time, Wii time, DS time, trip to the movie theater, lunch date with parent, a pedicure, bowling, mini golf, etc. We also have a bag of goodies she can choose from. But I don't know how many stars each item should be worth.

  44. Amanda says

    This is awesome!!! I’m going to try to implement this. Hoping it’ll help cut down on the wanting to buy a treat every time we go to the store too, they always want gum or a gatorade.. thanks so much for sharing this!!

  45. says

    I just wanted to tell you that I’ve started this system with my three boys. This, used with their new chore chart has helped SOOOOO much! I’ve seen a big difference in their attitudes, the way they treat each other (and me!) and how they act in public. Rewarding their good behavior was always one of my goals, but having an actual system in place has really helped! Thank you so much!

  46. says

    This is a geat idea. I have been doing something similar at home with my 2 daughters, although not as in depth as this. I notice the change in makes in the children, having good behavior recognized, reinforced and rewarded.

    Found you through Pinterest :)

    • says

      Thanks for stopping over from Pinterest. I am a huge fan of it too :). It is amazing how much positive reinforcement really does work.

  47. says

    i just recently came across this, absolutely loved the idea, and started buying all of the things to make this happen. i was unclear about one thing… i see your “store key” on the side that shows how many of the colored stickers you need for that particular item. my question is, when you give your child the reward cards throughout the week do you just randomly give them different colored sticker cards, do they get to pick what color they want, do certain chores or behaviors reward them different colored stickers?? im just trying to figure out how to do this. if anyone can help, i would greatly appreciate it!!!!

    • Jenni says

      If you look carefully you’ll see the colors only relate to how many points they need to purchase that item. They’d get generic points of whatever number she gives and then they’d combine them and use the color chart to make their shopping simpler.

  48. Blossom says

    We do this in our house. My husband and I are the directors of a residential substance abuse program for teenage boys. We have a Job Jar for consequences, Joy Jar for extra special behaviors, and sticker cards where they earn stickers and every Monday, they exchange stickers for the Reward Box and have the opportunity to use the stickers to buy rewards (movie box candy, Axe body sprays, markers, sketch pads, etc.) If it works for teenage boys, it will work for any kid. And just so everyone knows, we house boys ages 14-19 years old. Just stay consistent. This motivates the kids.

  49. says

    LOL I have a box like this for grown hubby who is 65 , it is the way he stays on a diet. If he wants a snack he can visit his store but only x amount per week and only one item each time. I keep his basket full of items that none of the kids are allowed to touch. Mostly items I would not normally buy due to expense or too many calories. If I get them dirt cheap or free they go in his basket. Right now he has Pistaschio nuts, snickers bars and if I get him something and it is in his fridg basket there is a photo of it in his pantry store basket so he will not forget there are items in the fridg too. =LOL this is soooooooooooooooooo funny!

  50. Amber says

    I do almost the same exact thing. We have all sorts of charts. I’ve given each of my three kids their own binders, where they keep their own charts. I also included a little zipper pouch for them to keep their pencils and crayons for keeping up on their charts. I also enclosed little colored envelopes to keep in thier pouches, where they keep any type of “tickets” they received. Whenever I catch them doing something good or out of the ordinary, I give them “Caught You” coupon along with a 5-mintues ticket which allows them to use for 5-free minutes for anything. They love it! They also earn, at times, Ice Cream Bucks. If they collect ten ice cream bucks, then they can redeem them for one free ice cream at the ice cream shoppe. Hope everyone else is having as much success as we are at my house. Good Luck Moms!

    • says

      So many great ideas Amber! I love the ice cream bucks idea. My kids would love that. And I love how you have given them their own folders. I might have to steal that one ;)!

  51. Kelly says

    Hey! what a great idea, could you post the names of some of the items u have in there and post the cards so maybe we can purchase them from you :0

  52. says

    This absolutely ROCKS! I cannot wait to put this in place for my family. I have 3 teenagers and an 11 year old and I think this is going to work perfect. There are certain drinks and treats that my kids love that they don’t get that often and being able to earn them is going to be a great incentive to ditch their attitudes and get to work….I hope :) Thank you for sharing.

  53. Clarissa says

    Hi I am VERY interested in using this method in my home. However I noticed you have a Warning, Consequence and awesome card in the picture. Can you please tell me how you use those? Thank you.

  54. Marcia says

    I have to say after having behavioral issues with my five year old at school, I think this may really help her. How creative! This is so awesome. This teaches them that they are not going to get what they want when they want. It shows them through their actions, they can earn cool things. Thank you for this. I really hope that I can duplicate this.

  55. Sandra says

    I and my children have had a lot of conflict in our lives in the last few years. This system has helped us restore some family connectivenss, our trust and respect toward each other and has made each of us realize how much positive we have in our lives and how we treat each other. Thank you for sharing such a great parenting tool :)

  56. Debbie says

    Hi. I just found this site by accident looking for reward points. I just started my kids in Connections Academy online public school at home. Whew. It’s been 3 weeks and I’m just trying to make everything easier on the kids. I love your suggestions. Do you still like My Job Chart or do you like the other site that you mentioned better?

    Just curious. My kids are 7 and 9. Love being home with them, but I could sure use some help in their attitude. I can’t wait to get started on your ideas.


    Awesome sight

  57. Anu says

    I love the idea of an organized and consistent reward system. Otherwise the rewards are whatever pops into mum / dad’s head….this is more fun and also gives something to look forward to! A sat project..

  58. Keely says

    Like someone else mentioned, I’m curious about the three cards on the side as well (Awesome/Warning/Consequence cards). How do those work in your system?

    Thanks so much! This is great!

  59. Ashley says

    Love this! Going to start this next week! Could you explain or send me a picture of what the bulletin board looks like? Also..the little rewards you mentioned at the top, extra 5 mins up, extra book, etc…do they earn these daily? When do you offer these rewards? Thanks so much!!

  60. amanda Irons says

    Thank you thank you thank you for this! I have been trying to find some way to promote the positive in the kids and I think this will just do the trick!!! YAY!

  61. says

    Good stuff! I’m creating a similar idea. I’m calling it the Star System. It includes chores, home works, physical activities, and bonus for behavior. The rewards include additional pocket money, trip to favorite eatery, TV time at weeknight, and other screen time at weeknight. Thanks for sharing your ideas; I feel I’m on the right track having this method already tried. Thanks for sharing!

  62. Meghann says

    This system sounds right up my alley! I’ve tried charts, stickers, happy faces, time outs, pom poms in a jar….This one hits home. I do see you have a warning and consequence card. Can you tell me how you use those? Do you take away super cards??? How does that work?

  63. Techy says

    Hola Amy te escribo para agradecerte esta excelente idea, yavan dos años que estoy usando tu idea para los examenes finales del colegio y me ha ido excelente, mis hijos han logrado notas muy buenas.

  64. says

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  65. Jennifer says

    this will work very well for me. im 21 years old and have behavioral issues. i will do something like this, thanks.

  66. Hope Allen says

    I love an incentive on good behavior. This gives me a re-freshed approach for my kids. I do have one question, What are the “Awesome”, “Warning” and “Consequence” cards used for?


  1. […] I highly recommend this! Courtesy of the Idea Room. To see how she incorporates it into her family CLICK HERE Beyond the “Please and Thank You’s”- Parents underestimate the power of manners. […]

  2. […] Once all of the chores are completed, they get marbles.  Each boy has their own marble jar. I do give M his marbles as he completes the chore and flips over his card. Since he’s not yet 3 and still figuring this out, I thought that’d be best.  D waits until they’re all done, then I give him his marbles, and switch the chores.  The marbles are used as money to buy from my store.  I have a basket with items that they picked out from the dollar section at Target, and some other items that Andy picked up at the store.  We also put in some candy and soda (caffeine free of course) for D.  I’ve laminated cards where they can also have extra XBox time, stay up extra late, or a fun day with mom and dad. The items have stickers on them, and the stickers represent different amounts of marbles.  Store is open on Saturdays.  I got this idea from this blog. […]

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