Weekly Menu Planner

I like to plan out my weekly dinner menus two weeks ahead. I usually will take a minute to sit down and write down in my day planner what I plan to make for dinner in the coming weeks. Then when I am at the grocery store, I pull out my planner to see what dinner ingredients I need to purchase for the coming week.

I have been wanting to make something with chalkboard paint ever since I have been seeing it used all over the internet. So I came up with something that will work for our home. A weekly menu planner. I love it! Now at a glance, I know what I am making and can get an idea of when I need to start making dinner to have it on the table at 5:45 (the time dinner is {ideally} served in our house). Which I like so much better than staring into the fridge at 4:58 and wondering what to serve my family for dinner. Ever been there?

I found a metal plaque (I am not really sure what it is??) I found it at Ben Franklin (which is a local store). I know most of you don’t have one near you. Any frame would work really. You could use a framed metal board like I used for my hair bow organizer, etc. I taped around the frame edge and then attached paper to the painter’s tape to protect the frame from being covered with the chalkboard paint.

Then I took my Chalkboard Spray Paint in black (purchased from Home Depot) and sprayed the inside of the frame according to the directions on the can. I painted it with 3 coats of paint and allowed the proper drying time between each application. When it was completely dry, I removed the tape. My chalkboard paint told me to then rub the side of a piece of chalk over the entire black surface and then erase to prepare it for final use. I love how it turned out! I also made some glass magnets (great tut here) to represent the days of the week. Go ahead and make one!


  1. The Harris Family says

    This is such a cool idea and so useful. I am often one of those staring into the fridge. This is going on the to make list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your cool friend Cheryl says

    Looks great! The magnets are a good idea.

    We used to have a Ben Franklin near our lake house (in Wisconsin), but it closed a few yrs ago. I have fond memories of going there as a little girl and always found great stuff as an adult.

  3. Rachel says

    !!! I have a Ben Franklin! Now I am wondering where you are from, but you don't have to tell me :)

    I love this idea! Great job!

  4. Kelli says

    Very creative and so useful. I love the magnets. I made some with the months on them for my calendar. I'm glad you're happy with it.

  5. Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says

    Looks great – than your kids don't have to pester you about what you're eating and how they don't like it. They can have days to get used to the idea of what you're eating!

  6. angelapea says

    We do the same at our house…menus are posted on the pantry door several weeks at a time. The best part for me is that since my kids are teens and know how to cook, whoever has cooking rotation that week gets dinner started when he/she gets home from school!!

  7. Mom's Place says

    That's a really neat idea!!! I had to laugh when I saw Navajo Taco's! My sister (in St. George) kept talking about them so I asked my hubby what they were. He claims that they are a Utah thing! He had them all the time at the MTC!

  8. The Sice Family says

    Yes, I've been getting the urge lately to do something with chalk paint…still deciding…and trying to work out where I will put it! Wendy xxx

  9. Lo says

    very cool! Beats my piece of note paper I hang on the fridge every week, LOL Thanks for sharing!
    I have a Ben Franklin near me so I may head over there one of these days soon :)

  10. Beau and Jen says

    So cute! What a great idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing your idea! I can't wait to make mine!

  11. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey says

    I just bought my very first can of spray paint chalk board stuff. Looking forward to my first chalk board project…this may have to be it! :)

  12. Kasey says

    Very cute! I have some chalkboard paint and I keep wanting to paint my door in the kitchen. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow when my 4 year old goes to preschool.

  13. Letti says

    Another great idea. I have been wanting to use some chalkboard paint. I am going to the Quilted Bear today so I am going to look for something like this their.

  14. Amy says

    I love the chalkboard paint too…. and had to say how funny it is that I have chicken enchiladas and chili on my menu this week as well! :)

  15. little ms. sassy shelby says

    I've been looking for a fun way to display my menu. I usally just print it out. Hopefully this will deter my husbands sometimes hourly question of what we're eating for dinner.

  16. Kaci Lusk says

    I found some old metal tv trays and took the bottoms off of them to make memo board out of using chalkboaard paint as well. Now I know what to do with the other one. Have a great day!

  17. Tess Fishburn says

    the navajo tacos makes me wonder where you live. (im miles from the navajo reservation-thats why) ;)

  18. Brittany says

    Thanks for this idea. I love it! I'm linking this to my blog so I can remember it in the future. I love your blog!! :)

  19. Kim says

    Ah ha! Finally, something I can create with the chalkboard paint! I, too, have been wanting to create something with it! Great idea.

  20. Woman Interrupted says

    How super cute is that!? And if your cooking is half as good as your crafting, please share some of your recipes, too. I'm curious about Navajo tacos because, "if I put it in a tortilla, my family will usually eat it."

  21. Mom of the three B's says

    Amy, I love it! I have had my eye on those cute tins and have been wondering what I could do with them. This is the BEST idea. This will also inspire me to be more organized with my meal planning. You rock!

  22. Scooty's Mom says

    I worked at a Ben Franklin for little while when I was in high school. I love your idea. I have a mirror in the same shape I may try to fix up in the same fashion. We have our menu planned out too, but on a scrap piece of paper.

  23. TreasureHunter says

    This is a great idea. I make a weekly dinner schedule to but I use a non cute dry erase board. This is much cuter!

  24. wilkinson_fam says

    Natalie Clark just shared your blog address with me. Who knew? You have some AWESOME ideas, girl!!! I will now be a frequent reader.

    And, I'm making the Menu Board. This week.


  25. Button Garden says

    I just found your blog and I love it! I have been looking for a cute way to post what I'm going to make for dinner- this is awesome! Thanks for the idea :)

  26. Steph @ somewhatsimple says

    I love this idea! I am going to feature it on crazydomestic.com this Wednesday as part of my menu planning workshop. Thanks for another awesome idea!

  27. Shirley says

    My daughter made one of these a couple of years ago for her kitchen. She also said it makes meal time a lot easier as everyone knows what is for dinner.

  28. Crystal says

    If you can not find a metal frame or don’t want to spend the money on one. You could use a baking pan, or you could use an old frame and use a flat piece of metal to chalk board paint and put inside the frame instead of glass..and secure into place.


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