Pear/Apple Pincushion Patterns

Click here to order the Pear/Apple Pincushion Pattern and Tutorial

Pear/Apple Pincushion Pattern and Tutorial = $4.00 USD.

**The pattern will be sent to you via email. It includes 10 pages with directions and step-by-step photos for the pear and the apple. Expect delivery within 24-48 hours. Please make sure when ordering that your email address with PayPal is current. If you order a pattern and it is not in your inbox, check your spam folder.


  1. Danee says

    Amy = thank you thank you thank you. you are a rock star for getting this done so quick. Now I can get these sewn on my trip!I will let you know how they turn out.

  2. Lauren B says

    I stumbled upon your site last night and literally spent the next 3 hours pouring through all your pages and great ideas! Your site is amazing! You have such a beautiful family and your projects/crafts/activities are all inspiring! Thanks so much, I'll be checking in frequently!

  3. amberlee says

    Hi! A friend of mine (Danee) just told me about these. They are so cute. I hope you don't mind if I pass along the idea. And thanks also for the wrist band key chain tutorial, which I also blogged about. You have so many fun things here.

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