Make a Cranberry Wreath

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I have seen a few of these wreath tutorials floating around the craft blogs recently like this amazing book wreath from Living with Lindsay and this fun pinecone wreath from V. and Co. Here is my version with cranberries.

I found this cranberry garland at the after Christmas sale at Hobby Lobby last year for $5 and found a perfect use for it. I purchased a round styrofoam ring which can be found at most craft stores. I used some left-over red spray paint and sprayed the ring red. Then I had my older kids help me cut the berries off of the garland(which they thought was so fun).

Then while my hubby and I watched a movie, I used my glue gun and glued each cranberry in place. It was a bit tedious, but I love how it turned out despite the fact that I burned myself with hot glue a couple of times. Ouch!

Then I realized I hadn’t gotten a picture of the wreath half-finished so I quit gluing and saved the rest to finish the next day so I could get you guys a picture. So here is a picture showing where I stopped the night before. The cranberries are glued around the entire wreath except for a small strip in the back so it will sit smoothly against the wall or your door.

I like it so much that I am temped to make another wreath, but this time using round ball ornaments like this and this.

Oh…and since someone will probably ask…I found my snowflake door hanger at the end of season clearance at Target 2 years ago.



  1. Your cool friend Cheryl says

    Cute! I think everyone's in the wreath mode this week…I've seen lots of posts like yours and I just made some with gumdrops!

  2. Hillcrest Acres says

    I love the wreath. It is adorable. There is no way I can wait till after Christmas to find the deals on cranberries to make the wreath cuz I want the wreath now. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Vindiciti says

    Very cute! One question, though. How do you spray paint styrofoam without melting it?? Inquiring minds want to know…

  4. Petit Debutant says

    this is so lovely and fresh! I'll have to keep my eye out for a cranberry garland

  5. **Amy** says

    Vindiciti–I used the really hard styrofoam rings and had no problem with it melting like it will with the soft styrofoam. The white ring was really firm and smooth.

  6. Trista says

    I've only been following your blog for a few weeks, but already I am a huge fan! I made my daughter 2 pairs of "babylegs" out of some of my kneehigh socks last week and she loves them.

    I love this wreath idea. I think instead of the cranberries I'm going to use some of the horsechestnut conkers that are littering my yard. I've been trying to think of some way to use them for years…

  7. Craftzilla says

    Wow! That is gorgeous. The reds really pop and against a white door, it's really beautiful!

  8. Tasha says

    I LOVE IT!! Wow, fabulous. You are just so creative. I love red, so this just speaks to me!

  9. Tauni says

    Wow. Lovely. I have been considering one of the glass ornament wreaths that have been featured on so many blogs this year…they're darling, but can you really hang them on the door. One slam by the kids and I think that there would be broken ornaments. Any thoughts?

  10. MoraPiggy says

    I love this. It is so elegant and pretty. I'm going to a holiday party and it would be a great hostess gift.

  11. **Amy** says

    Trista- I love the idea of using the horsechestnut conkers! I would love to see a picture if you do end up making one. The textures would be so fun.

    Tauni–I have seen some non-breakable ornaments that are plastic. They look like the glass ones but will not break. I noticed Wal-Mart had 50 for $15. And there is always the dollar store. You could hang it on the wall or on a mirror so the little ones couldn't reach or break it too.

  12. says

    Hi Amy! I am a reader of your blog from Barcelona, Spain. Your projects are fantastic and I’m recommending your blog on mine. Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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