Snow Covered Pine Cones

Sorry about the lack of posts…but I have been feeling deliciously lazy! The last 2 nights in a row I sat on the couch watching old movies after the kiddos went to bed and didn’t get up (except to refill my popcorn bowl…twice)! It was glorious! But now I am itching to get busy again. So I have another post for you!

I made some festive snow covered pinecones to decorate in various places to add to my Christmas decor. The kids and I spent some time over Thanksgiving gathering pinecones. Then I sprayed the pinecones with Elmer’s Spray Adhesive while holding them in my other hand. (Note: Wear rubber or latex gloves to protect your hands. I did not! I was a sticky mess! Then, for the next few hours, every peice of hair and lint I came in contact with STUCK!. Not fun!

Before the glue dries, sprinkle with a snowy white glitter. I used Sulyn Glitter that I purchased from Ben Franklin last year. I placed a brown grocery bag underneath so that the unused, wayside glitter could be saved and poured back into the bottle.

I love the little extra sparkle that it adds to my Christmas decor!


  1. Room to Inspire says

    Great idea! I have a ton of pine cones and now I know what they need. Thanks!


  2. The Hershey Bryces says

    They look great! Just a tip . . . I ALWAYS keep a bottle of DeSolvIt under by kitchen to get things like spray glues, modge podge and sap off my hands. Works GREAT!

  3. Anonymous says

    You deserved the break, although I did miss your creative ideas. I don't know how you mangage to do it all!

  4. Grace @ One Craft Girl's Corner says

    I've been a little lazy too, but we've all been sick. I love the simplicity of the pinecones. The small amount of glitter is great. Sometimes too much glitter takes away from the natural beauty.

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