Heart Suckers and Heart Candies

Do you guys remember the heart suckers I blogged about last year? Well, I spiced them up a bit this year.

Simply take two (per sucker) small candy canes and place them on a greased cookie sheet in a heart shape. Slide a sucker stick in between them like you see in the picture.

Place them in a heated 350 degree oven and watch them closely. After 3-5 minutes, they will be melty and bubbly. Quickly remove them from the oven and pinch the ends of the candy canes together at the top and bottom of each sucker. Be very careful as the candy will be HOT!

Then set the tray aside to cool. Gently remove them from tray, after they have cooled completely. Place them on parchment or wax paper. Melt some white chocolate or almond bark in the microwave. Pour a small amount into the center of the suckers and smooth with your clean finger. I added a few colorful sprinkles as well. Let them cool again before packaging or better yet…Eating!

I actually liked these so much, I am planning on using these to give to my kids for their Valentine’s Day Treat.

**edit–I have had a few of you who have had a difficult time with your candy canes melting too quickly and becoming too brittle. The KEY is to watch them…don’t go away…as soon as they start to blister and get “sweaty” you will want to pull them out. Or…You can just make these without putting them in the oven if you are still having difficulty. Just put the candy canes together in a heart shape and add the sticks and then pour melted chocolate over the middle. It should harden and hold together pretty well this way too.

I also whipped up some of these Valentine’s Heart-shape candy with the left over melted chocolate. I poured the melted chocolate into some heart ice cube trays (silicone) that I found in Target’s dollar section a couple of years ago.

They made some fun chocolate candies to gift or share with family and friends. Super easy!


  1. LeeAnn Howard says

    So did you buy these candy canes at Christmas time? Or were you able to find some in stores now??

  2. Rainy Day Farm says

    Oh, those do look yummy and fun! I will have to do those up for my kiddos. Thanks for all the great ideas. Keep it up!

  3. Julie Harward says


  4. Andrea and Casey says

    I bought candy canes on huge clearance a couple of weeks ago and I'm planning to make these! They look so good. Also, just an fyi, tonight I was at Target and found heart shaped ice cubed trays in the dollar section. I snagged the last one. Heart shaped crayons here we come!

  5. Rochelle says

    Very cute candies with the sprinkles. We loved making peppermint bark at Christmas so I am going to make some heart shaped peppermint bark inspired candies for friends and family. I am going to have to mix it up and use your "sprinkle" idea for those that are not huge mint fans!!!

  6. Julie says

    Such a cute idea. I will need to remember this for next year and grab some candy canes at Christmas.

  7. Mind Your Manors says

    You are a brilliant mom!!! I love visiting everyday and now just need to brave some of your wonderful ideas!

  8. shari berry bo-berry says

    i have a box full of mini-candy canes left over from christmas, and wasn't sure what to do with them…NOW I KNOW! Thanks for the cute idea!!!

  9. **Amy** says

    I always buy a box of mini candy canes at Christmas. We use some for our gingerbread houses, peppermint bark and then I make sure I save some for Valentines Day!

  10. Carmie of The Single Nester says

    I love this idea! I have leftover candy canes and can't wait to try this!

  11. Toots says

    Amy, did you add any food coloring to the pink shaped chocolate hearts? And do you melt the chocolate/almond bark in the microwave or over the stove top? I love these! I saw the silicone trays at Target but had no idea what to use them for so didn't buy one–now I wish I would have! These look so good! I hope they might still have them in the dollar section.

  12. Toots says

    Oh, one more question–how long did you need the chocolate hearts to cool before you popped them out of the tray? Did you place them on the counter or in the freezer? Thanks, Amy!!

  13. Nana says

    Well now…aren't those cute little candy cane hearts just the sweetest things!
    Thanks for such a cute idea!!

  14. Lacie @ Creative Attempts says

    I just made treats like these last week with my son but i wasn't smart enough to think about baking them to help shape them they would have been cuter that was for sure lol

  15. **Amy** says

    Toots–I did add food coloring (just a tiny drop or two) right after they were melted. It does make it a little lumpy but it turns out okay. You can also use colored candy melts if you don't want to bother with food coloring. I usually just use the microwave.

    I just left the candies on the counter top and they had cooled enough after 20 minutes. But sometimes if I am in a hurry I will just pop them in the fridge to speed it up.

  16. Emily says

    Can you still buy little candy canes? What's the most likely place to find them? Such a cute idea!!!

  17. the blogger says

    I made a quick batch,and we loved them! We had a whole box of candy canes left over from last Christmas. I''m glad they got a makeover. It makes them look more tasty. :)

  18. Room to Inspire says

    As always, another great idea! Next year I am so stocking up on candy canes after Christmas!


  19. **Amy** says

    I have seen mini candy canes for sell on Amazon. My sister reminded me that Starburst has mini candy canes as well. They come in bright rainbow of colors. They would be really cute for suckers as well.

  20. Lisa B. says

    Amy, I followed your instructions and made these today. I posted a couple of pics as well as a link to your post on my blog. Thanks for a great project idea.

  21. Korey says

    I tried to make these last night, but all of my candy canes were cracked. Can you still do them with cracked candy canes, or will I have to press each and every crack to make it a real popsicle?

  22. **Amy** says

    I think it could still work with cracked candy canes. Although some people have been having trouble with their being brittle and not coming out right. I am not sure why. The small cracks should melt together??

  23. Jackie says

    How did you get them off the pan without them all breaking? I just tried these and they were stuck and trying to remove them they broke. They were completely cooled.

  24. Lizard Rae says

    I tried these. They're so super cute. But…mine bombed. The candy canes would not mold around the sticks, they just broke apart. What did I do wrong?
    I had to go to plan b :o(

  25. Dianna says

    Tried these today for my daughter’s Valentines. I overheated the 1st batch and they were really melty and flat on the bottom but I was still able to shape them. Kind of a neat tie-dyed effect! For the next batches, I put the heat down to 325 and took them out before 2 minutes. Even had luck doing about 1 1/2 minutes, pushing them together and then putting them back in for 1 more minute. Chocolate is cooling right now. Thanks for the fun idea!


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