Knit Ear Warmer

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I have seen these cute ear warmers everywhere this winter. They are so cute…on everyone but me! I was so excited when I came upon this great free tutorial so I could make one for my girls.

I was finally able to finish it (after starting it over a month ago) and my daughter was really happy I was finally done. She has been patiently waiting. I was hoping to get it done before spring came. It would be a shame to have to pack it away until next winter. But we are still getting some snow here so she was able to get some use out of it!

I used the free pattern provided by T. Matthews Fine Art here. I followed her pattern closely except used a different pattern for my flower embellishment and instead of knitting the flower, I crocheted it. I used a chunky “denim” colored yarn (Wal-Mart). Has anyone seen one of these tutorials for one that is crocheted? I would love a link to it!


  1. Red Door Home says

    I am off to get this pattern. My duaghter will absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Crystal says

    is there a more boyish pattern or just omit the flower? i do not think any of my 5 boys would wear the flower… :-)

  3. veela-valoom says

    How much of the yarn did that take?? I have some leftover green & leftover off-white of the same Walmart yarn. I wanted to make this when I saw the original pattern but didn't even think about my Walmart yarn.

  4. Kelly says

    I would love a crochet pattern since I can't knit! I also love the crochet ear flap hats, but when I link to the etsy site, there only 6-24 month size patterns. Is it easy to make the hat bigger?

  5. AmyJoy says

    I actually taught myself to crochet because of all the cute stuff you posted. I learned by watching videos on! I'm not great, but I've made a few projects that turned out very cute.
    This lady helped me with a pattern for an ear warmer similar to the one you made. I knew what I was looking for, but had a difficult time finding a pattern to follow. She had one made for an American Girl doll and it was exactly what I wanted.. so she was kind enough to convert it to an adult size wrap. I wear it more forward and angle it over my ears. I attached a large button to the back. I also changed it up a bit b/c I wanted a double crochet, instead of single. It came out pretty cute! I want to try to modify it a bit and make one for my girls. It went together quickly using Lion's brand Thick and Chunky yarn (vivid green with black trim and a black flower).

    Here's the link to Carol's site:

    If you try it and make any changes to it, I'd love to see what you do :)


  6. AmyJoy says

    oh, I should have mentioned that I probably made it about 11 double crochet wide. I didn't want it to fall too far back on my head, so I made it a bit thinner than her pattern. If you want a picture of the finished project, email me and I'll send you one :)

    amykandes73 at yahoo dot com

  7. jenjen says

    That is really cute! My daughters both love those ear warmer headbands, but they are so big! I would love to make smaller sizes that fit them!

    Very cute! Thanks for the sweet comment about my appearance today. I am glad it's over!


  8. **Amy** says

    Thanks for all the links everyone! I knew I could count on you!

    Crystal–In one of the links I noticed one that would be great for boys, a lot simpler design and no flowers.

    I used maybe just over half of my yarn.

    AmyJoy–Perfect! Thanks. I actually made mine not as wide as well. Should have mentioned that too. I will amend that above. I think I will give some of these a try.

    Jenjen–You did great! It's nice to be over though huh!

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