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Today I have another Idea Room reader project to share with you. Aren’t my readers creative? This time we have Tricia from Be Prepared, Not Scared! She shares with us a fun Halloween game. If you are looking for a fun and easy game for an elementary classroom party or just for fun, look no further. Tricia shares one with you today and even provides you a FREE printable! Here’s Tricia…

Have you ever heard of the game . . . Don’t Eat Frank?
All you need to play the game is a
package of small halloween candies like M&M’s or Candy Corn,
and the Game Cards.
I’ll supply the game pieces . . . YOU supply the candy!




This is a great game for classroom parties.
Divide the class into groups or if stick together as one group if
you are playing as a family.
Put a piece of candy on each of the squares on the card.
Have one person leave the room.
The rest of the group will choose one of the
Halloween caracters to be “FRANK”.
The person can come back into to the room.
He or she can eat the candy from the card until they get to the
square that was chosen to be “FRANK”.
As soon as they go to pick up that piece of candy
every will yell, “DON’T EAT FRANK!” and their turn is over.
Let everyone in the group take a turn.
Each time they leave the room the rest of the group
will choose a NEW FRANK!
It’s a Super Fun and Super Easy
way to keep EVERYONE entertained!

Here’s the PDF:
“Don’t Eat Frank!” Game Cards PDF

*Game cards need to be CUT and LAMINATED!
More Halloween Fun to Come!!!

Be sure and check out Tricia’s site! She has some really great projects and ideas. Her blog is one of my favorites! Thanks Tricia for sharing your fun Halloween game with us today!



  1. Dana says

    What a fun game! The rule in our family (when we play Don't Eat Pete) is: if you pick Pete (or Frank) on the first try, you get all of the candies!

  2. Susan E says

    So awesome. Thanks for sharing. I will be playing this with my kids today after school as part of our countdown to halloween. :)

  3. Cassi says

    I clicked on the link and it couldn't be found. I'd love to play this game with my boys! We call it don't eat Pete :-) I love the Halloween idea spin on it!

  4. ziggyscrapper says

    I'm glad it's not just me – I can't get the link to work either… :( It would be a perfect game to play in my son's class this year!

  5. Kendal and Hunter says

    What a great fun game, however I can't as well get to the link. :0( Thanks..I love looking at your blog.

  6. Annessa says

    That's aweseome! My son came home from cub scouts the other day with a game like this, only called "Don't Eat Pete!" Thanks for making a beautiful board for us to print out.

  7. Nichole says

    Any word on making this link work? I would love to use this for a party this weekend but just get 3 blank pages on the PDF when I download it. Any suggestions?

  8. says

    How fun! I’m including this in a mega Halloween Printables round up post on my blog this week : )
    Jaimee @


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