Nativity Finger Puppets

I have been busy coming up with some more Puppet Patterns…


Do you need some more finger puppet patterns? Here is the nativity version I came up with the other night while watching Shrek 4 with the family.


Want to make some for yourself?

*Click here for the free download.


And well, do you ever have those posts that you can’t think of anything fun or clever to say? Ya! This is one of those. It must be the sugar induced coma of too much Holiday baking and Christmas cookies. So this post will be short and sweet. Most of you only come here for the pictures and the freebies anyway right? Not to listen to my mindless ramblings. HeHe! :)


I hope you enjoy them!



  1. Jonie Marie says

    Ok, you rock!!! These are perfect. I can't wait to make them.

    Thanks for the pattern!

  2. Clarissa Meegan says

    Thank you so much for these patterns! My kids and I made your animal finger puppets and they are a lifesaver for us every week at church! Can't wait to add these to our collection in time for Christmas!

    THANKS AGAIN for your wonderful ideas and site!

  3. Regina says

    LOVE them and I read the whole post…honest I do. Just look at the pictures…geez Louise..hehe!!!

    Finger puppets are so cute and a great way to tell a story to a wee one so they can relate and remember.


  4. Sam says

    Thanks for the free patterns! These are great. (I've already made reindeer puppets to go along with a cute little song).

    Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

  5. Julie says

    We're doing the 12 days of Christmas for a family in our ward, and these will be perfect. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Lori Harris says

  7. Amanda says

    I love this! I featured it today on blog Today's Top 20! I would love if you stopped by!


    P.S. And if you could click our donate water widget up at the top corner..each click and P&G will donate 1 days worth of clean water. It's free! Thanks!

  8. Stacy says

    Those are adorable! I had fun meeting you yesterday :) Thanks for chatting with me. I sent you an email. . .

  9. Debbie says

    Amy! I'm in love with you! When I saw your Christmas characters finger puppets yesterday I was totally planning to request nativity ones….but was too busy to do that yesterday. Then today you have them….THANKS. These will be perfect for my granddaughter on our long Christmas Day plane trip to AZ.

  10. Leanne says

    These are so great. My grandsons will love them. THanks for the patterns. It was great to meet you at the cookie exchange yesterday. My cookies are being devored by my kids, oh, and me. Merry Christmas!

  11. Heather - says

    How did you know I LOVE finger puppets AND nativity scenes? :) These made me giggle when I saw them. :) So cute.

  12. Rebekah says

    oh my goodness, these are great! I think we'll be working on these later this week :) Thank you!

  13. Ashlie says

    Thanks for sharing your pattern. These are so cute! I’ve been looking all over town for peach felt. Is there such a thing!? Your faces look peachy so I’m guessing there is. Where did you get yours? I know you are a busy woman and wouldn’t ask unless I was DESPERATE!

  14. says

    i love these finger puppets and included them in an Advent Countdown Collection on my blog. i credited you and linked back to you for further instructions. i included one pic that i linked back to you as well. if any of the post is not to your liking or you do not approve of how i displayed it, please email me and i will remove it from my post. i am wanting to highlight really great Advent activities in this countdown.

  15. Marty Larson says

    These are adorable. My teen daughter spent yesterday afternoon making finger puppets and wanted more ideas. I just found this on Pinterest and printed the pattern for her. Thank you!

    • says

      Thanks Marty! Glad you found them and were able to get them for your daughter to use. I hope she loved making them!

  16. Jamie says

    Hi Amy, I love this idea for my primary class ctr 5.
    Just have one question. How do you get the pieces to stay together?
    Thank you, Jamie

  17. Joanne says

    I am new to this blog but I would like to thank you for the wonderful Nativity finger puppets, what an awesome idea, my grandchildren will love them. j

    • says

      Thank you so much Joanne! So glad you found us! I really appreciate that. I hope you have fun playing with them too! Grandma’s are priceless!


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