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Need a quick and easy project?  Make some notebooks (big or little) a bit more fun.  We have all seen the notebooks that you can dress up with scrapbook paper and a little bit of Mod Podge…why not reuse some cardboard from the boxes of some of you and your families favorite products?  Anything will work…cereal boxes, soda can boxes, or twinkee and hostess cupcake boxes or even some of the movie sized candy boxes! 

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Take some spiral bound notebooks, which should be easy to find this time of year with the back to school sales going on.

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Unbend one end of the wire spiral so that it is smooth and flat on the end and gently untwist it from the top of the notebook.  This turned out to be pretty easy.  Just be sure to firmly hold the notebook papers with your other hand so they stay lined up nicely so you can add the wire again when finished.

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Remove wire completely and set aside.  Take the old notebook cover and place it over your cardboard box and determine exactly what you would like your new cover to be.  Trace around it with a pen or marker.  Cut out the cardboard piece.  Place the old cover on top of the new cutout cover and mark with your pen where to make the holes.  Then take a large sewing needle and gently punch a hold through each of the marked dots.

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Place your new cover over the top and hold all the papers so that they are lined up.  Insert the spiral wire back into the holes and gently twist the wire so that it encompasses all the papers and works over to the other end of the notebook.  Gently bend the two end pieces of wire back in.

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And that is it!  Such an easy 5 minute project.  I think these would be a fun gift for your kids friends or for your kids themselves.  It is so easy that most kids could help make them too.  And who doesn’t like to make something that is unique and fun and represents something that they enjoy?

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What kind of notebook would you make for yourself and/or kids?

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  1. says

    Hi Amy! This is just brilliant! I am a notebook AND a library freak – so I will just march myself over there tomorrow and make copies of some of my favorite book covers – with heavy stock paper, of course. The possibilities here are endless. Thank you for the inspiration!

    xoxo michele

  2. says

    So fun! My kids would love cool custom notebooks. Also, I loved your book review you did a while back. I just stumbled onto it the other day. I’ve read most of them but I just ordered Graceling on audio so I can listen to it while I quilt. Looking forward to it, thanks!

  3. Vanessa W says

    I love this! How is cute! I never thought to do this on the little notebooks! I’m married to a Hostess man…can’t wait to show this to him:) He’ll love it too!:) Thanks for making me smile today!:D

    ~Vanessa W

  4. says

    Hi…just found this via pinterest. Love the idea – but since I’m not so much into these types of products (pop. twinkies, etc) I would use my own pictures that I’ve taken over the years, printed on cardstock, and give them as gifts. I have a friend with 4 little ones, and the older two love to draw and write (they’re only 4 and 3, but they write!!!). I think they would LOVE this idea, with their own picture on the front. Thanks for the inspiration.
    P.S…I am brand-new at this blogging thing, and don’t know yet how to link to your idea. Maybe you can give me some tips on how to do that, because I will definitely be making some of these!


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